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I fucked my 15 year old daughter

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Wife pissed off – left me with Carly – I showed her what was what when she was 15 and I caught her fooling around with young studs who don’t know how

My wife left when Carly was about 12. She took our sone Jase with her (he was 6) and left Carly behind because she said she was insolent, rude and uncontrollable.
I think that probably about sums up Carly. She was disobedient, sloppy, probably did not go to school as often as she should and was generally quite lazy. Still she is my daughter and I do love her.
I work on a daily newspaper in a big city so I was always away until about 10 or 11 o’clock 6 nights a week. That meant Carly was pretty much in charge of herself after getting home from school. I knew she was running with a pretty bad crowd and I found out what she was up to one night when we had a major electronics failure and I cam home at 9. All lights were out, which was strange, and Carly’s bedroom curtains were pulled back and her window was open. So I crept up to her window and took a peep. Sure enough, there she was, on her back, legs in the air, and some young stud pumping her cunt.
I crept inside up to her bedroom door and threw it back. That was startling to the two of them. I asked the stud his name and age and he confessed to being 19. So I told him he was fucking an underage girl and I would have him for that.
He scarpered, carrying his pants with him.
Carly turned to me and shouted “what did you do! I haven’t cum yet and you have made him leave me hanging!” I did not expect that so I told her if that was how she felt I would finish her off. With that I stripped my pants and boxers and she laid back on the bed with her legs wide open. “Be prepared for a real cock kiddo” I said as I plunged into her, And with that we were off fucking like I had never experienced before. A young tight cunt was something my older and mature cock had never experienced. The tightness of her pussy and the way she clamped on to me for the ride were absolutely fantastic. Talk about cum. My ejaculate came squatting down the sides of her pussy with my cock rammed right up there and her squealing – with great delight
That was a week ago and, guess what. Two days sick leave plus every night had us fucking like rabbits and Carly told me these fucks were much better than the young kids who were always coming too quick – and some of them were coming even before they put their dicks inside her.
I think we will graduate from missionary to cowboy, from behind and ultimately I will give her the lesson of a bum fuck. I cannot wait.
I thought my wife pissing off was not great but now I am truly grateful. This young chick is heaven sent.

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