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I fucked her and she liked it

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On Saturday morning while our parents were asleep I fucked my little sister on the couch and now we can’t stop having sex together.

It was Saturday and me and my sister were up at 6am, we were always up early on a weekend for some reason, during the week when we have to get up for school we never get out of bed until 7:30am and then we have to be shouted at and forced out, but on a weekend we’re both up at dawn.

My sister Kylie is 9 and I’m 12, my name is Ben by the way, we were in the front room watching Saturday morning cartoons, sitting on the couch eating our cereal, I was in my pyjamas and Kylie was wearing her “Little Princess” pink nighty.

We started fighting over the remote control because we both wanted to watch something different, we both grabbed for the remote and as we struggled Kylie knocked her bowl of cereal over herself and she was covered in cornflakes and milk.

She let go of the remote and stood up, I laughed as the milk trickled down her legs and she bashed me on the leg, then she started to laugh seeing the funny side but then she did something unexpected.

She pulled off her nighty, lifting it up over and off her head, I was shocked because she was totally naked underneath, I guess being her brother she wasn’t bothered about me seeing her naked body, she scrunched up her nighty and used it to wipe all the milk off of her legs, she bent over right in front of me, her perfectly rounded ass and her smooth pussy was right in front of my eyes.

I had been having thoughts about girls recently because I started masturbating regularly a few months ago but I never thought I’d actually see a naked girl, seeing Kylie’s pussy was a big and very unexpected surprise.

She ran in to the kitchen to put her nighty in the washer and I put my legs up on the couch to try hide my boner which I now had, when she came back she had brought a kitchen towel and a cereal bar back with her, she sat back on the couch, draped the towel across her lap to cover herself then ate the cereal bar while watching TV.

I couldn’t stop glancing over and looking at her naked chest, she didn’t have boobs yet but she was still a girl and I could see her nipples, I was also staring at her towel and picturing her pussy underneath it which she just flashed in my face.

After finishing my cereal 10 minutes later I put my empty bowl down on the coffee table then moved myself to sit right next to her, “Sorry for knocking over your bowl.” I said to her, with my hands pressed firmly between my legs, desperately trying to hold my boner down.

“It’s okay.” She replied, then she leaned her head to the side and rested it against my shoulder.

As we sat there close together I kept having scary sexual thoughts and I just couldn’t stop thinking about her pussy and my boner was throbbing and starting to hurt because I was forcing it down, I decided to try my luck, “Fuck it.” I thought to myself, then I slowly moved my left hand and slid it underneath the towel and rubbed her leg and thigh, her thighs felt boiling hot and her skin was like silk.

She didn’t seem to mind me rubbing her leg so I pushed it further, I moved my hand around her thigh and between her legs, my little finger grazed her pussy, I felt a wetness on my finger, Kylie lifted her head and looked at me, I continued to rub the back of my little finger along her crack, she peeled back the towel and watched what I was doing.

When she saw and felt that I was touching her private place, she decided to do the same back to me, she playfully put her hand down my bottoms and took hold of my cock, when she felt how big and hard it was she sat up and pulled the waist band of my bottoms down to see it, “Why is your dick so hard?” she asked, still rubbing it with fascination in her eyes.

“Because I love you.” I replied.

She really liked me saying that to her, I don’t say it to her often, “Aww – I love you too.” She replied and she put her arms around me giving me a hug, when she went to hug me her knee slid across the top of my leg and pressed against my cock, my sisters warm naked body was pressed around me, her nipples touching my chest and her pussy just inches away from my throbbing boner.

I couldn’t help myself, I grabbed hold of her, twisted us both around and I laid her down on the couch on her back, I hoisted her knees up in to the air and pulled her legs apart, then I leaned down putting my head between her legs and I don’t really understand why but I suddenly found myself licking her pussy out.

Kylie enjoyed my licking her, she stretched her arms out high above her head across the arm of the couch and moaned pleasurably, after a few minutes I felt the tip of my cock rubbing against the fabric of the couch, I knew it wanted her, I crawled across the couch and I kissed her like mom and dad kiss each other, it was wet and sloppy kiss but her tiny lips were nice and soft.

I put my arms around underneath her back and I held her tightly as my hips swung forward and my cock pushed hard against her pussy, “Argh-Oow.” She groaned, then my cock found her hole and pushed its way inside of her little body.

“Ben – Ben – Ben!!” she moaned, over and over again while I slid my cock in and out of her warm tight tunnel.

With our arms wrapped around each other, me holding her tight, Kylie scratching my skin with her fingernails on my lower back, I just kept pushing and pushing, fucking her intensely on the couch listening to her orgasmic moans and the sounds coming from the TV in the background, “Oh Kylie.” I groaned, I kept wondering why I didn’t do this sooner, I should have fucked her months ago, this is what my cock has been craving for.

“Ungh – Ben!…..” Kylie moaned again, this time moaning her way through my unrelenting thrusting as I approached climax, “…Oooh – argh.” She moaned.

Then on my final thrust I pushed my cock deep inside her pussy, and everything stopped, it was like my hips suddenly seized up, my cock swelled and I felt myself ejaculate, I could feel my spunk rushing up my shaft and blasting out of my tip, filling Kylies pussy.

I let go and lifted myself off of her, she picked up the towel and wiped my spunk off her pussy.
“Sorry.” I said, I enjoyed fucking her but now I felt bad for doing it.

“Why?” she asked, still wiping up the spunk that continued to pour out of her hole.

“It didn’t mean to hurt you.” I said.

She giggled, “It’s okay. You didn’t hurt me. It was fun.” She said, she threw the towel on the floor and sat up on her knees, “Can we do it again?” she asked.

“What?…” I said, I couldn’t believe it, “…Really, you want to do it again?” I asked.

“Yes, please.” She replied, smiling back at me.

So we waited for our parents to get up and go out shopping as they did every Saturday, then Kylie and I went up to my bedroom and we had sex again, it was so good, we fucked pretty much all day until mom and dad came home.

With mom and dad in the house we could have sex in the house during the day because they would hear us, we went out to the park and had sex behind some bushes, and at night time we sneaked in to each other’s bedrooms, I licked Kylie out and I taught her how to suck my cock.

I know she’s my sister but it’s only a bit of fun and we’re not hurting anyone.

Please don’t judge me.

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