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Infinity Pool

The sun has just now settled low enough that Ava no longer has to shield her eyes to gaze Westward, so she wedges her sunglasses up into her wind-blown hair as she surveys the horizon. She’s able to pick out the peaks of half a dozen sailboats, the mass of a cargo ship wedged in the seam between sea and sky, and the glint of two small recreational craft as they swirl and splash a bit closer. The hot wind whips the hair from her shoulders out wide and back across her face in irregular gusts, noisily swaying the lush trees and tall bushes that stand a few yards to her left and right. The sound of the surf fights for her attention, dramatic waves crashing against the rocks down below, the shoreline separated from her by a carved walking path carrying the occasional evening stroller.

She closes her eyes, taking in the sights and sounds, also aware of the sensations, teased by the hot wind for the most part, but her legs surrounded by cool, calm, crystal clear water from her thighs down. She’s standing in the infinity pool, leaning forward slightly, hands planted on the ledge designed to give the illusion of the water dumping into the distant sea. But from her vantage point, the wall and the groomed hedge below serve as the barrier between the rugged coast and her own personal paradise.

Well, her weekend paradise. And not hers, but for the moment, it feels like hers. Life is far from perfect, but she’s escaped for three days, with Erich, who’s not perfect the husband either, but who’s made better than average efforts, and succeeded in many ways, to give her the love and support and comfort that many long for.

Having busted his ass and plowed through frustrations for a year that’s left less-resilient people in ruins, Erich has been rewarded by his company with this relaxing getaway to this little piece of heaven — all expenses paid. Quite a luxurious house, almost a villa, owned by one of the big bosses, this property serves as a vacation home and mini resort for gatherings, parties, and employee bonus trips throughout the year. Ava is proud to be his “plus one” for this occasion, which includes two other coworkers who are in a similar position, along with their significant others.

Speaking of Erich, Ava senses him coming to join her at her lookout post. The wind dies momentarily just enough, and at just the right time, for her to hear the heavy glass door slide shut behind her. Turning her head sideways, she catches sight of him in her peripheral vision, muscular legs and reasonably fit torso separated by red and black swim trunks.

She cracks a smile as she’s looking directly at the side of the pool. There upon the lounge chair is strewn the blue and white bikini that she was wearing a few minutes ago when she came out here. She always gets aroused on vacations, in new places, especially exotic ones such as this, and it just felt right to get closer to nature.

Never one to explore it much, she has for some time entertained the idea of succumbing to fleeting exhibitionist thoughts, so what better place to do it where she knows no one? Secretly, she hopes that someone walking down below will stop and look at her, that she’ll perhaps inspire an individual or a couple to indulge in carnal pleasures when they get to their destination. Or even out here in the open, if they’re that naughty. But she’s not too rash – she knows that Yvonne and Ken have gone out for an early dinner for a couple of hours, and that Alberto and Carmen won’t be here till late tonight, so she knows she’s alone with Erich for long enough to get a little bit naughty. Or, hopefully, more than a little bit.

Gazing out to sea, the sun hovering just above the horizon now, Ava waits for far too long before sensing Erich’s presence. He makes a small splash beside and behind her, barely audible over the noise of the wind and surf, and the ripples lapping at her thighs and running over her fingers announce that he’s close. Turning her head slightly, she sees that her discarded bikini now has the company of his swim shorts. She giggles to herself, and is amazed to feel her skin crawl with goose bumps despite the heat.

Ava is enjoying the sights and sounds of the seascape before her, amused by the gulls fighting the gusting wind, ears attuned to an occasional roar from the far-off watercraft hopping and spinning in the surf. She watches and listens to the flag below the property beside them flap incessantly, its cable ringing melodiously against its metal pole. Beyond, as an older couple meanders into view on the walking path, she almost hopes they scan the row of elegant houses above them and spot her naked body in the fading sunlight, wondering what feelings would course through her if they stopped to stare. But all the while, her mind is distracted, anticipating the touch of Erich’s hands, a touch which, almost agonizingly, hasn’t come yet. Looking out to sea, she fights the urge to turn around.

Finally, the touch. Erich’s hands rest on Ava’s bare hips, caressing up and down, affirming their appreciation of her decision to bare herself completely. More goose bumps are her skin’s response to the light gliding of those manly hands. Slowly, those hands move over her back, arms, and shoulders, and make their way forward, over her stomach as his arms gently encircle her.

Releasing her hands from the wall, Ava stands up straight, leaning back into her man, feeling more of him on more of her. His face nuzzles her neck, not caring that it’s getting wrapped in her damp, messy hair, whipped by the warm, salty wind. She’s unable to distinguish his breaths from the gusts that nature is providing, relishing the skin and air that alternately brush her naked body.

The couple down below has disappeared, but secretly Ava hopes they are hiding, watching with arousal as Erich’s hands cup her breasts and hold them up to the gusting wind. The sun is now perched on the horizon, and she can barely discern its slow sinking as Erich’s hands descend as well, his fingers dipping into her pubic hair as the sun dips into the sea.

Erich steps closer, pressed into Ava’s back fully, his engorged manhood now aligned with her lower spine. He nips at her ear with his lips, her blowing hair providing a fun obstacle to negotiate through. Her breathing respond in gasps to him tonguing her ear and fingering her pussy deeper in between her legs. With her swaying, she senses that it’s all he can do to slowly rub his erection above those inviting butt cheeks instead of pumping with force.

Her movements accentuate the sensation of the rough texture of his light stubble against her shoulder, neck, and cheek. His manly grip and pressure and gestures increase her awareness of her own femininity. She doesn’t mind at all being his. She enjoys being his.

Ava sets her legs apart a bit more, and bends over slightly to rest her hands on the wall again, pushing her butt back against him. To the side of the rocks below, the coastline gives way to a pristine sandy beach, where she sees a younger couple playfully chasing and splashing in the tips of the charging waves, silhouetted against the shimmering water just beside the sun, which is a half circle on the horizon by now.

Erich bends his knees slightly, showing Ava the eagerness of his stiff cock by sliding it up and down the groove between her cheeks, hands still wrapped around her to fondle her front, one hand manipulating the bud of a nipple. When the fingers of the other hand find and tease the bud of her clitoris, she’s glad that he knows not to attack it straightaway, but also knows that she’s ready now for a firm, steady pressure. As he strokes her slit, the nudges against her glans drive her wild. He must be getting more worked up too, evidently unable to, or unwilling to, slow down his increasing thrusts.

Ava feels Erich’s hands retreat, now caressing her hips and butt, leaving her front exposed to the whipping wind. Her breasts sway as she wiggles against him, teasingly, enticingly. His mouth is on her back now, lips rustling through her flowing hair to find her smooth, bare skin. Sinking further, he makes a slight splash and ripple as he kneels behind her.

Erich’s hand caresses Ava’s inner thigh, making her tingle in her core. She knows what’s coming, but it doesn’t come quickly. That’s okay – if the sun stopped its descent and this moment lasted forever, that would suit her just fine. Lips and fingers moving over her hip and butt cheeks, that other hand moves closer to her sex with each upward swipe.

Suddenly, a pinch. “Owww,” is Ava’s first utterance since Erich’s arrival. Her butt cheek receives another, and she smiles and giggles, knowing that his chewed fingernails aren’t claw-like enough to grip like that. Yes, a third, coupled with that masculine scruff of his chin, confirms that the little stings are playful nibbles from his teeth. And then he gives a dozen more, slowly, scattered across both cheeks. Strong but tender, he soothes each with a warm, wet kiss as he goes, some with a little more tongue than others.

When the nibbles subside, his fingers have reached her sex. Pressing firmly up into the folds between her thighs, he stimulates her center, making her gasp and slump further forward. She can’t help but grind back against his hand, gliding her crevice along his rigid finger, silently begging for him to move to the next thing, to enter her, to stroke her clit, whatever this teasing is leading to. She has trimmed a bit down there, but otherwise has left her bush to grow naturally; at fist she thought he merely tolerated it, but she’s come to know that he enjoys it, like now, as she feels the sharp tugs of his fingertips grabbing gently at the coarse pubic hairs surrounding her labia.

When Erich stands, planting scruffy kisses up her spine and through her fluttering hair, Ava knows that he knows she’s ready. Her arousal, induced by the sublime setting and increased by his sensual strokes, has produced an eager wetness between her legs, and they are both keenly aware of it. She feels his rough cheek against her neck, his strong hands gathering her breasts, and his rigid cock catching in the space between her thighs. She feels so incredibly soft and feminine in comparison with his masculine features. As she moans and moves at the pleasure of their intimate touch, she moves a hand to feel his cock jutting out intermittently, pressing the top of the shaft up against her slit.

Drawing his hips back and pushing them forward, he pleasures her labia. She drinks in the entire experience, the sun a sliver on the horizon now, the sky a dazzling display of orange with thin clouds surely miles out to sea, and, closer, the heat of the air and the wind still accosting her. The couple on the beach have stopped frolicking, evidently holding hands, their featureless silhouettes making Ava unsure of which direction they are facing. Are they gazing at the final moments of the sunset? Or are have they noticed the two lovers, naked, free, unashamed, ready to unite in the most intimate way, above them, illuminated by the final rays of light?

Ava gasps as she feels herself penetrated. Erich’s cock is pushing inside, her labia parting and making way for its entrance into her slick tunnel. Her eyes fixed in the couple on the beach, she feels a naughtiness she has never felt before, intentionally displaying herself for them, finding herself hoping that they are turned her way and enjoying the view of her and Erich engaged in their bliss.

“Do you see them?” Erich asks into his wife’s ear. It’s his first utterance since joining her.

“Of course,” she giggles, straightening up, maybe semi-consciously to show them more. “Do you think they see us?”

“Mmmm.” his kisses and nips her ear wetly. “I kind of hope they do.”

Not to be fixated on the other couple, Ava feels the first probes and adjustments of her lover behind her, and then the steady thrusts that fill her so fully. Eyes closed now, head hung toward the ground, hair driven into her face by the strong gusting wind, she feels and hears everything. Erich’s cock driving deeply up into her vagina, one hand gripping at the soft swinging flesh of a breast and pulling at the stiff nipple, the other pushing through her pubic hair to massage her swollen clit, his lips and tongue wetting and caressing her neck and shoulder, the water splashing behind her, the waves crashing ahead of her, the flagpole getting pinged. The wind ravages the trees and bushes and flag as her man ravages her body, powerful, almost fierce, dominant, spirited, but never cruel.

As the gusts die slightly, the sound of the wind in Ava’s ear gives way to the sound of Erich’s erratic breaths, and the relative stillness of the air is mirrored by his relative calm lovemaking. She opens her eyes, raises her head, and turns toward him. Their eyes meet for the first time since this all began, and so do their lips, and then their tongues. She always loves the moments when they look at each other closely while they fuck face to face, and now it’s just perfect to strain to this slightly awkward angle to share some time with their eyes locked, however briefly.

His fingers have never left her clit, and their passion has stirred a renewed vigor in both of them. Her eyes are asking him to take her harder, deeper, more energetically. Their faces come apart as it becomes impossible to hold each other’s gaze, and she returns to bracing herself with her hands as he gives it to her forcefully from behind. The wind is back to tossing the trees as heavily as ever, and Erich’s hips are back to crashing into Ava as heavily as ever. His fingers are still massaging her clit, getting her closer to orgasm as his cock plows into her, getting himself closer too.

Ava feels a rush of disappointment when Erich’s hand leaves her crotch and slides up to her armpit, but also a rush of exhilaration as her body is more exposed, the other hand leaving her breast and tightening on her bicep. Her back arched, bare torso thrust forward for anyone to see, she delights to be pulled firmly by her arms, backward into his pounding. Her hair is thrashing straight across her face, but with both arms in his grip now, she is helpless to brush it away. She’s at his mercy, but it’s as natural as the the branches of the trees going where the winds will them.

The naughtiness of her exposure can’t compete with her need for orgasm, though, so when Erich releases an arm, she drops that hand to her crotch straightaway. Masturbating her clit is her intention, but she also can’t help but spread her fingers and run them along her labia, feeling his sturdy cock pumping in between. His face alongside hers now, chin perched on the shoulder he’s gripping, the two of them scan the landscape below. The other couple is nowhere in sight, but Ava hopes that they are still being watched. Maybe the older couple, and the younger couple, independently, are peeking out from behind some rocks, giggling to each other about the naughty public sex scene they are witnessing.

Erich’s hand joins Ava’s, and soon she draws hers away to leave him to do his magic. He’s rough with her clitoris now, circling it tightly and peeling back the hood, as she digs her nails into his hip to pull him into her and tell him he’d better not let up. She knows his experience tells him that she’s close, and her own experience tells her that his ragged, wet breathing and trembling core indicate that he has no intention of easing off.

“Make me cum,” she groans loudly, her words mostly carried away in the wind, barely reaching his ears.

“Oh .. yes! Uh,” He gasps the short words into her neck in reply.

Ava’s climax rises within her, suppressed by her held-in breath, then sends waves of pleasure through her with her release, announced by her heavy exhales and tense contractions. She relishes the deep thrusts by Erich’s cock inside her as she’s brought to orgasm by his manipulation of her clit. Trying to double over, but held in place by his strong arms, she grinds back against him, cumming, a groan or two audible over the noise of the wind and the trees. She tries to clench around his cock, but she’s lost that control. Her muscles are controlling her – making her buck and seize up and cry out erratically – not the other way around. So she’s forced to just allow the long, smooth, deep penetrations, slicker and sloppier than ever by now.

Ava is proud of herself when she gathers her senses. And proud of Erich. Many times, she can’t help but do herself off by frigging her own clit when her vagina is filled with cock, but on some occasions, like this one, she trusts Erich to do it for her, and he just came through. Having her orgasm with her hands planted in front of her, his cock and fingers satisfying her girl parts inside and out, is a rare treat.

Her arms lock up to brace herself as she feels his weight draping over her, aware that he has just groaned and exhaled hotly and heavily into the back of her neck. As their movements calm, her senses are more and more attuned to the weather, the warm air and whipping wind continuing its relentless thrashing of the flag and foliage, of her skin and Erich’s.

Ava smiles at the sea, which has by now swallowed the sun entirely, the dark water contrasted with the dazzling orange blaze of the sky, providing the perfect setting for their intensely gratifying sex. She smiles also at the realization that Erich’s stillness is the evidence that he just came too, emptying the entirety of his desire, his lust, his need, deep inside her.

His arms slowly release their hold on her and slide away, and when he backs out, she feels physically empty but emotionally full. Their passionate sex is something that nature and their relationship intends and encourages, so she’s delighted to be a willing participant. But out here in the open? Where someone could see? Without confining their passion to privacy just between the two of them? For that she feels naughty, lewd, almost dirty. And as Erich’s semen drains out of her dilated vagina, running down her thigh into the pool, she shivers with a sense of prurience, almost debauchery.

Ava turns, finally, facing away from the sea for the first time since she removed that bikini now in her view. Hair being whipped across her face to the other side now, her free hands are able to wipe it away and pull it behind her neck. Her entire unveiled face beams at her satisfied, smiling husband as she presents her nakedness unashamedly to him. His cock is still mostly stiff, still reaching out toward her, the thick, whitish mess of its deposit on the surface of the water snaking around her thigh. She almost feels bad snickering at the thought, but hey, rich people have expensive filtration devices and hired help to deal with such things, don’t they?

Erich’s face leans in to Ava’s, and his lips touch hers. Their kiss is light and dry at first, but increases in intensity, depth, and wetness as their tongues refuse to stay apart. Hands caress chests, shoulders, breasts, and necks, and tangle in hair, an in time their faces come apart for a moment to stare into each other’s eyes.

Just as Ava opens her arms to accept Erich’s post-coital embrace, movement catches her attention in her peripheral vision. Her eyes dart upward to the balcony of the house on the adjacent property, catching sight, just for an instant, of a shadowy figure retreating inside. She smiles into Erich’s neck, having no idea if the person has seen them, or for how long, excited at the salacious prospect of a concealed voyeur having just watched them have sex from start to finish. She giggles slightly as she snuggles into Erich’s tight embrace, secretly hoping that the display of her naked body experiencing the heights of ecstasy has been a pleasure, even an inspiration, to those at distance below or closer above.

Erich steps forward as Ava picks her feet off the floor of the pool, hooking them behind his waist as he sets her on the edge. It’s exhilarating knowing her back is exposed to nothing but the open air and a steep, dangerous decline, but, feeling his heartbeat against her breast and a strong arm around her shoulder, she’s never felt safer.

Ava closes her eyes, burying her face in Erich’s scruffy cheek, enjoying the thrill of her naked body wrapped around his out here in the open. They’ll be making their way inside before too long, but she knows they still have a little time before the presence of the other guests will demand their modesty.

Her mind starts to wander to the cares of her home life, the ups and downs that have made the ride bumpy for the last year or two, and the upcoming responsibilities that may be too much to bear. Thoughts of her own faults, as well as Erich’s, and those around them, start to surface. But this paradise thankfully intervenes, allowing her to focus on the pleasures and power of her surroundings.

She’s not perfect; he’s not perfect. Life isn’t perfect. But for the moment, this paradise is.

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