I fucked my mom three times

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Mom was passed out drunk and I couldn’t control my urges. I fucked her 3 times but now I’m scared my baby sister is actually mine. It’s complicated.

I was 13 and my mom went on a night out, she does almost every weekend, she’s not a drunk but she does sometimes come home wasted.

This particular time she came home at 2am in the morning, she was being really noisy and it woke me up, I got out of bed and walked to the top of the stairs, when I looked down I saw her sitting on the bottom step, she looked like she had passed out.


So I went down and tried to wake her up because I didn’t want to leave her there, she opened her eyes and she smiled when she saw me, she stunk of alcohol and tobacco, “Hiya – *burp* – Toby. I love you.” She uttered.

“I love you too, mom. You can’t sleep here though, come on.” I said, frustrated that I had to carry her up the stairs again, she put her arm around me and we slowly made out way up the stairs, mom kept tripping on the steps and laughing, but it wasn’t funny, I struggled for ages to get her up the stairs then she dashed in to the bathroom to puke, “I’ll get you some water.” I said, heading downstairs for a glass.

When I got back upstairs mom had taken herself in to her bedroom and was sitting on the floor with her arm and head on the bed, like she attempted to get in to bed but didn’t quite make it, so I put the glass down and I put my arms under hers and lifted her up on to her bed, I took her boots off but as I rolled her on to her side in case she was sick during the night, her right breast popped out of her top, she was only wearing a thin bra top and a very short mini skirt.

My mom was only 28, she had me when she was about my age, being so young she was still very good looking, even to me, in fact she looked more like an 18 year old, she was just so youthful looking, and her boobs were still super-firm, she had nice big boobs and an amazing figure.

Mom was completely out of it, I tried to wake her up but nothing worked, she was far too drunk, being a hormonal teenage boy I couldn’t resist the opportunity to touch her boob, so I reached out and cupped it in my hand, I got an instant boner, her boob felt both soft and springy and it was perfectly rounded.

After feeling her boob my cock got so hard it actually started to hurt so I pushed my boxers down allowing my cock to feel the cool air in the room, which help a little bit, my thoughts drifted and it was like my cock was talking to me inside my head, and telling me to fuck my mom.


I battled with my impure thoughts for a while but eventually caved, mom was unconscious and she would never know, I kicked my boxers off my feet and I pulled out her other boob and I cupped both her boobs for a while, then I squeezed my cock between them and used her boobs to jerk me off and I came all over them.

Normally when I jerk off, my cock shrinks back down almost immediately, but it didn’t this time, it knew there was a pussy in close proximity and it wanted it, so with my cock still fully hard, I rolled mom on to her back and took her top and skirt off, she was wearing red lace panties which I quickly removed.

Mom must shave her pussy because I couldn’t see any hairs on it, I touched it and it was warm and a bit slippery, mom looked sexy when she was naked, having me at such a young age must have been good for her because I couldn’t see any scars or stretch marks, her skin was so smooth and tight.

I flicked her clit and she moaned a little, then I fingered her hole and she moaned some more and spread her legs apart while I finger fucked her, I think it turned her on because her pussy got wetter and she started squeezing her own boobs but she was still asleep.

I kept hearing the voices in my head again, “Fuck her. Fuck her. Fuck her.”, I leaned forward, placing my palms on the bed at her sides to hold myself up and my cock touched her pussy, my cock muscle flexed and made my cock bounce, then I just went for it and I pushed it in, she felt a little tight but it slid inside her quite easily, it was lovely and warm and soft inside.

Feeling the inside of her pussy with my cock made me chuckle to myself, I just kept thinking that I came out of her pussy when I was born and now I’m going to come in her pussy, how bizarre is that.


So there I was fucking my mom like she was a ten dollar hooker, she moaned and although she remained unconscious the entire time, her body reacted to our love making and she was moving around and her hands were all over me and her fingernails were scratching down my back.

I kissed her a couple of times, she kissed me back, I even talked to her a few times, “You have such a nice pussy, mommy.” I whispered.

“Ungh – Mmm” she groaned.

I came within a couple of minutes, it was such an erotic feeling ejaculating inside my mom, felt so much better than when I jerked myself off.

But I didn’t stop there, I rested for a few minutes and then I fucked her again, I didn’t even pull my cock out after the first time, I started to get good at it and even began experimenting with positions, I sat up, lifting moms legs up in to the air and resting them on my shoulders, then I fucked her hard, ramming my cock deeper and deeper inside her pussy.

The third time I fucked her normally, just on top of her with her arms and legs clamped around me, pounding away with my balls knocking against her ass, but just before I came I pulled out, I shuffled up the bed and forced my cock in to her mouth and made her swallow my sperm.


I was pretty tired after all that fucking, so I put her panties back on her and covered her up with her blanket, I gave her a kiss on the forehead then I went back to my room and went to sleep.

I was already awake and in the kitchen eating breakfast before school the morning after, mom came downstairs holding her head and looking really hung over, “Are you alright, mom?” I asked, I was a bit worried that she’d know what happened so I tread carefully.

“Morning, darling.” She said, walking over to me and giving me a kiss on the cheek, “I’m fine.” She said, heading over to the cupboard to get some headache tablets, she took the tablets with a glass of water, “What happened last night?” she asked.

I almost choked on my cereal, I thought I’d been rumbled, “What do you mean?” I asked.

“I remember getting out of the taxi but I don’t remember anything after that.” She said.

“Nothing?” I asked.


She thought for a moment, trying to remember, then she shook her head, “Not a thing.” She replied.

I was so relieved, “Well, I had to carry you up to bed again.” I said.

She looked at me with embarrassment in her eyes, “I’m so sorry, darling.” She said, then she came over and hugged me, “I love you. You’re always taking care of me aren’t you.” She said.

“Yep.” I replied, I took care of her alright.

So I fucked my mom 3 times and totally got away with it, until 9 months later when she gave birth to my sister, Tia.

Now, the week before I had sex with mom, she went out and brought a man home with her and they had sex, I overheard her talking to her friends about him and they assumed that he was the my sisters father.


But do you know how when people have babies and people say things like, “Oh, he has your eyes.” Or “He looks so much like his dad.”, well, people kept saying how much Tia looked like me, and that got me wondering that maybe it was me that got mom pregnant and not that man she brought home.

That would mean that Tia is my daughter, but at the moment I have no way of knowing the truth, I could get a secret DNA test done but I’m scared that whoever does the test, if Tia is mine, then they’ll notice that she has my genes as well as moms and work out that I had sex with my own mom.

I’m just going to leave it and let them believe she’s the daughter of her one night stand, whoever he was.

Just so we’re clear, I don’t for one minute regret fucking my mom, she was a good fuck and I loved all three times.

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