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Innocent Wife With Cab Driver Part 6

I was so much turned on by the smell and I was like hypnotized by lust, I took the glass near my mouth and my tongue licked few pieces inside, suddenly I realized someone standing near me.
I get hell scared and opened my eyes to found Rafiq standing in front of me. I as so shamed of my act that I couldn’t look up to him. He was enjoying my torment, he came very closer, hugged me tight and grabbed my ass in both of his hands.
R: Madam, there is emergency I need to go out now. I shall return in couple of hours. I don’t want to leave you but I will be back.
Saying he squeezed my ass one time and kissed my lips and went away. It all happened so fast that I really didn’t have time to react.

Now continued

My heartbeat was elevated very much due to the fondling and the sudden unexpected kiss, I had planned to tease these people little bit to have some fun but now I could sense that things have already going out of my hands.

Little bit of skin show was expected but unfortunately due to long period of sexual starvation in my body, my responses were extremely weak that while Rafiq was coming close I had clear idea that what is going to happen next but my body intentionally ignored those thoughts coming from my mind.

I was standing still near the kitchen counter like a statue as I was completely lost in those thoughts, I didn’t realized that I should correct my clothes and close two buttons of kurti, which was now showing good amount of cleavage even without bending.

Though how hard I tried to control my feelings but now the fire had already been ignited by the Rafiq, was not going to stop so easily. But I had very tough task to maintain my dignity as my earlier adventures were restricted outside but now everything was happening in my house only.

I came back to senses and put down the glass there on kitchen counter near the sink and rushed myself to my room, this time I locked it from inside but somehow my mind was running all the flashback of the recent happenings with Rafiq and my hands went to my boobs n slowly started to move on it, I was trying to have the feel which Rafiq has given me by suddenly pressing.

I went infront of mirror and stood there looking at myself, I admired my looks, I was really looking damn hot that way, sleeveless kurti hugging tightly to my body showing every bit of the curve, good amount of visible cleavage due to open buttons, I pressed one boobs winking myself at mirror thinking everybody have hots on my boobs, why shouldn’t they be I was admiring my 36C cup boobs. While my one hand went down my stomach to the crotch n I rubbed it reminding the touches of Rafiq, I rubbed my cunt little bit on the leggings itself and as expected my cunt was already flowing juices with this arousal. I didn’t understand when my eyes closed enjoying the pleasure of my touch and rubbing of cunt increased, I was lost in that pleasure but suddenly there was heavy knocking on the door, which made me come back to reality. I corrected the kurti n leggings though forgot to close the buttons.

I feel very shy in that state but with another knock I get tense thinking OMG who is going to be there now? I slowly went to the door and opened it to have a peek, there was Renga standing at door fully clothed and looking innocently at me. I feel bit relived as till now I had not much interaction with this fellow, so
I opened the door n he immediately questioned

Renga: Madam are you all right?

I was surprised by this question.

Amruta: Ya. Why?

I questioned him in suspicion.

Renga: Actually madam I am knocking your door from last 5 min, I was worried as you were not opening door.

Now I understood why he asked me, I had no idea that he was standing there while I was pleasuring myself. I felt so ashamed

A: Accc.. Actually I was taking nap.

I fumbled while answering.

Renga: Sorry madam, I had no idea. I was here to ask that we wanted a small drilling machine.

Before he complete his statement I said

A: how come you don’t have?

Renga: Madam we had bigger one, we asked sir in morning so he said there I small machine in your store room.

A: oh is it so? Let me ask him n tell you.

I said while moving away from door towards bed to get my phone, he was standing at door only. I called up my husband few times but he didn’t answer.

A: he is not answering and I don’t know where it is. So you need to wait till I hear from him.

Renga: Madam he told us it is in store room, please have a look may be you will find it. The work will stop without it and if we sit idle for some time Rafiq bhai will scold us.

A: Ok fine, we shall have look there.

We had very small room as the store room actually it was utility room but with recent renovation work we had put lot of stuff in there mostly scrap so it was a big kind of mess. We entered the room all stuff was lying there and we keep looking for it.

I was working on it with full concentration and suddenly he said look it is there, I turned back to him asking where? It was near me only but due to my sudden turning my hand struck it n that machine fell down behind old steel almirah, as we saw that both of us exclaimed Oh shit.

With that spontaneous reaction I couldn’t control to laugh, so he too and we laughed on it.

He asked me to step aside and he shall try to get it out. So step aside he came n bend down to take it but he couldn’t get that as it was stuck between the almirah and heavy trunk, it went down so his hands weren’t reaching there.

Renga: Madam what have you done, I am unable to reach the machine, its very small so it has went deep inside.

I started to curse myself for being so stupid, but he got up n said

Renga: madam there is one way we can pull it out.

A: What?

Renga: See there is small gap downside of almirah if we can push the machine little bit, then it can be removed from top.

A: Great then push it.

Renga: That’s the problem madam, my hands are heavy I tried to push it but I am unable to move the hands in that gap.

A: Then?

He suddenly hold my hands and I was surprised with his move and tried to pull them back but his grip was firm on my wrist. He completely ignored my struggle n said

Renga: See madam your hands are small, I think you will be able to push it from there.

I was feeling so uncomfortable that without thinking I said

A: ok ok let me try.

And pulled back my hands, he too immediately released them.

Renga: madam you need to get on your knees.

A: ya I am doing it.

I replied with bit of irritation. I got on my knees and try to analyze how to get, so now I was completely like in doggie position but here I have to bend in that position to get hold of the machine. Whenever I bend a little, my toes used to raise from ground.

I was getting anxious as I wasn’t getting hold of that stupid machine. So I bend more but this time I lost my balance and was about the band my head in heavy trunk but Renga was quick enough to catch my waist and save my head from getting injured. I immediately say back and thanked him, so he spoke out

Renga: Madam, if you don’t mind I have suggestion.

A: What?

Renga: I can hold you by waist so that you won’t lose balance and get hurt.

I thought and realized that he makes sense and it would be matter of few seconds, as with support I will be able to bend more and can pull the machine immediately so without realizing the implications I agreed to let him hold my waist while I will be bending in doggie position.

I bend down n stretch myself in order to get hold of the machine, he grabbed me by my waist and moan left from my mouth uuuuuuummmmmm

Renga: What happened madam?

A: Nothing.

I tried getting it but it was difficult than I imagined, though I was able to touch the machine but it was stuck heavily so even with my pushed it wasn’t moving a bit. So I tried pushing it hard and again I was about to lose balance I found Renga has hugged my waist by putting his hand around it and pulled me back.

I was so much startled with his sudden move that I immediately moved n turned back

A: What the hell are you doing?

Renga: Madam please don’t get angry, you were falling so there was only one way to pull you back.

A: Why don’t you hold me properly?

I replied him angrily, I was being angry on him but then I realized he did it to save me. So I replied him little calmly

A: please hold properly so that I won’t fall and you don’t have to pull me back.

I again bend down to try harder, this time I could sense that Renga has come close to me and was holding my waist tightly. We were in such a position that if someone has seen us they would think that we are fucking in doggie style. But my mind wasn’t thinking about it I just wanted to finish it ASAP and get out of there, so this time I was trying to push harder. In that process he was fully taking advantage of the situation and started to feel my waist with his hand. I could understand this but I was already aroused so didn’t object to his move, I was being so lame that I didn’t realize this would gave him more courage to be more bold and all of sudden he said

Renga: Madam wait.

I try to move back but he pushed my back with his hand and make me stay in same position,

Renga: Don’t get up, let me hold it properly.

I was in such state that I didn’t reply him n stayed in same position. I could feel he coming very close to me, he lifted me by my waist spread my legs apart n came in between them in such a position that my legs were on sides of his body, his crotch was directly touch in my fully covered pussy, as I feel his hard on.

A: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

A moan escaped my mouth, he was beyond caring about my reaction now

Renga: Madam this cloth is really slippery.

Saying he pushed my kurti upside, now almost 3 inches of gap was there between my kurti and leggings he hold me by my naked waist n said in commanding tone

Renga: Now its good, you wont slip now. Come on madam, hurry up we have to do lot of work.

I like obedient servant resumed my work on the machine, but this time it was very difficult as I was aroused as hell and his such movements were making me impossible to work, however hard I tried to ignore the same.

He was now completely feeling my naked waist with his hands without any fear, slowly his hand movements on my naked skin were arousing me more n more, and my cunt was releasing more and more juices. All of sudden he bend down with head behind me

Renga: Madam

A: ummmmmmm

Renga: are you getting it?

A: I ammmm tryinggggggg

I managed to whisper.

Renga: madam please push it hard.

A: I am doing it.

Renga: Madam if you don’t mind I can help you a bit.

A: You can help then please help.

Renga: I will push you from behind so that you can push the machine more.

A: Ya that’s good idea. Please push me little.

I said to him being stupid, as my brain had completely stopped working and I was just going with the flow, my mind was in full state of arousal and this moment I was just thinking about a good fuck.

My approval was green signal for him to proceed what he has started. As I nodded he gave stroke directly on my pelvis region with his pelvis region (we were fully clothed that time), I was bit surprised with this boldness but lust in mind was more dominant so I enjoyed his push.

Renga: Madam this push is ok?

A: uuuuuummmm

I couldn’t manage to say more than a moan. But he wasn’t convinced with my moan so he again stroked it harder next time

Renga: Madam please tell me if this hard is ok?

A: uuuuuuuummmmmmmmm

Bigger moan escaped my mouth, I was enjoying this moment and so much lost in it that I didn’t wanted to talk more. But he stroked one more time and slapped my ass.

Renga: Speak out madam.

A: yaaa just little hardddd

I managed to say this while moaning. This made him happy and he started stroking it hard now, with hard pushes I had already managed to push the machine up but now we both were not bothered about the stupid machine and my hands were resting on the sides of almirah, he was dry humping me, suddenly my phone started ringing, and I knew due to ring tone that my husband is calling but I was stuck in the dilemma I wanted to enjoy but what will he think if I didn’t receive call, in this dilemma I just stayed there. I really wanted to have a cock inside my pussy as I had enough of fondling today, so I reciprocated my ass to his strokes ignoring the call, I tried to grab his cock with my hand just to signal him to fuck me.

But again the phone started ringing and I was scared this time, so I push him aside got up n ran to bedroom to get the phone. I didn’t bothered to correct the clothes. I went n received call

Hubby: Hey baby where are you?

A: Sorry darling I was in washroom so got late.

Hubby: Are you called me up few times and then you weren’t responding I was really worried.

A: Oh really sorry dear, I just called you to ask about the small drilling machine.

I was speaking on phone and trying to control the situation, as I turned around I was shocked to see Renga was coming towards me slowly while looking lustily at me and rubbing his cock on the trouser. I was tense with his behavior I immediately signaled him to stop near the door itself and fortunately he stopped there but was still looking towards me, rubbing his cock.

H: are its there only in store room near the old almirah.

A: ya don’t worry we got it and they are working now.

H: Ok then, anyways I am on the way to home now and reaching there in half hour. We shall talk once I am there. Bye.

A: ok bye.

I was surprised to that he was coming too early today and thanked the god if I didn’t had received the call, today he would have definitely caught me in action as he don’t ring the bell, he has key he directly come inside. I had my eyes close in relief but that didn’t make me realize that renga has entered in bedroom and standing close to me.

As I sense that he is standing close to me, I open my eyes and wanted him to leave, but I could see his eyes were full of lust. But stood firm this time as I didn’t wanted to take any chances, so I firmly told him.

A: Please you go from here, my husband is on the way to home and shall be here in 15 min.

Even though I said this, he didn’t move an inch rather said me

Renga: Madam please look at this, look what have you done?

While he said this, he immediately removed his rock hard cock out of the pants and showed it to me, it just again ignited some as I saw his cock, it wasn’t very big but would be around 6” and 2.5” in thickness but that anyways was enough for my pussy which didn’t have good fuck in while. But I controlled my mind n said him

A: Listen my husband is coming now please leave from here.

Renga: Madam you please understand and do something for him.

He said coming close to me while stroking his cock.

A: No No you please go from here, and what you want.

Renga: Madam I will stroke it just let me stroke it looking at your sexy body.

A: ok do it fast.

I just wanted to get rid of him so I said n started organizing my room, after 5 min I realize he is still standing there and looking at me lustily, I got pissed off

A: hey finish it off, my husband is coming. What the hell are you doing?

Renga: Madam it is taking time and I am not going till I cool him off as it is hurting me a lot.

I got so irritated and also scared that my husband shall come in next 20 min and this bastard was masturbating in my bed. I then realized that if he cum here I may not be able to clean it immediately and my husband would notice it.

A: please go inside bathroom and do it, don’t create mess here.

Renga: Madam you aren’t there so I have to do it here only.

He said giving shameless smile to me, I was again irritated so I decided to take control of it and finish it immediately before my husband arrives n it would lead me to some serious trouble. So I said

A: Lets go in bathroom n finish it asap, I don’t want any trouble for myself.

He was more than happy to listen this and entered in bathroom, I followed him n closed the door of bathroom and ask him to finish it fast. He started masturbating looking at my cleavage, but here I was scared to I moved n hold his cock and started stroking it, he was in heaven as I took hold of his cock.
Just to extend his pleasure I kiss his mouth, he became wild with it and responded my kiss. He wasn’t good kisser at all, he was very sloppy but I wanted it to get over but even after 5 more min I didn’t find him close to cum so I moved n remove one more button of my kurti, now my top bra portion was visible with huge amount of my cleavage, I pushed his head on my cleavage,

Like a mad dog he started licking my cleavage and his one hand was playing with my ass, now that much pleasure was enough for him to cum, so within 2 min he cum heavily on the bathroom floor and I kept stroking his cock till the last drop come out.

As soon as he cum, I pushed him aside and said

A: you got more than enough so please go out, my husband would be here anytime.

He obediently went out and I washed the floor with water and flushed his cum, cleaned my hands. I rushed out of bathroom and corrected my clothes and took my duppatta and was ready just as I was before my husband left for office. But my mind was in different state, my heart beat were elevated, I was all thinking that I have given him hand job and even let him play with my boobs, how hardly he dry humped me. I thought how the driver javed has changed me, before him I was pious wife loyal to my husband even after he left I still had controlled myself well, but now I knew this is not going to stop unless all three fucked me right here in my own house, on even on the bed where my husband fucks me.

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