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I humiliate myself to get off


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I am the most disgusting fucking whore and I love degrading myself but I’m also ashamed I’m a piece of shit

I hump my toilet and trash cans by rubbing my cunt on it really hard,
I make out with my toilet and with my trash can..
I got naked in the bathroom stall at the strip club I worked at and I jumped the toilet and rubbed my writ cunt all over it til I came, it so weird I know…
I lay in the bathtub with my legs up a wall and angle myself to piss in my own mouth and on my face,
I fuck myself with my dirty underwear on my head covering my face..
I fuck myself in the ass while I have my head in the toilet or trash can full of trash,,
I hit myself in the face and tell myself how ugly and gross I am. I wipe my cunt slime all over my face..
These are some things I do when I can’t cum,, this is the what I need to come harrrrd. I wish I wasn’t like this no one knows I do this,, my husband caught me on Reddit humiliating myself for the world, but he knows I don’t do that anymore, but I can’t control myself…
I still humiliate and degrade myself when I’m alone.
I’m a trash whore
Beat me up and stomp on my face plz
Piss on me and leave me in an alley to be gangrapedd


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