Innocent Wife With Cab Driver

I was scared to death ……So I just gulped down the cum of the watchman….

Watchman also got scared ….. Innocent Wife With Cab Driver he was sweating…..he pulled up his pants……

I told him to go away quickly…….he went away quickly…….

I just fixed my hairs and my nighty….then went to husband’s room. I was trying to look as normal as possible .

Amruta : U called me?

Husband : Yes….did the watchman repair the fan?


Amruta : Yes……he did….he just went away…..

Husband : That’s great……tell me now I am free….baby…..

Amruta : Nothing everything is fine

I heaved a sigh of relief that my husband didn’t have any kind of suspicion.

Husband : U gave watchman the money?

Amruta : No……I  didn’t even ask him……he rapaired the fan and went away immediately


Husband : No issues….I will give him while I go out….He is a nice hardworking guy

Amruta : Yes I nodded …..

( Yes that Watchman did a lot of hardwork on your wife, I said to myself)

But little did my husband know that I had just swallowed the cum of the watchman of our society.

Just then it struck me that I didn’t even know the name of the watchman.

I fucked him nearly twice but never asked his name. I laughed at myself and my sluttiness.


A month passed by and I again got up busy with my work . Nothing happened. The Watchman didn’t do any advances which surprised me to be honest. Maybe he was scared after our last encounter….as we were nearly caught.

I also didn’t do any adventurism as I was really busy with my work. There was also a feeling of guilt .


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AMRUTA IN OFFICE and Innocent Wife With Cab Driver

I was in the office and the HR of our company called me to his office.

I went to his cabin

HR : Amruta , I have a bad news for you


I was shocked as I hadn’t done anything wrong. I was a hardworking and an honest employe.

Amruta : what sir?

HR : Listen market is going through a heavy recession. We don’t have any new clients. And the company at least currently cannot handle this much employees.
So we are sending our employees on compulsory leave for six months. And you are one of them. If the situation improves we will take u back. But you are free to find new opportunities for yourself.

I was really shocked. I never saw it coming. It was true that people were being laid off in other companies too. But I never expected that it would happen to me.

Amruta : Sir will I be able to join back after six months.

HR : I can’t promise u that Amruta. If the financial situation improves we will definitely would love to have u back.


I left from there. I didn’t know what to do.


I went home . I was feeling really depressed. I called my hubby to come home early.

But as always he was super busy with his work. He cut the call immediately . He didn’t even wait for me to complete my sentence.

I was really angry at my hubby. This made me dejected.

Then the bell rang at my door…..


And I opened the door … my surprise it was the Watchman of our society…..

He was looking at me hungrily …..and lustily….

Amruta : Yes?

Watchman : Madam ,U didn’t pay for the fan repairing that day. I have come to take my payment.

I understood immediately that he wants to fuck me. He must have seen me coming home early. And he knew that my husband won’t come home till evening. That’s why he has come now to ask for money when I am alone at home.

I was feeling really depressed……I was also sex deprived for the last month….so I decided to play along.


Amruta : Come inside , sit. First tell me your name. So much has happened between us but I still don’t know ur name.

Watchman : Madam , my name is Baban.

Amruta : So Baban tell me for real ….why are u here?

He sat on the sofa. He was little shocked and embarrassed by my straightforward question.

Baban : Madam I am really here to take my money.

Amruta : Stop this non sense….tell me why u really are here?
Or else get out….Why didn’t u ask money to my husband for the last one month….?


I was sitting in front of him cross legged in a saree.

Baban : Madam……Madam…..I ……am ….sorry ….

And then he started walking to door……

I knew that he was playing mind games with me. He wanted me to take the initiative.

But I was in no mood to play mind games and teasing.

I got up , went past him and locked the door.


Now I was in front of him……his face was few inches away from mine

Amruta : Atleast do what u came here for…..and then go….( Jane se pahle jo Karne aye the wo to Karke jao…….)

And saying this I dropped the pallu of my saree…… exposing my cleavage and navel

This was too hot to handle for Baban.

Baban came towards me and removed my saree. Then Baban pushed me on the wall…….and put his dark lips on mine….
And he started kissing me hungrily……I was also responding ….and he pushed his tongue in my mouth…….
Though it was stinking of gutkha……it aroused me…….I also started playing with my tongue…..while kissing his hands were all over my body……The smell of his sweaty body was making me more hard.

Baban was kissing me like there was no tomorrow……I also wrapped my hands around him….and was fully enjoying. I could feel the bulge in his pants.


After full 10 min of kissing

Baban : Madam I always wanted to fuck you inside your house…..that day I couldn’t enjoy ur body fully as it was pretty dark….but today I will fulfill my wish

He removed his shirt and threw it away on Innocent Wife With Cab Driver

then Baban opened the hooks my blouse…..and removed it….he
brought his hands over to my breasts and  was fondling my bra clasped breasts.
While fondling my boobs he unhooked my bra with his other hand and the bra fell to the ground

Then Baban put his mouth on my left nipple and began sucking it

I moaned as I closed my eyes. Smell of his sweating body was intoxicating.

“Ummmm…Madam…your tits are the best I have ever had. I just want to keep biting them all day long…ummm” Babn said before going back to sucking my boobs


A couple of minutes later, he moved his mouth over to my right breast and began sucking it. His left hand replaced his mouth at my left breast. He continued sucking and fondling my breasts for several minutes before squeezing them hard one last time.

I was really turned on by then………I pointed my fingers to my bedroom…..

Baban removed his pants and underwear ……his dick was fully erect

Then Baban lifted me in his arms with ease and took me to my bedroom. I was so much aroused with man’s touch after a month so I kept kissing and licking his chest as he carried me all the way to the bedroom.
He too didn’t seemed to be patient and threw me on the bed.

Now I was lying on my bed in my petticoat…… waiting for Baban to fuck me…..
Whereas he was looking at me as if he haven’t seen me nude earlier. In toilet it was pretty dark.

Amruta : Baban fuck me fast…..(” Jaldi chodo muze”)


Baban: Madamji wait a bit, let me look at your body ….,…first time I am looking at your sexy body.What a tight body you have, nice big yummy boobs, flat sexy belly, big ass……………. (“Are janeman jara ruk jao, pehle baar teri khubsoorti dekh raha hu, jara ankho ki bhi pyas bujhne de, kya mast gadraya badan hai tera, tere bade bade mamme, chikna pet, teri sexy gand …..”)

Amruta: Baban you can look at my body as much as you want but now please fuck me. (“Baban bad me jitna dekhna hai dekho lekin abhi chodo muze”)

I was getting impatient so I got up n removed my petticoat and threw it away. I could see eyes pop up looking me just in my panty. He was constantly staring at me without a blink, I took this opportunity and went to hug him and opened his trouser button.

But with

As surprise he hold my hand n stopped me and i am Innocent Wife With Cab Driver

Baban: Madamji I will fuck you but on one condition. (“mai apko choduga par meri ek shart hai”)

Amruta: Baban we will talk later, now fuck me. (“Baban baate bad me by, abhi muze chodo)


Baban: No first you have to promise me that you will let me fuck whenever I want, I can’t remain unsatisfied,. I don’t want to be used by you………………….. (“ nahi pehle muze wada karo ki tum muze jab chahe chodne doge, mai pyasa nahi rehna chahta aur tumhe mera fir chudai k liye istemal nahi karne duga”)

As I was way too much aroused. Even if he had asked me to fuck on road I would have agreed.

Amruta: ok I promise, now fuck me. (“ha wada karti hu, lekin abhi jaldi se chodo muze”)

I said catching his cock on his trouser.

He seemed very happy and immediately spanked my ass hard and pushed me on the bed.

He quickly removed my panty.


Baban removed his pants and underwear ……his dick was fully erect saluting me.

He slowly came near me , spat on my cunt and spread my legs, then he adjusted himself on the bed between my legs and looked at me, I hold his cock to guide to my cunt

Now I didn’t want to delay it any longer, so adjusted his cock on the entrance of my dripping wet pussy.

He smiled at me and pushed my hand away and hold my legs in his hand and he pushed his entire dick in my cunt with all his force.

I was getting cock after a month so my cunt wasn’t really ready for this kind of attack.

I feel like hot iron rod getting inserted in my cunt and it gave me so much of pain that I shouted loudly in pain.



He was quick to cover my mouth with his by kissing on my lips but my eyes popped out in pain.

He locked lips with me again and started to move cock in my pussy.

Slowly my pain reduced with his strokes and cunt got adjusted to accommodate his dick.

He understood that my pain has reduced so he released my lips and got up and increased his speed of thrusting.

His hands went to my boobs and started to play with my nipples while his cock was riding my juicy cunt.


“Ohhh uhhh Oh Baban … yes … fuck me! Fuck me,  … do it,  … fuck my pussy … ohhh uhhh yeh … oh fuck yes …   … c’mon …  … ahhh uhhh yeh … oh yeh … that’s it … c’mon, baby … harderr … ahhhhhh uhhh oh fuck yes! OHHHH uhh Ohhh yes … yes!”

My moans were getting higher due to the pleasure I was receiving after long time.

He bend down and took my nipples in this mouth and started to suck me, which increased my pleasure and that got my eyes closed.

Few minutes we continued in the same missionary position then he stopped and asked me to turn around.

I immediately turned around and lay on my stomach then he spread my legs and mounted on me from behind, my naked back was completely in touch with his hairy chest, the feeling was so arousing for me.

He moved my hairs away and licked my neck while he was stroking me.



My moans turned to screams as the orgasm, the biggest one of my life grew inside my pussy.

“Aahh…Aaah….Aaaaahhh..” I screamed as I orgasmed.

But Baban was not done yet.

He kept pounding my pussy.

Now he wanted to fuck me in doggystyle.


Now I was in

Doggy style position of Innocent Wife With Cab Driver

……and without any hesitation he started ramming my pussy.

Baban kept hammering my pussy hard and fast and in this position his cock penetrated deeper. I was moaning and panting as my pussy got a beating of its life.

“Aaaah…fuck fuck fuck…faster…faster…faster…”
I screamed as another orgasm hit me seconds later.

I never had two back to back orgasms in my life .

Suddenly Baban’s body shuddered…….
I knew he was going to cum


Baban : Madamji…..I am Cumming……..where should I cum?( Madam Mera Pani nikalne wala hai….Kaha chodu?)

Amruta : Cum in my pussy…..I am on pills

He kept on stroking his dick in my pussy….then let out a huge groan……”ahhhhh……..nikal gaya..mmmmm”

My pussy felt a lava of thick cum…………

We both collapsed on the bed in each others arms….. completely exhausted………

After the intense fucking session…..we were in each others arms on the bed


Amruta : Are u married Baban ?

Baban :Yes but also no.

Amruta : What does that mean?

Baban : It’s a long story madam…..

Amruta : Tell me….we have lot of time
I said chuckling.

Baban : Madamji I am from a small village in Bihar. I used to do farming . Six years ago my parents fiexed my marriage with a girl from nearby town.


I was very happy…the girl was really good looking…….I got married ….but the girl ran away with her lover the very next day.
I became a laughing stock in my village. I was feeling really humiliated.
So I left my village and came here…..and never went back.

Amruta : Oh…that’s so sad…….Why didn’t u married again?

Baban: Madam with this little salary I can’t afford to have a family.

Amruta : Ur parent never asked to marry you again and to come back to village?

Baban : Madamji they used to ask me again and again to get married ……so I lied to them that I had married a girl here .

Now they are miffed with me and rarely talk to me.


I felt pity for him. So I kissed him on his lips….”ummmmmmm..mmmahhhhhh”

Then I looked at the clock……it has been 2 hours……

Amruta : Baban u should go now…..and make sure no one notices you while you leave the flat.

Baban: Don’t worry madam …..We still have time……Sahab will not come before 8 pm.

But Madam how come u came so early from the office?

I was in dilemma whether to tell Baban about the job but decided to tell him.


Amruta : Baban I lost my job…..

Baban had a wicked smile on his face. Then I realized that I had made a mistake telling him about my job.

Baban : That means u will be home all day.

He was excited by the prospect of fucking me daily.

Amruta : Yes I will be home …..I said sadly

Baban : Now don’t be sad Madamji……You may change Ur opinion in future…..


And saying this he squeezed my boobs..


Amruta : Now u should go…..please go…..people might get suspicious….

Baban started wearing his clothes……

And Baban went away.



The fucking session had made me forget that I had lost my job.

The level of guilt I used to feel earlier after cheating on my husband was not there. It was maybe because my husband was ignoring me. Or maybe my sexual appetite was taking over my saneness.

[By the way my husband’s name is Arun…It was never mentioned before….]

Late at night my husband came home…..

I told him about my job situation…..
He was sympathetic to me…and tried to console me.

He also knew that people were being laid off from jobs. So he understood.


Financially we were well off even with Arun’s salary…..So it  was not an issue.

Arun : Don’t worry baby…..u will get a new job….somewhere….. everything will be fine.

And he hugged me.

It was this loving and innocent nature of him which used melt me. I again started to feel guilty for my sexcapades.

But it wasn’t going to last longer .

At Dinner –


Arun : I want to tell u something important

Amruta – Yes….tell me

Arun – My company is planning to expand its business overseas…..They want to open offices in Middle East…..And I have been given the responsibility to coordinate all of this expansion .

I understood where this was going.

Amruta : For how long ?

Arun : Around 6 months


Amruta – That’s nice ……I will also be able to get away from this boring life…. explore new places…

Arun had a disappointing look on his face.

Arun – I would have loved to take u along with me….but company policy doesn’t allow it….. especially in the middle East…as it is not safe for women.
Sorry baby.

I was getting angry now…

Amruta – Either u take me along with or u don’t go….. Company will send someone else.
I said furiously.

Arun – Amruta please try to understand the situation…..It’s a great opportunity for me to rise through the ranks. If I refuse it will create a bad impression. Its just six months baby…..And will u have accompanied me if have not lost your job?


This made me lose my temper…..I pushed away the plates….I stormed into the bedroom….And I closed the door.

Amruta….Amrutaaaa……….please open the door….” Arun kept pleading.

“Try to understand me….please ….open the door….”

But I didn’t open the door.


Next Morning sexy awake of Innocent Wife With Cab Driver

I woke and went to the drawing room. I was looking for Arun. Then Arun came from the kitchen with breakfast and tea.


And seeing this my anger melted.

I hugged him and gave him a kiss.

Arun – Does it mean u approve my tour ?

Amruta – What other choice do I have?

Arun – Don’t worry baby, these six months will fly away..and I will be back in no time.

Amruta – It is easy for you to say…but I will get really bored alone here.


Arun – Maybe u can go to your parents ….if u feel so

Amruta – Yeah…I will think about it……but anyway when are you leaving India?

Arun – I will be leaving next week…….

Then Arun went to his office……and I got busy in my household chores….

I felt as if the universe was encouraging my sexual adventures by sending Arun abroad and that too for six months.

Maybe I can fulfill all my fantasies in these six months and then live happily ever after with my husband. I loved fucking these men but I also loved Arun.


Then my phone rang …..It was Baban , the watchman.

I picked up the phone

Amruta – Yes (“Ha bolo Baban”)

Baban – Should I come upstairs? (“Madam upar aa jau kya? )

Amruta – No no…..Don’t come……I am busy
(” Nahi …upar mat aao….Abhi busy hu”)

Baban – What is this madam ? Yesterday u promised me. ( “Madam apne promise Kiya tha….bhul gayi kya?)


I did not want to do anything stupid this week …..

Amruta – I will not be able to do anything this week ( “ye hafte kuch nahi ho payega….me thoda busy hu”)

Baban – Madam I am fully turned on here…..what should I do? ( ” Madam mera pura lund khada hai idhar…iska kya Karu me?”)

And he sent his dick pics.

Amruta– I don’t know about that…But I can’t do anything this week ( ” Wo mujhe malum nahi….Lekin ye hafte to kuch nahi hoga”)

Baban – Ok Madam…. whatever u say….( ” Thik hai madam…Jaisi apki marzi”)


And then I ended the call.

I was bored in the afternoon.  So I decided to go for shopping.

I freshened up myself and got ready. It was quite hot outside so I wore a sleeveless salwar kameez which I thought would be comfortable.

I booked the cab and went down the road.

I took the cab and went to the mall, which was almost 40 min away from my home. Though my job was gone I had decent savings  so budget wasn’t really an issue.

I reached the mall. I hadn’t decided about what to shop, just I came out as I was bored. So I kept strolling.


After spending a couple of hours I went to a shoe shop and glanced at few sandals. I decided to get something bold and fancy this time as for next 6 months I will anyways be a free bird.

I decided to give try to few high heels as I haven’t regularly used the heels . The shop wasn’t much crowded being a working day.

Sales Guy: Hello Madam, how can I help?

Amruta: Actually I am looking for  some high heel sandals.

Sales Guy: Please have a sit, I will show you.

I sat on the chair and he brought me some sandals.


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