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I didn't Know What I Wanted

I never saw it coming. I don’t think Sarah did either. Certainly, it wasn’t anything we had even heard of when we met during our sophomore year in high school. Nonetheless, here it is. Sarah is a full-fledged hot wife, and I am her cuckold.

Nobody noticed either of us in high school. I was too scrawny for sports and too dumb to have much time left after homework. My only extracurricular activity was Photo Club. Sarah had a really nice figure and still does. However, in high school, she had a terrible case of acne. We were both quite naïve then. All through high school, our hottest dates amounted to a lot of French kissing. French kissing, but not much more. Our clothes stayed on, and no hands ever got inside anyone’s underwear.

After high school, Sarah got a job as a checker for a national grocery chain. I started working as a detailer and parts runner for a local car dealer. We didn’t have very much money and no vacation at our new jobs. So we got married Saturday morning of Labor Day weekend. Then we drove a few hours to Mammoth Cave National Park where we spent the two nights of our honeymoon in a private rustic cabin. That’s where we gave each other our virginity. It was like a dam breaking. We must have made love at least fifteen times during those days and nights. We certainly were not rested when we went back to work that Tuesday. Her acne, however, was gone by Christmas.

We tried for years to have children until we found out that a disease that Sarah had as a kid had left her sterile. I think that news was the beginning of the decline. Anyway, our sex became dull and uninspired. It also became much less frequent. We had been doing it five to six times a week when we were trying to get pregnant. After the news, it was more like once or twice a month.

One time, I heard some guys at work talking about blowjobs, pussy eating, and sixty-nine. I thought it might give us a new spark. At the very least, it was different from the missionary style that we always used.

That night I kissed Sarah and said, “Maybe we could try kissing each other down there?”

“Paul, are you becoming some kind of pervert? Are you really asking me to put my mouth where you pee? And, if you ever put your mouth on me down there, I’d never be able to kiss you again. What put this repulsive idea in your mind?”

“I don’t know. I guess I overheard some of the guys at work and got curious.”

“I never suspected that you worked with such perverts,” she said.

I was frustrated and wanted to go back to frequent, exciting sex. So, I started doing some research on the internet. Wow, was that a wake-up call. Who knew that the internet had so many free porn sites? I mean there was everything. Story sites, video sites, specialty sites, fetish sites. I spent every free hour for months doing “research.” I was totally turned off by the interracial stuff, but was turned on by the swapping and sharing videos. I watched a lot of the “Screw My Wife, Please” series. But swapping would be better than sharing. Although the idea of watching Sarah with another guy was exciting, I thought it would be even hotter if I was screwing another woman at the same time.

So, I set about planning to make it happen. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a clue how to do that. That’s where the story sites helped. I read as many stories about first-time swinging as I could find. I was scared silly by the idea of Craigslist. I started hanging out on several swinger sites trying to figure out where to begin. It still hadn’t occurred to me that I would somehow need to convince Sarah to go along with any of this.

I hid a tiny spy camera in our bedroom and another in the bathroom to get pictures of Sarah naked. I picked the best and edited them to hide her face. I joined a couple online swinger groups and posted the modified pictures there. That got a lot of interest and invitations. Most were from single guys who just wanted to fuck her. I responded to the guys that we were only interested in couples. I told the couples that we were just getting used to the idea and weren’t quite ready to party.

I still hadn’t discussed any of this with Sarah. But, I needn’t have worried. One night over dinner, I asked Sarah if we could make love at bedtime.

She didn’t answer my question. Instead, she said, “Paul, you’ve been spending a lot of time on your computer for almost a year. What have you been doing?”

I stammered a bit then said, “I had to do a lot of research for work.”

“So, you needed to research porn for work? What does porn have to do with your job?”

“I—I—I was researching to find better ways to please you sexually.”

“Better ways to please me? Is that why there are cum stains on the carpet under your desk? Better ways to please me? Is that why you are on the computer half the night instead of being in bed with me?”

“Yes, Honey. I was looking for tips on how to be a better lover for you. We don’t make love as much as we used to and you don’t seem to like it as much as you used to. So, I was trying to learn how to be better for you.”

“I guess you never realized that I’ve been checking your browser history every day while you were at work?”

“No—I didn’t. You did?”

“Yes. I also found your stupid cameras.”


“I also found the swinger sites where you posted pictures of me. Don’t you think it would have been a good idea to check with me before you posted pictures of my tits and pussy for the world to see?”

“Yes, I should have asked.” I was shocked. Sarah had never in our entire time together ever said “tits” or “pussy.” She only used generic medical terms on the extremely rare times when she mentioned them at all.

“I’ve read every story that you have. I watched every video that you have. I’ve looked at every post you’ve made. By the way, if you want to hide what you’ve done on swinger sites, you shouldn’t use “PUSSY” as your password.” I met some really nice people on your favorite swinger site.

“I haven’t seen you there,” I said.

“Unlike you, I used a screen name and have my own account. Thank you, by the way, for making it so easy to follow your activities. Anyway, Hotwife69 and I have had a number of deep, meaningful conversations. Next Saturday, she and her husband are hosting a house party. I accepted her invitation just to see what happens. She explained that as first timers, there would be no pressure for us to join in on anything. We’re free to just enjoy the conversation and refreshments while watching the activities.”

“I’ve heard of house parties, but don’t know much about them,” I said.

“It will be us and four other couples. This group gets together every other month for a party. They rotate houses, and this month it is at Hotwife69’s house. She said that they usually have snacks and drinks for the whole evening. The evening will start with some warmup games, and eventually, there will be sex.”

“Wow. I can’t believe that this is really going to happen.”

“Why not? You, yourself, have pointed out that our sex has gotten in a rut and needs something to spice it up. I’m taking you at your word.”

# # #

Saturday finally arrived. I dressed in chinos and a polo shirt. Sarah was in a sweater and a knee-length corduroy skirt. We looked more like we were going to a PTA meeting than to a swingers’ party. Sarah had programmed the address into the GPS, and I just followed the anonymous female’s directions. Other than the GPS, there was no other conversation.

“You have reached your destination. On the right,” the GPS proclaimed.

We were greeted at the door by a blonde in a lightweight yellow summer dress. She gave Sarah a big hug and turned to the group inside. “Hey everybody. This is Sarah and Paul. They are new to the scene and are joining us tonight to observe and learn about the lifestyle. Let’s make them welcome. You’ve probably seen her posts as CuriousWife5678. Oh, sorry, Paul. I’m Carla, or online I’m Hotwife69. I would have known you anywhere; you look just like your pictures. Let’s go inside and introduce you to the gang.”

I whispered to Sarah, “What pictures?”

“The ones of you from your spy cameras that I posted online.”

Before I could say anything else, Carla took us both by the hand and led us into the living room. Indicating a thirtyish guy at the door to the kitchen, she said, “That’s my husband, Chuck.”

Pointing out the couples sitting around the room she introduced them. “That’s Mike and Mary. Over there is John and Jenny. And that’s Laura and Larry.”

They were all average looking folks in their late twenties to late thirties. The guys were dressed much like I was, which was a relief to me. The women all wore sundresses, much like Carla. I was so nervous that I don’t remember much detail.

“Excuse me,” I interrupted. “Sarah said that there would be four couples tonight. Who is that other guy over there without a woman?”

“Oh, don’t worry about him. He’s Brad. He is playing bartender tonight, and since we have newbies here, he is going to be our master of ceremonies and direct the games. He won’t be part of any of the games.”

Brad was about six-foot-four, built like a football player, with dark hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a tuxedo shirt, a black bowtie, and black slacks. He looked our way and said, “Help yourselves to the snacks on the table next to the bar. What can I get the two of you to drink?”

“I’ll have a Scotch and water, and Sarah always has ginger ale.”

Sarah gave me a withering look. “I’ve always wondered what a Cosmopolitan would taste like. This seems like the perfect night to try some new things.”

“Scotch and water and a Cosmo coming right up. We’ll start the games in about half an hour. That should give you time to mingle and get acquainted.”

We did just that. We engaged each of the couples in small talk, and they all said that they were glad that we had joined them for their party. During that half-hour, I nursed my Scotch, but Sarah had two more Cosmos.

Brad came out into the center of the room. “Before we start the evening’s festivities, I should remind everyone that no means no. Now it’s time for the first game of the evening. This one is always a great warm up. Gather around the table for Rapid Stud Strip Poker. Of course, as newbies, Sarah and Paul do not have to participate.”

I was ready to sit it out and watch these strangers get naked when Sarah grabbed my hand and pulled me to the table.

She said, “We’re in. Explain the rules to us.”

Everyone welcomed us to the table with cheers and applause.

Brad then explained, “I’ll be the dealer for all hands and will not play. It plays just like normal five-card stud except there is no betting per se. Everyone except the winner of the hand must remove one piece of clothing of their choice. All shoes and socks come off now. We will make an exception for nylons and pantyhose because they are fun to watch when removed. Once a player is naked, they can no longer play and must sit out the rest of the game. The winner is the last person to still have clothes. The winner will be allowed a special request after the conclusion of the games. Any questions?”

I asked, “What if someone is wearing more clothes than everyone else?”

“Since no one knew in advance that we would be playing this game,” Brad answered, “that just becomes the luck of the draw. Let’s begin.”

I don’t remember all of the hands or who won when. What I do remember is that I was the first one naked. Sarah and I both lost on the very first hand, and she removed her sweater to reveal a super-sheer tiny little red bra that I had never seen before. The next time she lost, she dropped her skirt. Under that were a matching thong, a matching garter belt, and a pair of nylons. Throughout the game, there was table talk, joking, and ribbing, so I didn’t think anything of it when the wives giggled a little when I lost my jockeys. The other wives only had a bra, panties, and a sundress. Here Sarah was, she’d already lost two items and still had four left. Carla’s husband, Chuck, was having a really lucky night.

Sarah lost again, and since her panties were over the garters, she removed her thong. I was shocked to see that she had shaved her pussy bare. Next, she lost one of her nylons. At that point, only Sarah and Chuck were left. She still had one nylon and the garter belt left, and Chuck was down to a pair of silk boxers. Then Chuck won the next two hands in a row and left Sarah naked.

Looking around the room offered a marvelous sight. Five pairs of tits and five naked pussies had me hard as I could get. The only downside was that most of the cocks seemed a little bigger than mine, and the way they sagged, I didn’t think any of them were hard.

Brad stepped to the center of the room. “Chuck, games over and you won, so drop the drawers.”

Chuck complied, and Brad continued. “Now for a game where only the ladies can win—in more ways than one. Ladies, please put one of these numbered necklace cards around your neck and one of the blindfolds over your eyes. After you sit down, of course.”

They all complied. What a sight. Five naked, blindfolded women sitting around the room.

“Ladies all settled? Good. Gentlemen, draw a number from the bowl. If you get your wife’s number put it back and draw again. If the last man draws his wife’s number, all the numbers go back in, and the draw is repeated.”

We all drew, and only one round was needed.

“Okay. Now that you all have a number, you will lick the pussy of the wife with the same number for five minutes.”

I interrupted, “No. We can’t do that. Sarah doesn’t even like the idea of oral sex.”

Sarah, my beautiful, blindfolded wife stood up. “He doesn’t mean that. Yes, He’s never done that to me, but like I said before, This seems like the perfect night to try some new things.”

“Paul, do you have any objections to licking some pussy?” Brad asked.

“No. If Sarah’s okay with it, I can give it a try.”

“That’s settled then,” Brad continued. “Now to finish the rules. Once the five-minute time stops, the ladies each get a chance to identify whose tongue has been in her crotch. Anyone who correctly identifies her pussy licker gets the standard prize of a special request later. If no one is correct in the first round, the men will draw new numbers the same as before and go to a second round. This will continue until a correct identification is made. If multiple correct identifications are made, they all receive the prize. Also, if anyone cums during the five minutes, the timer stops immediately.”

We, husbands, got on our knees between the legs of our assigned woman.

Brad said, “Gentlemen, at the ready.”

Chuck was in front of Laura. Larry was with Carla. Mike drew Jenny. John kneeled in front of my Sarah. My face was about two feet from Mary’s crotch, yet I could already smell her intoxicating aroma. Sarah had never let me get this close. I couldn’t wait to dive in and see, or rather taste, what I’d been missing.

Brad announced, “GO!”

Finally, I was going to try giving oral. I pushed my mouth against Mary’s pussy and licked long and hard and fast. I heard moans all around me, but I couldn’t identify which was Mary’s. The moans got stronger, and I licked harder, tasting Mary’s sweet juices. I don’t know how long we were at it, but suddenly, one of the women started screaming.

“Oh, God. Oh God. OH, MY GOD! I’m cumming. Don’t stop. Don’t Stop! AHHHH!”

Brad called the group to attention. “Call Guinness. Three minutes and twenty-two seconds. That is a new record for an orgasm in this game. Sarah, since you were the first to orgasm, you get the first chance to guess the man’s identity.”

“Holy shit. I couldn’t possibly guess, and I don’t care. But I would sure like him to do that again. That was my first orgasm. Are they always like that?”

Brad then asked all of the other women around the room. Jenny correctly guessed Mike. Brad asked her how she figured it out.

She said, “Mike has this swirly thing he does to my clit that I love.”

Mary guessed me and told the group. “Every one of you guys except Paul has used my thighs as ear warmers a number of times before. This was a different technique than any of you has ever used, so it had to be Paul.”

Brad was in the center of the room again. “Special requests later for Jenny and Mary. Refreshment break. Get some snacks and drinks and gather back here in twenty minutes for the next game.”

When we were all back from the break, Brad explained the next game.

“This game is essentially the reverse of the last one. The men will be blindfolded, and the women will suck their cocks.”

I jumped in again. “Sarah, are you okay with this? I know that you’ve said that you could never put your mouth on a penis because a man pees there.”

“Paul, someone just gave me the first orgasm of my life. And tonight is a time to experience new things. So, I’m going to experience sucking a man’s thing. Just put your blindfold on and enjoy.”

What could I say, I was about to get my first ever blowjob.

Brad continued. “One more thing. Once in the past when we’ve played this game, a guy got too carried away and, without asking, pulled on a woman’s head jamming his cock into her throat almost choking her. Because of that, the men will all have their hands handcuffed behind them. Gentlemen, take your seats and don your blindfolds.”

I complied and could hear Brad going around the room fastening the handcuffs. Eventually, he got to me. Initially, the cuffs were cold, but they soon warmed. They were tight, but not painfully so.

When Brad called start, I felt a warm, wet, velvety mouth engulf my cock. The room soon was filled with energetic moans. Not the least of them was mine. My second moan must have signaled something, for the mouth deserted my cock, and it was subjected to painful cold. Needless to say, it immediately shrunk to its minimum size.

Then someone put something around the base of my balls and slid my shrunken cock into something hard. I heard something click. I was pulled off my chair and onto my knees. Someone removed my blindfold. I looked around and realized that I was the only one in handcuffs.

“What have you done to me? And who did it.” I looked down and saw that my cock was locked into a clear plastic device. “What is this thing? Get it off me right now.”

Sarah gave me a gentle, chaste kiss on the cheek. “Let me see if I can answer all those questions. I did it. That thing is a CB6000S chastity cage. By the way, the S stands for small. Following the rules of the evening, I don’t have to take it off because you never said no while I was installing it.”

“Sarah, why did you do this to me?”

“I told you that I’d had long conversations with Carla. I also shared pictures of you naked with her. You remember she mentioned that when we arrived? She suggested this party and helped plan the outfit I wore here and your new outfit. I also told you that I’d visited all of the sites in your browser history. Those were quite an education. You visited a lot of swinger sites, but you also went to cuckold, SPH, hotwife, “Screw My Wife, Please”—you watched a lot of those—Oh yes, and creampie. I got my first view of what a real man’s cock looks like, and I decided to see if I could find a way to get one.”

“But Sarah, we can’t exactly swing with my cock locked up like this.”

“First. Look around you. Does your dicklet look like any of the true cocks you see in this room?”

I looked around and noticed for the first time that Brad was also naked. My cock in its cage was about three centimeters long. The rest of the guys weren’t even hard and must have been three or four times my size. Hell, they were bigger soft than I get hard. Then I saw Brad’s. His must have been eight or nine inches soft.

“Why is Brad naked? He’s just the bartender and master of ceremonies.”

Brad spoke up. “Ladies, explain to this guy with the toddler dick why I’m naked.”

Mary said, “For starters, Paul gave me the worst head I’ve ever had. Even worse than my first boyfriend.”

“Carla showed us the nude pictures of him that Sarah shared,” Laura said. “It has to be the tiniest dicklet any of us has ever seen. Except for Jenny, but she has a two-year-old boy.”

Laura said, “Right. Why would any of us want to fuck that?”

Carla walked over to Brad and bounced his dick in the palm of her hand. “Brad is your replacement tonight because THIS is a cock. Sarah told us that you were surfing porn to learn how to be a better lover for her. The gentlemen here, especially Brad, will be doing demonstrations for you. But I doubt it will be any help considering your equipment. We don’t want to be mean. So, you will be getting pussy-eating lessons from all of us women. Maybe by the end of the night, you won’t be totally terrible.”

Brad looked at me and said, “Paul, for the rest of this evening, you will address all of the women as Mistress and all the men as Sir. If anyone instructs you so, which I doubt, you will be allowed to add their name to Sir of Mistress.”

At that moment, I realized for the first time that deep inside I wanted to be a humiliated cuckold. “I understand, Sir.”

“Good. We will call you Cuck.”

“I understand, Sir.”

“If you promise to behave, we can release you from the restraints.”

“Yes, Sir. I promise to behave. Please take the handcuffs and cage off me.”

Sarah gave me a look of pity. “Paul dear, Brad was only talking about the handcuffs. You need to get used to the cock cage. You will be wearing it a lot from here on.”

“But what if I have to pee?”

“You’ll notice that there is an opening at the end,” Carla said. “Of course, you will need to learn how to pee sitting down. It’s easy; we girls do it all the time. With that tiny dicklet, you don’t deserve to pee like a man.”

Sarah said. “I don’t think he has behaved well enough to lose the handcuffs. Can we get on with the party? I need to find out what it feels like to be properly fucked.”

Carla said, “Okay gang, we have a new way to choose partners tonight. I have two decks of four cards each. The numbers are the same in both decks. Ladies draw from one and gents from the other. But before we do that, Sarah, since you are the guest of honor, you should choose your first stud. The rest of us will draw to find our matches.”

Sarah looked at the men. “I already know that one of you has an amazing tongue. And I can clearly see that every one of you can give me at least twice the cock as my about to be cuckold husband. No offense to anyone except Paul of course, but, I’m reminded of that old sports saying, ‘Go big or go home.’ Brad, do you think you could fit that monster in me?”

Brad replied, “Sarah Darling, seeing what you’re used to, it will be like losing your cherry. But, I will be gentle with you and give you all the pleasure you want. Shall we find a bedroom; or would you prefer to let your husband watch?”

“I still love my dickless husband. And his favorite porn series seemed to be ‘Screw My Wife, Please,’ so maybe we should act that out for him.”

Brad said, “Cuck, do you have something to say to me?”

Sarah had pushed the perfect button of mine. “Yes, Sir. Sir, would you screw my wife, please?”

“That’s the first thing you’ve said all night that’s worth hearing. I’d be glad to. You do know that after she’s had real cocks tonight, she’ll never want your pathetic willie again?”

“Yes, Sir. I understand. Please give her the sex that she deserves and I am incapable of giving her.”

“As you wish, Cuck.”

With that, Brad took her hand and led her to the chaise lounge directly across from where I was still kneeling. The rest of the group had paired off and were around the room in various stages of sucking and fucking. But my attention was totally focused on Sarah and Brad.

Brad helped her recline on the chaise where I had a perfect view of her pussy. Then he gently lowered his head between her legs. It looked like he was just breathing on her pussy. “Sarah, you have the sweetest smelling pussy. I can’t wait to taste it. May I kiss it?”

“Oh, yes please.”

I could see his head moving around very slowly. I couldn’t tell what he was doing, but Sarah obviously liked it. She was squirming, and she had both hands on Brad’s head, holding him in place. Soon, she was crying out, “That is wonderful. I’m so close. Brad, please fuck me now. I can’t wait for my first real cock.”

“Your wish is my command.” He slid up the chaise. On his way, he paused to suck each nipple in turn before engaging her in a deep, passionate kiss that must have lasted five minutes. I could see that the base of his cock was rubbing up and down her slit and its head reached nearly to her navel. He pulled back a little farther and pressed the head of his cock against her opening.

She broke the kiss. “Yes. Please go slow. It is so big.” She reached down and spread her pussy lips to give him better access.

“Are you ready for a little more?”

“Please. Please. Make me a true hotwife and make my husband a true cuckold. Give it all to me, but please go slow.”

Brad did just that. First, he pushed the head of his cock into the entrance of her pussy and paused. When she had adjusted to that, he pushed in another inch, the backed out. He continued pumping that inch in and out for several strokes then added another inch. Soon he had about five inches going in and out of her.

“Oh my God, Brad, no one has ever been that deep. You were right. I feel like I’m a virgin again getting fucked for the first time.”

“There’s more. Are you ready?”

“God, I hope so. I never knew sex could be like this. I want it all.”

Brad very slowly pushed in. Just before his balls touched her ass, she screamed.

“Damn, damn, damn. I’m cumming.”

Brad paused.

“Don’t you dare stop! I need you to fuck me. Now really fuck me.”

“If that’s what you want.” Brad helped her turn over, then entered her from the rear.

“Oh, that’s good. Now fuck me hard.”

Brad gave her one fast, hard, deep stroke and paused when he was almost out. He then continued with deep but gentle strokes interspersed with an occasional hard one. Sarah grunted at the bottom of each gentle stroke and screamed at the bottom of the hard ones. I looked at the clock on the mantle and realized that they had been fucking for fifteen minutes and Sarah already had several orgasms. I’d never been able to last even five. After another ten minutes and three more orgasms for Sarah, Brad switched over to all hard and fast strokes. Sarah screamed with every stroke. Brad grunted and his body tensed.

“I hope you’re ready, Sarah. I’m cumming.”

Oh, shit. I thought. He’s not wearing a condom.

“I’m cumming too,” Sarah yelled. “Cum in me. Give me your seed.”

They screamed together in their shared orgasmic bliss. Sarah slid off her knees down onto her belly, and Brad supported himself on his elbows so as not to crush her. They stayed that way for several minutes. Finally, I noticed that the rest of the party were all standing around watching.

Carla said, “Let’s give them a hand for that amazing fuck.”

Everyone joined Carla in applauding Brad and my wife.

“Paul, we promise you some pussy tonight didn’t we?” She continued.

“Yes. Can I get out of my cage now?”

Brad stood up and turned toward me. “First, you didn’t address Carla as Mistress. Second, you obviously misunderstood. No, you do not get out of your chastity cage and for forgetting your place, you don’t even get out of the handcuffs. Crawl over to your wife and ask her for permission to lick her cunt.”

“But, it’s full of cum. I can’t do that.” I remembered just in time, or I hoped so. “Sir.”

“Ask her, Cuck. Cleaning her cunt after her lovers is one of your new duties.”

I crawled, or more accurately, walked on my knees, to my wife. “Darling Mistress Wife, may I lick your pussy?”

“That would be nice, Cuck, except it is full of Brad’s cum. I don’t know if you’re worthy. You need to ask him.”

I should have known from all the porn I’d read that this was coming. It wasn’t something that was in my plans, but it was too late to back out. “Sir, may this unworthy cuckold eat your cum from Mistress Sarah’s pussy?’”

“Okay, Cuck. You did a lousy job with Mary’s pussy. If I do let you, you’ll need to do a better job. But since you asked so nicely, be gentle with Sarah and eat my cum. All of it.”

“Thank you, Sir.” I lowered my head and was assaulted by the smell of cum from my wife’s pussy.

She pulled my head closer. “Lick it up. But like Brad said, be gentle. I’m a little bit sore from the stretching I got.”

I started licking, and although it was a strange taste, it was not as repulsive as I had anticipated. Actually, the salty taste and bleachy smell were almost pleasant. As instructed, I licked gently, much like I would if I were savoring a tasty ice cream cone. Sarah seemed pleased, although not as energetically as she had been with Brad or with her earlier cunnilingus. I kept at it not wanting to be reprimanded for an incomplete job. I was very pleased when Sarah had what seemed to be a very small orgasm.

Still, I continued until Sarah stopped me. “Cuck, you can stop now. I don’t want any more.”

Brad inspected her pussy. “Well Cuck, it looks like you did an adequate job. There is probably still more very deep in there that may never come out, but overall it looks respectably clean. Sarah, what’s your opinion? How did he do?”

“The cuck has a long way to go before he can match your skills or those of the guy who ate me before. With practice, he might get to be okay.”

“With that less than ringing endorsement,” Carla said, “I think the new cuck has qualified for more pussy eating practice. Ladies, does anyone else have a pussy full of cum for the cuck to practice on?”

Four hands went into the air, and I realized what my future would likely be.

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