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I lost my virginity at 11

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This was by far the BEST night I’ve ever had.

This all happened about a month ago.
It was night and I was at my friend’s house.
She had an older brother, Ashley. I saw him when I came in and he was super hot. He’s 12.

When i was sleeping in my friend’s bed with her, she started asking me personal questions and at one point kissed me and my chest. It was kind of hot and I enjoyed it but I prefer boys; I’m more straight that gay.

When she fell asleep, i snuck into her brother’s room and sat on his bed as he slept. He looked so cute. I sat where i guessed his dick was and felt it under the duvet. He flinched but stayed asleep. He only woke up when i pulled off the duvet and pulled down his pj bottoms.

He gasped and was clearly startled, but I looked rlly hot as i told him to shush so he did. I waited for his dick to get hard and then started rubbing it up and down. Then I started to suck it. He was so young, you could tell because his foreskin hadn’t actually peeled back yet, it didn’t look like the dicks I watched online.

I shuffled forward, still positioned over him. His dick was touching my pussy through my pjs. I took off what I was wearing and sat on his dick.

We fucked for half an hours then i went back to sleep in my sister’s room, satisfied.

Everything in my stories is true and if u’d like to talk then my insta is @apriliguess 🙂

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