I’m Bisexual

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I told my brother first, because he was the only one I could think of. Also, he started getting popups on his laptop.

Mom saw one, when he got it out to do homework in the kitchen. Then, dad got home, and tried to beat his ass for being gay, when it wasn’t. not really, but I guess the ladyboys site had some adware that his computer didn’t know how to block.

So, I ran after him, and I said “I’m sorry I got you in trouble.”


“Well, it’s not your fault.”

“I didn’t know it would put ads on your computer, when I went looking for one to talk to, but.”

“You mean a shemale?” I nodded, “A real live ladyboy?”

“Yeah, it said talk to Thai Ladyboys live, so I clicked it.”

He bumped my shoulder with his knuckles. “You’re not turning into a boy on me, are you?”

“No?” I took a deep breath, “I’m bisexual, but if I could have only 1 person, for the rest of my life, then somebody like that would be perfect.”


He hugged me, and it felt so much better for somebody to know that I could hold it in at school. Unlike some girls, that tell every boy who’ll listen they’re bisexual, when they’re not. it’s just this fad, and don’t you think it’s kinda offensive to real live bisexuals pretending to be someone you’re not just for attention?

I didn’t even want to fool around after that. Even if it did trick some guys into joining us, which was the plan all along. It’s just so dishonest, so I saved myself for someone real. I don’t even care who, it’s not what they have in their pants that matters. It’s just the dark little oriental ones look so pretty, you can overlook the way their fake boobs stick out akimbo, so their nipples don’t point the right way.

I mean, just because I’m bisexual, it doesn’t mean that I don’t want a relationship, or I’d be unfaithful if I had a boyfriend, or girlfriend, but that’s just 1 more reason to stay in the closet, until I have a lover to come out to.

Then, my brother got a ride with his friends, and picked me up at school. Since mom, and dad both had to work, that day. They try to pick us up every day so I don’t have to ride the bus for almost 2 hours, but they only get 2 days off each.

So anyway, they pulled up in this old piece of junk hatchback, and my brother got out of the front seat. “You better let me sit in the back.” He opened up the back door. “Come on, man. You had your turn, get out.” I had to scoot over, and sit cross legged on the arm-rest, but I saw what all the fuss was about.

There was a girl in the back, in between them, and she was wearing a cheerleader uniform, but it turns out she was just a freshman, so she had to borrow it. So anyway, another boy got in, and shut the door, but when the driver touched my leg, he said “Sorry.”


“Don’t be,” I turned around, and sat down in the other boy’s lap, so he could shift gears, and I could see what all the kissy noises I could hear behind me was all about. It turns out, that she was one of those girls, in middle school. Now, she’s in high school, so the other freshmen, and even some sophomores know she’s the one to do it with.

“I’m the gangbang girl!” She announced proudly, “Or at least I will be when I turn 18, but I should have plenty of practice by then.”

It turns out that she was talking about this series of porno movies they made back in the 90s, because her uncle had the whole collection, and oh yeah. Lots of friends that were fans of the series, too. So, it’s no surprise that they talked her into doing it with them. Gangbanging her, and now she’s looking forward to that as a career.

If she makes it, I mean there’s a lot of competition for a lot of those things, and they don’t take everyone who shows up on their casting couch. She doesn’t even have big boobs, I mean I’m not one to talk, but still. I’m only 12, and by the time I’m 15, I sure hope I’ve got more than that.

Barely a handful for each of the boys in the back, my brother included, but I stopped rubbing my tummy, and felt up to my training bra.

“Huh, you want me to do that?” The shotgun boy finally took his arm off the armrest, but I took his hand, and said “No.” I put it in my lap instead, but then he felt around my ribs, and brushed the side with his finger tips.


“Huh, kiss my neck.” I put my arm over the head rest, but he went ahead, and felt up my leg to my crotch.

“We’re almost there.”

“Good,” the fake cheerleader leaned over, “Unzip me?”

“Okay,” I reached over the seat, but sure enough she didn’t have a bra on.

“Not you,” but she sat back, and pulled her arms out. So, I could see that she didn’t really need one, before the boys covered them up again.

“Here we are.” We got out, and the driver popped the back, where they had sleeping bags and stuff for her to get in on her knees. “Hey,” he came over, “Carol, right?”


“Carrie,” The boys in the passenger seat stood up, so his boner bumped my back, but he bent over to unbutton my pants.

“Well, Carrie.” The driver looked back, “It looks like she’s got her hands full, with your brother, and.”

“Her mouth full, too.” I turned to look back and forth, “You boys bisexual at all?”

“Oh, no. Not like that, but we’re secure enough, and careful not to cross swords.”

“Huh,” I turned around, “Well, you get the front. Okay?” He grinned, and pulled my top up, so I raised my arms to slip them out. The driver felt right up, and pulled my training bra out. Over my nipples so I could wiggle my shoulders through.

Meanwhile, Shotty pulled my panties down with my pants. “Oh,” he looked up, and noticed I wasn’t a natural blonde, but he didn’t say anything.


“Huh!” I just pulled my heel out, and stepped on my pants, so I could put my leg over his shoulder, and finally get eaten out. “Oh, huh. Tongue the hole really good. Oohuhahihn!”

“She’s already really wet, dude. Feel this.” The driver came around the side, while Shotty got up to hold my shoulders, kiss my nipples, and turn me back and forth.

“Oh, huh!” I straightened up, and squirmed when the driver slipped his finger in. I looked down, and counted 3 knuckles, his thumb along the side of my bikini line, so it must have been his pinky. Wiggling in deeper when he didn’t run into any resistance.

“She’s not a virgin.”

“No not really, I just took care of it myself. I’ve never been with, anyone. Huh, more. You can do more.” I finally let go of Shotty’s shoulders, and pulled Driver’s hand out. Held it up, and sucked his fingers. “Smup, you can try 2.” I folded up his pinky, after I sucked my own juices off, and stuck his middle 2 in my mouth to get them wet. “Ulgh, khuch!” I coughed, and spat in his hand.

“You deep throat?” Finally, he talked to me like a person, that was actually here, instead of to his friend.


I nodded, “I’ve been practicing.” He stuck his fingers in, from behind, so I could bend over, and let the passenger side fuck my face. “Ugh hug guk guk!” My drool ran down, so his balls were wet, and even stuck to my chin when I held them up. My breath caught, and my throat relaxed, trying to take it all in, and stick my tongue out far enough to lick them.

“Kuh, huh!” I stood up, and the driver slipped his wet fingers up my butt crack.

“You do Anal?”

“Huh!” I turned, and grabbed his wrist. “Maybe later, you boys brought rubbers. Tell me you brought rubbers to your little gangbang girl.” I looked over, but she had her head down. So, all I could see was her hair swinging over the back seat, while the guys took turns plowing her from behind.

“Huh!” I lay back on the hood, and pulled my leg up, to take off my shoe, and pants. “Come on, guys. Hurry up?” I had to rub, and finger myself, while they went behind the passenger door, and got in the glove box. Rolled on the rubbers, and came around to find me stretched diagonally across the hood, so one could bury his face between my legs, and the other could hold my head to feed me more rubbery dick.

I just closed my eyes, honestly I didn’t care. Which is why I didn’t ask them their names, or get too offended when they talked to each other about me, with me standing right there. Treating me like a piece of meat, a fuckslut, like that wannabe in back, but now that I was getting it good.


I know it’s not realistic, but there’s just something about those Bangcock ladyboys. It’s not just that little something extra (And some of them aren’t that little) but also something exotic. The mix between their pretty oriental features, the little masculine bits here, and there. Each one is almost like a puzzle for your eyes, so that if you met one on the street.

A whore, but a ladyboy whore, could you tell? Could you look past the cleavage bulging out of their low cut tops to see the stiffness hardening under their tight mini dresses, fishnets, high heels, long legs, broad shoulders, and narrow hips.

“Khagh hah ah huhn fugh fuckfuckfuck!” I had to cough up the cock to breath, and hold onto the driver’s head in a death grip with both hands, and my thighs trying to knock my knees together.

“Dude, she’s cumming.”

“Oh, oh oh fuck huhHhuh!” He must have watched a bunch of porn, because he stuck 2 fingers in me. The same too fingers, and hooked them up to shake the piss out of my. “Fugh!” I finally rolled off the side, and they caught me, but I still wound up curled over, and just trying to breathe.

“Ah shit, man!” A rubber fell on my shoulder and rolled off. Followed by bare hairy wet balls, and then spurt after spurt shooting diagonally across my back. “Uh slut. Fuck yeah, slut.”


“Oh, hah!” The driver barely let him finish before he picked me up, and bent me over the side of the red hot hood. “Huhn! Nuh nyeah uhn!” I could barely gasp in between grunts forced out of me with rough deep thrusts.

“Holy shit, ahahehihn!” I just took it, and loved it, but the girl even sounded impressed? “Your little sister takes it like a champ!”

“Fgh ywh! Nh ngh! Rh!”

“Uh, uhhhhh! Uhhhhhh!” Finally, the driver pulled out, and dropped the rubber on my butt cheek this time, but I loved the hot wet stripes landing crisscrossed over the load I’d gotten over my shoulder first, and it went the distance. Some of it even hit the hood, and a lot of it got in my hair.

“Huh!” I rolled over against the windshield, and rubbed it around on the car. “Come here, lover boy.”



“Yeah, what’s your name, man?”

“Larry?” He looked back nd forth at the high school friends.

“Yeah, Larry.” I sat up, and hugged him. “You got a girlfriend, Larry?”

“Uh.” He’s got a car, and he really knows his way around a pussy, and he likes group sex, but it turns out he wasn’t interested in me. Which sucks, and made me feel like a stupid lovesick little girl, but I got over it. I just had no idea how strong the feelings would come after such good sex, but my head cleared up before we even got home.

My brother and me, I mean. “Huh!” We had a lot to talk about!

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