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Husband’s Cousin Prakash Fucked Me

Once again thanks to all my sweet readers who have proved to be lovers of love stories. My last story “Friend’s Wife Smita” is admire by many readers. This story I wanted to be narrated in my lover Reva’s words.

Hello, I am Reva. I am 30 years old beautiful lady. I am good at yoga and yoga keeps me fit and trim. My waist is 32, and curves are so beautiful that any man would like to die to touch me there. I have nice long black hair.

My legs are very thin and well proportioned at every place. My thighs are like made from banana tree trunk, but not bulky. My skin glow every where with shine due to my self confidence. My self esteem makes me stay erect and there is no sag in my boobs. Even without bra my boob can stay erect like an apple piece. Nipples normally stay flushed in boob flash, but once erect stand out with proud.

My lips make perfect heart shape when I say ‘O’. You can imagine my lip curves perfectly like that. My face is small but cheeks are bulky and that makes one to keep looking at me intently.

I have seen people smash in some where, when they keep looking at me turning their head. I don’t laugh at such time; I just have pity on their wives and their girl friends if they have any.

My husband is in total contrast to me. He never gets up early. So, no question of doing yoga or exercise arises. He is a food hungry, 24 hours ready to eat anything any one offer. His tummy is out from the day one, I married her. I get crushed under him, so no question of pleasure at all. The fun is that he still don’t understand that missionary position is not made for a person like him.

Our first night was funny and a mess; he was unable to penetrate because of his big tummy. In fact I lost interest in him from the day one. It’s due to my cleverness that some how I made it possible for him to penetrate in me after couple of months of our marriage.

Day by day our sex life is zeroed. Than comes Prakash in my life. As per his name, he is light in my life. He changed everything suddenly in my life. Since last two three years he is visiting our city for his business development. He happens to be my husband’s distance cousin.

The very first day, he brought cheers in my life. He is in late forties, but he looks younger to my husband. I was not ready to believe his age, till he showed me his passport. He also does yoga and exercise every day, that I came to know after some time.

He took me and my husband for a dinner in the best hotel of Surat when he first time came from Ahmedabad. My husband never knew that such hotel exist in Surat, where dine and dance is a regular feature.

After dinner he wanted both us to dance, and he wanted to see us dancing. My husband said no about him, but he insisted that you dance with Prakash. I was not at all ready to dance with anybody else than my husband in any case. I told my husband to dance with me other wise I am not prepared to dance. I have to say yes due to continuous persuasion from my husband.

Prakash was very considerate about it. Looking to my reluctance he didn’t press me after looking at my facial expressions. At last when I was prepared due to pressure of my husband, he politely told that it is OK if you are not prepared for it. Somehow my husband persuaded him, he stood up and took me to dance floor.

On dance floor when he took my palm in his palm and looked in my eyes. The woman in me was ignited and my legs were ready to dance. He looked in my eyes and told me, so your legs are ready but by heart you are still reluctant. Hearing his words my eyes looked at the floor.

People were dancing in Salsa style. I have never tried Salsa. That day I danced very well, with Prakash that, I my self was astonished that I can dance so perfect with some one else than my husband. In fact Prakash taught me salsa steps in the beginning with step to step rhythm. His method of teaching was very perfect.

After a while I was in perfect shape and dancing to perfect tunes with the song. I was busy in hearing the love song while dancing. The song was relating to my life, and that exactly resembling to entering of Prakash in my life. We got very close that day, but we did not cross the line at all. However, I was melting from inside. And I developed a special corner for Prakash in my heart. By heart we came very close that day.

Since many years I have buried my wants for sex in my life, but suddenly everything started coming on the surface. Visits of Prakash and sittings with Prakash brought us closer and closer. We used to sit in drawing room or in balcony opposite to each other every morning and evening. The evenings were unending due to late arrival of my husband.

I liked his company and talking to him. I used to discuss everything under the sun with him. I talked the subjects which were not in line with my interest or studies. My knowledge and information increased due to our discussions. A bond of friendship between us became stronger in each of his visit.

Prakash started visiting me in my dreams. Slowly this became a regular affair. He was in my dreams continuously till he come back again for his next business visit. His business is such that he has to stay two three days continuously to complete his work. He can’t waste time in coming and going from Ahmedabad.

I started comparing Prakash with my husband. Though Prakash was very busy, he use to be ready to help me even in kitchen. He use to call me during day time, whether, I need something for kitchen or other thing, while he come back from his work and other things.

I felt elated that some one is there who cares for me. My husband never calls me, even if he is expected to come home late, or when he is expected to eat outside for his business meeting. He never purchased even a pin neither for me nor for the house.

During his very first visit Prakash came to know some how that my cell phone battery is weak, he was with new battery in his hand when he returned home in the evening. I remember it’s the same day when we went for dinner and dance.

Anyway, I was now very eager to get in to relation with Prakash at any cost. I calculated everything. The risk involved to my reputation and everything. I also calculated, whether Prakash and me to gather can keep this a secret. I was having so much crush over him that I was even ready to take any risk. But after calculating everything I thought it was a perfect thing. I was boiling so much from inside that I did meditation for a long time, to find out solution to my problems.

I found Prakash a perfect solution. And the day arrived. God sent the opportunity. Next time, when Prakash came my husband had gone for a business trip for a week. And suddenly he came in the house like a storm. I was more than happy to see him at my door.

I forgot everything; I spread my arms and jumped over him. He can’t do anything but he embraced me tight. And I was having my arms around his neck and my legs up from the floor. My boobs pressed in his manly chest. And I was kissing his cheeks.

He came to senses. He reciprocated me with his own kisses. His arms were around my body that was pressing my boobs tight in his chest. I was in no mood to leave him. But I myself, exhausted of my kisses to him. I came down with my legs on the floor. My legs were weak. I keep my arms around him for a long time. The main door was still open. I came to sense. I rushed to close the door. I came back, and with my arm around him I lead him inside. My head was resting on him partially, my body leaning on him. I took him in the bed room directly.

He leaves his bag in the corner. No, you are wrong; it was not guest room. It was my bed room. Prakash asked where Ramesh is. I said he is on tour for a week. I once again come in front of him and this time I embraced him from front, I hide my head in his chest and started crying loud.

He started caressing me. And he was asking me, what happened Reva, what is wrong. Reva, any body hurt you? Reva, anybody said you something bad? Tell me the name and I will finish him or her who ever is that.

Reva please don’t cry, I can’t see tears in your eyes. He became very week seeing me weeping like that. I wanted to empty my heart. I kept him in embrace. He told me to sit in the couch, I said, no, I want to stay like this with you.

My words sent some signal to him. He calmed down. He raised my face and looked deep in my eyes. I got some composer. I was melting from inside. I talked weekly to him. I said Prakash; I missed you all these days.

He laughed out loud. He held me tight again, raised me a little up from the floor, and keeping me in embrace he started dancing and laughing laud and shouting. Hey you were missing me? You were missing me?

He leaves me on floor, raised my face again and asked me. Why were you missing me? I was unable to look in his eyes for a long. I wanted to hide my face in him, but he held my face tight and I said I love you Prakash. He put his lips on my lips. He was so gentle. He took my upper lips between his lips and fondled it like an expert lover. I have tingling in my whole body.

My body reacted immediately. I thought I will be Cumming just now. But at least I was sure wet inside. I have already melted when I was in his arms. Now I was wet. During my married life, I have never been wet. I swear. This was the first time after my marriage that some one was making me wet, and I was melting from inside. My heart melts, my every nerve melt, my every sense melted. He kept our embrace and took both of us near bed. Slowly we both sat on the bed. I wanted to lie on the bed. I laid my self, he came along with me.

We were still passionately kissing each other with lips. Some time I was kissing him, some time he was kissing me. We were raising our passion slowly. I found a great lover in him. He knew how to make a woman melt, just by kissing.

He was caressing my curves while kissing me. He pushed his tongue in my mouth. I wanted my self to free from my nightie. I pulled the strings of my nightie. It fell open. He was least interested to see there. He was busy in kissing me. His palm was just roaming all over me.

Our tongues, as if hungry from ages, were eagerly giving and taking juices from each other. His palm was reaching different parts of my body. Both of his palms were having eyes. His palm knew which part to be handled how.

Prakash’s sole attention was in just kissing my lips and tongues pushing in each other’s mouth. But his palms traveled all over me. It had tour from my face up to my thighs. Prakash knew that I was now open.

He felt my boobs too from over the bra and also my crotch. He knew that my pantie was wet. He was kissing me with his eyes wide open and looking at me. Some time he use to look deep in my eyes, that time he use to kiss my lips very lovingly and softly. For quite a long time he also kept looking in my eyes, without kissing anywhere, just his palms moving all over me. That was his own way of making a woman to feel proud of her womanhood.

I unbuttoned his shirt. He removed his shirt. I started open his pants. He raised him self a little and removed his pants and also his VIP Frenchie. I looked at his 6 inch cock. It looked very normal, but he was clean shaven. His bulbous cock head looked as if it can bust with blood in it. I was mesmerized

I undid my bra while he was removing his pants. I also removed my nightie and pantie. I tried to hide it. He pulled it from my hand. It was so wet that I was shy about it. He sucked my panty’s cotton from where it was socking with love juices.

He said, Reva, you taste so good, saying that, he directly went to my pussy. I spread my legs and eagerly awaited tour of his tongue on me. He was now mesmerized with my beauty.

He froze looking at my slender legs, my thighs, my clean shaven pussy, my waist, my belly, my naval, every thing was mesmerizing him. Even the glow of my skin was a matter of pleasure for him. He was speechless for a while.

He started caressing my legs first. He raised my left leg and put it on his thigh. He took my left foot in his palm and caressed it in his palm, as if some one is caressing the pious foot of some heavenly body.

He kissed the front of my foot. He kissed the fingers of my foot, than suddenly he took the thumb in his mouth and blew it. Suddenly he started sucking it. I was in heaven.

This was all a torture for me. On one side I was feeling elated to have such praise and caress for my beauty and on the other side I was feeling low, because I was neglected till day by my husband.

All such thoughts were rushing in to my head from all the sides all at a time. I wanted to close my eyes, but I wanted to see his love making to me. I smiled and wanted to say something, but I stopped, because he wanted to say something. He said, Reva, you are not an earthly woman; you are a fairy from the sky.

Saying so, he put my left leg on his lap and caressed it while leaving it. Now he took my right leg. He did the same thing. This man was not at all in hurry to do anything. He was making me arouse and arouse. He was making me elated and elated. He was pleasing me with just with his touches. He was making me feel in the cloud with just his words.

I pulled him to me. He lay on me fully. I was still not crushed. He knew how to handle such a soft beautiful lady. He again started kissing me on my face, looking intently in my eyes and that too lovingly. I wanted to get in to those eyes for ever. I wanted to vanish in those eyes.

His arms rested around my head. He was caressing my face and looking in my eyes. He said I like you Reva. Reva, I like you. He practically started licking my whole face. I was getting mad with all such doings.

He kissed my neck. He kissed me below the ear. He was caressing my neck back. Did he know? I get tickles when some one touches on my neck. No he was not touching me there. His finger tips were massaging my neck back. And that did not tickle me; instead I was getting great pleasure of arousal from my whole body.

I was on fire. I can’t wait. I said Prakash, Prakash, Prakash, I can’t say anything more. He started licking my shoulder. Here also the same thing. I wondered whether he is acupressure expert. Where ever he touched that sends shivers in me. He held my arm.

He raised my arm. My armpit was open. He brought his face in my armpit. I wondered what this man going to do in there? He sniffed my armpit. Looked back at me and said, you smell so nice Reva.

Reva, I like the smell of yours. I tried to close the armpit; he didn’t allow me to do. He brought his face again there, he kissed in my armpit, and he started licking my armpit. I was flying in the sky.

By now his cock was hard like a steel rod and his cock also was having an eye. The cock was constantly touching my triangle, as if wanted to sneak without the permission either from me or from Prakash. I wished to take his manhood in my palm and guide it inside.

Before I think again, Prakash held his cock in his palm and started gliding his cock head on my slit. I can’t bear such torture. May be it was his tricks to please a woman. As I have never had such pleasure in my life. I was unable to bear.

It was like a teen girl getting her first with her boy friend. I really felt like a teen girl. Now Prakash leave my armpit and started licking between my two boobs. His one arm already busy with his cock by another hand he was holding his weight, he can just use his one palm to just either caress my face or my boob. And he was doing that.

I was shamelessly looking all his doings. He also uses to look at me in between. When he looked at me, I felt like my collegian boy friend cum lover looking at me lovingly. I felt as if this one is my first time. I loved his every deed. His tongue was moving nicely on my soft skin.

He took his tongue on the contour of my left boob. He was licking the slopes of my boob. He must have liked the shape and beauty of my boobs, I thought. He said, Reva, no woman of your age can have such a tight and beautiful boob. Yoga seems giving you perfect results.

Reva, I am sure, you were created just for me. And that is why you have preserved all these for me all these years. Thank you Reva and saying that he again concentrated on pleasing my boob, with his tongue.

His saliva was dripping from his mouth when he was licking my left boob. Soon I see his face caressing my boob. He was caressing my boob with his face. His right hand was caressing my sides, and his face caressing my boobs, the nose the lips his cheeks his eyes, his eyebrows everything was feeling the softness of my boob.

The added lubrication of saliva was making his action more pleasing for me. I was unable to bear all this, I pushed my self upward. And his cock reached in my pussy. Yes, that’s it. I wanted that. His cock head was engulfed in my slit. I was happy.

I held him from his neck and pulled him to me and started kissing and licking him. I put my lips on his lips and started sucking, for a while he was taken a back. He composed him self and again started making love to me.

Sure, he understood my eagerness. He started giving push to his cock and again tries to pull it out. Push in and pull out. Push in and pull out. He took right boob for licking with tongue, and started kneading my left boob with his palm. Again he did wet my right boob.

With his saliva spreading all across while he was licking the contour of my right boob. Again I was wet on my bust this time he licked left boob again. Now he started caressing my both boobs to gather with his face.

He nuzzled my boobs. His saliva was dripping on my both boobs. His cheeks caressing, his nose caressing, his chin caressing and his face caressing, and I was leaking in my pussy. And he knew that I am leaking, so he increased the pace. He started gliding in and out, faster and faster, better and better.

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