I almost had sex with my 12 year old friends

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Me and my friends go away for the weekend, but things didn’t go as planned 😉

This took place quite recently.
I’m 14 right now and the girls in this story are 12.
Let’s call them Amy and Brooke.
Well it was quite a normal night/day, I was away for my little brothers birthday and the 2 girls Amy and Brooke wanted to come with us, now I know these guys since they were Born so we were really close.
The day was quite normal, we went and had dinner sang happy birthday had the birthday cake and went back to our rooms.
We had 2 rooms, one for each family, me and Brooks family shared a room together and Amys family had the room to themselves, well after I finished my food I asked if I was aloud to go back up to our hotel room and I was allowed, the two girls followed up with me. So I get into the room, have a shower and go to the room Amys family were staying which was only across the hall, we had the room to ourselves, no parents, no siblings no nothing just us.
Brooke was sorta quiet but was really curvy for her age, same with Amy but she was a bit louder than Brooke,nothing seemed off or anything but I could feel tension in the room, as I’m sitting on the bed Brooke says ” So, does anyone want to play a game?”, “What type of game? I replied,” I don’t know, truth or dare? “. My heart sank thinking this could only lead to one thing, and they didn’t waste any time with the questions either, the fist question was asked by Brooke,” Have you had your fist kiss yet”? “Yeah I have” I replied, “Have you?” “Yeah I have too”, the room stayed silent for about 10 seconds until Amy asks “Are you still a virgin?” I kinda froze for a second and said “No I’m still a virgin”, the game kinda went on for about 20 minutes of just stupid personal questions and them Amy lays on the end of my bed, Amy has such a nice ass and a decent pair of boobs.
I got up off the bed and sat on the chair that was in the room, “Is there anything you would like to know about us? Anything at all?” I felt my dick get so hard and didn’t know what to ask, now the question I asked was kinda stupid but it was worth it, I asked “Is it true girls have innie and outey vaginas? If both of you tell me what you have, ill tell you the size of my dick”
Both of them looked at each other with kinda a shock on their face until Amy stands up and whispers in my ear “Innie”, it took Brooke about 2 minutes of convincing from Amy until she came over and whispered in my ear “innie” both of them were sitting on the bed with me almost being able to see up brooks skirt, I said “How big do you think it is” They both looked at each other giggleing, “Maybe 3 or 4 inches” i laughed and said “no it’s 6.4 inches” they both looked at each other and starting giggling, I said “Do you not believe me or something, do you want to see it” now I said that as a joke, until the room got silent and they said “well can we” I was kinda blown away but I wasted no time in saying “If you want to, but you need to show me something as well”, again they both looked at each other and Amy said “Deal”, I said “both of you come into the bathroom and I’ll show you”, “Both of us?” said Brooke, “I mean yeah, you said you wanted to see it”, I think she was shy of getting undressed in front of a boy and girl but we all know each other since we were little so Amy convinced her to go along with it.
I brought them into the bathroom and pulled down my jeans, they could see my huge buldge in my boxers and started giggleing, Amy pulled down her leggings and relieved her curvy ass with pink little girls underwear on, my dick got even bigger,Brooke had a very short skirt on, but she wasn’t wearing shorts under it so when I pulled her skirt up it just revealed black little girls underwear on too.
“Are you ready”, they both shook their heads nervously, I took my boxers off slowly and my dick shot out, Both of their eyes lit up I think it was their first time seeing a dick in person 😂.
Both of them let me take their last peice of clothing off, I first pulled Amys underwear to reveal her pussy, there was barely any hair, I rubbed my two fingers in between her vagina and saw her legs shake a little, “Are you ready?”, “Yeah I think I’m ​ready” I then got on my knees and took her tiny skirt, I pulled down her underwear and she had a hairless shaved pussy, I asked both of them to sit on the counter where the sink is and spread their legs, they said okay and did as I asked.
Both of their little pussys were so wet, I got on my knees and started licking Brooks pussy, she started moaning really loud and I standed up took off her top and bra, she had pretty small boobs, I was licking her Pussy and touching her boobs at the same time, I wasn’t down there for long, maybe only a minute or so, but then I moved onto Amy, oh man she was different, she was incredibly horny,I didn’t waste any time before I stated fingering her, I then looked at brroke and started fingering her two, their little pussys were so tight around my two fingers, I then stood up and was about to lose my virginity until I looked at my dick and saw it had precum, I didn’t have any condoms on me and they didn’t have any in the vending machines in the hotel I was staying in, so I wasn’t going to take the risk.
Amy and Brooke looked at each other and nooded and got on their knees and starting playing with my dick, I felt like I was about to cum immediately but held it in, but then amy and Brooke had turns of putting it in their mouth, I couldn’t hold it on any longer, now before this I haven’t wanked in about 3 days so I was due one, and the amount of cum that came out it went everywhere, I pulled it out their mouth they seemed confused on why I did and then I came on both their faces and put it back into Brooks mouth for the end of it, after that I asked Amy to take off her bra and she did, her boobs were a little bigger than brooks but not my much, after that both of them got on their knees again and started to such my dick again, it took me a little longer to cum this time but when I did I came all over Amy’s little boobs, after that we got ourselves cleaned up and continued the rest of the night as if it was normal.
The next day we didn’t do anything because had to leave our hotel early, but I’m hoping to see them later this month and I’ll be sure to bring the condoms😉

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