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I will do anything to get out of debt (part 3)

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Thanks to my stupid husbands gambling losses I decided I would do anything to get out of debt.

The man standing behind me who had been fucking me with a cock that felt it was as big and hard and long as a baseball bat, took hold of my hair and he slowly pulled me up, my legs and back were like jelly after the fucking I had just received, but he held me tight by my hair and a hand around my boobs until I was standing ,his cock was still in me as he whispered ” turn round slowly “, and as I did as I was told he said ” look at junior thanking Mommy for his nice new shiny car “.
Gloria was laying on the floor,her dress was still up around her waist her blouse was ripped open, and Ben was fucking her. As I watched he started to say ” aaggh,” which grew louder and louder the nearer he came to filling Glorias cunt with his seed, which he did before dropping all his weight onto her telling her ” he loved her ” over and over again .
I could hear the guy whose cock was still in me laugh quietly in my ear, “sick mother fucker” he said softly as he started to move me slowly back towards the man on the cross.” Is it really his Mother ” I whispered, he laughed and bit my ear ” hold your tongue bitch ” he said , then whispered “yes it really is” .
As we stood in front of the hooded man tied to the cross I could feel myself being bent slowly forward, “suck him whore “I heard the man say as he started to slowly pump his hard cock backwards and forwards into my cunt again, ” suck him till he chokes you with cum ” he said brutally pushing his cock into me so far he hit my cervix making me squeal in pain, as I took the hooded mans cock into my mouth.
The cock I had in my mouth was nowhere near as big as the cock that was fucking me, but his cock was hard and everytime the guy fucking me pushed his cock into my cunt I moved forward sucking hard on the cock going down my throat and often making me gag.
Oh my God I was being spit roasted, I had seen porn movies of it when I played with myself and Jim was not around to fuck me, and now I was doing it, which made me start to climax for the third time and as that happened I felt the guy whose cock was in my mouth start to fill my throat with his cum which seemed to excite the guy who was fucking me into cumming.
My head was spinning, I felt faint, If his cock had not been so hard and so deep in my cunt I think I would have collapsed on the floor ,my legs had given way and he held me around my tummy as he pushed so hard into me I thought his cock would come out of my mouth and the pain as he bruised my cervix over and over again made me scream out loud.
Standing me up ,his cock still hard in me ,he started to shuffle me towards Gloria, as he pulled out of me he said ” sit on her face” and when I didn’t move he pushed me towards her ,so I kind of squatted down over her face, looking at her feet as Ben pushed my head down so my face was getting nearer her cunt, and I went from squatting to kneeling as I felt Glorias hands go over my back and pull my cunt to her mouth where she started to lick me and push her tongue deep into me slurping the load of cum I had just received in my cunt . Bens pulled me forward until my face was over Glorias cunt, “clean her up Annie” he said, my tummy kind of turned over at the thought of licking his cum,but I started to kiss her and run my tongue up and down her cunt lips.
In a minute or so I could feel Gloria pushing my legs for me to get off her, so I gently rolled off her onto my back and to tell the truth laid there totally exhausted. Although she was only a few inches from me she ignored me, got up pulled her skirt down and pulled her ripped blouse together, said something to the guy that had been fucking me and left with the half naked Ben.
I laid there for a few minutes too tired to even get up, the guy who had been fucking me came back with a glass of champagne for me, and I sat up leaning my back against a chair. He didn’t say anything but when I finished the drink he offered me his hand and pulled me up off of the floor.
He walked me towards the guy on the cross, and he started to undo the zip on his hood, before pulling it off his head like some magician revealing the rabbit in the hat.
I had to look twice, the man whose cock I had sucked was covered in sweat, hs hair was matted and his mouth had been tapped shut with some sort of wide sticky tape,but it was Jim, my husband Jimmy hanging there tied to the cross ,his dick soft after I had made him cum, his face looked so sad and he had trouble looking at me, he kept looking away as I just stood there not knowing what to say or do.
The guy who I had Christened Mr.BBB (BaseBall Bat )because that was what it felt like when he was in me ,stepped up to Jimmy and laughing said “what do you think of the performance your whore wife put on for us, fuck Jimmy I made her cum two or three times I bet you little dick has never done that has it, and she made you cum, and me cum and Gloria left a happy camper after licking your old ladys pussy, I would say it was a good day all around wouldn’t you ” ?
Jimmy was unable to say anything he looked so sad, and I said when can we go home ? The guy looked at me and said ” whenever you want, your can go Honey, get dressed, there is someone upstairs who will take you home” “now him” he said pointing at Jim, ” I think junior wants to talk to him “.
I walked past the poor girl who was still laying on the bed, the girls punishing her had got a Hitachi vibrator and they were all giggling as she was trying to climax for probably the sixth or seventh time,her butt was off the bed and the veins were sticking out of her neck as she horsley cried out that she was cumming.
One of the girls grabbed my hand and pulled me to her side, she was laughing and said ” I see Gloria has taken a fancy to you, guess she enjoyed licking that pussy of yours, did you enjoy licking hers ” ? I said ” well I guess so ” and kind of tried to laugh, and I said ” it was all a bit of a blur to me I have never done anything like that before”. The other girls had stopped playing with the girl on the bed, one of them said “come here” and when I went over and stood by her she took my hand and put it on the girl on the beds cunt. “Rub your fingernails up and down her cunt lips” she said laughing. I said
” nooow that will hurt her” and lifted my hand off the girls cunt.
The woman who told me to rub the poor girls cunt looked at me and almost spat out “fucking do it or we will fucking do it to you” ,and she grabbed my hand and put it back on the poor girls pussy. As soon as I started rubbing my finger nails up and down her cunt lips the girl screamed ,begging for me to stop. I didn’t know what to do and one of them said ” harder make the bitch scream the house down, ” and as I looked at her she pushed me out the way and just brutally ran her finger nails down the girls swollen outer lips making her scream and cry so loud, I wanted to cry for her.
I just walked away, all I could hear was the poor girl screaming and the others laughing and saying
” because of you bitch were having to spend all afternoon in this fucking place”, and as I walked through the door to the dressing room I could hear her scream louder than ever,and them laugh louder than ever.
When I was dressed I made my way to the entrance hall, an older man said ” are you Annie,” and I said yes, he smiled and said ” OK lets go I have a car outside” and 30 or 45 minutes later I was sitting at my kitchen table drink in hand wondering what the hell I had got myself into.
It was probably two hours later when Jim my husband walk in the door, I had sat in a bath of warm water for an hour , then gone to bed and I was watching tv when he came into the bedroom. H”e looked ashen and as he slumped into the chair he said ” why the fuck did you get involved with that lot “. I laughed sarcastically, “well let me tell you about my fucked up husband ” I said nastaly, ” who has lost everything we worked so hard for ” and I could feel my voice rising as I got angrier and angrier ” the stupid fucker who gave away my fucking car ,my fuck house and my fucking life, that’s why I have got involved with THAT LOT ” I screamed at the top of my voice.
He jumped out of the chair ,grabbed me and pulled me off the bed onto the floor, we wrestled around the floor but he was much stronger than me and was soon sitting on my chest holding my wrists. ” Did you enjoy getting fucked “he said ” did you enjoy that big pole in your fanny, did you enjoy showing everyone what a whore you are and licking the spunk out of that bitch Glorias cunt, well did you did you ” he screamed spitting at my face and calling me a whore.
” Yeah I did I said softly,I loved it and I didn’t hear you complain when I sucked your dick and you shot a load down my throat “. He let go of my hands and slowly moved down until he was sitting on my tummy,he started to rip my nightie open down the front and I saw him watch as my large boobs came into view. He grabbed one of my breasts with his left hand and his right hand went to my pussy.
” There going to fuck you up ” he said, “that girl being punished, after you left they took her off the bed and they had to help her walk she was so weak, and they laid her on the floor and two of them held her legs while one of them put a strapon cock on and she fainted while the girl fucked her.”
He said ” one of the girls asked me if you were my old lady , and when I sad yes they were laughing and saying they were ” going to fuck you up as soon as you screw up,” and the bitch said ” you can watch if you want “and when I told her to go fuck herself she kicked me so hard in the balls, I could not breath”. I said “Jimmy get the fuck off me,” and he started to cry as he slowly got up and sat on the bed, I wanted to feel sorry for him but I couldn’t bring myself to show him I felt like that so I went downstairs and sat watching tv for a while.
I didn’t hear from anyone for like 4 or 5 days, then on the Thursday evening I got a phone call that asked me if I was available to do a party on Saturday evening? I said yes ” I am,” and I was given an address up on Sheridan Road ,told to be there at 7pm and another girl would meet me there, but she would not be staying when the party was over ,but I was expected to be available if required, did I understand , and I said “yes ” she said ” good honey, 25% of the extra money will go to the company the other 75% is yours on this occasion do you understand, and I said yes, and we said goodbye and that was that.
Jimmy turned the tv down, “who was that “he asked, I don’t know I said and that was the truth. “So you spoke to someone for 5 minutes and you don’t know who it was. he asked” That’s right ” I said, “so what did they want, “he asked, ? “They were inviting me to a party Saturday night “I said, and he just sat there looking at me. “Are you going “he said softly , “Yup “I said trying to sound like it didn’t mean a thing to me,a lthough my tummy was churning and I felt I need a trip to the bathroom.

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