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I love Moby dick

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Uncle Adam introduced me to Moby, his cock, at first I was unsure about touching his cock but he taught me some stuff and now I love it so much.

Cock fun with Uncle Adam was my favourite type of fun, he introduced me to Moby, that’s what he called his cock, named after Moby Dick from the book, when I was 12.

It was Halloween and he took me trick or treating, I was wearing my fluffy bunny onesie, with big fluffy rabbit ears and big fluffy rabbit hand mittens and I had my face painted pink with a black bunny nose and whiskers, Uncle Adam didn’t make much of an effort, he just wore a black robe and a ghost face mask, you know that killer from the Scream movies.

We spent a few hours going around all the posh houses and when we went in to the front room, I sat on the floor and I waited for him to give me my candy, but he wouldn’t give it to me, “Why?” I asked, I didn’t understand why he was being so mean.

“If you want your candy you have to do something for me.” He said, then he stood right in front of me, took off his mask, lifted his black robe and revealed his cock to me, I didn’t know what to do or where to look, so I just chuckled and grinned, “Go ahead, feel it, hold it, put it in your hand.” He said.

But I didn’t want too, something made me feel like this was wrong and I would get in trouble, I shook my head saying no.

“Do you want your candy or not.” He said.

Something was telling me it was wrong, but I really wanted my candy, so I sat up on my knees and I reached out and held his cock in my hand, it was soft and rubbery, he told me to rub it, so I did it and it quickly began to grow longer and wider and I could feel it had a pulse, I became really fascinated by it and started to enjoy playing with it, “Is it growing, Uncle Adam?” I asked, with extreme curiosity.

“Yeah – good in’it. Moby likes you.” He replied.

“Who is Moby?” I asked.

“That’s its name. Moby.” He replied.

I continued to rub on his now rock hard cock, it was so cool, I remember thinking to myself, when they teach sex education in school, this is how they should do it, use real people and real cocks and pussies to demonstrate.

He told me to rub faster so I did, “Faster.” He shouted, so I held it with both hands and rubbed it with all my strength, then he squirted white stuff all over my face, it was thick and sticky and it went in my eye and stung, “Ouch – Uncle Adam it stings.” I cried, letting go of his still squirting cock and trying to get it out of my eyes.

He used part of his robe to wipe it off my face, “Sorry, I should have warned you that was going to happen.” He said, then he gave me my bucket of candy and kissed me on the top of my head, “Good girl.” He called me.

Later that evening Uncle Adam pulled out the sofa bed and we got dressed for bed and then nice and cosy under the sheets while watching TV and I was stuffing my face with chocolate, he kept having to wipe it off my mouth because I was making a mess of my face with melted chocolate.

“Here, I’ve got an idea..” he said, he took some of my chocolate buttons and held them in his hand with his hand closed, then he threw the sheets off of him and exposed his cock again, it was already big and hard, he opened his hand and all the chocolate buttons had melted, then he rubbed his hand all over his cock, covering his cock in melted chocolate, “…Why don’t you eat it off there.” He said, winking at me.

I burst out laughing, “Nooo.” I said.

“Go on. It’s chocolate.” He replied.

“But it’s on your cock. You want me to put it in my mouth?” I asked.

“Yeah – Go on. Just try it, just once. If you don’t like it after a minute or two you can stop.” He said.

I put my bag of buttons down and I sat up beside him, I reluctantly leaned forward to put it in to my mouth but I couldn’t stop giggling, “Come on, you can do it.” He said, “Alright – Okay.” I said, composing myself and stopping giggling, it hurt my back leaning down so far so I laid across the mattress on my front, I placed my hands on his leg, closed my eyes, took a deep breath and lunged forward and slurped his cock in to my mouth.

I paused briefly just to taste the top of it, once I knew it tasted okay I lowered my head further and slid his cock deeper in to my mouth and I was sucking on it, it really tasted like chocolate and I love chocolate so I sucked on it for ages getting all the chocolate off of it and once the chocolate was gone I just kept going because his cock felt good inside my mouth.

A few minutes later I felt his cock balloon inside my mouth and then something hit my tonsils pretty hard repeatedly, he had come in to my mouth, I slipped his cock out of my mouth and coughed, it had already shot down my throat so I just swallowed, gasped and then hit him, “Uncle Adam!” I shouted.

“What?” he said.

“You didn’t tell me you were squirting.” I replied, angrily, wiping my mouth with the back of my arm, then he started to tickle me and made me laugh, “Stop it – Hehe” I protested, he rolled me on to my back, put his hands up my night-shirt and pulled off my knickers.

“What are you doing?!” I asked.

Then he tipped out the bag of chocolate buttons all over my belly then rubbed the buttons all over my pussy, the heat coming from my pussy melted them quickly and soon I was covered in melted chocolate, “Are you going to lick it off of me now?” I asked.

“Yeah.” He replied, then he immediately planted his face between my legs and started to roughly lick and munching his lips on my pussy, at first it tickled and was just weird, but then I began to tingle between my legs, it made my head buzz and I opened my legs wider, I don’t know why, it just happened, he burrowed his tongue deeper in to the crack of my pussy and licked me raw.

“Uncle Adam – I feel strange.” I said.

“That’s good. That’s very good.” He replied, then his tongue pressed against my pussy and he moved up my body, over my tummy, licking out my belly-button, up my chest and licking my nipples, then up my neck, around the curve of my chin and then he gave me a kiss and then smiled, “Wait until you try this.” He said.

I didn’t know what he was referring too, then he pushed his hands underneath my back and held me and I felt something push against my pussy, it took me a moment to realise it was his cock, I moaned with fear at what I knew what was about to happen, and then it did, in one quick thrust of his hips, his cock tore through my opening and I felt it inside of me, “Oh-Argh-Uncle-“, I cried out, and he began to fuck me, pushing his cock in and out of my pussy, “Oooh.” I moaned, it started to feel pretty good.

In my head I pictured what they’d showed us in school, they used a sausage to demonstrate, they took some sausage skin which was flat, they put the skin on this machine and it filled it with sausage meat, the skin expanded as the meat was pushed in to it, that is exactly what was happening to my pussy right now, my pussy was the skin and his cock was the meat, stretching out and expanding my insides.

I felt pain then pleasure when he pushed it inwards, then pleasure then pain as he pulled it back out, he repeated the movement over and over again and it made me moan out uncontrollably as he fucked me, I enjoyed the pleasure part but not so much the pain part, I guess that’s why people tell their partners to go faster, because the faster they fuck, the quicker you feel the pleasure part.

“Ungh – God – Ouch – Uncle Adam.”

“You like that?” he asked me.

“Ungh – Yeah – Fast – Faster.” I moaned.

“My pleasure, darling.” He replied, and he held me tighter, he pushed himself closer to me, slightly lifting my butt off the mattress and he fucked me faster just like I’d asked.

“Uncle Adam – Umm.” I had my first orgasm and it was explosive, I screamed the house down and tore a hole in the sheets when I dug my nails in to it from the pleasurable pressure surging through my body.

I sounded like an idiot with all the sounds I was making but I couldn’t help myself, this was my first time, Uncle Adam was taking my virginity and he hadn’t even finished yet, but I’d already made up my mind, I LOVED SEX!!!!

“Ung – I’m cumming! – I’m going to cum!” he announced loudly, he chooses now to finally warm me and he was banging it in my pussy hard, “Ooh shit – Ooh shit – Oooh my god – Ooooo-arrghh!” and with his one last final moan, this time I felt his cock balloon inside of me and then I felt my cervix being pelted with his heavy shots of spunk.

I like going to my Uncle Adam’s every weekend and having fun with Moby, he’s such a good cock.

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