Innocent Wife With Cab Driver Part 4

I was lying in arms of Javed on bed wearing just my blouse and bra, he has his arms around my back. He tried to get up, I looked up at him with question on my face and he pointed at beer. So I smiled n got up, wore just panty, took the bottle from table and handover one to him and took one for me.
We did cheers and started sipping it from bottle, this time without him asking I just got up n lit a cigarette.
J: Wa randi to tu mast train ho gayi hai re. (Good slut you got trained well)
Saying this he slapped my ass before taking cig from me, I left a seductive moan.
A: Javed ji ab aapka bdy hai to itna farz to banta hai mera. (It’s your birthday so it’s my duty to do it)
J: Kuch bhi bol par dil khush kar diya tune mera aj. (You really made me happy today)
A: Maine aapko bola than a mai aap ko bahut khush karugi. (I told you that I will make you a lot happy)
He pulled me to his lap, keeping his bottle sideways I happily sat down there he pressed my boobs by that hand.
Now the situation was like this, I was sitting in his lap without my saree exposing a lot of my flesh and he just had his undies on and we were sipping the beer alternately from same bottle also sharing the same cig for smoke.
I never ever in my wildest dreams imagined that I would end up doing this kind of activity, not only getting fucked in cheap lodge by a cheap driver but being his slut and trying everything to make him happy.
We were enjoying the situation like teenage lovers, sipping same beer, smoking same cig and kissing n fondling each other in between.
The atmosphere in the room has become so erotic that I was turning on again. I started moving my hands on his hairy chest, he understood that I am turned on but still didn’t initiate any action but continued sipping and kissing.
Like this way we finished three beers and 6 cig, we both were pretty high that time and also I was lot aroused I starts kissing him he too responded but his power seem less may be due to alcohol. I got up pushed him back on bed licked his fat belly moved up n sucked n licked his nipple, pulled down his undies licked his shaft looking seductively at him. He was hard with my treatment to his body
I was sucking his dick and gave him deep throat in between, now as the lights were turned on we were able to see each other this time. I was pretty excited to see a chaste high class wife in her blouse and petticoat giving him blowjob in such a cheap lodge.
He got up n also made me stand kissed my lips, I too responded our tongues were playing again. He opened the blouse buttons and this time removed completely from my body, licking my cleavage neck at the same time, I thought I am going to have good foreplay so encouraged him by pressing his head against my bosoms. He also licked my mangalsutra looking me in eyes, this pervert action flooded my pussy with juices.
Now I was only in my bra and panties with my long mangalsutra dangling on my boobs, I was getting impatient so I took my hands back n unhooked the bra in one snap, but it was still covering my body as his face was packed on my bra covered boobs, he understood that I unhooked the bra so he gave little space to remove it completely from my body, now I was only in my panty.
He kept sucking my boobs one after another, his one hand went to my panty covered ass n he slapped it hard.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh erotic moan came out of my mouth.
He again came near to my face n started licking my face, his rough tongue was turning me on. He licked my neck, n moved to boobs he licked it entirely and took it in mouth and started sucking it. Oh my god that was great, I was having my boobs sucked after months. I was moaning aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
He was teasing my nipple with his tongue. He kept sucking and pressing boobs alternately. He slowly shifted his attention from my boobs to stomach; he went down kissing and licking the soft flesh of mine. He inserted his tongue in my navel…….. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I left the moan it was too good, I was enjoying a lot. He then moved down and removed my panty in one stroke. He put his tongue on my love hole n started licking it. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm is only thing came out of my mouth. He inserted his tongue in it. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
He was having great sex skills. He was mounding my boobs while licking pussy. I came on his face he licked it happily.
He come up with my cum in his mouth and transferred it to my mouth while kissing me, I too licked it like a slut. I touched down his cock with my hands n directed it to my cunt, while spreading the legs, he adjusted himself kissing me and slowly inserted his cock.
I gasped aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, this time he was being very gentle n slowing pushed his entire length inside. Once he was completely in his speed increased, I too started responding to his strokes from down side. He looked inside my eyes n locked lips with me, I was loving this passionate fucking with him. He kept pumping for 10 min, this time he wasn’t eager to change the position, my excitement was increasing with each of his stroke. But suddenly his speed increased and he got up pulled out his cock from my burning pussy n spread cum all over my belly.
He seems exhausted so lied down immediately besides me, I loved the session but I wasn’t expecting him to cum so early, I still didn’t have the feeling of satisfaction. I got up went to bathroom, emptied my bladders which were full due to beer and cleaned myself entirely, came back to room, lied next to him.
He was drowsy but I was still awake as my cunt was still unsatisfied. It would have been half hour or so, we were sleeping suddenly there was knock on door, I was terrified who will be at this time? I just woke up Javed n asked him to check who’s at door.
He got up, put on his undies and went to open the door, I immediately pulled up the blanket to cover myself. Javed just opened little bit of door and talking to someone there, I wasn’t able to hear the conversation, but it continued for 5 min or so, I just understood Javed was trying to convince other person. I didn’t know who was that and what was they talking about, but the he closed the door and came to me.
A: What happened Javed ji?
J: It was Raghu the manager of this lodge, actually we know each other well as I am coming here since long time. He came to know from the waiter that its my birthday today so he came to wish me.
A: Oh that’s great.
Though I said this I was feeling jealous as he might have fucked many women before me and that thought was giving me anger, but I kept calm.
J: come on now get up n wear your clothes.
He said me while wearing his own clothes.
A: Why what happened? We were supposed to stay here.
J: We are staying here, Raghu is coming back here. He bought some whiskey and want to have peg with me.
A: Oh no. We have already drank much, you are already high. Also why in this room? I don’t want to be in this room with..
Before I could finish my sentence, he grabbed my hairs hard, dragged me out of the bed and hold close to him like a beast. I could smell the alcohol from his mouth, he was pretty high that time.
J: Listen bitch, don’t forget your place. You are just one of my fucking whores, I am treating you nicely but now you are taking undue advantage of the same.
I got shit scared with new attitude of this.
A: Javed ji, I am doing whatever you are saying, but why are you calling another person in our room.
As soon as I finished the sentence, I got hard slap on my face. I started crying looking down, I was hell shocked with things going on.
J: Amruta look at my face
I still was sobbing looking down, but his grip on my hairs tighten n I looked up to his face.
J: Amruta you whore, I told you many times about the terms of getting my cock and you agreed, correct or not?
I kept sobbing without replying, he grabbed my hairs and pinched my nipples.
J: Answer me slut else I will kill you.
I nodded my head in positive.
J: Good now stop all this fucking drama and get ready like a good slut you are, else I will dump you on the highway naked for all people to fuck.
I got frightened with his threat, picked up all the clothes and went to bathroom crying. I locked the door from inside, my cry increased.
What I have done? How I can I degrade myself so much for this bastard driver? Few weeks back I was loyal respected wife, though I flirt with some guys but never went ahead of healthy flirting. Now I was being insulted by this bastard in cheap lodge.
I never realized that agreeing to his conditions will be resulting in scenario like this, but alas I was only to blame as I was the fool to listen everything of him by surrendering to my sexual appetite. But there was no option in front of me other than to obey. So this time I decided to go with the flow though not whole heartedly.
I wore my all my clothes but this time I wore the saree in conservative way above my navel, but blouse was short with deep neck so however hard I try I wasn’t able to cover my open back. I came out wearing all clothes with hairs loose, my makeup has gone due to heavy crying and my face was looking dull. I was expecting Raghu to be in room but he wasn’t there and Javed was sitting on bed smoking, I didn’t looked at him just walking towards the bed.
I don’t know what happened to him but he immediately got up n came to me n hugged me, there was no response from my side.
J: Look Amruta, we are here to enjoy the time. I have always been nice to you, haven’t I?
I just nodded.
J: I never troubled you and also have no intension to do the same in future. Do anyone knows you here?
I nodded negative.
J: Then why you behave like a college going girl? Have I asked you to sleep with other person?
I nodded negative. I don’t know why but my mind started to get convinced. I was trying hard to remain strict.
J: You know other women never disobey me or question me. That your office girl Priya has slept with 8 of my friends just because I asked her to do.
I surprised to hear that, but continued not responding.
J: She is really good, she has good body and face even she is very wild in bed. Other woman Mona she was much better in bed and satisfied me like a cheap whore. Wow that has been really the best time.
The effect of alcohol was very much in me and now I was getting jealous that he was praising other women that also of my office that too Mona, she was pretty married lady and used to get lot of attention but I never thought she will be having affair with this driver. I didn’t even know whether he was lying or telling truth but my brain was not in position to think that.
J: I know nobody would have treated you the way I did today. But it was you who made me angry by behaving like fool. Thanks for giving me company but you have spoilt it in end.
It was effect of alcohol or his talks I don’t know, but now I started feeling guilty for spoiling his mood and that too on his birthday.
J: I think let’s make this our last time, I will call Raghu and ask him not to come. I will drop you home and we will never meet again. Enough is enough, I can’t tolerate nonsense.
Saying this he started walking towards phone. I like a fool ran to catch him up n said
A: Sorry javed ji, I didn’t mean that.
But he pushed me away n called
J: Raghu bhai aj plan cancel karte hai, kal mai wapas aata hu Priya ko leke fir jam k maje karege. (Raghu cancel the plan I will come tomorrow with Priya and we will have fun)
My insecurity and jealousy increased with her name, I started begging him
A: Javed ji I am sorry, please listen to me and please forgive for my misbehavior.
J: Madam please stop this drama, collect your chores we are leaving now.
His tone has changed from Amruta to madam.
A: Javed ji I will never say anything to you, its your birthday I am culprit of spoiling your mood. I will correct it.
Saying this I dropped my pallu and went to him tried to hug him but he pushed me away put my pallu on.
J: Madam please enough I am not in mood. Let’s finish everything.
I directly felt down n hold his legs beggar. There were tears in my eyes.
My brain was saying what the hell are you doing, few minutes’ back you decided to cut off all the ties with him and now he is doing exactly what you want still you are begging this fucker. But my mind was blank and wanted to continue.
I think this made little change in his attitude n he immediately pulled me up affectionately. But he was adamant on leaving.
J: Madam all ok but we will go. I am not in mood, we will see later what to do.
A: No javed ji I am here to spend weekend with you. I will not go and please call me amruta, slut, whore don’t call me madam.
J: No madam this has happened many times and I am not interested in this relation now.
Again there was tears in my eyes n I said
A: Javed ji please give your slut a last time, I won’t disappoint you. Please remember how much I prepared for your birthday, I want you to be happy.
He pulled me close n put hand on my cheeks.
J: Then why you behave like stupid bitch amruta? Why all of sudden you do drama? Listen as you celebrated my birthday, considering that I am giving you final chance. But this is final chance, if you overreact even one single time. There is no other escape.
I became happy to listen that, I immediately hugged him and kissed his lips, he too done the same.
J: Now listen because of you I have cancel the plan so you will call him to come and remember you have to behave like a good slut of me and a good host to my friend.
I smiled n said ok. I went to phone n called the counter
Raghu: Hello Who this?
A: hello I am calling from 306. Javed ji calling you in room.
R: But he just called me said to cancel.
A: Ya but he has changed the mind, so please I request you to come to our room.
R: Ok I will come in 10 min.
A: Javed ji he will come in 10 min.
J: Now wash you face, get ready to a good host to him.
I went to bathroom again and washed my face, applied little make up also red lipstick. I was so dying to make javed happy that I readjusted my saree made it below waist and also pushed my blouse to expose my cleavage more. I smiled like slut and came back to room. Javed was happy to see me back in this avatar. The door knocked, he was going there to open but I stopped him n asked to sit on chair. Even he was surprised to see change in me.

Javed was sitting in the chair and the knocked again, I adjusted my clothes made sure that my pallu is in position and not exposing the cleavage still my back and belly was visible due to the low waist saree. I opened the door with smile, he was shell shocked to see me in this attire, looking at me with his jaws dropped I smiled at him n asked to come in.
He came in, I locked the door. Javed immediately called him
J: Are welcome Raghu
Raghu came back in his sense with his voice and went near to Javed n hugged him
R: Javed bhai happy birthday. You didn’t tell us but thanks to waiter he informed me looking at the cake in your room.
J: it’s not like that Raghu, anyways thanks for wishing me.
Raghu handed over the bottle to him as gift and javed was delighted to see it. I saw it was some whiskey bottle not expensive kind of but I think these people are anyways not able to afford the expensive one.
J: Let’s have peg celebrating your birthday.
J: Ya sure thanks a lot for this gift to me Raghu.
Javed handed over the bottle to me n asked to make pegs for them, I asked them to be seated so Javed sat on chair and Raghu opposite to him on the bed.
I took the bottle n made couple of pegs n handed over to Javed first, he winked at me and then I turned around to give the glass to Raghu, I had to bend a little which made my pallu displaced, giving glimpse of my cleavage to Raghu, he licked his lips looking at it and gave me wicked smile, I did not respond to his advances and went away from him.
As javed was about to say cheers, Raghu asked
R: Madam is not going to join us.
I just looked at Javed with question in my eyes, I replied with eyes to have one, so unwantedly I made a small peg for me as well and took glass in hand. I sat on the handle of Javed’s chair. We made a cheers and started drinking.
R: Javed bhai thank you so drinking with me.
J: Its my pleasure Raghu, I should thank you for doing all this
R: Are Bhai you are our regular customer also my good friend so it’s my duty to give small token of our friendship.
J: You have made my birthday more wonderful with this Whiskey.
R: Please don’t say that Javed bhai, you already are enjoying here with madam.
J: Oh that’s true, she had made this as my best birthday till date.
Saying this he kissed my cheeks in front of him, I was feeling little awkward to be in this position but I didn’t have other option so I was going with the flow. Javed put his one hand on my waist n caressed a little, I felt ticklish with his touch. Already I was horny n now alcohol was adding its effect on me. Due to javed hand, my saree was little displaced so part of my smooth belly was visible to him as most of the time Raghu was looking there only.
R: Javed Bhai, can we have cig
J: Yes sure, there is point in drinking without smoking. Darling please take cig
Saying this both of them laughed, I just smiled casually, got the packet and pulled one cig lit it and gave it to javed, also I pulled another n gave it Raghu but didn’t lit it. He put that in his mouth and asked for lighter, Javed signaled me so I went near him n lit it bending a little, again he got view of my cleavage. This time he was bold to give me flying kiss, as his actions were not visible to Javed. I became shy n immediately went to my place, adjusting the pallu.
They both have finished their pegs n javed asked me to refill. This time I made pegs on table n give it to them without bending. I saw disappointment on Raghu face as this time he didn’t have feast of my cleavage. They again finished the second one also the cig was over, Javed seems to be high as he already had finished 3 beers and Raghu was normal so there was not much effect on him after two pegs.
Javed asked to make another but I wasn’t willing as I didn’t wanted him to go out of his senses so this time I made small peg for Javed n larger peg for Raghu n filled coke in it. So they were not aware about this. Also smaller one for me, we started drinking but I too started getting high as already I had beer n now whiskey it became a cocktail.
Javed asked me for cig I opened the pack and gave them cig, Javed was really high with two large pegs n now getting bolder with me. This time he directly pulled me to his lap while drinking, I was in such position that my one side was towards Raghu, unfortunately it wasn’t covered with saree, so he eyes were having feast of my belly and blouse covered boobs. I was sharing cig with Javed and Raghu was looking lustily at me like he was stripping me with his eyes. I was also enjoying teasing someone and so I too grew bolder n put my hand around Javed.
Raghu must having be jealous due to this but unable to do anything.
R: Javed bhai you are really lucky you are enjoying such a hottie with you on your birthday.
J: That’s true brother, she is really awesome.
R: I can see that she has amazing face and her fig is just sexy.
J: Yes, she has such a sexy fig. I never wish to leave her body, that’s so addictive.
My cheeks were red due to the shame as they were talking nasty about me, Javed was totally under influence of alcohol and Raghu was taking advantage of the same.
While talking Javed suddenly pinched my hips n I bit my lips with it, I was getting turned on due to talks and movements of Javed’s hand.
R: by the way brother who is she?
J: Darling please tell him who are you to me?
A: I am Javed ji girlfriend.
J: Tell him frankly bitch, you are not just my girlfriend but my personal slut.
I was so ashamed so say this just looked down with the same. Raghu was looking at me for answer and Javed again pinched my waist.
A: I am Javed ji personal slut.
R: You have such a good collection of sluts Javed Bhai.
J: thanks bro.
R: but I don’t believe about her brother because your other sluts are really horny they always used to kiss you get fondled by you even in front of me but she is just shying away.
Javed was bit upset to hear this as he thought I am not totally in his control, alcohol effect and taunting from Raghu was making him freak. He looked me with anger as he thought this is insulting for him I also got the point. So I immediately kissed him on lips, we smooched for 2 min n then separated.
J: Look she also is not shy brother, all my sluts are like this.
Raghu was happy to see me as while kissing, my saree was displaced giving him a good view of my belly. I wasn’t able to adjust the saree due to fear of Javed so I just remained quiet. Suddenly he said
R: Javed bhai I need cig.
I got up giving angry look to Raghu but he was smiling like bastard. I picked up the packet but to my surprise there wasn’t a single cig, I remembered having two cig there, then I realized this bastard is playing some trick. I said to Javed that cig is over, Raghu was quick to reply
R: Oh that’s sad, Javed bhai I will go n get it.
But to my surprise Javed said
J: No Raghu you are my guest, I cant ask you to go like this, let this bitch go n get it.
I was surprised to listen this as he was treating me like a slave but I didn’t want to make him angry so decided to go. I wanted Raghu to leave ASAP as I was little horny n wanted to have one encounter with Javed before going to sleep. I adjusted me clothes n went down to get cig as soon I went to ground floor, I saw the waiter was there at counter.
W: Madam how come you here? I thought you would be enjoying with both of them till now.
A: Shut up I want pack of cig.
W: So your one round over or what?
A: Shut up rascal I am not like that, I just came here with Javed and not interested in other things. Just give me pack.
W: Madam come on don’t forget how horny you were when you listen the moans of that girl on that night.
Suddenly that pic came to my mind n I felt little wetness down there. Alcohol and smoke was making me lose my senses. I reply with shame
A: Oh no no, nothing like that happened.
W: Don’t lie to me madam, you were so horny that you were imagining y cock as Raghu’s while giving me hand job.
This conversation was turning me on, so I decided to cut it down.
A: Just give me packet.
He got one packet but didn’t gave it to me but said.
W: I will give it but anyways you can try Raghu tonight, you will have more fun maybe I can hear your moans like that girls.
I was so ashamed to listen it that, just snatched the packet and ran toward stairs, he wasn’t able to move from there, so I went upstairs and entered the room but to my horror they had one more peg on while I was away and Javed was pretty high.
I lit the cig and handed over to them, I was sitting in lap of Javed he directly kissed me on lips n pressed my boobs, he seemed to be very horny, may be they had some nasty talks while I was away but he was openly fondling me I too was aroused due to it n looked towards Raghu with lust in eyes. I moved his hands like he was pressing my boobs, I immediately looked to Javed. In 5 min Javed movement reduced n regained drinking.
Suddenly Javed got up, so was I n said
J: I will be back from bathroom.
I was horrified by thought that for some time I will be alone with Raghu, I could see tent formed in his pant.

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