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incezt One day we met

Manoj was an engineering student. incezt He was in 2nd year. He started reading ISS stories and once replied to me after reading one of my stories. He started chatting with me. He was more curious to know about my experiences and wanted me to mentor him on the technical side as well as the personal side. I am also from a software background and senior professional, which impressed him to get closer to me for my mentorship.

One day we met in a mall for lunch. He thanked me for being his support and motivating him. Then he asked, you are highly qualified and well-placed person, how come you are into sexual stories and experiences. I said I like it and I like to guide others too. Then he asked me more about my special experiences, which I shared with him. Among those experiences, one was about my own incest with my younger sister during our teenage time. He was amazed to know that. He said you fucked your own sister at teenage itself. I said it happened through curiosity but its reality. Then he said, even I have a younger sister, incezt but I never thought like this. I said it’s individual, not everyone is so lucky. Then I asked him, are you still virgin or done something. He said I have done couple of times with my neighbour aunty. She only told me to do so; else I don’t have such guts to initiate, etc. I said that is good. At least you know what real sex is. He smiled and said, yeah. Then he hesitantly said, is it possible to get a chance with my younger sis? I said it may be possible if you wish to. No harm in trying at least. Then I could see happiness on his face.

Then I asked him more about his younger sis. Her name is Meena. She was 17 and studying in 12th science. Her aspirations were for engineering. I asked him about how she looks, her figure, what he likes about her, etc. He showed me her pic. She is a really gorgeous cute baby. Nice figure, boobs about 32. He asked me, how she looks in the pic. I said, very cute and sexy. Then he asked, is it fine to think sexy about own sister, is it good etc.? I said, this is not good socially, but if it’s done with understanding and secrecy, incezt then no problem. I said my sis is very happy. Now my sis is married and has kids also. Then I asked him, have you seen her nude anytime? He said, I saw couple of times through key hole, when she was changing just after bathe. He said, she is very hot but I was controlling my emotions and was keeping normal because she is my sister. Since now you have told me that it’s fine to think sexy about sis, I am really feeling happy. I said I can understand your feelings. Then he asked for my help to get closer to her. I told him to introduce me to her.

Later once his parents were out of station for 4 days. He and his sis were at home since they were preparing for their studies. This boy then invited me for lunch at his home. incezt There he introduced his sis to me. He said, Sanjay is in software industry and is my mentor. Since you are also aspiring for engineering, I thought I will introduce him to you too. He told her to take my guidance whenever she needs. She said fine. She was really looking gorgeous. She was wearing skirt and top when I met her first time at their home.
Then we got to dining table for lunch. Their cook had prepared non veg dishes n delicious food for us. It’s a rich family. I asked him, your dad must be drinking sometimes right. He asked, do you want to drink, Papa always keeps drinks at home, I can get for you. I said yeah, it will work. Then I said but I cannot take alone. You guys need to give me company. Meena said I don’t drink, maybe my bro can try. I said, that won’t work, you both need to try. Then somehow they both agreed to taste it. We mixed it with soft drinks to make it little light for them. Then they gave me good company. After lunch we were watching TV and talking. They started talking little more and making jokes etc. Then I started talking more friendly with them and especially with her. I said, Meenu, I am sure you have a boyfriend but you are not telling us. Then she said, nahi sir, I don’t like BF and all, wo sab saale kamine hote hai. Sirf line marate rahate hai khubsurat ladakiyo par. Then I said, but gals like getting boys around them na. You are so beautiful, you should be having at least ten boys going around you. Manoj said, Meenu, incezt you know, Sanjay sir likes gals and he has affairs even now. Then Meenu said, you are married na, then why GFs. I said, there is different fun with gfs. Then she said, ohh to aap bhi vaise ho, masti wale. Then she quickly said, I am not like that. I am a good gal. My bro knows me well.

During this time, I got a call from my GF. She was my friend’s daughter. She was also of Meenu’s incezt age almost. I told Manoj and Meenu to keep quiet, put TV on mute and then got my phone on speaker. I wanted both of them to hear my romantic conversation with my GF. My GF started saying, Jaanu, missing you a lot, when are you meeting me etc. Then she said, my parents are going out this weekend, can you meet me? I said yeah I will plan accordingly. Then she said, I am really feeling horny, being dry so long, need a real hard fuck this time, etc. Then she said, I am now rubbing my pussy remembering you and getting wet, please meet me this weekend positively, etc. I promised her to meet over weekend. Then I stopped the call.

When I looked at them, they were overwhelmed by hearing my naughty conversation. Manoj asked, you talk so openly with your GF. I said, they like it rather enjoy it. Meenu said, yeah I could see that. Then Manoj asked, incezt Sanjay, can you please share with us how you got close to this gal, because she is your friend’s daughter you said. Then I told them the whole story starting from – she becoming my student, then providing study help, then friendliness, followed by romance and sex. Meenu asked me what she is doing, her name, age, how she looks etc. I told them that. Manoj asked me how many times you did with her. I said, she is my GF for last six months and I have done many times with her. Now she likes so much that she asks me for a date than I asking her. Meenu said, lovely.

Then Meenu asked, do her parents know about this? I said, how they will know stupid, this is our top secret. She said it’s good. It has to be top secret; else her parents will kill her. incezt So like this, both of them were becoming free with me. Then Meenu got ice cream for us. Later I asked them, do you guys want to go out for long drive or movie or somewhere. Meenu said yeah long drive would be fine. Then everyone got fresh and ready for a long drive. I said where you want to go. Meenu said you decide, we are fine.

Then I suggested, can we go to Mysore and have dinner there. Manoj said, it will be late na. I said we can stay there as well. Are you guys ok to stay back there? Manoj said I am fine, Meenu also nodded yes. Then I told them to pack some clothes for night and then we left by Innova car. incezt I was driving and Meenu sat next to me on front seat. Manoj sat backside. I said we three are friends now. We can talk anything, not to hesitate or not to feel bad. They said fine. While going, Meenu asked, Sanjay, did you take your GF for long drive anytime? I said yeah, few times, just she and me and we dated. Then I asked her, will you like to be my GF, I can also take you for long drives and date. She felt shy and said, you asking me in front of my bro. Then I asked Manoj, hey will you mind if I date your sis. He said, no problem, we are friends now, so I won’t mind. Then Meenu said, please ignore him, he has taken drinks, so besharam ho gaya hai. I said I am serious, you be my GF, you will have a different life. Manoj will support us, right Manoj? He said, chill man, I am fine.

Then we reached Mysore. We checked into one good hotel there. I recorded their names as my children because of their ages. I told them to call me Papa in front of others. In privacy, we will be friends. incezt They said fine. We got fresh and went to the hotel restaurant for dinner. We had a delicious food along with drinks again. This time everyone took drinks willingly. Then we went back to the room.

Inside room, I said now we are one family. We can be totally free and be naughty as much as you can. No one else will know about it. Let us chill and make this trip really memorable. Manoj said I won’t mind even if you want to date with Meenu, I will support you guys. Meenu said, stupid, keep quiet, don’t give ideas to Sanjay. incezt I said, I know all these things very well, it’s my hobby. But I won’t bother you unless you also like it. It’s always based on mutual understanding. She said, I am still a kid, I don’t want to do anything physically. Without physical things, rest is fine.

Then I suggested that we can see some Indian porn from internet (laptop) connected to TV. We can also talk naughty and dirty. It’s only verbal fun, no physical stuff. They said fine. Obviously at their teen age, they had lot of curiosity to know and learn. By now there was a good trust us. Then I started some Indian porn videos and we started watching together. There were dirty Hindi dialogues as well along with real sexual actions. I told them they can ask me any questions if they want to know more about any scene or anything about sex. incezt They said fine. Slowly sexual scenes started. I could see lot of anxiety and discomfort but pleasure on their faces. In one scene, one man was fucking one teenage gal where he broke her virginity. Meenu asked me, why this gal is crying and why there is blood etc. I told them this is normal first time for every gal. Little pain will be there but later it becomes normal and gal starts enjoying real sex. Then I told her that even your bro has done sex with one female (I didn’t tell who), so he knows how it feels. She got shocked that her bro already has sex experience. She said I don’t want to do it until my marriage. I said, its fine, nothing to worry. We will not bother you physically. Then she felt relaxed. Later she asked why this gal is making sound, she meant moaning. I said she likes the fucking experience, so that sound is coming naturally. She said, oh is it! Later I showed some incest porn also about bro sis, dad daughter etc. She was really shocked to know that this can also happen. I said any two male female can do it if they agree to do. Sex is fun and it should be seen that way. Like this our videos and discussions continued till 11 pm.

Then we took some break. We had coffee together, followed by some jokes and general discussions. I asked her, Meenu, you must be wet already right? She smiled and said, yeah and I have already changed my panty. I said this is natural, nothing wrong. You are at a right age to learn and enjoy sex. incezt See your bro has already done it. Maybe you can also think of at least doing some demo once and see how it feels. She said, but my virginity will be broken na. I said, nowadays every gal has broken virginity during teen age itself. You are a new generation gal, so why to worry. Then she said, actually, after seeing these videos, I am feeling it. But I am afraid. I said if you wish we can do only demo once, this is only for your knowledge and not for regular sex. Then finally she said, ok once only. Then she warned her bro not to tell anybody. He promised to keep it top secret.

There were two separate beds in the hotel room. Meenu said, I will sleep on sofa, you both can take one bed each. I said, you are my GF now, you can sleep with me. Manoj won’t mind. incezt Then Manoj also said, yeah I won’t mind. Then she said, give me some time. When I feel comfortable I will come. Then we got onto our respective places to sleep. She got on sofa and we two on two different beds. I knew that she will come to me sometime in night, so I was prepared for that. Night lamp was on and we all slept. We were already drunk and didn’t know when got into sleep.

Sometime later, I got up for su su (pissing). I found that both of them were asleep in the mid night at their respective places. Then I woke her up and said, your bro is asleep, you can come and sleep with me now. incezt She said I will go for piss and come. Then she came to my bed and slept next to me. I put blanket over her as AC was on. I said you are my GF now, you should not hesitate. Your bro also gave us permission na. Then she came closer and put her head on my hand and hugged me and put one hand on my chest. This is like a child sleeping with dad. Then I pulled her up and said, you can sleep on me, you will get better sleep. Then she came on me and lay down. She was very soft all over. I started touching and caressing her gently. She was quiet. I said please allow me to touch you anywhere because I am your BF now. She whispered in my ears saying ok. Then I pulled her gown upwards and started caressing her long and smooth legs and ass. She must be feeling tickling. Then I put my hand inside her panty n touched her ass hole and further pussy area. She was hairy. Then I said now you sleep down and I will come over you. Then quickly I gave her a big lip kiss. She responded well. Then I took out blanket and started kissing her top to bottom. She liked it. Then I told her to take out her gown and inners too.

She said, keep the inners at least. I said, with inners, how I will romance with you and give you sex demo. Then she took out her inners also hesitantly. She must be feeling very shy. incezt She tried to cover her naked boobs and pussy by her hands. I said, there is no secret for BF. So let me see you full nude and touch you and feel you. Then she closed her eyes and silently laid down. Then I sucked her boobs, nipples, and started licking her wet pussy. That licking pussy with my tongue made her horny and she started making some sound in low voice. I said it’s good, this is called moaning. She said I didn’t do anything. It happened by its own. I said I know it’s natural. She said, Sanju, I am feeling really different now. I don’t know why.

I said, honey, you are in love with me now. Going forward you will like everything that I do with you. She smiled and said, yeah, I like it. Then I asked, are you ready for sex demo now. incezt She said ok. Then I got over her and licked her from top to bottom again to make her total hot. I rubbed her pussy to make it sexy. Then I spread her legs apart and pointed my hard dick at her love point. Then I said, darling, I am going to fuck you now.

She smiled and kept quiet. Then I started touching my dick to her love hole. Then I tried to push it inside. Obviously her hole was too small to get my dick in. Then I gave her a sudden jerk and pushed my dick hard inside her pussy. She suddenly shouted, oh god, save me, Sanju paining etc. incezt I kept pushing hard inside again and jerking and oscillating. She started crying and abusing me to take it out. I said this is only temporary pain, it will go off soon, keep quiet, etc. Then while fucking her, I started kissing her so that she keeps quiet. That worked. Hearing her sis sound, Manoj got up and he saw us fucking nude. Then he just said, oh finally you guys are doing it, enjoy! Then he went to washroom, came and slept. We continued our sex act some more time.

Then I pulled my dick out and helped her to relax. I took her to washroom and helped to clean up her bloody and cummy pussy. Then I cleaned my lund also. I got her to bed and asked her to relax. We both were nude. She got little emotional. She said, Sanju, I wanted to fuck only with my husband. Now you have already fucked me. Can you be my husband until I get married again. I said if that makes you happy, then I am fine. incezt Then she gave me a big lip kiss and said, I love you my sweet husband. I knew she was emotional and I supported her gently. I loved her too. Then we slept nude together for some time. After couple of hours, she woke me up and said, Sanju, I am not getting sleep now, can you please talk to me. I said, yes darling. Then I started playing with her nude body again while talking naughty things in low voice. She hugged me tight and liked everything that I was doing with her. That night I fucked her three more times. She responded positively without hesitation. She was assuming I am her husband fucking her. Then early morning, we got into deep sleep and got up around 9 am. Manoj also didn’t wake us up. When we got up, he was outside room.

We got fresh, had tea, took bathe and came out for breakfast. Manoj was sitting near swimming pool. We got him together for breakfast to the cafeteria. Meenu was little shy. Manoj was silent. incezt I said breakfast is very tasty yaar, let’s enjoy. Then they also started talking. Then I told Manoj that you are my bro in law now because your sis considers me as her husband. He smiled and said, how was your honeymoon last night. I said superbly. Then he said, you guys enjoy fully, I won’t mind. Meenu said, sorry bro, you guys encouraged me for all this and now it happened. Please forgive me. Manoj said, why sorry and forgive, it’s good. You should enjoy. Then he said, even I would like to enjoy if you permit me. She was shocked to hear that. She said, are you crazy, you are my bro.

After breakfast, we went to the room and were talking. I said, Meenu, we all are friends here. If Manoj is interested in you, maybe you should give him one chance at least. incezt She said, but I am his sis. I said, assume you are his gal friend now for one day, then ok na. Then she said, you boys are too much. Manoj said I promise, I will not tell anyone about all this. Then she said ok.

Then just to start the sex topic, I said, Manoj, Meenu is my young wife now, I have fucked her multiple times in night, so she is ready to take more now. But you need to handle her with care etc. Then I asked him, shall I give you a demo or you will do it directly. He said I will do it. Then we three saw couple of group porn. Later while seeing, I told them to start some foreplays and sex actions. Manoj started kissing her. incezt She was also responding hesitantly. She still had reservation in mind being a sis. Then I helped them to undress and made them nude. I also took out my clothes. I started using sexy language while talking to them. Then Manoj and Meenu did some foreplay on sofa and finally had one round of sex. I told him to pour all his cum inside her pussy.

Immediately I went and asked Meenu to bend and said, incezt I am going to fuck your ass now. She said, don’t fuck me there. I said, it’s ok, let’s do it all today. Then she bent down and I applied some ointment there on ass hole and tried her. With some difficulties I could get inside her ass also. Then we took rest till lunch time.

Post lunch, I told her to sit on my thies facing me. I start caressing her and kissing her etc. I told her you are our common gal friend now, no one to scold you. You should enjoy with us with open mind. She said fine. Then I removed her clothes and mind too and again asked her to sit on my nude hard dick. While sitting, my dick was inside her juicy pussy. Then Manoj came and started pressing her boobs. incezt Then we decide to do threesome together. We went to bed and I laid down with hard dick. I told her to sit on my dick so that my dick gets into her ass hole. She sat that way and slept on me on her back. Then Manoj came on her and entered his dick into her hot pussy and started fucking her.

We continue this for quite some time till they again had cum. She was too exhausted. incezt Then we took rest till evening. Later we stayed for one more day and enjoyed a lot together.

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