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I’ll lick you dry

I’ll lick you dry

You want a woman, but she doesn’t want you. Well, let’s have a deal.

He walked inside of the office. Scared secretary was running behind him. “Miss Tease, I couldn’t do anything. He simply walked by.” Woman near the window looked at the young girl, then looked at the man. “It’s ok, dear. I’ll talk with him. You can go.”

“I think I would like nice coffee right now.” Man was checking out the woman near the window. She turned around and sat behind the table. “You have five minutes to explain who are you, and why are you here.”

He was looking at her and didn’t want believe in all those rumors he heard. She was almost his enemy. They both were rich and very hot. They both had their own businesses in real estate. Woman was so hot, he couldn’t think about anything else, but fucking her all day long. Her clothes didn’t show any signs of sex, but her aura was screaming “fuck me”. Rich green silky shirt was teasing so bad, he wanted to know lines of her curves. You know how it happens?

You see girl and she shows just everything. There is no mystery. It was so boring. This woman was like something you are not allowed to have. Like very good piece of steak, juicy, melting in your mouth. He didn’t think about her as about very heavy drug, but it was best explanation. One time and you are an addict forever.

“I heard rumors. I want to protect your reputation.” He already felt taste of victory in his mouth.

“Well, at least, now I know you can read news. Anything else? You have four minutes left.”

He was slightly shocked. Nobody told him how tough she was.

“You aren’t scared what people talk about you?”

She looked at him with her grey eyes. “Do I look like person who cares about somebody’s else opinion? You like to waste my expensive time. How come you have your own business running?”

“Ok, I’ll tell you why I’m here. I’ll be that man who’ll give you two orgasms.”

Silence of room was interrupted with her laugh. It was so funny and…seductive. He smiled.

“Do you know man cannot satisfy me. I don’t sleep with men. They useless. The only guy who can make me cum was my dead boyfriend. Your time is up. Bye.”

He stood up. “Let’s have a deal. I know you like one of my objects, “Silver Pearl”, I believe. I will give it to you for free, if you won’t have 2 orgasms from me.”

Woman looked at him very carefully. “Silver Pearl” was her dream. She didn’t have enough time to buy it last time and he got it. She offered him lot of money after, but he wouldn’t sell it. He was hot, but she knew, men don’t know how to please a woman.

“I don’t think you can please me.” She looked at him like he was wasting her time.

“How you’ll know if you won’t try? We can agree about thirty minutes. If not – I’ll leave, and you’ll have your dream for free.”

“Call your lawyers and ask them to prepare documents. You are going to be a looser in thirty minutes.”

Man couldn’t wait to stick his tongue in her pussy. He was 300% sure, she was tasty as hell. Pictures of her, screaming under his tongue, made him even harder. It was such a challenge. He heard lot of stories about her sexual life. This perfect woman had sex, but it was only escort guys. Lot of times he tried to buy information, but no success. One drunk guy at the bar said she tastes like heaven.

“Take your panties off and go lay on that very comfy chaise lounge. Turn on music, so people outside won’t hear your moans.”

“God, “Silver Pearl” costs half billion. Are you really ready to blow off so much money?” Ms. Tease slowly took off her lace panties.

“I’m ready to sell my soul to devil, just to taste you.” His look was very heavy. “I’m gonna lick you dry.”

“Boastful guys make me sick. Do it and get the fuck out. I want “Silver Pearl”.

She pulled her skirt up and lay on the chaise lounge. White velvet gently touched her skin. Man took off this jacket and tie. His lips were dry from excitement.

“Ok, thirty minutes and no more.” She set up clock on her phone.

He tried to get comfortable in the beginning, hoping she’ll like it. Her pussy looked so amazing. She wasn’t even wet. Of course, why? Usually girls would cum in five minutes. With her, he was hoping to be done in ten. Teasing her was like sweet torture. Skin was so soft, so tender. His tongue slowly licked one her outer lip, then another. Light blow wind on the clit and, widely open her inner lips,

he carefully circled her entrance. Tongue was walking around her clit, but not touching. She moved her hips just a little. He suppressed his smile. Few more teasing moves around her clit and entrance, and she was ready for big show. His hands grabbed her thighs and his mouth covered clit, attacking it with flickering moves. Guy didn’t lie. She tasted like strawberries.

Woman was surprised. He had his own tactic. He might actually know how to eat a pussy. Only her dead boyfriend knew that “trick” how to make her cum. There were no big secret. Guy had to be slightly rough on her pussy. For some reason they did totally opposite thing. She was getting wet. Man’s tongue was rubbing on sensitive spot inside of her. Few second later his finger switched with his tongue. She moaned.

Man didn’t like that idea about time, but deal was clear. He wanted to do it longer. Eating her out for hours. Her clit finally become noticeable. He knew he was doing right things – her thighs moved with no rhythm, trying to catch up tip of his tongue.

“God, you are so tasty. I’m losing my mind. I’ll finish here and will fuck you so deep.” He tried everything, but it looked like she just couldn’t cum. One more thing and he will give up. His short cut nail was rubbing her G-spot. He squeezed out her clit, gently biting. Woman’s hand grabbed his head, and pushed him harder, pelvic bone went higher. She got shiver. His teeth and tongue had gentle fight over her clit. He couldn’t believe his luck, when he heard her screaming. Holding her thighs very tight he kept going. He knew how he’ll fuck her in two minutes.

She tried to catch her breath while he lifted her and pushed to the window.

“Hold my waist with your gorgeous legs.” It was unbelievably difficult not to cum while entering her. He didn’t think about his pleasure. This dream woman will cum one more time. Other girls told him how big he was, but she didn’t say anything. He just heard hollow moan and sharp pain from her nails on the back.

She didn’t believe it happened. Orgasm was still going when he entered her. He was huge. She had one more little orgasm, but he didn’t need to know about it. Pleasure was so intense, so deep, she couldn’t talk. He moved just with right pace. When her clit was squeezed again she bit his shoulder. Waves of untwisting orgasm reached her and washed away. She heard timer went off, but it didn’t matter.

Man gently put her on the chaise lounge. His tongue licked her pussy very gentle.

“I’m not gonna waste it. It’s too tasty. I’ll let you go when you’ll be dry.” His tongue dove inside of her, licking off her walls.

Woman smiled.

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