I finally fucked my mother

My mother’s name is Jillian and was 18 when she was married to my father and my father was 21 at the time. During earlier years it was lawful for young women could marry with their parents’ permission, so this was the case. My name is Paul and at 18 almost 19 now, I had just graduated from high school. I was also the product of a shotgun wedding.

As I understand it and the pictures I have seen my mother was a beauty in high school and was the cheerleader captain. My mom was a light hair brunette with beautiful green eyes and she had a body of that was out of this world and her tits always stood pointed. Mom was so very proportionate and had a great ass. She was still 34, soon to be turning 35. In short my mother was HOT! She made all my friend’s dicks stand to attention. We lived in the same town where mom went to school and was a cheerleader.

My friends that had fathers that went to school with my mom said their fathers told them they fucked her when she was a cheerleader and that mom was an easy fuck as a teenage cheerleader, she would fuck a lot of guys. Guys would take her on dates and fuck in their cars. One of the stories is she had been the locker room slut for the football team. I came to the conclusion it was probably true since my father married my mom under threat of my mom’s parents and brothers because she had gotten pregnant with me.

Instead of getting angry, I found these stories excited me because many, many times I fantasized about fucking my mother’s brains out!

My mother was a real estate agent, so she always wore very sexy and attractive attire. My favorites were her black, red and white outfits with sheer matching nylon stockings and sometimes small net stockings of the same color. Her skirts were not extreme mini, but short enough and her 4-5 inch heels made her legs longer than longer and extremely a leg goddess. Several times when she was loading or unloading the back of her SUV, she leaned over I could see the tops of her stockings and sometimes her lacy panties. I also positioned myself so I could see up her crotch when she opened her legs to get off her SUV. I could see a lot, because the SUV sat up high and I tried to make conversation with her as she spread her legs to get off the driver’s side and got her to freeze in the spread leg position while my mother spoke with me. I had a clear shot of her panties quite often so I knew what color panties she wore most of the time. I also go to know what color panties she was wearing by the outfits she wore. I knew this because sometimes when she was not around, I would put my favorite panties I liked to see on her on top of her three stacks.


After school before she got home, I would go to her panty drawer and see the pair that was missing so I knew what panties she was wearing when she got home.

A couple of times when she was getting off the SUV she had no panties and I got a great naked view of her pink pussy while we talked, it drove me wild.

I fantasized of fucking my mother so much that, I had to come up with a plan, no matter what. I had to make it reality.

I am really good with digital electronics so I decided to spy on my parents so I could see how this would help me with my plan.

My parents were visiting my father’s mom, I was asked to go with them, but I wanted to remain behind to strategically place my digital wireless cameras in places where they could not be seen. I put some cameras by their spa in the huge master bedroom so I could catch all the play by play. I also had several cameras in their bedroom that covered all their bed. I wanted to see all their hot action and see what flipped my mother’s hot switch.

My parents came back on Sunday afternoon and said they were going to the bedroom to freshen up and I hurried to my PC to see what was going to be recording


When they walked into the bedroom my dad told mom “come here” and he raised her skirt and grabbed her pussy and started fingering my mom. He raised her skirt and she had no panties and he said that is the way I like it, “no panties”, so I can fuck my whore quickly! This why I married you so I could fuck you like the whore you are. You know you loved getting passed around in high school. Well one thing I found out my mom was a slut whore in high school that I heard she was from my friends. My dad pushed my mom she put her hands on the bed, he was about to fuck mom doggy style. He unzipped and wow all he had was a hard, maybe a 6” kind of thin dick, that shocked me because I was easily 13” and a coke can in diameter when I was really hard. I played football and I was built like a powerhouse with a pretty powerful dick. Girls spoke around the school, if you want a great fuck, get Paul to fuck you, so I was no virgin, I knew how to use my tool very effectively.

My dad started to fuck my mom and she was enjoying it, I wish that was me, because I really could tear up her pussy and ass with my huge dick. I knew right there and then, there was no stopping me, I was going to make my mother my whore, my slut, my fuck toy and I was going to pass her around to all my friends so they could fuck her!

The recordings went on for several months and I had quite a few recordings of my father fucking my mom in lots of positions and my mother loved being spanked and fucked in the ass. I couldn’t wait to ram my mom’s ass with my monster. I wanted to leave that ass with a big gap!

My dad had just left on a business trip overseas for a couple of weeks and I decided to make my play.

I was sitting on the floor with a bottle of wine and watching TV when mom arrived from work. She had one of her black outfits with about 5 inch heels and sheer black stockings. She got close to me and she did not realize I could see up her skirt and see all her sheer top of her black hose and panties.

She said she was going to take a shower and be back. About an hour later she returned dressed in a pair of tight skimpy shorts and sheer white stocking with 4” high white heels and empty glass and served herself some wine and we started drinking. She had two glasses of wine and her phone rang, she told someone I will meet you there and she kissed me and said I will be back about 10-11 pm.
It was about 10:30 PM when she arrived, she had been drinking, because she slurred her words. She excused herself and said she was going to bed.


While she was gone I called some friends over and they were still at my house since we didn’t have to go school for the summer anywhere. My friends told me wow does she look hot! She looks like she likes to fuck and someone fucked her tonight already. They asked have you ever thought of fucking your mom, I responded, “all the time”. My black friend George, said why don’t we all give her good fucking and make her our slut. George was had a monster dick about three inches longer than mine. George said my father makes his money by making videos of white women getting banged by monster dicks.

He has a group of Mandingo men that turn white into white wife whores for black men to fuck anytime. Shit Paul you can have your own sex slave to fuck when you want and she can be a whore for you. George called his dad and in about 15 minutes 6 real muscular black men arrived and we all introduced ourselves. They started to take their clothes off and I saw the biggest monster dicks ever. George’s dad said the Mandingos will just fuck her all night and make crave lots of dick than we will leave and you guys can continue fucking her all you want and believe by the time we get done she will be screaming for more dick, her pussy will be on fire.

I led the guys into mom’s bedroom and she had music playing and we found her on all fours with her cunt toward us so she did not know we were in the room. She was vibrating her pussy with a vibrator. I could see she was real hot and wet, just dripping sex juices probably from the guy that fucked her earlier when she was out.

Just standing there my dick got huge, bigger than ever, I think it was because it was lewd behavior and it was my mother. She was about to become my big whore!

Suddenly all Mandingos tie her by the legs and arms to the bed poles and stuff a towel in her mouth. They started spanking her and sticking their eating her pussy and sucking on her nipples, one guy started finger fucking mom with three fingers and she said NO, NO but started moving her pussy against his fingers. She said this is so wrong on all levels. I said I know, but it is going to happen, I am going to make you my slut! Suddenly she saw the size of my dick and I said “I am going to teach you how to take this huge monster in all your holes, slut”! Come here whore suck my cock and I rammed her mouth! The guys just yelled come on Paul ram that mouth, make her deep throat, get her ready for Mandingo meat!

I was in fuck bliss, I could feel my dick going deep in my mother’s throat. All she could do is choke and I pushed my dick deeper. The guys just yelled come on Paul ram that mouth, make her deep throat, get her ready for Mandingo meat!


The guy busy fingering my mom was now starting tonguing my mom. She wanted to squirm out of the first, but her body quickly succumbed to his tongue thrusts into her pussy. She was now starting to thrust her pussy at the guy’s mouth. Sam, the guy tonguing her said, check her out, she gave in real quick, I can tell this woman loves to fuck! Meanwhile, I was stabbing her mouth with my dick, stuffing as much as I could and I was getting ready to come. Sam said come over here man, since this is your mother, you should give her the first fuck, because when we take over we are not going to leave her alone, until we own the bitch! Sam and I traded places and he started to put his dick down her throat and I started to put my head in her pussy, she was wanted to resist me, but I slowly started to sink my dick in her pussy and she quickly gave in. I started go in further in her pussy until I finally hit bottom.

Mom had a really tight pussy, my dad was not getting to the places I could.

Suddenly she started to thrust at my dick as I started to drill her, I told the guys to untie her, I didn’t think she would be a problem no more. I turned her over, and the guys held her legs wide and help turn her over with her pussy straight up and I just started drilling her pussy hard, you could hear my balls slapping on her ass loud.

She was screaming loud, “Oh fuck”, “Oh fuck”! I said, “You never had anything this big, have you slut”? No, keep fucking me, fuck your slut, fuck the hell out of me!

The guys let her go and I got on my knees with my dick full in her, and I grabbed by her hips to pick up her at from the hips and ram her pussy, she started thrusting wildly at my dick. Wow! You are the whore all my friend’s fathers say you were in high school, every guy in high school probably fucked you, she said nothing but thrust herself at my dick harder and started screaming “fuck me”, “fuck me”!

I want to be your slut! I responded you are going to be my personal whore!


Turnover and get on your knees slut, I started fucking her doggy-style and Sam gave a bottle of liquid lubricant, I stopped and lubed my dick and spilled some lube on her ass hole. It was time to take her ass! I started slowly and finally my head was in her ass, and mom started screaming, I loved her tight ass. Don’t worry you are not going anywhere, by the time we are done with you the only screaming you will do is because you will be begging for more dick.

I drove in more of my dick and it was in half-way, I pulled it out and drove back in going in deeper with every thrust.

Finally after 20 minutes all my dick was fully in her ass! I couldn’t believe it. I started pumping slowly for about 5 minutes, than faster and faster. About 15 minutes later I really picked up speed and she was screaming, but I kept ramming her ass without mercy! I said come on slut fuck me back and she started doing it, she started to thrust her ass at my dick. It was obvious she liked her ass fucked. It appeared there was nothing my slut mother wouldn’t do for good fuck!

I started to come in her ass and I was done for now, I pulled out and said next!

Sam came over with his erect huge monster and said, “Bitch, now you are really going to get fucked”. Sam lubed his huge monster, it looked about 3” inches longer than me, and definitely the diameter was bigger. Sam said “I going to gap this slut’s ass hole, let me show how it’s done”.

With that, not being gentle, he just forced his dick half way into my mother’s ass hole, she yelled, it hurts, he said good, in a while it will hurt real good. He pumped her ass for about a minute, than he rammed the rest of his dick to the hilt and just held her against his dick and he just grinded on her ass and just pushed more dick in that I thought his balls might go in her ass also, she just screamed, “it hurts”, “it hurts”, “please stop”. That was like music to Sam’s ears he just kept grinding more and more!


She just kept screaming and suddenly she yelled out “fuck me faster”, “faster” my mother started screaming. Sam said there you go she will soon be taking anybody’s big cock like professional whore at the drop of a hat!

Sam took out his dick and the next Mandingo started fucking her ass, about 5 guys later she had the biggest ass hole I ever seen. Let’s fuck tear up her pussy and mouth now. The all took turns fucking her while she was screaming over and over fuck me, fuck me. The mandingos took turns fucking mom for about 6 hours. They were getting ready to leave and signaled my friend George to take his turn and he did.

My mother did not object at all. She just got on all fours with her ass up high and George started ramming her ass and pussy. The Mandingos said it is time to go, see you guys now have a slut you all can fuck whenever you want.

As George was doggy fucking our new slut, and I asked to stop so I could get underneath facing her. Once I once in position, he started fucking her doggy style again the ass and I French kissed her and pulled her pussy down on my dick and started fucking her. I said George don’t this slut do a DP real good, wow she is on fire.

You like to get fucked a lot don’t you whore? Do you want your son and his friends to keep on fucking you? When dad is not around you are going to be our whore, you got that? She responded “YES”! When dad is not around, I want you to walk around in sexy lingerie and high heels or sexy panties and bra. Start buying panties with no crotch so we can have access to your pussy anywhere, and she said,
“YES” anything just keep fucking me.

This was the first day dad was away and already my 4 friends and I had fucked mom for almost 8 hours and were planning to keep fucking her as much as we could until my dad came back.


Now I knew I had my personal whore to do sexually whatever I wanted her to do and I had plans for my new whore mother!

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