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indian sex horny 18 years old

“I have got one with group sex in it” indian sex , said Abdul excitedly. “Can I come over now?”

“Yes, come quickly.” I replied, “Mom has gone to grandma’s place”.

My Friend Abdul and I used to watch a lot of porn together. He used to buy them from vendors selling pirated DVD copies near railway stations. indian sex Both of us were horny 18 years old and this incident happened in the summer of the year 2008. It was summer break and we had a lot of free time.

I live with my parents in Pune city. My name is Sumeet. My father works in a private company as the head security officer. My mother is a housewife. She is 44 years old. Mom has temper issues and gets angry very fast. She is also very dominant in nature. It is always her way or highway.

That day, mom had to go to her mother’s place. indian sex My grandparent’s house is in the next town. Apparently, there was a fight between grandparents and Sunita aunty (mom’s sister-in-law).

Mom went there as moral support for my grandparents. These fights were very common. Mom had gone to her mother’s place in the morning around 10.00 am. I knew she will only return by 6’o clock in the evening.

After my mom had left the house, I had called Abdul. Abdul used to live in my same building. Abdul had gone to the railway station last evening to send-off his sister on the train.indian sex I knew he will not come back without buying pirated DVDs.

Abdul came to my house within five minutes. He was very excited. This was the first time he had scored a group sex DVD from the vendor! Although Abdul was a handsome, tall and fair, he was a virgin like me. He did not have any girlfriend.

As soon as he entered the house, he went straight towards the DVD player. indian sex I had already started the DVD player and TV. He popped in the DVD and said, “Hope the print in good this time.”

Last time the porn DVD was a classic porn movie and a print was not good. I gestured him the fingers crossed sign.

“Do you want anything to drink?”, I asked Abdul.

“Coke is fine,” replied Abdul.

I gave him a glass of coke and poured one myself. We sat on the sofa on the opposite side and waited for the movie to start. I had the remote beside me. The movie started with the standard FBI warning. indian sex The name of the movie was ‘Black bulls and white cucks’. Both of us did not get the meaning of the movie at that time.

The first scene started with a middle-aged white couple sitting on a sofa on one side and a young black man sitting across them on another sofa. The husband introduced himself and his wife. He said they were into swinging and open marriage. Most of that lingo we did not understand at that time.

The husband said he had a fantasy of seeing his wife riding a BBC (big black cock). indian sex The wife spoke for the first time and said she also had never fucked a BBC before and was looking forward to the experience.

The black man then called the woman over and made her sit on his lap. They started kissing each other. The camera was zoomed on the black man and white woman now. The black man groped the woman’s big breast over her red blouse. The woman was groping the man’s dick over his blue jeans.

I was getting excited. I could feel my dick getting hard. The black dude removed the woman’s blouse and pulled her breasts out of her bra. He started sucking one breast and pinching the nipple of the other.

The woman had pulled the black man’s big dick out by now and was stroking it. The black man then pushed the woman on the sofa. He pulled her skirt and panties down quickly. indian sex He started licking her pussy. His tongue was attacking the pussy. The woman was moaning loudly.

The camera moved towards the white man. He had pulled his small dick out and was stroking it. The camera moved back to the couple and now the black man was completely naked. He was holding his dick in his hand. He spat on his dick and rubbed the saliva on his dick. Then he pushed his dick into the woman’s pussy and started fucking her.

He first fucked her in the missionary position for about five minutes, then in doggy style for a few more minutes and at last in reverse cowgirl position.

I looked at Abdul and saw him rubbing himself over his track pant. indian sex I too had my hand over my hard dick. He looked at me and said, “This is the best porn scene I have ever watched. Do you mind if I take my dick out and masturbate?”

“Go ahead, just do not spill your cum on the floor,” I replied.

I got up and picked the tissue box from the dining table and kept it between us. Abdul had pulled his dick out by then. He had a 6-inch circumcised dick. I pulled my 5-inch uncircumcised dick out too. Both of us started stroking our dicks as we watched the woman getting fucked in cowgirl position.

Suddenly, the black man pushed the woman away and called the white man to kneel before him. The white man obeyed. indian sex The black man caught the white man by the hair and inserted his dick into the white man’s mouth. The black man started fucking the white man’s mouth violently.

In no time, the black man was cumming. He pulled his dick out of the white man’s mouth and started cumming on his face.

Abdul and I were so engrossed in watching the movie that we did not notice the door of my house opening. Mom had returned early and was watching us. She saw us with our dicks out and watching a black man cumming on white man’s face! Apparently, when Abdul had come inside the house, he had forgotten to lock the door properly.

“What the hell are you guys doing?”, Mom shouted.

That’s the time when we both saw who was standing near the door. Her face was red with anger. She came rapidly towards me and hit me on the face. I shielded myself with my arms. I was shaking and so was Abdul. He was very afraid of my mom. indian sex He never came to my house when she was around.

“Hay Ram! What have I given birth to?! A Gay?!” Mom cried.

“How long have you two been doing this?”, Mom asked with a loud voice

Before we could reply, she turned to Abdul and asked him, “Isn’t being a gay haram in your religion”.

I quickly rushed to my mother feet and said, “Sorry Aai (‘mom’ in Marathi language). This will not happen again. Also, we are not gay!”

Mom hit me again and said, “Do you think I am stupid?”

Mom continued, “I just watched you guys playing with your dicks and you were watching a white man sucking a black man’s dick. And you are saying you are not gay?”

“And your dicks are still out,” mom added,

Both of us quickly put our dicks back in our pants. Our dicks were both flaccid by now. Abdul then quickly jumped and caught Mom’s feet and said, “Sorry aunty, but this is not a gay movie. indian sex Please do not tell ammi or abba. Pleaseee”.

“Why shouldn’t I tell your parents? You are teaching my son all the bad habits,” replied mom to Abdul.

Abdul again said, “It will never happen again. Sorry, aunty. Please forgive us. We are not gay. The movie had just one gay scene. I swear”.

“Really, I do not believe you,” Mom replied to Abdul angrily.

Mom then took the remote and started the movie again. Mom sat on the sofa and started watching the movie. Both of us were sitting on the floor.

The movie began with the white couple introducing themselves indian sex and then the black man asking the woman to come near him. The black man and white woman were kissing and groping each other.

Mom paused the movie and said, “Still, it does not mean that you didn’t do any wrong. You were watching porn in my house and could have dirtied it with your cum,” mom said.

“We are both sorry, Aai. It will never happen again. We had the tissue to cover our dick. We were never going to dirty the house,” I replied.

Both of us moved towards mom and caught her feet. We both knew her wrath could make our lives living hell.

“I don’t trust both of you. You guys lie a lot. I want to see how much of this is a gay movie. Both of you start pressing my feet. My legs are tired. I will in the meantime decide your punishment,” indian sex Mom said with a straight face.

“Ok aunty, we will massage your legs but please don’t make this a big issue,” begged Abdul.

Mom did not reply and she just resumed the movie. We started pressing her legs. Abdul was massaging her right leg and I was massaging the left one. We had just started massaging her legs when she told me to get the coconut oil. I went to the kitchen and brought the bottle outside. She told us to massage her legs using the coconut oil.

Mom lifted her orange colour saree till her knees. Abdul was looking at me in a strange way. I took the oil in my left hand and gave the bottle to Abdul. Mom was transfixed on watching the movie. I looked at the television and the black guy was sucking the woman’s tits. Abdul was concentrating on massaging mom’s legs. indian sex He was looking at her inner thighs.

Mom paused the movie once more and told us to stop. She said, “You guys are doing a good job so far. I want you to massage my thighs as well”.

Abdul quickly replied, “Sure aunty, anything to make you happy”.

Mom replied, “That’s a good reply, now step back a little”.

We obeyed her order and slid back. Mom stood up. indian sex Her saree fell back on its place. Abdul was giving me a puzzled look. Mom touched her saree’s pallu and removed the pin. She then let the pallu fall on the floor. Then she inserted her hand inside her waist and removed the folds. As soon as the saree folds were undone, the saree became loose. Mom quickly disrobed her remaining saree.

Mom stood in front of us in her green blouse and orange colour petticoat. I was getting a hard-on. I could not believe my conservative mom could remove her saree in front on two teenage boys. Abdul was staring at her like a hungry hyena. I could see his hard dick like a tent pole on his pant. Mom then untied her petticoat but instead of dropping it on the floor, she pulled her petticoat till her breasts and tied it back.

She sat down close to the edge of the sofa. Her entire legs were hanging from the sofa edge. Her feet were on our thighs. The petticoat was covering her body from breasts to below her pantie. Mom told us to use a little oil.

She resumed the movie. I was too engrossed in watching her that I did not even look at the moans coming from the television. Abdul and I started massaging her legs simultaneously. She told us to massage her legs completely from upper thighs to her feet. We both massaged her legs sincerely. indian sex I caught Abdul peeking between mom’s legs. He was looking at her black panties. I could see a small wisp of black hair coming out of her panty’s crotch region.

Mom was looking at the movie. She was breathing a bit heavily. She saw me looking at her.

“Enough massaging my legs, I want you guys to massage my back now”, ordered Mom. “Sumeet, go and get the mat and blanket from the bedroom.”

I went and got it quickly. Mom was now standing. She was untying her petticoat. This time she dropped the petticoat on the floor. Mom looked so hot. She was standing just in her green blouse and black pantie.

To tell you about my mom’s features, indian sex she is 5.7 inches tall. Her vital stats are 36D-35-38. She has medium length hair coming till her shoulders. She has a pretty but a very strict looking face and is fair in complexion. She has a beautiful oval-shaped belly button.

Abdul was drooling looking at mom’s sexy body. His hand was on his groin, slowly rubbing his dick. Mom then removed her blouse and threw it on the floor. I was just amazed at mom’s boldness. Mom turned her back towards Abdul and said, “Undo my bra straps.” Abdul unbuckled her bra straps. He had to struggle with it for some time.

Mom kept one hand in the middle of the chest and with the other hand, she removed the bra straps from her shoulders. She made sure that her bra cups were covering her breasts the entire time.

“Stop staring! Lay the mat and blanket on the floor in front of the television, indian sex ” shouted mom to me.

Abdul and I quickly obeyed her orders. Abdul also placed a sofa pillow at the end of the mat. Mom first knelt down on the makeshift bed and then laid down on her stomach. She then swiftly removed her bra and kept it beside her. Mom was laying on the floor just in her black panties. Her hands were now stretched over her head. She ordered me to massage her hands and shoulders. And Abdul was ordered to massage her back.

Abdul was kneeling on the right side of my mom and he started massaging her upper back first. I was kneeling on the left side of mom and started massaging her left arm. Mom was relaxed and was watching the movie. I looked at the television and saw that other movie in the DVD had started. I did not pay much attention to the movie as I was more interested in massaging mom’s soft body.

Abdul was doing a fine job because mom was slowing moaning whenever he was applying pressure on her back. Mom turned her head back at Abdul and said, “Abdul, indian sex sit on my thighs with your legs on each side and massage my back from upper back to lower back”.

Adbul looked at mom and said, “Your thighs are oily. My pants will get spoiled.”

Mom replied, “Then remove your pants, the rough material of your pants will scratch my skin anyway.”

Abdul replied, “Ok aunty, but you should know that I am not wearing any undergarments. Is it okay with you?”

Mom looked at Abdul’s groin for a few seconds and then looked at him and said, “I am fine with that”. She turned her head towards the television. She was enjoying the porn movie and massage but she was not showing it on her face. I was shocked by this turn of events but at the same time, excited too. indian sex My dick was at full mast straining against my shorts and was I could feel the precum flowing through my dick.

Abdul stood up and pulled his track pants down. I saw he was wearing blue underwear. He had lied to mom. He looked at me and winked. He pushed his underwear down and stepped out of his clothes. His 6-inch dick was at full mast. He too had precum flowing out of his dick. He sat on mom’s thunder thighs. He was sitting very close to her ass. He had a big smile on his face.

Abdul started massaging mom’s back vigorously. He was even massaging her sides. I switched massaging mom’s arms from left to right. I was now sitting on mom’s right side.

Whenever Abdul was reaching to massaging mom’s upper back and neck, his dick was getting a wedge in between mom’s big buttocks. He was purposefully spending more time massaging her neck and shoulders so that he dry hump his dick against mom’s buttocks.

Once Abdul moved back to massage mom’s lower back, indian sex I saw mom’s panties wedged in her ass crack. Her panties were soiled with Abdul’s precum. Again when Abdul moved forward to massage mom’s upper back, he acted like he applied more pressure on her body but in fact, he was enjoying dry humping mom.

Mom was now moaning at regular intervals. I was just massaging her arms slowly. I was more interested in what Abdul was up to.

After a few minutes, mom told Abdul to stop. She said, “Abdul, massage my lower back and sit back of my knees.”

The smile from Abdul’s face disappeared. He reluctantly moved down and sat back of mom’s knees. Mom then did something I could never expect from her. indian sex She moved her hands into the waistband of her panties and pushed panties down till knees.

I looked at Abdul. Abdul’s smile had appeared again. We were both looking at mom’s big juicy ass. Mom turned her head towards Abdul and sternly said, “Abdul, stop smiling, massage my buttocks too. Also, I do not want your hands or fingers wandering anywhere else.”

“Sumeet, you massage my upper back and shoulders”, said mom to me.

We both said ‘yes’ together to her. Abdul first poured coconut oil on mom’s ass and started massaging her buttocks. He was slowly rubbing her each buttock as if he was kneading dough. Abdul massaged both her buttocks.

He massaged her lower back hard. indian sex I massaged mom’s upper back and moved both my hands slowly towards her lower back. I moved my hands further to touch mom’s buttocks but Abdul slapped my hands away. I looked at him and he shook his head from left to right. He was indicating me to not enter his territory.

I gave him a scowled look and started massage mom’s side and ribs area. We both massaged her for a few minutes. After a few minutes, mom told us to stop. She told Abdul to move out from her knees. Abdul obliged her and moved towards her left side.

Mom first pulled panties up and then sat on knees and placed both her hands on her back. She then stretched herself. Her breasts were on full display. Her nipples were big and black. They were erect. Both of us were looking at her breasts like a child looks at ice cream.

Mom stretched her back for a few seconds. She then picked the pillow from one end of the mat and placed it at the other end. Mom then laid down on her back with her head on the pillow. indian sex She then looked at Abdul and said, “Abdul, sit over my head and massage my front.”

Abdul was dumbstruck. He replied, “You mean your entire front region?”

“Yes, you massage my breasts and belly region and Sumeet, you massage my legs and thighs again.”

I was very sad and angry at mom. Why Abdul was getting the best area to massage? First her buttocks and now her breast and belly. I wanted to object but did not have the guts. Abdul in the meantime had moved over mom’s head. He was kneeling down and had his knees on either side of mom’s head. His dick was right over mom’s head.

He put the oil in his hands and cupped mom’s breasts in each hand. He massaged mom’s nipple with his fingers. He was gently pulling mom’s nipples. Mom was breathing heavily and letting out soft moans. She was biting her bottom lips. But her eyes were fixed on the television. I looked at mom’s panties and saw a dark spot near pussy hole area.

Abdul was spending all his time massaging mom’s breasts. It looked like he was groping her breasts rather than massaging them. Mom took the coconut oil bottle and pour some oil on her belly. Abdul quickly moved his hands towards mom’s belly and started spreading the oil around her belly. indian sex When Abdul stretched himself to massage mom’s belly, his erect dick and hairy balls were right above mom’s face.

At one point, Abdul’s balls were touching mom’s forehead. His balls were smearing mom’s sindoor. Mom was not giving any reaction to that. She was laying still and looking at Abdul’s dick. I was feeling jealous of Abdul by now. I decided to take the initiative. I moved my hands towards mom’s panties and inserted my right hand through her side.

I felt her hairy pussy. I went further and touched her moist pussy lips. Suddenly, mom caught my right hand and twisted it slightly.

“Who gave you the permission to touch me there?”, mom shouted at me.

I was petrified and could feel my dick getting soft. indian sex This was a big misstep. Abdul had stopped massaging mom and was giving me a scowled look.

“Sorry Aai, I thought you will not mind me massaging there,” I replied meekly.

“You do not touch me without my permission”, replied Mom.

“It will not happen again,” I replied.

I then asked mom, “Can I massage your pussy?”

Mom looked at me angrily from top to bottom. She then pointed towards the television and said, “Massage me like that.”

I looked at the television. A white man was eating a white woman’s pussy. It looked like some white substance was coming out of her pussy. The man was lapping in like a dog. indian sex I understood what mom wanted. I turned towards mom. Mom was pushing her panties down till her feet. I looked at Abdul and he was smiling from ear to ear. He winked at me and nodded at me to go ahead.

I quickly removed mom’s pantie that was bunched near her feet. She spread her legs. I moved in between her legs and laid down on my stomach.

I pushed my face towards mom’s wet pussy. I caught mom’s hips with my both hands and kissed her hairy lips. I inserted my tongue inside her pussy hole. I heard mom giving a loud moan. I pushed and pulled my tongue in and out of her pussy hole. I could taste her sweet nectar in my mouth. She was oozing juices out of her pussy.

I then attacked her clitoris with my tongue. I looked up to see mom’s reaction. I saw mom had caught Abdul by his neck. She was pulling his face down towards her face. In no time, indian sex they were kissing each other like in the ‘Spiderman’ movie.

Mom’s left hand was stroking Abdul’s dick and Abdul’s hand were on her breasts. They were kissing like long lost lovers. I could see Abdul inserting his tongue in mom’s mouth. Mom was sucking his tongue. They continued kissing in that fashion for some time.

I was licking mom’s pussy non-stop. Mom had by now wrapped her legs around my shoulder. I was locked in her ‘thigh jail’. I could feel the pressure on my shoulders. She was pulling and keeping in one position.

Mom then arched back and she was having an orgasm. Mom was moaning loudly and she was not kissing Abdul anymore. I felt her thighs closing in strongly. I did not stop licking her clitoris. indian sex She kept orgasming for a few seconds. Once her orgasm subsided, I felt her thighs getting loose around my shoulders.

Mom then looked at me and said, “Good job but now move away.”

As I was moving from my place, I saw mom saying something to Abdul and he just nodded. Abdul replaced my place but he was kneeling near mom’s pussy. Mom reached out and caught his dick. She pulled him closer and guided his dick in her wet pussy. Abdul kept both his hand on mom’s sides and started thrusting his hips front and back. Mom wrapped her legs around Abdul’s waist.

I moved towards mom’s head with the intention of kissing her and playing with her breasts but before I could make the move, mom started pulling Abdul’s indian sex head towards her face.

Both of them started kissing each other. They were chewing each other’s lips. Abdul was thrusting his hips now at a faster rate. After a few minutes of humping, Abdul exploded his seed inside mom’s unprotected pussy. He moaned like a bull as he delivered this seeds.

After his orgasm subsided, he pulled his dick out of mom’s pussy. Mom was panting heavily. Abdul got up and laid beside mom. I quickly removed my shorts and underwear. indian sex I moved and knelt between mom’s legs near her pussy. I was about to insert my dick in her pussy when mom pushed me back.

“What are you doing?”, asked mom.

I was dumbstruck. Before I could say anything, mom continued, “Did I gave you the permission to fuck me?”

“No Aai, I am sorry,” I replied with a sad face.

Mom looked at my sorry face and said, “If you want to fuck me then first clean my pussy with your tongue.”

Mom was treating me the same way as the white man was getting treated in the porn videos. I did not reply. I brought my face close to mom’s pussy and started licking it. indian sex Abdul’s cum was coming out of her pussy. I swallowed his cum. It was salty. It felt like that bastard had cummed a gallon in her pussy and it took me five minutes to clean it.

Once I was finished, I looked up and saw Abdul had moved towards mom’s head. Mom was cleaning his dick using her mouth. She was sucking it like a lollipop.

I continued licking mom’s pussy and watching mom suck my best friend. Abdul was playing with mom’s boobs. I moved my hands on mom’s belly and played with her belly button. I was still licking mom’s pussy.

After a few minutes, mom told us to stop. She gently pushed us both away.indian sex Mom then turned on all her fours.

She looked back and said, “Put your dick in me now.”

I quickly moved behind her and caught her hips. Mom reached back and guided my virgin dick in her pussy. Her pussy was warm and wet. I started thrusting my hips slowly at first. I increased my tempo gradually.

Mom pulled Abdul towards her. She started sucking his dick. indian sex Both Abdul and I were thrusting her hips randomly. Mom was going back and forth with our respective thrusts.

Abdul was also playing with her breasts at the same time. I increased my tempo of thrusts. Mom was moaning loud now. I continued thrusting my dick in mom’s pussy for a few minutes. I could feel the cum rising in my dick and then all of a sudden, I came in her pussy. My orgasm lasted for a few seconds. I kept thrusting my dick till it went limp.

Mom must have felt my orgasm. As soon as I stopped humping her, she stopped sucking Abdul. She made Abdul lay on this back and told me to get aside.

Mom then crawled and sat on Abdul’s dick. She guided his dick in her pussy.indian sex Her pussy was dripping my cum on Abdul’s balls. Mom started bouncing on his dick. She was moaning and biting her lips. Abdul was holding her hips to keep the balance. He moved his right hand on her left breast and gave a tight squeeze. Mom moaned loudly.

Her hands moved towards Abdul’s nipples. She started pinching it lightly. Abdul was now moaning. Mom kept fucking Abdul all the while. They kept fucking for a few more minutes. Abdul had his orgasm first and mom came immediately as Abdul was emptying his ball in her pussy.

Even after her orgasm subsided, mom continued sitting on Abdul. She was gyrating herself on his limp dick slowly.

My dick was hard again and I wanted action. I was about to move towards mom when all of a sudden, Abdul’s phone rang. His phone was on the table near me. I saw on Abdul’s phone that the call was from Abdul’s home. I gave the phone to Abdul. He attended the call. It was from his mom. She asked about his whereabouts and asked him to come home immediately. He hung up the phone and looked up to my mom.

Mom was still sitting on his dick. She understood Abdul’s urgency. indian sex She got up from her position and helped Abdul in getting up. She held Abdul’s face in her hands and said, “Not a word of what happened here goes out.”

“Sure aunty, cross my heart”, replied Abdul.

Mom smiled and kissed Abdul on lips. Abdul immediately started putting on his clothes. He took his phone and left.

Mom then looked at me and said, “The same goes for you too”.

“Yes, Aai”, I replied.

I moved towards mom in hope of getting the first kiss from mom but mom turned her naked back and moved towards her bedroom. Before entering the bedroom, she turned back and said, indian sex “Clear my clothes, mat, and blanket from the hall and then join me in the bathroom”.

The last three words sounded so sweet to my ears. First I switched off the television and then quickly collected mom’s discarded clothes and cleared the hall of the floor mat and blanket that we used for our sex session. I went into her bedroom with her clothes.

Mom was in the bathroom. The door was closed but not locked. I kept her clothes in her hamper and entered the bathroom. Mom was standing under the shower. She had just started the shower.indian sex She looked so beautiful with the water running from her body. My dick was throbbing hard.

I joined her under the shower. She turned her face towards me and looked me in my eyes. She looked pretty but her big eyes still frighten me. Mom lowered her hand and grabbed my dick. She slowly started stroking my dick. I built up courage and held mom’s face in my hands and planted my first kiss on her big lips. She had a shocked look on her face. She raised her hand up. I thought for a second that she will hit me but she held me by the back of my neck.

Mom pulled me towards her face and started kissing me on lips. I responded by opening my mouth. Mom inserted her tongue into my mouth. I sucked her tongue for a few seconds. As we were kissing, indian sex I moved my hands to her breasts and started playing with her breasts. Mom continued stroking me with her right hand.

After a few minutes, mom stopped playing with my dick. She moved her hands on top of my shoulders and pushed me down.

“Lick my pussy, you are very good in that,” said mom to me.

I caught mom by her butts and started licking her pussy for the third time that day. indian sex I inserted my tongue inside her pussy hole and started eating her pussy.

After some time, I moved my tongue to her hairy butthole and gave her a rim job. I could feel mom getting a shock when I touched her butt hole with my tongue. Mom told me to stop after some time and wash quickly. She started to wash. She then dried her body with the towel and threw the towel at me. I dried myself and followed mom outside to her bedroom.

Mom walked towards her bed naked and climbed on top of her bed. She laid on her back on the bed and spread her legs and called me towards her. I moved towards the bed and climbed and top of her. indian sex Mom guided my dick in her pussy and wrapped her legs around my waist. I started humping her slowly.

I moved my face towards mom’s left breast and took the nipple in my mouth. Mom let out a soft moan. I increased my humping tempo and changed sucking her breasts from left to right.

I continued sucking and humping for some time. I wanted to change the position so I asked mom to unwrap her legs from my waist. I held her legs on my shoulders and continued humping her. Mom was thrashing from left to right. She was close to yet another orgasm. She moved her hand down to her clitoris and started rubbing it.

Within a few seconds, she had a big orgasm. indian sex I too came within a few seconds. After our orgasm subsided, I laid down beside mom.

After resting for a few minutes mom turned towards me and said, “No more watching porn without me and make sure Abdul keeps his mouth shut”.

“Yes, Aai. You do not worry about Abdul. He will keep this as a secret”, I replied excitedly.

So for the entire summer vacation, Mom, indian sex Abdul and I watched a lot of porn movies together every day. Mom used to even pay for the DVDs. We used to have sex with her every day.

Even when she was having her periods, she let us fuck her in the ass. indian sex That was the best summer vacation I ever had, guys.

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