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I Want You, Kali

My skin cringed, and my heart felt like it stopped.

“Robert?” Kali asked, rising and covering herself. “What the hell, dude?”

“I’m sorry,” I apologized, closing the door.

I pressed my back on the door and vibrated like mad as I put my wood away. I didn’t even know what to do, but I knew that her mom was just thirty feet away, only separated by a couple of walls. I had no idea if she’d scream or if Sasha or Peyton would either, so I waited for a moment.

I heard my heart in my ears, but then the door suddenly cracked open a tad. I failed to look back, but sweated up a massive storm and felt as awkward as hell too. I got to the not-running part of my plan, but it ended there.

“Robert, are you just standing there?” Kali asked.

“Yes,” I whispered, failing to look at her.

She yanked me in there with them and shut the door. “Fuck, how much did you see, Robert?” she questioned with a freaked-out face and failing to cover herself.

I bit down on my bottom lip and couldn’t answer to save my life. She wooed me with her body again, but that time, I was only a few feet away.

“What the hell, dude?” Peyton whined, getting close to me while covering his cock. “Were you peeping on my girlfriend and your step-daughter, you sick freak?”

“Hey, shut the fuck up; my wife is asleep just down the hall. What the hell, Kali? You’re having a threesome in here?” I inquired, glancing at her.

She swallowed. “You’re not gonna tell my mom, are you?”

“No, of course not, Kali, you’re an adult, you’re allowed to do something like this; I just had no idea you’d be doing this. I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t help it, you’re so beautiful. I knew you were planning on doing something tonight, and I had to see what it was. I could not be more apologetic, Kali. I love and respect you and would never want to make you feel uncomfortable.”

I breathed heavily, and she failed to say a word, but also didn’t cover herself at all.

“Does that hard-on mean that you want to have sex with me, Robert?”

I looked at Sasha and Peyton for a second and back at her again. “Yes.”

She sucked her lips into her mouth and viewed the floor. I had no idea what she was thinking, but I just tried to calm myself down, and I saw Peyton took the liberty of covering Sasha’s private parts.

“I’m sorry, Kali, but you’re not slapping the shit out of him because why exactly?” Peyton asked.

“Dude, shut up, he has a crush; you’re my fucking step-brother, remember?” Sasha whined, peeking at him.

Even though that should’ve been moving to hear, I didn’t care.

“Does my mom know?”

“No, she has no idea. I don’t think anyway. Again, I’m sorry, I didn’t plan on ever telling you about this, and I wasn’t hoping that I’d get caught,” I explained, before seeing Peyton. “You’re a lucky S.O.B., but…” I said, before a gap where I broke eye contact. “Forget it, dude. I know I’ve never met you, but you got your head up your ass, but you’re a beautiful woman, Sasha. I barely know you, and you’re an adult, so I wish you luck.”

“Well, thank you, and just to be clear, we’re both on the pill, and we’ve only done this with Kali. We’re not irresponsible.”

“I understand,” I relayed, before setting my eyes on Kali again. “I love you, Kali; you’re a wonderful young woman.”

“Although,” she said, closing the gap. “You want to have sex with me?”

“Yes, but I can keep my mouth shut about this, and you can do the same about my crush, fair enough?”

“No, that’s not fair,” she made clear, blindly bringing her hands to my crotch.

“What are you doing?” I protested, backing away.

“I think we should do it if it’s just once. There’s no fucking way my mom would be okay with this, so I should repay you in some way, shouldn’t I?”

“Not like that, Kali,” I objected, pushing her hands away. “I mean, I’m your step-dad, remember?”

“I know, but you love me, and I love you, and I kind of owe you, right?”

“No, the reward does not fit the chore. That’s like giving someone $10,000 for finding their dog.”

She swallowed, but felt my cock again. “What if I want to see your white dick in my black hands?” she pondered, digging into my shorts.

I shuddered and surely couldn’t stop her when she went that far.

From one second to the next, I felt her hands come onto my schlong, and I had to angle my head back. “Oh, Kali, you have soft hands.”

“Whoa, Kali, we didn’t sign up for you to help your step-dad cheat,” Sasha protested.

I wasn’t paying attention to them, but I heard footsteps and a little clattering too. Kali kept her hands on my pecker and stroked it slowly as I kept my hands down at my sides. Neither Peyton nor Sasha said another word, but then I heard the door open and close.

“Good, now we’re alone,” she muttered, before kissing me.

I didn’t touch her, but I couldn’t help, but revel in the joy of kissing her, unlike a step-father. As I let it happen, I certainly walked into heaven by doing something I’d go to hell for, though. I wanted to feel her, but I forced myself not to, though.

Her hands remained on my johnson, but after a minute, I had gently pushed her off me. “You’re beautiful, Kali, but we can’t do this; I’m married to your mom.”

“I know, but obviously, you’ve had a crush on me for some time; you would’ve looked in here to see what I was doing if you didn’t. You clearly thought I was doing naughty and hoping to see me at least underdressed. Now that I know you want to have sex with me, I think I want your white cum on my black body. Would you like that, Robert? My mom doesn’t need to know, you’re not gonna tell her what I was just doing with Sasha and Peyton, so I owe you something big now. Judging by your vibrating dick, you love the idea. I think you might love it a little more because you know it’s wrong.”

“You might have a point, but I can’t cheat on your mom. I love her.”

“I know, and you love me too,” she reminded me, before kissing me and pushing down my shorts. 

I said my words, but they seemed to be meaningless. She already knew I was hooked and even glued my mouth to her hook too.

Then she took off my t-shirt as well. “Oh, my mom is a lucky lady,” she praised me, checking out my body for a minute before she took my hand.

She escorted me to the bed, and we both sat down, but she immediately grabbed my dick and began rubbing it for me. “Wow, this is harder than a diamond; no wonder she married you.”

“Thank you, I guess,” I muttered, leaning back on my elbows.

“Oh, what’s wrong? Am I wooing you too much already?”

I couldn’t reply and breathed as heavily as I could.

“I’m feeling you; don’t you want to feel me, Robert?”

“May I, Kali?”

Kali nodded and pulled me up with her other hand. She kissed me again, and as she did, I felt her hand taking mine to her left boob.

“Oh, you like that; it feels like you have batteries in there.”

“Yes,” I whispered, calmly parting my lips. “Wow, you’re stunning, Kali.”

“I know,” she agreed, getting on top of me without letting go of my pecker. “So, did you let out any of your white stuff while you watched me with them, Robert? I won’t judge you.”

“I did, yes, Kali. I didn’t want to see Peyton or even Sasha, but she is a dazzling woman too. I just wanted to see you.”

“Well, feel me, Robert; my black jugs won’t bite.”

I couldn’t resist, but feel those bundles of joy. She kept stroking my member slowly, and shot me lusty looks. Needless to say, I felt my load building quickly, and I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to hold it either.

I grazed her tits a bit, but didn’t squeeze them so I wouldn’t hurt her. I surely didn’t know how far it’d go, but I was fine taking baby steps then because she was beyond stunning, and there wasn’t anything I wanted more than to do it with her.

“So, do you have a thing for black ladies, or is it just my mom and me?”

“I don’t know, Kali, you’re both just beautiful ladies. Your hands are mushier than anything I’ve ever felt, I swear.”

“If you say so,” she added, before kissing me. “What about my hooters?”

“Them too.”

“So, my dad died when I was young, so when I walk down the aisle, you’re gonna be walking with me. Will you be able to handle that down the line now?”

“I think so. Well, I hope so because your mom can’t find out about this.”

“She won’t because I won’t tell her, but you’ve been a great step-dad to me, and I have to repay your kindness. Do you think I’m giving you a mean handjob?”

“It’s as mean as a bully twice the size of their victim, Kali.”

She smiled again and calmly pushed her lips onto mine again. That time, we made out slowly as our hands remained in their positions. We both shook a bit, but didn’t utter a word as we made out. Although, I couldn’t turn down the chance to clutch her breasts then.

‘I know this is wrong, but shit, I guess I’m weak.’

I knew it was true, so that I couldn’t stop it. I just enjoyed the serene intimacy, and wherever our final destination was, I was more than happy to go along for the ride. We both quaked the bed and enjoyed each other the best we could.

I felt the thrills surging through my system like venom just getting into my bloodstream and making me melt, but in a good way. So, I had sweat going down all over my body and my heart feeling like it was on its last legs, but I was still in it for everything.

“Oh, shit, Kali, you’re too much,” I let out, falling back.

She stroked my wood slowly and milked me as she knew it was that time. I couldn’t see it happen, but my seed burst out, and I certainly hoped it all landed on her bosoms. Even if it didn’t, she certainly made me feel undeniably wonderful.

I felt nothing else quite like it before, and with it being so taboo, I couldn’t help, but love it like nothing else. With each spurt, I got a little bit higher, so to speak. I quickly concluded that my step-daughter was like a drug and could alter me somewhat.

“Oh, Robert, I had no idea you felt this way about me. You submerged my tits like a squirt gun on full blast. Come on, look at them.”

I had to open my eyes to reveal my handy work. “Wow, you were not lying.”

“Why would I lie, horndog?” she pondered, before kissing me and got off me.

I watched her get off me and down onto her knees. She kept her right hand on my cock, and once she was in position again, she glanced back at me. She failed to say a word, but rubbed the head of my schlong on her cheek.

I stayed on my elbows and watched her like a hawk. She had me more than invested in her, and indeed we’d always be more than just a step-father and daughter. I watched her brown eyes mainly as she kept her eyes on mine too.

She even continued to stroke my rod somewhat, but not too much. She made me feel good, but not so much that she milked me again. She just let my seed dry on her melons, made sure I didn’t have to feel it either.

Then she calmly took her blanket. “You look seeing white stuff on my tits, but not feeling it, right?” she pondered, wiping them off.


She dropped her blanket and grabbed my schlong. “Do you have any more seed you can give me now? It’s after midnight, so anything goes now.”

“Yes, Kali.”

She blew me a kiss and calmly lowered her head down to my prick. She failed to open her mouth just yet, but did kiss the tip of it and keep smiling at me too. I couldn’t help but feel her head even though she hadn’t taken my pecker in her mouth.

“Well, you saw my blowjob skills earlier, so it that your way of telling me you want to feel my lips on your cock, Robert?”

“Only if you feel comfortable.”

“So, what, do you think you’re taking advantage of me, Robert?” she asked, lifting her head. “I know you’re not an asshole and wouldn’t just tell my mom, but yet, you got a handjob from me and got to kiss me too. So, if I want to suck your johnson, I will,” she made clear, before taking it into her mouth.

“Oh,” I moaned, feeling her head and pressuring it. “That’s well said. You do whatever you want, and I’ll be on board. Whenever you need some white man meat, I’ll supply it for you. There’s no need to ask Sasha if you can suck on Peyton’s wood. You may suck on mine all you want. We just won’t tell your mom.”

She nodded and began thrusting her lips ever so slowly. Needless to say, I had to break eye contact and endure the pleasure the best I could. It was far from just being a physical thrill, but an emotional one too.

I wanted her so badly, and then I had my cock in her mouth, so there was no way I couldn’t love every second of her pleasuring. I felt her head, but I couldn’t move my hands much because she got into my system again and fucked me senseless, both mentally and physically.

Her lips were already softer than fluff, it seemed, and that was just another ace in the hole, so to speak. She made herself into an unstoppable pleasure machine, so even if I wanted to, I’d never be able to stop her.

I got the direct gratification from my pecker, but it surged throughout my body like mad. I kept my head back for a few minutes anyway, but I made sure to give her some eye contact. For at least a few seconds, I looked right into her eyes again and saw the love.

I licked my lips somewhat too, but of course, she got the message. She kept her hands on the base of my schlong and held it somewhat tight. After those few seconds when I watched her, I lied back again, but kept my hands on her head.

I didn’t pressure her head, but I didn’t need to, though. She managed to pressure her lips a bit more easily and wooed me beyond my wildest dreams. I couldn’t help but love her more than life itself by then.

She got there through my johnson, and I was fine with that. I surely saw a different side of her when she had a threesome, but of course, it was different circumstances then. I physically watched my eyelids, but certainly saw her pleasing me in mind.

It hurt my arms a tad to keep my hands on her head, but I did for her. She kept her thrusts ever so slowly and surely milked me again. She wasn’t interested in getting me to cum quickly, but get as much seed as she could.

I felt like my life force was being sucked out, but in a good way. I surely knew even though it felt insanely good, it was still a liability to my body. She proved once again; she was like a drug, so even though something unique came her, it’d still have its aftereffects.

She even massaged my dick with her hands at the base as well, so she just made herself destruction-proof, so to speak. After a few minutes, I moaned more and more and already felt my load approaching that threshold where it is too much.

Then I leaned up with her and pulled her to me. “I love you,” I stated, before kissing her. “You’re hotter than hell, for whatever reason, you made Peyton one lucky S.O.B., but that’s okay. I love you all the same.”

“I love you too, stud, so you’re not judging me?”

“No, of course not.”

“If you say so,” she added, before yanking me up to my feet. “Well, you’re bigger than Peyton, but I have taken a dick bigger than yours before.”

I smirked for a few seconds. “You’re lying.”

“So, what are you gonna do about it?” she wondered, before taking my wang back into her mouth.

“Absolutely nothing,” I answered, feeling her head. “Just be a good, but naughty step-daughter and get all of your step-daddie’s cum. I’ll plaster it all over her moneymakers if that’s what you want, I swear. You’re right; I do love seeing all of my white cum on your black boobs, just like…” I said, before I halted. “I won’t finish that sentence.”

She nodded and grabbed the base of my cock again. She sucked quite hard, but still not enough to force me to cum just yet. So, she wanted me to last, even though her mom could still come to find me at any moment.

Nevertheless, she wanted to keep going on me like it’d be the last thing she’d do. I made myself watch her that time because she meant that much to me then. I couldn’t turn that chance down because I’d cherished her more than a step-daughter.

Not only did she thrust her lips, but she moved them around on my pecker, too, so she added even more spicy sauce to the taboo mix. Every time she went back down again, I felt a twitch come upon me, but she made it more intense with her pressuring my cock.

Despite that, I forced myself to stay upright so I could watch her. With every passing second, she became sexier to me, and I felt less bad about cheating. I couldn’t help it; her lovely step-daughter infected me so severely, there was no downside.

She did some moaning herself, but never let my schlong out. She loved her white sucker and sucked on it for all of its flavors too. So, I had to praise her for that as well; she was more than open-minded about interracial sex, along with taboo sex, so she the total package.

I even let her hair go through my fingers. “Oh, you have smooth and strong hair too, Kali. I like your mom’s curly black hair, but you have straight sex hair, though. I can’t see your eyes with your head angled forward.”

So, she slanted it back so she could look back into my eyes again. She couldn’t thrust her lips as much then, but we made up for that with great intimacy. We looked at each other unlike we ever had before, and it just worked for us.

Needless to say, we already knew it would even before I got naked again, but as we proved it to each other like that, it felt pretty magical. As I struggled to stay upright, I knew I hooked yet again, but I found myself happy about that.

“You’re in the sexiest light possible, Kali. I feel like I explode at any second, but that makes me love you even more. I love you, I love you, and I love you some more. I never met your dad, but he raised a fine young woman. Well, maybe there was a misstep here and there, but still,” I moaned, prior to slanting my head back for a few seconds. “Yes, yes, yes,” I let out, glancing at her again. “I’ve never had a step-daughter before, and I don’t plan on getting another one, but you’re my favorite.”

She nodded again and even shed a tear, so she had the strong emotions surging through her body as well. They also showed when she applied pressure to my johnson even more, and surely made me melt even more.

“Come on, you beautiful woman, I saw you take more of Peyton’s wood in your mouth.”

She released my schlong. “So? Are you asking for a better blowjob? Does that mean you promise me come hell or high water, you’re gonna walk me down the aisle when I get hitched?”

“Yes, I swear.”

“Fine,” she added, before taking my dick back into her mouth again.

She immediately went like three-quarters of the way back and made me cover my face. As I did, I felt the intense pressure again and moved my body back and forth quite a bit. My dick maintained its secure position in her mouth, and there was no slowing her down.

Once again, it became apparent that it was like infection within me, just making the pleasure incredibly hard to take and deal with, but yet, I did it with flying colors. I wasn’t even sure how I managed not to cum yet, but I was more than interested in finding out how long I could last.

So, I looked her way again. “I’m gonna shoot so much your skin will get stained.”

She rereleased my dick. “Just make sure you shoot my tits and not my face. I won’t be happy if you shoot my face, got it?”


“Good,” she made clear, before shoving me on my bed.

She grabbed my pecker again and took it into her mouth. She sucked it as hard as she could again and even had me shedding a couple of tears for a few minutes. So, we were both set indeed, and nothing and no one was gonna take that away from us.

Then as if she knew by some random sign, she released my cock again. “Give your step-daughter your cum, Robert. Smother my black boobs with your white seed,” she ordered me, stroking it.

A few seconds later, I did just that. I couldn’t make myself watch then, but I still felt it perfectly. The sensation, the love, and everything else were just wonderful, to say the least. I couldn’t have loved it enough, so that time, I immediately made myself check out her melons.

“Oh, you got me good again. I think I will be jealous of my mom now.”


“Yes,” she responded, wiping off her rack again.

Then she got on top of my lap. “Do you think I’m lying?” she asked, before reaching for my schlong.

“No, not at all.”

“Don’t fall in love with me, step-daddy, because you’re not divorcing my mom and waiting for me at the end of the aisle; you’re walking me down it, do you understand?”


She kissed me again and calmly guided my rod to her twat. “If you divorce my mom, I’ll never forgive you, got it?” she pondered, wrapping her arms around me.

“I got you, Kali. I understand completely,” I added, feeling her butt. “Ride me like a horse, you black mare.”

She did just that and made it as pleasurable as possible. I felt my schlong in and out on her pussy walls like mad, and feeling her butt too was amazing. She stayed close for the time being and kept eye contact as well, but we didn’t talk.

She still managed to keep herself moving back and forth somewhat swiftly, and I held her in place with my hands on her butt too. I clutched those cheeks somewhat hard, but made sure not to dig my nails into her, though.

I kept her relatively comfortable, but of course, I saw the toll coming upon her with my pecker digging into her pussy. Mine was undoubtedly bigger than Peyton’s, and in that position, gravity took over too, so it went in there deep.

I felt the grip on me from her getting stronger by the second, but she never said a word. She needed some time to comprehend everything fully, but she did it with a grain of salt. Feeling her move herself back and forth certainly gave more thrills, and I already had trouble staying upright.

She made herself bounce up and down somewhat, but still maintained her position being close to me. I couldn’t resist, but feel her all over her back as she wasn’t uncontrollable just yet.

“Oh, you have some smooth body, Kali; it’s slick as ice, but black.”

“There’s such a thing as black ice, smart ass, now lie back,” she ordered me, before shoving m down. “Look at my boobs as they flop around, Robert. Just don’t picture me being my mom; I’m your hot step-daughter that you want to fuck, got it?”

“Yes,” I responded, feeling her thighs.

I made her bounced up and down a little more, and she certainly had her melons bounce up and down too. I eyeballed them just as she wanted, and she didn’t salp me ironically. She just let the show go on and gave me all the access I could handle too.

I got off on being her white step-dad fucking her being black, and so did she. I wasn’t sure if she genuinely liked me before, but it seemed that way as she took my cock the best, and she could and certainly more and willing to go all night if need be.

I had to see her pussy and johnson; seeing her black lips go back and forth on my white prick certainly wooed me. I couldn’t help it. Once again, she danced in the endzone as she knew that despite it being so taboo, she had me glued to her, so to speak.

Needless to say, as she had me down there too, she got more energetic too. I got to see those tits flop around nonstop and feel her pussy fuck my dick so much more as well. I tried to hold onto her thighs the best I could, but she was fire and burning down the house.

She did grab my arms and hold them in place as well, making it easier for me to hold her. Nevertheless, with her burning, I knew I was gonna get burned in due time. I was fine with that considering what the prize was.

I mainly looked at her private parts and enjoyed them dearly, but I had to pay her some attention. She deserved that much, even though she was a naughty young woman fucking her step-dad with her mom just thirty to forty feet away.

We kept it down the best we could, but we were enjoying the great intimacy with that eye contact after a few more minutes. I certainly saw much of her mom in her, but I still managed to separate them perfectly.

I just fucked her as my sexy step-daughter and didn’t look back. We had the bed quaking frequently and even coming off its legs too, but we were in the zone, so we didn’t care. Even with me enjoying her thighs so much, she stole my hands and placed them on my boobs.

I squeezed them a bit, but didn’t say a word. My dick spoke all the words they needed to, but yet, it wasn’t done. I felt it vibrating nonstop and just waiting to shoot. Although, I wasn’t about to cum inside her because I didn’t want to upset her.

She still wasn’t making it easy, but yet, I still loved it that way. With me feeling those squishy tits, too, she was destruction-proof and pretty everything-proof, so she could do anything and make me love all the same.

She grabbed my wrists and clutched them. “Do you feel those titties and that pussy too, Robert? They’re all black and ready for you, so I hope you’re ready to enjoy them for all their sexy goodness, are you?”

“Yes,” I moaned, arching my back. “I love you, Kali,” I stated before kissing her.

“I know, but get the fuck back down,” she commanded me, prior to shoving me down again. “I’m your step-daughter, so you will obey my demands, got it?”

“Yes, this bossy side of you is very attractive. There is no bad side of you, except for you helping me cheat, though. I’ll forgive you for that, though. You’re only the sexiest woman in the world, so how am I not?”

“I don’t know, but, shit, you’re holding your load? Oh, you must be crazy about me if you still haven’t shot it. Dare I ask: are you crazy about me, Robert? Does the very of screwing your black step-daughter make you feel dirty, but so loving at the same time? So, you have to feel the love for me grow stronger? Does it make it very attractive to me and therefore crazy about me, so you can’t do anything to upset me? Even if you’re cheating on my mom?”

“Yes, Kali, you’re just that sexy, I swear. I wanted to have sex with you the first minute I met you, but how could I tell you something like that? I wanted to stay with your mom, but it’s not like I could ever manage to keep that secret to myself forever. I had to watch when you decided to have a threesome in your room, you hot young woman.”

“Oh, yes, what choice did you have?” she asked, leaning back. “Your dick gets hard when you see a stunning woman, right? The same happened with my mom, so you needed to get into her panties, and you wound up proposing too,” she added before looking at me again. “Did you having a hot step-daughter to leer at sweetening the deal?”

“It didn’t hurt, smart-ass, and these melons certainly helped you out as well,” I made clear, rising with her again. “Don’t think I don’t respect you, though. I love you just the same.”

“I know that, dummy. I know your johnson got the better of you when you were looking at me having a threesome. It’s nothing to be ashamed of; it’s not like you would’ve been so interested if I wasn’t involved. Even though that’s true, I know you love me. There’s a fine line between love and lust, but let’s have them intertwine,” she suggested, before she pushed my face to her melons.

She scrubbed her rack with my face, and I felt a raw, but sexy sensation that went out like mad for a few minutes. She failed to release my head for even a second and had us both jolting around yet again.

After a couple of minutes, she finally stopped on her left tit. “Lick that nipple now and make it count. I’m your black step-daughter, so you have to treat me like a queen, Robert. Don’t worry; I won’t exploit that, though; I’ll treat you like a king in return; sound good?”

I nodded, and she blew me a kiss. I felt emotional love, so I spread the physical love by licking and sucking on both of her nipples.

“Oh, yes, suck out all the chocolate flavor, Robert. It’s like an odd-shaped piece of cake, but you can’t bite it. That may suck, but you’re not eating any calories, though.”

“Are you saying that I could stand to lose some weight, Kali?”

“Would it be a mood killer if I said ‘Yes’?”

“No, would it be that if I said you should gain some weight and have it all go to your hooters?”

“No, because you phrased it just the right way, smart-ass, now suck my other nipple,” she commanded me, before pushing my face to it. “Look at into my eyes as you do it too, you bad man. You got some nerve watching me fuck Peyton and Sasha, but I’ll forgive you, though. Now you’re fucking your step-daughter too, so that makes you quite the evil man. Don’t worry; I can keep your secret. You’ll be like Superman or Batman with two identities, but with the same name. I’ll just know the difference, and I’ll keep my mouth shut. You just keep your mouth and tongue moving on my nipple like that, and you got my lips zipped. As I stated, I want you walking me down the aisle, even though I have no idea who will be at the end, so I’ll be good to you, but you have to return the favor. That does include not screwing around behind my mom’s back again, understand?”

I nodded again and relished having her massage I had too. She gave more eye contact then than all of the time in our step-father/daughter relationship. I just licked and sucked on her nipples slowly, but surely to make her feel wonderful.

Judging by how she was jiggling around and attacking me with her breath, I had her hooked as well. So, it seemed that we were both screwed up and made for each other somewhat. She indeed appeared just to be a younger version of her mom, but crazier.

Even though I couldn’t taste a natural chocolate flavor from her nipples, I still went terrible at it, like I’d die if I didn’t. I wasn’t planning on doing it again, so I indeed made that time with her count. I sucked so hard, so my cheeks went into my face, and I got a headache too.

Nevertheless, the emotional spike was still quite worth it. So, even without an orgasm, I still felt like I had one because of my mental score, so to speak. Nothing and no one could replace that, so I had to cherish her for all of her sexy goodness.

So, I made sure to look at her again from time to time, but never took my mouth off her nipples, even for a second. It still came as no easy task, but until the very last second before I needed to shoot, I was out to please her as she could never imagine.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes, step-daddy,” she moaned, snuggling her head back. “Please me just like that and make yourself build up such a huge load, and you have to explode with fireworks.”

I surely was hoping to do just that for her, but I still couldn’t go on forever to make myself blast out so much that she’d be forever stunned. Although, I did have another idea, I brought my lips to hers and made out with her again.

Even though I stopped pleasing her nipples, she was still all too happy to kiss me again. After a moment, I calmly had her lie down without our lips parting. Then I made sweet love to her like she was her mom.

Still, I wasn’t picturing her being Monica, but still, she gave the magic like it was flipping a switch. After another moment, I parted my lips from hers and grabbed her arms as she let them above her head.

Neither of us said a word, but nothing needed to be said. I just let my schlong go in and out of her slit ever so slowly; I watched her perceive it as the most loving gesture I could make. Neither of us shot each other lusty looks, but loving ones.

I felt her jerk around a tad due to me pushing my pecker into her deep, but she didn’t cry or whine at all. She took it the best she could and failed to give me any impression that she couldn’t take it at all.

I quickly found out that even doing it with her like that made the intimacy skyrocket indeed. I got to truly feel her a bit more as I stayed close to her. I felt our bodies rub together smoothly, and indeed the best way possible too.

I still kissed her several times, but never for a couple of seconds each time. That made it hot, but still romantic too, I thought, making her want me that much more. After a couple of minutes, she forced her arms back down and felt my lower back.

She caressed it for me and shimmered a bit as well, telling me how good I was making her feel too. I got my jollies from her most definitely, and with each passing second, she got closer to having her step-dad submerge her.

Nevertheless, making sweet love to her made me make a different desire the prize: love. I couldn’t help it, I loved her in the same way as Monica, and I was sure I’d never see her the same, but I still had to commit to what I said before, though.

As I saw her shedding a few tears again, it became even more real, but I still hoped it was all for the best, though. Even if it wasn’t, both of us invested more in each other than we ever thought possible.

I felt her melons rubbing against my hairy chest, and I even got her to giggle a bit because it tickled her. So, I covered all my bases the best I could and even kept myself guessing. I didn’t try to woo her too much or too less, but I was just myself making her feel good along with myself.

I saw her as the sexy young black woman she was, but it was still the fact that she was my step-daughter that made her so hot to me. So, with everything going through my mind like that, I used it to muster up as much passion and never regret cheating on Monica.

Even with intimacy cooming out the wazoo, I lifted myself a tad and grabbed her thighs again as I made love to her. That way, I could see her big tits again as they shook somewhat. I wasn’t doing too hard, so they could move too much, but it was still quite the show.

I watched for a couple of minutes, and with each thrust, it seemed like my cum got closer to coming out of my cock. So, I showed the signs as I moaned and gave her quite the face too. She failed to say anything, but she knew it.

She smirked as much as she could and massaged my back and even my butt somewhat too. So, we proved to each other repeatedly that if her mom wasn’t in the picture, we could make it work.

“I might be twenty years older than you, but I’d propose to you in a heartbeat if you wanted me to, Kali,” I moaned, before evicting my schlong.

“And I’d take that ring too, now douse me, horndog.”

I did just that a few seconds later and felt the most intense thrills to go along with that orgasm. I couldn’t even describe it, but it was so wonderful that it was bad too. I surely feel my cock hurting as I came and certainly afterward too, but yet, it was still worth it.

I sweated up a storm as well, but yet, nothing stopped me or turned her off either. She was more than willing to accept me and my cum for everything it was. I wasn’t sure how we go on after that, but I still felt hopeful.

She helped me when she brought herself up and kissed me. “Well, thank you for not cumming inside me, Robert, and for the stains on my chest here; I love you.”

“I love you too, Kali.”

“I think you should go now, though, before my mom comes looking for you.”

“Okay, but we’re okay?”

“Yes, why wouldn’t we be?”

“I don’t know, but I just wanted to be sure.”

“Okay, but don’t think you can fuck me again, though, then we’d be having an affair, got it? I know you want me, but you’ll always have the memories. What makes those great is that you want to remember them, but seeing my mom heartbroken wouldn’t qualify, do you get me?”

“Yes, but may I kiss you one more time?”

She moved her lips to mine and kissed me. “If it makes you feel better, go and find my Mr. Right, and then maybe I’ll end up marrying him.”

“And I can walk you down the aisle?”

“Yes, but please don’t watch me have sex with him, though.”

“Okay, I’ll do my best. I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

“Yes, just like every other day, dude, don’t forget who you’re married to, okay?”

I nodded and got off the bed. I got dressed before heading to the door, but I looked back at Kali to see her blow me a kiss, so even if I couldn’t have sex with her again, I did have a much closer relationship.

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