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I gave her what she wanted – big time

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She was constantly nagging me to be her boyfriend, this little girl just wouldn’t quit, when she finally got me, I wished it had happened sooner.

Rebecca, “Becky”, was barely 10 at the time, I was 15, she was the daughter of my dad’s new girlfriend.

My dad met his new girlfriend after she moved in to the house down the road, they seemed to hit it off pretty quickly, I was introduced to her when I came home from school one day, she was sitting on the sofa with my dad, they didn’t tell me they were in a relationship at first, I just thought they were friends.

When I first met her daughter Becky, I thought she was kind of cute, I didn’t have a sister so suddenly being around this girl all the time was a little strange, she was at my house all the time, and she became very annoying.

I kind of had a girlfriend at the time, it wasn’t official or anything, but I’d taken a shine to a girl at school and had been trying to get her to go out with me, Becky saw me with her and got a bit jealous because Becky had a crush on me but I kept pushing her away because she was just a stupid kid.

Then one afternoon after school I was in my bedroom playing on my Nintendo, Becky, as usual, came to my house after school, she ran up the stairs like an elephant and rushed in to my bedroom, she sat down on the bed beside me and caused the bed to bounce which made me lose a life in the game I was playing, “Fuck sake, Becky, what do you want?” I snapped.

“Nowt – I just want to watch.” She replied.

I told her she can sit and watch but she had to be quiet and not bug me, and that lasted about 30 seconds before she opened her mouth again.

“I saw you with that girl today.” She said.

“So?” I grumbled.

“Is she your girlfriend?” she asked.

“No.” I replied.

She stared down towards the floor and started to swing her foot side-to-side, like girls do when they’re nervous and like someone, sort of a flirty reflex, “You wouldn’t go out with me, would you?” she asked, when I didn’t answer her she nudged me on my arm, “Would you?” she asked again.

“No! – You’re too young for me.” I replied, she was starting to really get on my nerves.

“I’m not. I’m only five years younger than you. Don’t you like me?” she asked, I refused to answer, “Is it because I’m not as pretty as the other girls?” she asked.

I didn’t want to be part of this conversation, she was a pain in the ass, but she was potentially going to be my new step-sister, and for some reason hearing her say bad things about herself pulled on my heart strings a little, “Don’t be daft. You are pretty.” I replied.

That made her smile and she blushed, her foot started swinging faster, “I really like you.” She said.

“I like you too.” I replied, reluctantly.
“If you like me and think I’m pretty then why don’t you want to go out with me?” she asked.

“Because.” I huffed.

“Because why?” she asked, then she just nagged and nagged, “Why won’t you go out with me? – Tell me why? – Why not? – Why?”

I paused my game and put the controller on my knee, then I turned to the side, I wanted to strangle her right there and then, she was getting on my bloody nerves, but I remained calm, why are girls so damn annoying at times, “You are too young.” I said.

“Why?” she repeated.

“Listen – I think you are really nice, and you are pretty, but you are too young for a boy my age.” I replied, as nicely as I could.

“But why?” she asked.

“Fucking hell, Becky. Boys my age do stuff with girls that I can’t do with you, because you are too young.” I replied.

She finally went quiet for a couple of minutes before speaking again, “Like kissing? – I will kiss you if I was your girlfriend.” she said.

She made me chuckle, “Not just kissing.” I said.

“What else do they do?” she asked.

I didn’t want to beat around the bush anymore, so I just came out and said it, “Sex.” I said, oddly saying that word in front of her made even me blush a little, I waited for her response and I already knew what she was going to ask next.

“What’s that?” she asked, I knew she was going to ask that question.

“Something boyfriends and girlfriends do together.” I replied.

“I will do that with you.” She replied, even though she didn’t know what it was.

“No you won’t.” I laughed.

“Yeah I will. Why won’t I?” she asked.

“Because you’d have to take all your clothes off to do it, and I’d see you naked.” I teased.

“Okay.” She said, then she stood up and took off her red school jumper and started to unbutton her white shirt.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Taking my clothes off for you.” She replied.

I ignored her because I thought she was just messing around and she wouldn’t actually strip off in my bedroom in front of me, how wrong I was.

I was facing the TV screen but my eyes were looking to my right and watching her undress, she actually did it, first her shirt came off, revealing her bare flat chest, then she kicked off her shoes, pulled off her socked, unzipped her grey pleated school skirt and removed it, she was standing there wearing only her white flowery design panties, the anticipation built up in my head, will she or won’t she, and then she did, she pushed her panties down and stepped out of them.

“Will you go out with me now?” she asked, standing in the middle of my bedroom floor, completely naked, she walked right up to me and put her hand on my shoulder, “Please let me be your girlfriend.” She said.

Seeing her naked was unbelievably arousing, she had an adorable little body, a nice rounded ass and her bald pussy looked so juicy, “Okay, I’ll be your boyfriend.” I replied, then I grabbed her, picked her up and threw her on to my bed.

I quickly stood and started to pull my clothes off, I’d never got undressed so fast in all my life, my cock was already fully erect and it was growling in my pants to set free, Becky giggled when she saw my cock spring out from inside my boxer shorts, “Is that your willy?” she asked.

“Yeah. Do you like it?” I asked.

“It looks funny.” She giggled, as I pulled back the bed sheets and climbed under them and laid myself on top of her, I kissed her which felt strange, she didn’t know how to kiss properly and she was slobbering all over my mouth.

I started tapping the end of my cock against her pussy, “What are you doing that for?” she asked.

“So we can have sex.” I replied.

I continued to kiss her sloppy mouth and rub my hands all over her soft baby like skin, it took a few minutes of me prodding her pussy with my cock before it finally went in, and boy did Becky scream the house down when my cock ripped her teeny pussy wide open.

“Ungh – Argh – It hurts.” She cried out.

I ignored her cried at first, I was too busy enjoying the feeling of her incredibly small pussy tightly squeezing around my 6 inch cock, “Argh! – Argh! – Ouch!” she cried and cried as I pushed my cock in and out of her.

She eventually calmed down when the initial pain of penetration faded away, and she started to enjoy me fucking her, “Ungh – Ooh – Ungh – Mmm.” She moaned.

I propped myself up on my elbows and watched her cute facial expressions as we fucked, occasionally kissing her and rubbing my fingers through her long dark hair, her mouth was wide open and breathing on to my face, her eyes kept squeezing shut, but when she opened them she stared directly in to mine and briefly smiled.

I kissed and bit her skinny little neck giving her a love bite, and then my spunk began to flow up my shaft, it was gathering at the tip and I fought the urge to ejaculate for as long as I could, until the pressure got too much and I had no choice but to release and I flooded her little pussy with my seed.

She had an orgasm just before I came, and her cum face was so precious, it was the cutest thing I’d ever seen.

We became proper boyfriend and girlfriend after that, our parents didn’t like the idea of us seeing each other in an intimate way, because they eventually got married and Becky legally became my step-sister and it was like incest, my dad and her mom knew we were having sex but they were fine with it as long as we used protection, which we never did.

Becky got pregnant when she was 14, we had our first baby together, and now, many-many years later we’re married with 3 children and are very happy together.

When I first met Becky I never would have imagined that we’d end up together.

And her 10 year old pussy, oh my God, what a pussy, her pussy remained bone-crushingly tight until she had our first baby, and the sex was out of this world.

I’m getting older and starting to crave little pussy again, I just want to fuck a tight little girl’s pussy one more time.

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