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Innocent Wife With Cab Driver Part 5

Javed was gone almost for 15 days and I was being dry for this time. My husband was busy with his routine schedule so I was really feeling horny most of the times. This dry phase of mine actually making me sad, I was even replying to the lame flirts made by my colleagues but I never found anyone attractive enough to sleep with him.

I had really hottest experience with Javed and Raghu, somehow I realized that I am getting attracted more towards the cheap guys rather than the affluent people. Some of my colleagues, friends husbands used to hit on me, but I never entertained them more than small causal flirting.

The office has also changed the cab policies due to complaint from some female employees, so now the cabs were sent randomly and also no cab was supposed to repeat for more than once a fortnight. So I was not getting any attention from any of the driver.
The only cheap guy I was getting attention from was my society watchman as he used to be there at night when I used to return from office, but I wasn’t keen to be with him.

Day by day my frustration was increasing, I even had sex with my husband but unfortunately I did not enjoy that much. To my surprise even watchman now was behaving like a gentleman to me as I scolded him when he enquired about going out in office cab on weekend.

My apartment is 200m inside of the main road and there is narrow lane connecting main road to my apartment which is covered with trees on both sides, there is one construction going on near our building and no other building is there. So at night the lane is completely deserted, these new drivers now started dropping me on main road instead of the society gate as per them it is difficult for them to turn their vehicle due to construction material of the new building.

I also got used to it as at night 200 m wasn’t big deal to walk as only our building was there and no other people would come to this side at this time of night.

One day I had returned from office half hour early as there was network issue in office n we were asked to leave early. It was 2.00 am in night and my cab dropped me off at the main road and I was walking down the lane.

As I went to the gate I found it to be locked and I was surprised by that and also little scared as when I saw in security cabin, it was empty. I tried to be calm as I thought shouting his name may attract some undue attraction if there are some thieves around, so I decided to look for him around.

As I was looking around I found out that someone like our guard was standing near the under construction building looking away from the gate.

Before calling out his name I thought let me confirm if that’s the watchman else I might be in trouble. So I slowly went towards the man, to my surprise I moved little bit sideways n I found out that he was indeed our watchman but he was urinating, as he moved sideways I was able to see his cock and that was trigger for me. Though its wasn’t the longest cock I have seen but it really has good thickness I thought as even being limp I it seems bigger to me.

I hide behind one wall of the under construction building and was watching his piss coming out of his cock. My body stopped listening to my brain. Unknowingly my hand went down and started rubbing my cunt on the salwar.

All of these non fucking days has kept me in such state that even look of limp cock was enough to turn me on. As I was concentrated on his cock suddenly I realized that he about to finish his peeing, I immediately rush myself to the gate trying to control my breath, as all that scene has made me hot. He came back to gate and surprised to see me there

W: Madam, you came early.

I was in no state to reply, so just was trying to avoid eye contact with him.

W: What happened madam? All you all right? You don’t look well?

A: No I am ok, please open the gate.

I somehow manage to say that, he was surprised by my behavior but only I knew about it. He opened the gate and I rush to my flat. As soon as I got in, I directly rushed to the bathroom pulled down salwar with panty. Rubbed my pussy so hard thinking about the cock and imagining the same going in my cunt, I had one of the best orgasm.

But after that I felt so ashamed of myself, how can I deviate from my path and think about the cheap guy again in my bed. Although pleasure of orgasm was much more than the guilt of imagination, the powerful orgasm gave me a very good sleep.

Next day I woke up late and finished my household chores. Somehow the last night incident wasn’t getting out of my mind. I was trying hard to control but still the image of his cock was clear in my eyes.

So while leaving for office I went downstairs 5 min before, as usual he was there

W: Hello madam

A: Hello

W: Are you ok? Yesterday you didn’t seem well.

A: yes I am fine. Yesterday I was just tired.

I told him plain lie with straight face, he would have not got that. I was having hard time to control my eyes looking at him. So I just went aside pretending to wait for my cab and noticing him with corner of my eyes.

First time I clearly notice him. He was with dark complexion but with very good physique, well-toned body as his uniform was bit tight so I could see his nice biceps and almost flat stomach. Fat weren’t anywhere on his body.

Till now whatever experience I got was with ugly fat men with big paunch n all. Though the watchman wasn’t good looking but has good physique. He seemed to have habit of some pan masala as I could see his teeth stained red.

As I was engrossed in the observation I got call from cab driver and I rushed to my office. Entire night my mind was running the same thought about the watchman. After office when I was returning, I was hoping him to see his cock again and my mind was praying the god for it, but unfortunately when I came back he was standing at gate.

I was totally disappointed but still manage to smile at him.

W: Hello madam, how are you?

A: Hello. I am good. By the way whats your name?

W: Sanju

A: oh nice. I wasn’t knowing.

W: No problem madam. I am poor person, why would you be knowing my name.

A: hey its nothing about being poor or rich.

W: Madam you think I am bad person so never talk with me. Also scolded me once.

A: Oh its not like that and I don’t remember scolding you.

Though I knew, I was pretending to ignore the same.

W: You wont remember madam, but I remember madam. Anyways its nice that you are atleast talking to me.

A: I am sorry if I have been rude to you anytime.

W: Actually madam I am new here, my family stays at my hometown. I don’t have much friends here so it feels nice when rich people like you talk to us.

A: I will talk to you don’t worry but don’t come up with crap of poor n rich again.

W: Madam you are so nice. Thank you. I will do anything for you.

A: Sorry? What do you mean?

W: I mean I will do as you say if you are talking with me.

A: That’s fine. I will leave now. Good night.

W: Good night.
The talks with the watchman was going on every day but didn’t get it to the next level. As the watchman’s shift was changed and now my hopes also went dry in that. My sexual frustration was getting high but again I wasn’t having any other option.

As I was scared to go for anyone, as what if that guy started to blackmail me or something. In between I thought of going to lodge to get Raghu or the waiter but I wasn’t sure how safe that would have been for me. I drop that idea as well.

So I got totally engrossed in the office work just to keep me busy and away from the sexual thoughts, next week my husband was there so we do really spent quality time together and have lot of fun like shopping, nice exotic dinner. Even got tipsy and had raunchy sex at home but somehow I wasn’t totally satisfied, after the encounters with my driver and lodge guys, I had developed a kind of fetish for ugly and dirty men. That might have been the reason of my dissatisfaction, as while my husband was humping me hard I my mind was imagining the strokes at lodge.

Later I was so ashamed of myself when I thought how a young married woman like me think like this, I have been chaste woman sometime back with a loving husband, nice job and wonderful sex life. If only I haven’t took the driver request for the classes, I would been happy with my life. It wasn’t like I wasn’t happy but just my sex drive has significantly increased due to escapades I had with those guys. Now I was always dreaming about that experience.

While I somehow suppressed my thoughts of having another experience with other than husband and was concentrating on my work and family. My husband was all around me so that was kind of helping me to get over my emotions of adultery. Even when the watchman has changed his shift I tried to make conversation minimal and tried to avoid any talks that would led to otherwise. But I wouldn’t said that I was being successful in that as whenever I used to be in bed with my husband my mind never co-operate with me, I don’t even got a good orgasm in all these days.

But again my husband again had lot of work load and wasn’t able to give me a good quality time and also a good fuck so my desperation was going on n on. Suppressing the thoughts was getting difficult for me. One day evening husband came back home from office with a very good surprise. He directly come n hugged me tight.

Husband: Hey baby there is good news.

Amruta: Oh darling what is it?

H: I got the nice raise in office and very good incentives.

A: Oh darling that’s the best news you gave to me, I love you so much.

H: ya and moreover now we shall change the sofa as we planned with new one.

A: Darling that’s the best news, now we will be having new sofa before my birthday.

H: yes darling that’s my birthday gift to you.

We had this conversation and next day we went to the best furniture store to get the sofa but unfortunately we don’t find the design of our choice so they gave us the option of customized design as per our wish, the workers shall come to our house n prepare the same. We agreed for it as we wanted the same as per our choice. There we finalized the design and they told us that tomorrow morning workers shall come to our place and start the work, they will finish in two days.
I was so excited as we had planned this long time but didn’t got the chance do that, now our home furnishing would start as per our wish.

Next morning the workers came to our place and wanted to start the work we had primary discussion about the design and everything they assured as that it would complete in three days. My husband asked me to take leave for three days as someone needs to be there and he won’t be able to take the leave. So I asked my manager he said instead of leave I should take work from home and that was more happy part. So the husband left for office around 11, those guys wanted to discuss some more part of work and needed to shift some furniture next room to make space, so I was guiding them in process that time I notice them well their description are as follow

First guy was young must be around 25-26 years old average built, not bulky not so skinny.

Second guy was middle aged one around 35 years old quite bulky but not fat, amazingly he had flat stomach and good build.

Third guy was also middle aged but kind of skinny not much of fat in his body.

All of them extremely dark skinned and while talking I could sense the red stains on the teeth of the second guy, means he would be habituated with eating gutkha.

As I was talking to them I could find that they were ogling my body like that meat piece, even though that day I was wearing fully covered salwar kameez without giving them hint of my skin.

[Image: tkqUohLB_t.jpeg]

I understood that they rarely get chance to work in house while hot fair skinned woman with sexy figure accompany them. I wasn’t stranger to such stares but right in my house was surly a new thing for me.

As I explain them the work and made the necessary shifting to give them space to work. I went back to my bed room and started working on my laptop. In some time I heard knock on my room door, I opened it.

Young guy: Madam Can you please give us some water?

A: Sure.

I went to kitchen and filled a jar with water and gave them glasses to drink it. As I had removed duppatta while working on laptop, I didn’t put it back and went like that only. While I was gave them water being little bit I could find all three pair of eyes staring my boobs, even though nothing much was visible due to full covered kurti.
I immediately handed over the glass and came back to room, I was feeling very nervous due to their staring, but strangely I wasn’t angry with them. Before my mind could have some naughty thoughts I started working on laptop and got busy with it.
After some time again I heard knock on door so opened it, same young guy was there.

YG: madam sorry to disturb you but actually we wanted to request you that it would be great if you give us cup of tea.

A: ok just wait for 5 min I will bring it.

I went to kitchen n prepared tea and gave it to them.

Guy2: Madam you also have it

A: no thanks. This isn’t my tea time.

Guy2: Please madam its request as you have taken efforts to make it, please you also take so that we wont feel like give are giving
trouble to you.

A: no nothing like that.

Suddenly all of them kept requesting so I decided to have some so I bought half cup of tea and sat in hall to have it.

Guy2: Madam we thank you that you chose to build the sofa instead of buying it from the shop.

A: Why so?

Guy2: Actually madam we don’t work in that shop we only get the customized order, rest is done in their factory.

A: oh so how many orders do you get.

Guy2: We generally get good orders but don’t know this month yours is only order for us. I was scared that if we don’t get any order may be we won’t be able to send money to our home in village. But you come like angel.

A: Hey come on you would have got one or another order. There is no point me being angel.

Guy2: Madam you don’t realize you are rich but for us one order matters a lot, out family is dependent on it.

A: Ya I know that but now don’t worry, you have the order so no problem to you.

Saying this I gave him smile to all of them.

Guy2: Ya thanks to this angel.

That guy smiled pointing at me showing the stained teeth.

A: don’t call me angel.

I said in mocking anger.

Guy2: Why not you came to our rescue in difficult time and also you are too beautiful like angel.

A: Hey now you are just trying to flatter me.

Guy2: No madam. I swear to god you are really beautiful, I have never seen beautiful woman like you.

A: That’s enough now. You are good at talking, but don’t waste time in it and finish the job. I am not going to make the payment if the work is not satisfactory.

Guy2: you don’t worry about it madam. I never left any lady unsatisfied.

A: What the hell you said?

Guy2: I mean all my customers are happy with my work.

A: We shall see that.

Guy2: Don’t worry madam, I will surly show you.

Saying this he smiled at me showing stained teeth, I left the place and came back to my room.

I was actually surprised that the guy made a double meaning remark and like a fool I responded him. I wasn’t able to concentrate on work as I was thinking that he might have got a clue that I am not an impossible target, I was feeling so foolish of myself. But I decided not to over think on this, but long time surprised thoughts were not letting my mind rest. As I have unsatisfied for a long time and now whatever fear I had now I have to face it.

As from long time I was trying to avoid the company of such people to suppress my excitement but now unfortunately I have to be with them for 3 full days. I wasn’t sure how am I going to control my feeling but I decided that whatever happens I won’t fall in this trap and don’t let my body to take over my brain.

But was really everything in my hand? Will my body cooperate with my brain?

Only coming time had the answer.

Couple of hours went like that fortunately nobody bothered me during this time, so I concentrated on my work, I checked the watch I was showing 2.00 pm. I decided to have lunch now and also to check the work going on. I went out n pecked in, those guys were working quietly so went n asked

A: Hey you all had lunch?

Guy1: No madam, actually we wanted to finish this part and then go for lunch.

A: ok fine.

Guy3: Madam, Do you had lunch?

A: Not yet. I will have it now.

Guy2: Madam, can you please give us some more water before you go inside?

A: Ya sure.

I went into kitchen and fill up bottle and went back to the hall. As I extend my hand to give the water, this second guy put his hands directly on my hand in pretext of taking the same. I also didn’t object to that as he was smiling at me. I also smiled back he hold it for few seconds and then I pulled it back.

Then I went to kitchen and got my lunch took it in bed and finish it. After that I once again got busy with my work and I thought they would also be busy with their own work as nobody disturbed me. Around 4.30 there was knock on the door. As I opened I found the
Guy2 was at door smiling at me showing stained red teeth. I smiled him back

Guy2: Madam hope I haven’t disturbed you.

A: No. What happened?

Guy2: Madam actually we want some tea. Sorry if we are troubling you.

A: Don’t be sorry. I was going to ask you about the same, I know you guys have a lot habit of drinking tea.

Guy2: Yes we have a cup of tea lot many times but we don’t want to disturb so we rarely asked you.

A: You don’t need to be so reluctant. Please ask me when you need tea.

Guy2: How can we do it madam? We are poor people, our clients get offended if we ask them something.

A: is it so? I don’t think someone will get offended. Now let me go to kitchen to prepare a tea for you.

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