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Innocent Wife With Cab Driver Part 7

After a nice fuck from the watchman I slept very peacefully that night, when I woke up I found my husband wasn’t in the room. I wondered where he had gone, I checked the watch it was about 9.30 in the morning. I also heard the carpenters working. I didn’t realize that I had slept so much ,may be because I was exhausted from the session with our watchman.
While I was in sleepy mood, my husband entered our bed and wished me good morning by taking me in his arms.

H: Darling I am really sorry for yesterday. Due to office pressure I drunk a lot and so we missed all the fun whatever we had planned because of me.

I felt bad as his love was genuine for me and I had fucked the watchman for the insatiable lust I had, I didn’t understood what to say to him so I just moved n hugged him tight.

Amruta: No worries baby, I can understand, but you could have shared your problems with me. Being your wife, I am here for you always.

Saying I hugged him and kissed him to console him. We lied there only hugging each other for some time. Then he pushed me aside and said, signalling to the workers

H: Let’s not forget, we aren’t alone at home, we have company.

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I smiled at him and went inside to complete my morning chores, I finished brushing and bathing and came out to see that my husband was working on laptop. He immediately informed me that our downstairs aunty has called me for some reason and he was on call so couldn’t receive the call.
So I called her
Amruta: Hello Aunty, you called?

Building Aunt: hello dear, actually I called you as I need bit of your help.

Amruta: Come on aunty you are embarrassing me now. Please tell what I can do for you.

Building Aunty:  I have to go to nearby temple and my husband had to travel as his friend wasn’t well. So I just wanted to ask if you can accompany me.

Amruta: When we have to go?

Aunty : Actually we have to go now, don’t worry it wouldn’t take much of time. We shall be back in less than hour.

Amruta: no problem aunty, I shall come with you. Just give me some time to get ready and finish my chores.

Aunty: ok dear.

I disconnected the call and started to get ready, as I have to visit temple so I won’t be able to go in casuals. So I decided to put on good red saree with golden border and also golden blouse. My most of the saree blouses are deep neck from both front and back side. I always wear saree below navel to flaunt my sexy navel, my husband being broad minded never object to my clothes. Though I make sure that I keep the body covered by saree atleast infront of my husband.

[Image: actress-eshanya-maheswari-hot-saree-clea...tos-01.jpg]

So I got ready in half n hour and called aunty to go. While going out of the flat I made sure that I have covered myself completely and went out of building with aunty.

We stood there waiting for auto and soon we got the auto, I got puja thali from aunty as she was carrying a lot of stuff, but due to that my hands were busy with the thali, so I got bit careless while I was sitting in the auto, I didn’t realize that my pallu got bit displaced and hint of cleavage was on the display to the driver.

I was so much engrossed in talking with aunty that I was exposing my valley to the auto driver, he has also adjusted the mirror for the show and I the stupid woman was giving him the show he wanted.
[Image: images.jpg]

Once we reached to the temple, before getting down aunty hinted me about the pallu. That time realized about the show I had put and I felt embarrassed as well as little bit turned on. I immediately corrected it and got down, we both went to temple and offered the prayers, sat down there for some time and decided to return.
As soon as we reached to the road to get the auto for the return and we found the same auto driver waiting, he immediately came to us and said that he will drop us. We took that auto, driver gave me mischievous smile, I ignored his smile but also from inside I felt ashamed thinking about the incident.
This time I made sure that the pallu remain at proper place, but I could sense the disappointment in the face of driver, which I saw in the mirror as he had adjusted the mirror but wasn’t able to see anything.
I was listening aunty bitching about other women of our building, I just listened without getting much involved in the talks, just in between I used to give glance at mirror to see his disappointment. As he wasn’t able to get view he sped up the vehicle and we reached faster, I told aunty to let me pay the bill as she has paid it while going.
So I handed over the thali to her, she left for the lift and I return to driver asked him about the charge,
Amruta: How much?

Auto Driver: 70 rupees

Amruta: How come so much? While going it was only 50.

Auto Driver: That’s different story.
He said with disappointment, hinting that I didn’t put on a show.

Amruta: How that different? Same route, same place, we even reached early.

Auto Driver: No madam, you have to pay 50. While going I didn’t pay attention to the meter.

Amruta: so it’s your mistake, I will give only 50.

Auto Driver: No madam, that’s not fair, you have to pay me full. I was bored while coming.

While our arguments were going on there was one car going outside, so we have to move to corner of our compound to give car the way.

I was aware that why he was charging me more and I was enjoying his disappointment and was  intentionally stretching the topic. He finally gave up and angrily said

Auto driver: Madam, please I have to go, don’t give me anything.

He tried to start the auto
Amruta: Hey, I don’t want to steal your money.

Saying, I smiled at him and slid my pallu to remove money from my blouse and hand him over 100 rupees. He asked me for the change, he had it but just was taking time as I hadn’t corrected the pallu and he was getting good view, so he was doing timepass.

Amrita: I don’t have change, please return me 30 rupees I have to go.

He did little timepass pretending to check the change but he was enjoying my deep valley with corner of eyes. He was taking too much time and I didn’t wanted to be noticed so I immediately corrected my pallu and he then handed over me 50 rupees back.
Amruta: How come now this reduced?
I asked showing my fake anger.
He smiled n said

Auto Driver : You know it madam.

Before he could do anything I turned n moved towards the building. Aunty immediately asked me
Building Aunty: What took you so long?
Amruta: Actually he wasn’t getting change so it took time.
I lied to her straight forwardly, I don’t know whether she sensed it or not, but she thanked me and got down on her floor and I went to my home.

I rang the doorbell, I haven’t taken the keys with me, as my husband was at home.
My husband opened the door, I had already corrected my clothes after the auto driver incident and went inside the home. My husband was sitting in hall with full clothes and workers were working.

Husband: Hey dear thank god you came early. We were about to go outside for getting some final material for finishing.

Rafiq: Sir, babu shall come with you. He knows the shop.

Rafiq said looking at me and tried to get glance of my open navel, but I kept my saree intact to restrict the view.
I don’t know what happened to my husband, he said
Husband: I think we shall go, you being experienced person it will be helpful.

Rafiq: Sir babu knows the shop, actually I don’t know.

He immediately tried to make some excuse to stay.

Husband: No problem, we three will go. Anyways there is no other work so we can go.

I could sense disappointment in his face and couldn’t resist smiling. So rushed inside my room, my husband came

Husband: Hey dear, I shall be back in hour or so.
Amruta: Ok dear come soon.

He left and I could hear the main door closing, I felt bit relaxed as now I was going to be alone for some time, so I put down my purse and was thinking of having a tea. I just glanced in mirror before going to kitchen and smiled at myself.
I displaced my pallu n trying to give seductive looks in mirror thinking what auto driver would have enjoyed and smiled to myself, then I slid the pallu aside and bit my lips looking in mirror thinking about how Rafiq tried to glance my navel and how I teased him. I smiled at myself trying to mimic the Auto driver scene.

Amruta (to myself): Why are you charging me more?
Amruta (Self): Oh so you want to have a show?

I teased myself thinking of auto driver in mirror and smiled
Amruta: So is this enough?

I said, little bit of displaying my cleavage by slid the pallu a bit smiling in mirror
Amruta: Oh not happy yet?

I made a sad face thinking how he would have reacted

Amruta: So you want more?

I bit my lips like I am doing infront of him n removed my pallu completely, bend down

Amruta: How about this baby?

I bit my lips in sexy way looking in mirror
A: Now take 50, I think that’s enough, for 20 rupees.
I laughed at mirror and pulled my pallu up acting like I am moving away from the auto like some time before.

As soon as I put my pallu n turned I get shock of my life as I saw Renga at door looking at me and rubbing cock on his trouser. I was so much shocked that I didn’t realized that there were 3 workers and only 2 has gone with my husband.

I was doing this stupid activity infront of the mirror for almost 10 min and that meant he was observing my slutiness from last 10 min.

I didn’t understand what to do, I stood there like a statue and covered myself properly with the saree.

Renga: Madam, please continue doing it.
Amruta: You please go out

I somehow manage to say to him, but I was unable to look at him. I was so much ashamed of myself that how cheaply I was behaving imagining the auto driver.

Renga: Madam, this is last day of work at your place, I would never get chance to work in company of sexy woman. So please continue what you were doing. Alteast let me get pleasure of watching.

Amruta: Please I am ashamed of what has happened, so you please leave. My husband will be coming any moment.
I said turning around and moving away from the mirror and the door where Renga was standing.

Renga: Madam, they wont come atleast for an hour and why are you so shy? Yesterday we did a lot so whats the problem today?

Amruta: Please don’t remind me all of those things. It just happened accidentally yesterday.

My cheeks had turned red with all the shame I was getting, with reminding the slutty acts of mine, yesterday with Renga, then watchman and now with autodriver. Old part of mine was again taking over me, my nipples were getting erect and pussy was damp.
R: Madam please show some mercy on the poor man like me.
A: Please don’t say such things, yesterday I gave what you wanted.
R: No madam. That was just simple touching. Poor beggars like us would never even think about beautiful and sexy woman like you even in our dreams.
His words were making big effect on me, as he was saying all those things he was coming close to me and had already removed his shirt and he was topless. He was rubbing his cock on his trouser and I was standing there looking down in shame.
He came near me and took my hand and put in on his cock.
Renga : Madam please once do like yesterday.
I was already aroused so I hold his cock and started stroking it above his trouser only by closing my eyes.

Renga : Madam please look at me atleast, such angel beauty stroking my dick. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
He said with nice moan, I too was getting aroused with his talks and touch of cock. He tried lifting my chin, when I opened my eyes he saw they were turning red.

Renga: Madam, I know you are also aroused, please lets enjoy fully.

I didn’t respond but kept stroking him above the trouser. Suddenly my phone rang and as I looked at screen, I saw it was my husband. I got scared and pushed renga away n received the call and went to hall

Amruta: Hello

Husband: Hey dear, we are at market, so the xyz color looks good. Should I get that?

Amruta: You are there and you know better baby, so please you only select.

Husband: Ok baby.

Amruta: When you will be back?

All of sudden I asked him, being scared.

Husband: We shall leave after taking this and shall be back by hour may be.

Amruta: Ok darling. C u. bye.

I disconnected, I was in drawing room and Renga was still there in my bed. I was already aroused so I decided to have some fun. So I went to main door, locked it properly. Put my phone on fridge, on the way to bed and entered bedroom.

And I was surprised to find him standing naked in my bedroom with his rock hard cock. As soon as he saw me he gave me smile, I looked at his cock and went close to him. He tried to grab my hand but I pushed it

Amrita: Renga, first tell me. Have you told anyone about yesterday?

Renga: No madam, I swear.

A: Are u sure?

Renga: Yes madam, I swear to god that I haven’t told anyone and will never tell it to anyone till I die.

Amruta: ok thank you for that, now you have one more secret to keep.
Renga: Which one?

He asked me innocently, but without responding to him in words I simply removed my saree n threw it away, pulled him close n kissed his lips. He was overwhelmed with my slutiness and was quick to hug me while retuning the kiss, but as per my previous experience, he seems much inexperienced in kissing so his kisses were totally sloppy.
I tried for few seconds but I wasn’t enjoying the kiss with him so I pushed his head down on my cleavage. He became mad dog and started to kiss and lick my cleavage, I opened my blouse to grant him more access and threw it away.
Renga: Oh my godddddd
Amruta: What happened?

Renga: Madam you are truly angel, you are much beautiful than any actress I seen in movies.

Amruta: Oh shut up.

Renga: Really madam, you are so fair.
He was amazed by my spotless beauty.

Amruta: Shut up n work fast, we have less time.

Saying I unhook my bra and pulled him on nipples, my nipples were rock hard. He would have never thought of such fair milky boobs in his life and now he was feasting on it.
While he was busy with my boobs, I untie my petticoat and came out of it, he was already nude and being less time I didn’t wanted to spend lot of time on foreplay, so I pushed him from my boobs and removed my panty.

[Image: 8e599196b41c180b5db46208bf19eddb.gif]

Amruta: Renga please fuck me now
…..please fuck me…..

I said lying down on the bed and spreading my legs, this was more than enough for him, he immediately put cock on my entrance and started stroking.
I was having second cock other than my husband in last two days. And today directly on the bed in my own house where my husbands fucks me.

This is first time I am getting another cock in my cunt in my own bedroom.
That thought gave me wilder imagination and my waist started to move to match the strokes of the Renga, and I pulled him close n hugged him locking my lips with him.


But my active participation had a adverse effect. He had never been with a hot wan like me. My horniness was too much to take for the  poor worker . He couldn’t control himself . Renga took no time and started cumming in my cunt in hardly 2-3 minutes. I tried to stop the stroking but it was too late and he already came.

I was frustrated as he stopped moving but my cunt had just got ready for the fuck and this was just the start for me. So I tried to kiss him to arouse but his response was kind of cold, so I pushed him aside and took his cock in my mouth to make it erect but his cock was dead and didn’t show any sign of arousal.

I gave him frustrated look and he was embarrassed, so he immediately picked up his clothes n left to drawing room.
I was angry for being unsatisfied so I went to hall nude.

Amrita: You filthy bastard, if you wanted to cum so early. Why you asked me to fuck you.

He just looked down being insulted, I was so angry that I didn’t realize that what I was talking. He was so much embarrassed that he opened the door without realizing I am nude and went away. I came back to sense and was quick to lock door.

I put my all clothes in bathroom and tried to masturbate thinking about the yesterdays episode with watchman and while fingering I came. Then I got fresh and changed into conservative salwar kameez but still my hunger wasn’t quenched.

I was sitting on my bed frustrated thinking about the encounter I just had with Renga, for the first time I had allowed another man to fuck me right on my marital bed.

I was resting on my bed then suddenly I saw picture of me and my husband on the wall, which I had gifted him for our marriage anniversary. That was enough for me to feel guilty about my sexual escapades.

I recalled all the sexual episodes I had previously with Javed, on the lodge with Raghu, the waiter and now how I let myself handled by these carpenters then I became so horny that in middle of the night I went down myself and offered my hot young body to the watchman.

Chain of thoughts started to move in my head that I have always loved my husband and now also I love him very much.

Though he wasn’t the person to deflower me as I had couple of boyfriends before the marriage and I enjoyed lot of sex with them still I never compared them anyways. I had satisfying experience with my husband and I never complained to him about the sex.

We did experimentation in our bedroom sometimes to keep our activity interesting.I was trying to think what exactly made me fuck Javed the cab driver and made me crave for sex, even after month of not having sex with my husband I never felt so much desperate.

But one fuck with  that cab driver, gave me lot of pleasure. My mind questioned me and the brain tried answering
Q: Was it the length of the cock?
A: No coz the waiter or renga for that matter had small cocks that my husband.
Q: Was it orgasms?
A: No I had orgasms with husband as well.
Q: Was it the thrill of extra marital sex
A: No, as I had handsome and rich men hitting on me.

What it possibly can?

My brain stopped working as no fix answer was there for it. One year back if someone would have told me that I will have extra marital affair, I would have slapped that person.

Even with all these escapades my feelings for my husband was intact, I loved him more than anything else. To be fortunate nobody with whom I slept tried to abuse my husband.

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