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I Let the Girls Out

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I guess I was blessed with 30 C cups, in 6th grade. Too bad all the boys in school are too scared to do anything but just stare.

I’d never even been groped, not that I really wanted to. I don’t know, honestly I couldn’t even get a smile, because they all looked away, and got nervous whenever they saw me.

And the girls, most of my friends aren’t jealous. Most of the other girls won’t even stand next to me, because they look even flatter by comparison. A big part of the problem is the rest of me isn’t that big.

4’9″ tall, maybe 97’lbs soaking wet, after a big meal. That’s a little above average, for a 12 year old, but I got held back. Honestly, all the attention was more than a little distracting for me, as well as the boys.

Dress code didn’t help, the baggier the top, the more I looked fat, when I’m not. I don’t have enough fat left over from the top to have a belly, and I even have pretty good abs from doing crunches, mostly.

Finally, I got more than a little adult attention from one of the Janitors. He bumped into me, we’re both coming around the corner, and I was on the way to the bath room.

“Oh, shit, I mean. Dang, I’m sorry, I.” He shook his head, and shut his mouth, before he let any more expletives out, but he just barely brushed 1 side with his arm. Right above the elbow, but it managed to twang my nipple.

So, I had that weirdly uncomfortable feeling of 1 side hard, and the other soft, rushing off to take a piss. I had a little too much to drink, but I was still steady on my feet. Even in these heels, which make my legs look longer, my feet a little daintier, and of course almost 5′ even.

“Huh!” I’m also hoping to give them something else to look at in a knee length skirt, because that’s the bare minimum, for dress code. I flushed, and wiped, but he seemed to have found a broom. Somewhere, he was just hanging out in the halls.

Pretending to sweep absolutely nothing, as if that was the sort of thing he did, all the time. In the middle of class, without a dustpan, when you only ever saw him with a dust-mop. Since that was wide enough to actually sweep the halls, in any reasonable amount of time.

I stopped, and looked back quick, just to catch him glancing up at my side boob, before I turned the corner again. “Uh, when you’re done with that, maybe you can grab a mop, and check the girl’s room?”

“Why what happened in there?”

“I don’t know, somebody must have spilled something or other, come on.” I took his hand, and led him off by it. “I’ll show you.”

I know, he’s definitely not supposed to be in here with a student. A girl, since this was the girl’s room, and they had female staff members to clean up, just so they don’t have to worry about it. Him, or any of the other male faculty in here while one of us has our pants down. “Huh, in the handycap stall.”

I pointed, and stuck my fingers in my blouse. Between the buttons, so I could feel the hook, and twist it out of the loop to release the C cups. “Huh, that’s better.”

“I don’t see anything,” I met him at the door, already staring around the middle, and working my way up to the top button.

“What about now?” I kept going, but his grin went up a few watts, as his eyes went down the open front once the top button popped free. “You like what you see?”

“Uh,” he backed up, “What class are you in, anyway?”

“Mr. Johnson’s. 6th grade, but I got held back. That’s what you’re wondering isn’t it? Why a teenager is here, in an elementary school with you?” His eyes followed my hands down, but with each button, the cotton linen spread wider, and wider, until it couldn’t hold the cups in, and my nipples slipped out to brush the inside. “Uh, you wouldn’t believe how horny I get in Mr. Johnson’s.”

“I don’t know him, but. I guess, I don’t know all the teachers here. Why, he good looking?”

“Oh yeah, not as good looking as you, but I don’t have to sit in your class day in. Day out, bored to tears, and looking for an excuse to run off, and fap.” I finally got brave, and felt up between his legs. Kept going over his balls, and followed the stiff ridge to the tip of his boner.

“Huh, go ahead.” He pulled my top out, still buttoned on the bottom, but that let my bra fall free under my arms, and left a little extra room for him to get his hands inside. “Huh, my nipples, touch my nipples.”

“They’re really hard,” he rubbed them with his thumbs, and slipped his hands up, to the side of his finger. Right next to the knuckle.

“Don’t pinch them too hard, but speaking of hard.” I finally got his zipper down, and his belt unbuckled. Then, I found the “Snap? Nice!” I didn’t know they made men’s pants with a snap, but I sure am glad it wasn’t a button fly. “I bet even Mr. Johnson’s isn’t this big, and thick. Uh, it’s so thick, I bet I’m way too tight in the pussy.”

I bit my lip, and looked up. As if I’d already said too much, then I nodded, so he looked up.

“I’m a virgin.” I looked down, blushing just in time for him to grunt, and hump into my hands.

“Uh, huh! Fuck.” He reached out blindly, and managed to grab hold of the handicap bars. “Ah fuck! Uh, I’m sorry.”

I let go, when it stopped spurting hot, and sticky all over my chest. I shrugged, and stopped rubbing his balls. He stopped twitching, but I gave them a pat before pulling his waistband back up.

“Huh, don’t be. I’m going to fap to that for a week, but.” Buttoning up my blouse, I looked down. “You didn’t spill a drop, so don’t worry about mopping up in here. You better go before somebody comes in and catches you in here with me.”

I had to stop, and juggle the girls back in, but that just made most of it roll in to drip down the middle. One of the reasons I love these bras is they lift, and separate. Of course the main reason is I can get in, and out of them easily, I didn’t even have to take my top off!

“Huh!” I took a deep breath, and let out another sigh before I buttoned it the rest of the way up over the fresh tangy smell of his wad. “Sniff!” Okay, one last one before I buttoned the last button.

I wan’t lying either. I didn’t wash that bra, nor the top for a whole week. Just so I could smell my first cum shot, again and again while fapping. Then, it got old, so I had to go track him down again after school. “You avoiding me?” To deposit another fresh load before the weekend.

I thought that a boy would do anything to get his hands on my tits, but it turns out that a man will do anything to hide the fact that he touched a 12 year old.

I know, I lied and said I was already a teenager, but it’s only a few more months. Until summer, bikini season, and more chances to find teenage boys that don’t know me. Well enough to know how young I am, so I can lie about my age even more.

Until then, I’ve got a man to play with, in the janitor closet, and he will do what I say, when I say it. If he doesn’t want to go to jail, for jailbait.



Note, she lied about her bra size, too. She doesn’t say how big his dick is, because honestly? She doesn’t care about that.

She’s not that kind of Size Queen.

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