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I Fuck My Science Teacher At Her Home

Almost 10 years ago from now when I just become 21, I always feel excited about learning some related to physical sex but because I don’t have any girlfriend I never tried how it feel to fuck an ass. That’s why i always feel irritated from the couples passing around me. But maybe tonight my all irritation are going to end. Let me tell you the whole story in detail about that night.

It’s my science period in my college, and as I remembered my regular teacher was absent at that day that’s why a beautiful, young, charming and stunning female teacher were come to attend our science lecture. Luckily this time destiny is with me and the teacher started teaching us about sex, virginal and other private body parts. When I just heard the word sex, I shockingly become active and start putting attention on my teacher

. Then I notice that she is wearing a light pink saree from which our nipples were emerging. From this, my dick get hard. As I sit in the last bench so nobody is going to disturb me from doing masturbation here. That’s why I grab my dick and start pulling and pushing its foreskin by looking at her nipples.

Whenever teacher get turned to write something on board, her dark red panty become lightly visible which make my mind out of control. Her hot figure, big sized boobs and big pussy are really adorable. She just make me mad. After some time period get over and all the students were go out of the class for attending PT period.

But because of my erected dick, I feel uncomfortable to stand up. Now only my teacher and I remains in the class. Suddenly she ask me, why you are not going out? Then I replied… Oh actually I not feel well. Then she come closer to me to measure my temperature. When she touch my head with her soft hands, my heart beat become faster.

Then she noticed my erected dick and said oh…that’s the matter. I feel shamed in front of her. Then she said, anyways this is my address come tonight and I will teach you the lesson which you miss today. I just grab the slip she gave to me and said ok mam. At sharp 9 pm I reached the location of her home and press the doorbell.

Within 1 minute, she opened the door wearing a half, sexy nighty. She looks really killer that moment, then she said, why you are standing out there? Come in and sit here. I sit on the couch then she ask me, want to have something or me? I ask what is that mean.

Then she come and sit in my lap and look in my eyes with full of lust. I just become mad at that moment and dick became a strong rod. Then she said, you really have a strong and hard dick which is dying to go inside me. I didn’t say anything. Then she kiss my lips for so long and with her hand start open up my shirt buttons.

I understand what is going to happen now and I let her do whatever she is doing. Then she standup and pull up her nighty and become naked in front of me, looking at her big pinkish nipples and boobs, I didn’t wait for a minute and grab them quickly.

Then she started touching my dick and open up my jeans. Then she sat and pull my dick out and starting kissing and licking my rod like a lollipop. Then she really gives me a never forgettable blowjob which I still miss. Within 10 minutes I said stop now, I don’t want to cum in your mouth, then she just leave my dick and change her position putting her pussy in front of me and said then cum in this hole.

I grab her waist and within a push I put my dick in her hole. With a louder sound of Ahh…she said fuck me hard baby, fuck me hard. Then I start giving hard pushes and when I give 8th push, all my white splash in her wet pussy. Then I pull my dick back and give her a bye hug and say thanks for giving me practical lessons.  She said, mention not whenever you need this lesson again, just come here again.


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