Husband Return home unexpectedly – Wife Gets Caught Redhanded

Tuesday nights were always a little hectic, especially the ‘Second Tuesday of Every Month’. That was my Kiwanis Club meeting, which ran from 6:30 to whenever. May and I didn’t get home until 5:00 and 5:30 respectively. I didn’t have to worry about dinner as Kiwanis was a dinner meeting, but there was always some little thing May my wife of 4 years needed done before I could leave. The real problem was my doing according to May. She was 3 months pregnant and the hormones were going crazy.

She may have been ‘with child’ but she was still the dreamboat I’d married, and now with the mother-to-be glow about her it was doubly hard for me to leave her even for one evening. She was just right, 5 foot, 3 inches tall, a well-constructed 110 lbs body with light brown hair and incredible blue eyes. Her shape fit me. Her breasts were perfect handfuls and her hips swished just right. Both the bust line and her hips were emphasized by a slim 24-inch waist, which hadn’t yet begun to change. I loved her for a lot more than her looks, she was funny, smart and very observant, but her looks sure didn’t hurt.

Anyway, I had to leave by 6:10 to get to the meeting on time, so had to run through the shower, dress, kiss my wife and get back in the car to head out. I wasn’t home usually until after 11:00 and often it was after midnight. The meeting tonight didn’t look to be any different.

After the shower, I threw on slacks and a sports shirt, grabbed my briefcase and headed through the kitchen to the garage. Passing through the kitchen I patted that nice bubble ass May stuck out at me from where she was leaning over the kitchen sink. Then I kissed her on the back of the neck and gave her a squeeze to keep her from falling. She always wobbled when I kissed her on the neck like that, so I had to steady her. Then out the door into the garage, with a rueful glance back at May. It was sure tempting to skip the meeting, not only for May but I had a project in the works in the garage. I was just finishing installation of a baby monitor for what was going to be the nursery and I figured maybe 30 minutes and it would be ready to show off to my bride. She was always so appreciative of my small accomplishments, and I felt no qualms in milking for the compliments however misdirected. I was a guy after all and didn’t mind having my woman stroke my ego.

Climbing in the car I activated the garage door opener, and started the car. While the engine started purring, I set my brief case on the seat next to me, and checked that I had everything I needed – cell phone, calculator, notebook, all were there. Then I backed out of the garage and down the driveway to the street, waving to May at the kitchen window where she was doing the dishes. She waved back as I reached the street. Before I could put the car in gear or even close the garage door with the remote, the cell phone rang and I stopped everything to answer it. As I said hello I looked up to wave to May one more time but she had already disappeared from the window.


“Gary!” came the voice over the phone, “glad I caught you. The meeting tonight is off. Our good President, Roger, along with both Everett and Jules have been called out of town. So with the pres., treasurer and secretary all gone we thought it best to call it off this month. Nothing scheduled for tonight, unless you have something that can’t wait.”

Needless to say, I was glad to take the night off. I just pulled right back into the garage, noting idly that May’s face hadn’t reappeared in the kitchen window of our three-bedroom rambler. Guess she had missed that I hadn’t left, so I could surprise her later on. If she had been any place but the kitchen she wouldn’t have heard me drive back into the garage. Once in the garage I lowered the garage door finally and then sat in the car, just relaxing for a few minutes.

I decided I’d just call out for pizza tonight and not bother May to make my dinner, or take the time making it myself. I’d just take the time to get that monitor finished. Everything concerning the camera in the babies room-to-be was done except for some connections in the garage and final testing.

The cosmetics in the nursery were pretty minor, the camera was mounted in a corner and was so small May hadn’t yet noticed it and had been mounted for 10 days now. I’d get those done another time.

May had casually mentioned how much a monitor in the nursery would save her steps checking on the baby when it was napping. Hence my ‘wiring’ the house. I’d decided to set up sound monitors in each of the rooms in the house, while I was at it. The visual monitor in the baby’s room had been an inspiration when I’d seen some gear a friend was tossing out. The master controls were in our bedroom, but since I spend a fair amount of time in my garage work shop I had a second master in a corner of the garage, complete with speakers and an old TV subbing as the video monitor. It was flexible enough that the nursery could be monitored from any place in the house. As I mentioned, the whole thing was about complete with just a little tune up needed before I could show May, surprise her and get my plaudits. So I decided to see if I could get the work done before I came in and collapsed in front of the tube for the night. Or maybe collapsed on May for the night. That sounded even nicer. So I slipped out of my car, and began checking my work.

It took me maybe 20 minutes before everything seemed to be warm and working properly, so I started checking out the sound feeds. Each of them could be turned on and off separately, or I could feed them all into the 5 second-hand speakers I had lined up above my little corner. I quickly checked each one separately, starting with the living room. They all worked perfectly, actually pretty sensitive because I could hear May taking a shower in the bath off the master bedroom. I set them up so they were all live and feeding into the garage. Then I began the last connections for the video monitor.


I got kind of lost in my wiring checks, when I heard someone in the living room speaker. Sounded like May was on the telephone. I turned the sound up a bit to see how it worked, and it was perfect, beautifully clear. The $20 I’d spent on the 5 speakers had been a real bargain.

“Ralph, its May, if you can be here by 7:00 it’s on, lover,” came my wife’s voice over the speaker. “OK, love, I’ll see you then. Don’t you dare be late, we won’t have near enough time as it is. And no! Don’t figure on getting a repeat.” There was a little pause, then May giggled and hung up the phone.

What the hell was that about? What is on, and Ralph? Well the only Ralph I knew was Ralph Jenkins. His wife Crystal and May had been roommates in college. Crystal was still May’s best friend and Ralph and I hit if off pretty good, too. He was a big guy and a lot of fun. I guess he and May had a few dates before Crystal and he hooked up. We spent a lot of evenings together, and had enjoyed many a picnic together. The two girls were pretty close. May told me they’d done some real crazy girl things together at college. She had calmed me down when she gave me a kiss and told me they hadn’t done anything I should be worried about.

I kind of shrugged my shoulders, figuring May and Ralph were planning something for Crystal. I’d find out at 7:00 anyway, which was only 15 minutes away.

Giving up the speculation, I flipped the on button for the camera in the baby’s room and sat back with a smile on my face. The monitor showed the room clearly. Actually, we still had it set up as a spare bedroom and the monitor was focused directly on the big queen sized bed. I was surprised to see the bad was made, and the sheets turned down. It was the first time I’d seen May make it up when we weren’t expecting guests. Checking the video controls, I zoomed the camera in and out. At the widest zoom, I could see everything in the bedroom except into the corner where the camera was fixed near the ceiling. I left it there at that setting and critically examined the picture. The door, window and closet were visible and the bed of course was centered in the shot and all were clear as a bell.

Leaving the controls as they were, I started cleaning up my workbench. Feeling pretty good about myself and the sound and picture system I’d made. I pulled a beer out of the old refrigerator and leaned back in my $5 recliner. We’d picked it up at a yard sale and my wife wouldn’t let it in the house, but it fit me and the garage beautifully. Huh! Well I’ll admit it fit the garage perfectly anyway.


I was just about finished with the beer and thinking of ordering out for some pizza and going in to surprise May, when I heard the front door bell. A second later I heard the door open, and heard May greeting the visitor.

“Hey, I’ve had a hard time waiting. Come on in, Ralph. We have until 10:30, and then it’s over. But until then, I’m yours all the way.”

I was stunned! Not by the words, but by the way my wife’s voice sounded. The only time I’d heard that husky timber in her voice was in our bedroom or when we were on our way to the bedroom. It was her ‘fuck me baby’ voice. I choked on the last mouthful of beer, and sat bolt upright.

On the speaker I heard the front door shut, then May’s voice again, “Damn, Ralph! From the look and feel of this bulge in your pants, I’m not the only one had a hard time waiting. Umm, looks real good.”

“Come here, honey, give me a real hello,” I heard Ralph say. Then there were several minutes when it was almost silent. All I could hear were a few grunts and moans.

Then, “Ralph, not here, come on back to ‘our’ room. I’ve got it all set up for us,” from May.


I thought I was going to be sick to my stomach! It sounded like May was taking him back to our bedroom. Jesus! What was going on. I didn’t know what to do. My first impulse was to burst through the door into the kitchen and throw Ralph out of the house.

Still, what was actually going on! I took a big breath. It couldn’t be what it sounded like. May and I were in love, I was sure she had been as faithful to me as I had been to her. She teased me about looking at lovely women, but I KNEW she was sure it was only looking. I’d really never had an impulse to stray. We were compatible lovers. She always had all she wanted when we made love. She was multiple orgasmic, and I never finished ‘loving’ her until I was convinced she really didn’t need or want any more. This had to be a misunderstanding on my part. It had to be! She was my best friend.

She was going to have my baby!

I was just sitting there in the ratty old lounger, when my eye caught movement on the monitor in the ‘baby’s’ room.

The door opened, and May gently pushed Ralph into the room with the made up bed. She pushed him around to the other side of the bed, between the bed and the window, then she swayed back around to stand on the other side, in front of the closed closet doors. She was looking across the bed at Ralph and almost right into the camera.

May was dressed in her worn out, ratty old Saturday/Sunday morning robe which reached to just mid-thigh. Her hair however was pulled up into a sophisticated bun atop her head, emphasizing the slender column of her throat. She had applied make-up, just the right amount. She looked like a princess, receiving her prince except for the ratty old worn out robe. On her feet she was wearing the pair of high-heeled slippers I had bought her for her birthday 2 months ago. She had worn them that evening, and I had told her how they emphasized her magnificent legs, but I didn’t remember them being out of her closed since then. Now sooner had that thought come to me when I knew, no I hadn’t seen them out of her closet since then. I felt like I was about to cry, this couldn’t be happening.


My wife stood tall and proud across the bed from one of my best friends, looking directly into his eyes. Her hands slowly came up to the throat of the robe. With her left hand holding the robe closed at the neckline she used her right hand to unsnap each button, slowly working her way down, when each fastener came loose the robe would billow out around it teasing Ralph (and I) with glimpses inside her robe. Once she had undone all the buttons, while continuing to hold the robe closed she brought her right hand back to her throat and using both hands, she slowly peeled the robe open. Once open she stood for a moment letting us admire the vision framed by the robe. Then she let her hands drop, shrugging her shoulders to let the robe drop and puddle around her feet.

She was wearing the lingerie I gifted to her on Valentines Day. A white half bra was cupping her breasts, displaying her nipples and offering them to the man standing across the bed from her. The white thigh high stockings showcased her legs that were put doubly on display by the high heels she was wearing. A white garter belt framed her sex, which was displayed, not hidden, by very brief virginal white high-cut panties.

She had modeled the set for me on Valentines Day. I had not seen it since.

Still looking into Ralph’s eyes, she held up a hand and crooked a finger at him, ordering him to come to her. When he turned to come around the bed, I saw my former friends stunned face.

He choked out, “May, I was expecting to be with you tonight, but you have made this really special for me. God but you are beautiful!”

When he was almost up to her, she held a hand out, stopping him where he was. Then starting with his shirt, she began undressing him, looking into his eyes the entire time. As each button came loose, she caressed the bare skin she had just exposed with her fingertips. Once his shirt was undone, she slipped it off his shoulders then stepped forward. When he attempted to take her in his arms, she pushed his arms away. Then she leaned forward and kissed each nipple, then sucked each into her mouth. I could not see Ralph’s face, but I heard the groans and moans coming from his mouth. My wife, my lover, was using all her skills to bring passion to this man. She leaned forward and slowly rubbed her nipples across his chest. I could see the pleasure bumps pop out on his chest as she caressed him with her breasts.


Then she knelt before him, undid his belt and unfastened his slacks letting them drop down his legs. Tthen putting a small hand inside each side of his shorts, she pulled them down his legs. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds, for Ralph had as large a bulge as I have ever seen. As his cock sprang free, she leaned forward to catch it in her mouth. The monster fell forward and smacked her on the nose. My wife had not expected the size, few women would. I saw her lips curl to a smile just before she opened her mouth as wide as it would go in order to wrap her lips around the strange male tool bouncing in front of her happy eyes.

I suddenly came out of my dazed depression. No matter how this worked out, I was going to need proof of what was happening. Thinking for a minute, I hurried into the now deserted living room. Making as little noise as possible and working quickly I disconnected the VCR, took it back to the garage and hooked it up to the monitor. I slipped an 8-hour tape in, and turned everything back on. The monitor came alive showing Ralph’s pecker still buried in my wife’s mouth. She was slowly and lovingly bobbing her head up and down. She was tenderly cradling his balls in her small hand, with the other jacking him slowly. Suddenly she took a deep breath and dropped her mouth down his huge pole until her nose was buried in Ralph’s pubic hairs. I could see the bulge his cock head was making in her throat! She had done that for me only once! That was years ago. May had complained about a sore throat for days, and she blamed it on me for many days later.

Ralph’s hands suddenly wrapped around her small head where her face was impaled on his cock. He suddenly jammed her face even tighter into his belly and pubic hair and then his loins began to jerk and I knew he was cumming in her throat. It looked like May was struggling to break free, and it was obvious she couldn’t breath with that pole in her mouth and throat.

I came to my senses, and yanked myself out of the recliner. Didn’t Ralph see he was killing her? God I had to get there before I was too late. But before I reached the door to the kitchen I clearly heard her slurping and swallowing every drop. Standing with my hand on the doorknob, I heard her whisper, “Oh my God Ralph. That was magnificent! You must have been saving that for months!”

I almost cried. She would swallow my cum, but not every time. When she did, it was always on some special occasion. Never once had May encouraged me to come back for another blowjob. I swear I had to beg for every one I had received from her.

When I turned back to look at the monitor, I saw my wife still kneeling before my former best friend. Now her little tongue was licking his balls, and then up and down his now deflating cock. She had both hands on his naked hips and it looked like she was having to support him to keep him on his now weak knees.


Ralph’s two hands came down to wrap themselves around her body just under her breasts and he lifted my bride up and then off her feet. He hugged her to him hard, with her legs dangling inches from the floor and she buried her face in his chest. I could hear her say something like, ‘it’s been so damned long Ralph’ before my tears actually started falling.

Through the tears I saw them move to the bed, clasping one another tightly. Ralph sat on the bed, and pulled May to stand between his spread knees. Slowly he ran his hands up her sides and over her shoulders. His two big hands circled her throat and tightened just enough to let her feel how even her life lay between his fingers. Then he ran his hands and fingertips lightly over her chest and with feather touches over the exposed top of her breasts. Both hands dropped to the clasp in the front of her bra and with practiced ease he popped it open, then pulled back the cups. Her two mounds barely sagged as the support left them, but her perky nipples were standing out big and hard. They looked like two arrow points sticking out and open to the world.

Ralph wasted no time sucking one into his mouth. I watched my wife’s face as he sucked on the nipple, then slowly sucked the complete tit into his mouth. I could see his jaws work, as he seemed to be actually chewing on her whole breast. While he chewed, I saw the look on ‘my’ woman’s face.

May clasped her arms around her lovers head, and seemed to be moving him from side to side in small motions as he kept her tit crammed into his mouth. And while he was doing this, he reached down and ripped the white panties off her unresisting hips, tearing the diaphanous material apart before tossing it, useless, into a corner. The strange thought came to me, I had paid over $100 for the white lingerie set, and May had given only Ralph the opportunity to enjoy it.

May was making strange little noises when Ralph tired of her breasts, and just lifted and threw her on her back on the bed behind him. Before she stopped bouncing, his face was buried in her crotch. How different than my attentions to May. I would tease her, small touches to her legs and body and then little light licks to give her the little joy eventually leading to her climactic explosions with my tongue and lips, and even teeth on her most secret, private places.

Watching Ralph chew on her cunt, I saw May’s face as her head rose and she looked down between her breasts at the man causing the sensations between her thighs. I wondered if any thought of me was going through her mind, and then realized what a foolish question that was.


It wasn’t five minutes before Ralph raised his face from May’s cunt, and quickly knee walked up between her legs until his cock was pointing just inches from her hole. He then threw himself down on her small body, and at the same time flexed his hips to drive his long prong full into her body. I heard her small shriek from the speaker connected to the spare bedroom, and then he pulled almost all of the way out before pausing for a moment.

It looked like he was savoring the domination of my small wife.

Then he drove himself forward and into her again. And this time I could see his hips as he drove into her so hard he shoved her up the bed where her head slammed against the headboard. Ralph reached up under her shoulders and, wrapping his hands over her shoulders hauled her down onto his prong. He pulled her down away from the headboard as he rose to his knees with his lunge backwards. He then fell atop her and began fucking her viciously. Every drive forward brought a grunt from her, every pull back she gasped the air back into her lungs he had driven out.

It seemed like Ralph came almost immediately and fell atop her almost crushing her. But within fifteen minutes he was ready to go again, never having withdrawn from her cunt after that second cum, the first into her womb. Indeed, he had never taken his weight off her while he was recovering.

It seemed to go on forever. Ralph was driving into her relentlessly. Then he would make a particularly hard fuck forward, hold himself deep inside May while his hips gave little twists to move his cockhead inside her. Every time he did this she gave a little scream. Then he would again begin ‘banging’ her, the only word that seemed to fit. I had no idea how long this continued until he crammed himself forward at the same time he rose to his knees and roared his third cum to the world, and my wife screamed once again. For the time, I only know he arrived at 7:00 and it was 8:45 when he collapsed onto her this time, then rolled half off to his right. There he lay relaxing, and I soon heard small snores as he drifted off to sleep.

He was laying on May’s left leg and arm, trapping her under him, but with his weight off her body she was not suffocating. After maybe five minutes my wife opened her eyes, and reached her right hand down to her crotch where she cupped her twat and seemed to be caressing it lightly. Was she so excited she had to masturbate herself after that long a session?


After maybe fifteen minutes of rubbing herself she tried to pull out from under Ralph, and he seemed to be rousing a little from his nap when she stopped and just lay still under him.

I stared at the sickening scene on the monitor for a few more minutes, and then got up and began pacing. I knew if I walked into that house murder would be done. My cock was hard, of course, as whose wouldn’t after witnessing such hot and blatant sex. At the same time I was as far from being aroused as I think I ever have been. I was sick to my stomach and totally unable to think of what I should do next.

About an hour later, I decided that all I could do tonight would be to table any action. Tomorrow I would take the day off and see if my mind would work then. That was when I noticed movement on the monitor again. It was almost 10:00 and Ralph was moving again.

Sitting down in my garage recliner again, I saw him reach over and cup one of May’s breasts. When she turned to look at him, he leaned over and gave her a wet and sloppy kiss. Leaning back, his hand traveled down to her pussy, where he cupped her sex and squeezed her hard.

She grunted and grabbed his wrist to pull it off her, protesting that it was time for him to go.

Ralph looked at the clock on the dresser next to the bed, and told her that I wouldn’t be home for an hour. They had lots of time.


May protested again, pulled her arm and leg out from under him and rolled over on her side away from him before leaning up on her elbow. Ralph pushed himself up to his knees and grabbed her around the waist, lifting her to her hands and knees then slipped behind her with his cock pointing into her cunt.

May cried, “NO!” and reached back with both hands to cover her cunt.

Ralph just laughed, and said, “Yeah, honey. We already done that, time for something new!” Then he shoved forward with his hips and poked his cockhead against her tight little rosebud.

May’s face was turned away from me and I couldn’t see her face, but I did hear the disbelief in her voice when she asked him what he was doing. His only answer was to grasp her tightly by her hips and yank her back against him as he drove his hips forward, breaking his cockhead past the tight muscle in her asshole and pushing almost two inches into her rectum. My wife screamed and cried, her arms and hands flailing against the bed as he jackhammered his sex into her until now unopened ass. It took him at least 5 minutes to drive himself full into my wife’s ass, and then he started ass fucking her as hard as he had been fucking her cunt earlier.

I couldn’t see her face, but I heard the little mews she was making, and saw her hands scrabbling at the sheet under her. After a few moments she began moving back against him hard, and shaking her ass from side to side. I could only imagine the wonderful sensations she was bringing to Ralph’s cock with her movements. It wasn’t another five minutes before Ralph was blasting his sperm deep inside her bowels. The fourth time this evening that he had cum inside the woman I had thought of as mine.

This time when he had finished May pulled out from under him and yanked him to stand beside the bed. “Ralph, unless you want Gary to walk in on us, you have to go. Now!” And she bent, picked up his clothes and handed them to him as she gathered the remains of the lingerie she had gifted to him along with herself, placing it on the dresser.


I watched as May threw on her old robe, and stripped the sheets off the bed, not even waiting for Ralph to finish dressing before she had bundled them up and taken them to the washer in the laundry room between the kitchen and garage.

When she walked back into the living room Ralph was there and with a the lilting brag voice men often use he greeted her, “Hey, lovely lady, that was great! We really have to talk about doing it again.”

“No, Ralph,” she answered. “I meant it when I said just the once, and only because of our deal. And I guess for old times sake, too.”

Ralph answered, “Sure honey, I understand. But sometime you may get to thinking of us sometime in the future. This was just for once, I agree. But if you start thinking about how great it was, maybe we can try it again.”

I heard the sounds of another sloppy kiss, before his footsteps seemed to fade as he went to the door. I could hear the impatience in my wife’s voice in the little sounds she was making but it didn’t register at the time. Nor did the exhalation she made when she finally followed him to the door.

Literally sick to my stomach, I lay back in the ratty recliner, looking at the now empty bedroom showing on the monitor. Glancing at my watch, I saw it was 10:37. They had stayed to their time schedule very well. I heard Ralph murmuring something at the door, and clearly heard May reply, “No, Ralph. This was just the one time, and only because of our agreement so many years ago. Gary is my husband, my lover, and the man I want in my life. I’m not sure why we did it now, myself. Besides, Crystal may be OK with this, but she’s my best friend. She’s more important to me than an affair. Isn’t she more important to you?”


I couldn’t understand Ralph’s mumble, but I heard another kiss and then heard the door shut quietly. Almost immediately I heard the lock click home. If I hadn’t been so filled with tears and despair I think the exhaustion sounding in Ralph’s voice after his session with my wife would have been funny. At the moment, it certainly didn’t seem funny at all.

After the door shut, May reappeared in the spare bedroom. I couldn’t seem to think of it as the baby’s room any more. She quickly went over the room carefully, making sure nothing was amiss after the tryst. Gathering up her clothes, she disappeared into the hall and I soon heard her in our bedroom. I listened to her shower, and then she was out and I heard the bed rustle. It sounded like my wife had gone to bed.

Glancing at my watch, I saw it was almost 11:00. I just sat and stared into space. I had no idea where my life, and my wife, were going from here. I only knew I was heartsick. Thoughts and ideas crowded through my head. In some I thought of things which would excuse my wife for what she had done. In others I answered the excuses, in yet others I asked myself what I had done to cause May to need another man. Sometime after midnight I wearily arose and turned the electronics off. Entering the house through the garage door I headed directly to the master bedroom.

Passing the spare room where my wife had rutted with Ralph I glanced in. The room was just as I had last seen it Monday evening. The bed was stripped, and nothing seemed out of place. There was nothing to tell that anything had taken place.

Groaning to myself, I entered my bedroom. Glancing at my sleeping wife, I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and did my business, stripping off my clothes and leaving them in the dirty clothes hamper. Before dropping them in, I glanced in and the hamper was empty. No soiled lingerie there.

When I climbed into bed, my wife rolled over and, throwing an arm over me, she sleepily asked how my night had been. After a moments silence, I told her it had been very traumatic, but I would tell her about it later. Usually she snuggled up to me, pushing her breasts and sex onto me. It was always my choice whether we would go any farther, and usually we did. Tonight however she just lay quietly, pulling her arm back and rolling over with her back to me. She seemed to fall back asleep immediately, though listening to her breathing I thought she was still awake. I just rolled away from her, then stared into the darkness.


I don’t know how much I slept that night. I couldn’t remember actually sleeping at all. When the alarm went off, I just lay there. I was certainly in no shape to go to work. Telling May I thought I had the flu, I stayed in bed until I heard her car leave for work.

I got up and began carefully opening drawers, being sure not to displace anything as I searched May’s dresser. In the bottom drawer, folded and stored in a paper bag and under some sweaters, was the lingerie Ralph had enjoyed. I pulled them out, noting the crotch of the ruined panties was still damp.

After calling my boss and begging off work for the day, I watched the tape I’d made the night before. When I began, I just skipped through it, not wanting to relive the experience again, just wanting to be certain the tape was good. But after a bit I began noticing things I had missed the night before. I spent the rest of the morning studying the tape and what it held. About 3:00 that afternoon I drove downtown to a business that duplicated tapes and had 2 copies made, standing beside the woman doing the copying to be sure she did not watch the tape herself, and making sure only the 2 copies were made.

Going home, I realized I hadn’t eaten since lunch the day before. I’d missed last night’s dinner and the thought of breakfast this morning had turned my stomach. I didn’t have the flu, but my stomach was still very upset. May got home her usual time, about 4:30. When she came in to give me a kiss I turned my head and she kissed my cheek, giving me a strange look.

Finally about 5:30 I decided there was no real reason to put this off any longer. I was only getting myself more upset.

“May, I’d like to show you what I’ve been doing for the baby monitor we were talking about. Do you have a few minutes?” I asked.


“Gary, can you wait until after dinner? I’m just about to put it on,” was her answer.

Picking up my cell phone, I asked her what she wanted to eat tonight. She smiled at me, and suggested Chinese, so I ordered it delivered. Then I took her into the bedroom and showed her again how the controls worked on the console in the corner behind the door. I turned on the sound and left her there while I went from room to room, talking to her over the monitor from each room. Of course she couldn’t answer me, but when I got back to the bedroom the smile on her face told me she understood it was working better than we had planned.

Turning on the video portion, I told her to wait and watch a moment, and leaving her in the bedroom stepped into the spare room and stood where she had stood last night. There I grimaced, and pantomimed a slow bump and grind before I returned to our bedroom.

She enthused, “Gary, that’s perfect! When did you get this going, this afternoon?”

“Actually, May, I got it going last night,” I answered.

She had a puzzled little smile, and I could see she was trying to figure out when I’d had a chance to do it last night.


“One more thing to show you, May.” I took her hand and led her to the garage. “I spend a lot of time here, and thought it a good idea to have a monitoring station here to cover the baby when you have to go out.”

Then I turned the system on in the garage.

“One thing I added last night, let me show you how it works.” And I slipped a tape into the VCR still connected to the used TV I was using as a monitor.

“Watch the bedroom, and see what happens,” I told her.

Watching the monitor, of course, we saw the same view as from our bedroom. The view I had first seen last night, of an empty room though now the bed was unmade. Then I used the remote to turn on the VCR and the picture immediately changed to show May on her knees before Ralph, with his cock buried in her throat. Almost immediately May could see her throat working as she was obviously swallowing while Ralph’s pecker was buried in her throat. Glancing at her face I saw the color had drained from it and she seemed to sway before catching her balance.

She looked suddenly at me, and I just looked in her eyes and pushed fast forward, stopping in just a couple seconds. Then I gestured to her to watch the screen again. When she looked back, she saw Ralph grabbing at her panties with her tit jammed completely into his mouth and her hands wrapped around his head. There was no sound, but we could see May say something to him. He pulled hard, ripping them off her hips and tossed them into a corner. Picking her up by the waist, he hugged her to him and then threw her on the bed and pushed his face into her crotch where he buried himself into her sex.


We both watched the little grimace from May, as she felt Ralph’s crude attempt at cunnilingus. After just a few minutes, he pushed himself up off his knees and knee walked forward until his pecker was touching her cunt lips. There he dropped down atop her, flexed his hips and drove himself to the root in her guts in one drive. We both heard the small scream she gave which I now realized was pain.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw tears running down May’s face, and also saw the little cringe when she saw again the rough way Ralph had driven himself into her. Just like last night, he came within a moment or two and then collapsed atop her. He lay like that for maybe fifteen minutes, then started to pump his cock in and out of her again.

Stopping the tape, I asked if she wanted to see any more. My wife just looked helplessly at me.

“Come in the house now, May. I think we have a lot to talk about, and I don’t know where this is going.” With that I led her into the kitchen where I sat her at the kitchen table, and then sat down at the end of the table next to her.

“I can explain,” May mumbled while the tears ran down her face.

“That’s what I need, an explanation,” I answered. “What is the explanation?”


“Gary, this goes back to college, and a promise I made one night to Ralph.”

“How many years ago did you promise him yourself, May?” I asked.

“No, Gary it wasn’t like that. We were both drunk. Ralph and I had been dating. He and I were an item. He was a hunk, and I liked him. For a while I was wondering if he was the one. Everyone thought we were but I didn’t want to get commit and he never really pushed for us to be ‘intimate’ though he had a real reputation as a lady killer. I started rooming with Crystal, and they began dating.

“For a while he was going out with both of us, though I guess Crystal and he ended up in bed soon after he started taking her out. Nothing serious for Ralph and I, but Crystal and he were heading toward where they are now. Ralph had an interesting reputation among the coeds. Until I came along, there was a lot of competition to get a one-night stand with him and he was supposed to be pretty special in bed. I wasn’t a virgin, I told you that, but I was pretty particular about handing out my favors. One night Ralph and I were sitting around my room, sharing a few drinks while waiting for Crystal to come back from what ever she was doing. We started talking, and as we drank we both got more and more risqué.”

“Somehow in our conversation, I told Ralph that the only reason he and I hadn’t been intimate was my fear of getting pregnant. That wasn’t really the only reason, but it was one I could give him. And he had turned me on pretty hard on occasion. Ralph was famous for not using a condom, he expected his partners to be on the pill. I don’t know how now, but somehow I told him if there were no chance of him getting me pregnant I would let him have me. He kind of sneered at me, and told me something like, ‘yeah, sure’. Anyway, we got to arguing and after a while I got a piece of paper and wrote a promissory note. I told him that if I could be sure he couldn’t get me pregnant, I’d spend an evening in bed with him.”

When she paused, I was just staring incredulously at her. “How long ago was this?” I asked.


About 6 years, was her answer. May went on to tell me that the note was one of the ‘in jokes’ between Ralph and her ever since then.

We broke the news of her pregnancy to Ralph and Crystal two weeks ago, and after the initial congratulations, Ralph and I had gone into their garage to look at a problem he was having. Once I was out of the room Crystal had looked her in the eye and told her the promissory note must now be due. May had been shocked that Crystal even knew about it, and stunned to discover that Crystal was taking it seriously. When Ralph and I came in, I remembered a case of Dutch beer I had been going to bring to the cook out. Insisting it would only take a few minutes to get something special, I left the other three there and went home alone to pick up the beer.

While I was gone Crystal had raised the topic of the note again. May was surprised again to find that Ralph had apparently believed the note was going to be honored. He was quite indignant to hear May was thinking of welshing on the agreement. This was all taking place after three hours of steady drinking, the last she would have until our baby finished breast-feeding. May had found herself agreeing to honor the old note. Before I returned, it had been decided between the three of them that she would entertain Ralph last night.

“May, that’s one of the strangest stories I’ve ever heard. And it’s real hard for me to accept. I have to ask this. Who is the father of the baby you are carrying?”

May shrank and the tears began falling down her cheeks again.

“How many other notes are now outstanding, and how many have you paid up on to date?” was my next question.


May screamed at me, “None, Gary don’t! I love you Gary! This happened, it is the only time, it can’t happen again. Please, Gary! Listen to me! It sounds crazy trying to explain it to you, but I felt obligated. It wasn’t something I planned or wanted to do. I have never been unfaithful to you! Please, please believe me,” and she fell to her knees crying, covering her face with her hands.

“May, please, can I ask you some questions? Will you be honest with me?”

“Yes, Gary. Ask me, I tell you this was a one-time thing, and not something I wanted to do. My doing it seems incredible to me now. But you are worth more to me than life.”

I looked down at where she knelt before me. My heart was crying and my stomach hurt. This was my best friend, the person I wanted beside me all the rest of my life. But I had to know if this person was who I thought she was. “May, could you have said no to this?”

“Yes, yes I could have, but I felt my honor was involved. I was afraid to tell you, afraid you wouldn’t understand. But I felt that if you were in my place you would do the same thing. When the agreement was made, I was drunk. But when I was sober I didn’t throw it out. And when it was made I didn’t know you. It was not something I did to cheat on you. It was something I promised to a friend so dear. At the time, in that place it was right.”

Thinking for a moment, I replied, “So you could have said no after you sobered up, but felt it was right, something you owed your friend at the time. And these many years later you felt you still owed the debt to the man your friend of the time had become. Is that right?”


“Yes,” she answered.

“May, think carefully. Was this something you were looking forward to?”

“NO!” she shouted. “After a while, I began thinking it wasn’t real after all, but just a joke. But it wasn’t a joke. It was real.”

Looking carefully into her eyes, I asked, ” What about over the past two weeks, were you looking forward to this?”

May took a deep breath and answered, “No, love, I wasn’t. It was something I felt I had to do. It was an obligation, not a pleasure.”

I just continued looking at her.


May looked down at the table. She whispered, “OK, yes, Gary. I guess I was looking forward to it, but not like you’re thinking. I’ve never even thought of cheating on you, never wanted to. But all of a sudden this was there. I felt I had to go through with it, and if I did I saw no reason I shouldn’t enjoy it. I never felt it was something I had to do because you were not enough for me. It was something I had to honor, so I rationalized that I might as well make it special because nothing like it would ever happen again.”

Taking a great shuddering breath, I let it out slowly. “May, about 6 weeks ago I called you on my cell phone while I was driving back from that conference, remember? We teased for a few minutes, and then I asked if you wanted to meet me in at the Holiday Inn in Atherston. I asked you to come and we could make a weekend together, away from home. Maybe do some hanky panky. I think I actually used those words. Do you remember?”

“Sure, Gary. It was a great weekend, too,” she answered with a tremulous little smile.

“Did you want to make that a great weekend for us, for me, May?” I asked.

“What a question, of course I did. And it was, we had a great time.” And she gave me a real smile this time.

“Do you remember what you packed to take with you for that weekend, honey?” I asked.


“Well, not really. I took a nice dress, in case we wanted to go dancing, and we did. And some comfortable clothes to walk.”

“Just a minute, girl. I have to turn the video on again to let you understand what this question is about,” and I turned and walked back to our bedroom. Part way down the hall I turned to make sure she was following me and she was. Once there, I turned on the bedroom TV, and turned on the VCR. The second tape was already in it, and ready to play. I hit play on the remote. It opened with May still kneeling before Ralph, looking at his cock after he had just shot a big load down her throat. She stood up, and turned to the bed, which had her standing facing directly into the camera in the corner which was taping her shame.

“May, what in the world are you wearing there?” I asked.

She blushed, and answered, “My white lingerie.”

“Yeah, wife. The set I got for Valentines Day. Do you realize you have never worn it for me, except to model it when I gave it to you?”

“Well, sure Gary, but there’s been no place to do so…” She suddenly stopped, looking confused.


“Well, you sure didn’t wear it at the Holiday Inn. I sure would have remembered. As I recall, you had gone home and changed into a peasant skirt and white blouse, the one that buttoned to the neck. When you got around to taking those off, which was after dinner when we decided to go dancing, you were wearing the white cotton panties and the bra I think you probably have on now. Do you remember what you wore to bed that night, after we came back from dancing?”

In a little voice, she answered, “My Donald Duck T-shirt.”

Looking her in the eye, I asked, “May, you just told me the Holiday Inn weekend was special and the ‘date’ with Ralph wasn’t. Yet you wore about the sexiest thing you own, something I bought you for us to share, for Ralph. But not for me. What does that say to you, what does it shout to me? How special do you think you are placing me?”

May just looked at me, her shoulders slumping a little.

“Honey,” I continued, “if I didn’t love you we wouldn’t be living in this house together. If I didn’t think you were something special to me, I would not be married to you. But I get an unexpected telephone call that calls off my meeting last night, and fall into one of the worst nightmares I could conceive of

Ralph, one of my best friends if not my very best friend shows up when I should have been in my meeting. He is met at the door by MY woman. She takes him back to a room she has gone to some trouble preparing for a tryst, and then gives him a damn good strip, and I see she has dressed her body to display. Something she hasn’t done for me in well over a year. When I ask her about it, she says this meeting wasn’t important to her. But she has gone to a lot of trouble dressing, putting up her hair and applying make-up. Things she hasn’t done for me since Hector was a pup. That tells me this meeting was VERY important to her, she considered it a treat that she had to prepare for. It also tells me that her time with me was very ordinary and of much lesser value. She wanted to treat the man, my friend. But she had no interest in treating me, her husband and partner. I saw you doing things for Ralph you only do for me on special occasions if then, and doing some things for him you have refused to do with and for me.”


My wife blinked tears out of her eyes, “Gary, it wasn’t that way. It really wasn’t. I love you. You are special to me. What can I do to convince you?”

I sat on the bed, and just looked at her. “I don’t know just yet, May. I don’t know what we can do. But I’m calling Ralph and Crystal and asking them to come over tonight. From what you said, Crystal is already aware of what was going on.” I looked at her a moment longer, “Do you know if Ralph and Crystal had anything else on their minds when this was set up?”

May shook her head no, and I dialed their number. Crystal answered and I asked if she and her husband could come over for a few minutes this evening. While I was talking May answered the door, and collected the Chinese food we had ordered.

Neither one of us was hungry, but I forced myself to eat. I knew this was going to be a long night, and the emotions had just begun.

May just sat and toyed with her food. I almost began to believe her when she told me again she loved me, and this was just a one-time thing.

It was maybe 7:15 when the doorbell rang. Before I opened the door I told May I believed there was more to this than she understood.


When I opened the door to let Ralph and Crystal in they both gave me a smile, but I don’t think it was my imagination that each of them gave May a little special smile. Ralph especially, his look at my wife was almost proprietary and I noticed May cringed a little when she saw it.

Sitting them down on the couch, I asked May to sit also and pointed to the couch beside Crystal. She chose instead to sit in her recliner to the side of the couch Crystal was sitting on. I kind of hemmed and hawed for a bit, kind of nattering on about several things, but I included the new monitoring system, which I had been working on. I didn’t tell them it was working or what it had shown me last night. Crystal and Ralph were looking pretty puzzled, wondering why I had asked them over.

Finally I asked them if they would like a drink, joking that I’d better get into my problem or my audience was going to walk out on me. Everyone said yes to the drink, so I fixed one for everyone. We had been friends for so long, I knew what each would want this time in the evening and in this situation. Handing Crystal her white wine, I gave Ralph his Jack Daniels and seven-up (shuddering as I did so, what a waste of good liquor). I handed May the orange juice she wanted because of her pregnancy, and took what looked like my Gin and Tonic over to the hassock sitting by the TV. Actually it was straight tonic, tonight I needed to have every wit about me that I had left.

Sitting on the hassock, with my knees spread, my knees resting on them and both hands hanging down between my knees cradling my drink I looked around at each of them.

Finally, looking at Crystal I asked, “What was in it for you, Crystal? I don’t quite understand.”

She looked puzzled, then asked, “What was what, Gary? What are you talking about?”


“Last night, girl. Why did you work so hard to set it up?”

Just as I finished talking, Ralph sputtered and choked on the drink he had just taken. I looked at him, “Ralph, I know what you got from it. But was that all? Seems to me there must be more.” I tried to look at both women at once, switching my eyes back and forth. “Ralph, I know your reputation as a cocksman. One more notch doesn’t seem worth it, particularly with what I think you were risking. Why, Ralph?”

“Uh, Gary, uh, what are you talking about!” he stumbled out to me.

“Well you see guys, I was home last night. Kiwanis was called off, and I was in the garage when you made your appointment with May, and when you came in the door. Let me show you something,” and here I flipped on the TV standing beside me. The picture that came up was live from the camera in the spare room.

“I was just completing hooking this up when you came over last night, Ralph. Pretty good picture, isn’t it?” May had her face buried in her hands, and Ralph’s face went pale. Crystal just looked at me with this little sexy smile. “So, guys. What was this all about?” I continued.

Crystal crossed her legs, and one foot began bouncing up and down a little. “What do you think it meant, Gary?” she asked.


“Well Crystal,” I answered, “you know you have a bit of a reputation too. Actually it goes along with Ralph’s. You folks have been pretty straight with us, but I’ve had a couple comments at the Kiwanis. I was pretty glad you folks hadn’t said anything to us, but I’m guessing that’s about to change right now. Right Crystal?”

“Well, this wasn’t exactly the way we wanted to bring it up, but yeah, I think you may be right,” was her reply.

I looked over at my puzzled wife. “May, up to now I thought you were aware of this. Now I’m not so sure. Your friend and her husband, Ralph here, have been in a kind of ‘key club’ the past couple of years. I don’t know how often, but every once in awhile a group of them get together on a Friday night. They meet in a back room at Barney’s Broiler for dinner, and every couple brings one of their house keys hanging on a tag with their address on it. As they come in the back room at Barney’s they drop the key in a big barrel. It’s kind of like the one you see at Bingo games. After a nice dinner and since the husbands and wives have driven separately the wives all leave and drive to their own homes. The gals get home and get ready for some action, something with a guy they aren’t used to, and who can probably get them off better than the same old meat they have at home every night.”

“After they’ve gone the guys get to draw out a key. As I understand the rules, each guy gets to look at the address and if it’s his own address he holds it in his left hand and pulls out another key then drops his wife’s key back into the barrel. I understand some guys will check out an address and if it’s with some gal they fucked recently, or one they don’t like for whatever reason, they will draw another key. But they can only draw twice. If they pulled their wife’s key the second time they’re out of luck. And I understand some guys have really gotten in the soup for showing up to bonk their own wife when she was expecting strange cock.”

“Anyway, then the guys all have a drink before heading off to their rendezvous for the weekend. Yeah, honey. It is for the whole weekend, not just a couple hours or a night. I’ve had a couple comments from some of the Kiwanis, wondering when I was going to join. Since we were so close with Crystal and Ralph everyone involved with the key club thought we were swapping with them on the side. A lot of the other guys wanted to get into your pants, it wasn’t just Ralph here.”

The room was pretty quiet, and I looked at each of my companions carefully. May was gawping at me, clearly surprised and shocked at what I had just told her. Her eyes were huge.


Crystal was giving me this little simpering smile, and her foot was bouncing a lot harder. She seemed to be squirming her ass against the couch pretty hard too. I hoped she didn’t stain the couch with her juices. Ralph was looking smug, and a bit relieved after hearing my description.

“Honey,” I began, looking at May again. “Before we go any further, I think you should know something about your last nights lover.” May’s face went white again at my description, she clearly didn’t want to be reminded just how precarious our marriage was at the moment. “As you saw last night, Ralph is pretty well endowed.”

Here May’s face went completely red, and she buried her face in her hands again.

Looking over at Ralph, that smug look was permanent, along with one of the biggest shit-eating grins I’d ever seen. The look he was giving me was one of condescension, but I figured to get rid of that before the night was over.

“My own ‘package’ is on the big side of average I guess. Honey, I’m about 7 to 7 ½ inches long and about 2 ½ inches thick. I’d guess Ralphie here was 9 to 10 inches long. Not any thicker than I, really, but a lot longer. And he is the prize at these drawings. I understand all the wives hold their breath waiting to see if they have drawn the real blue blooded stud bull for the weekend. Just like you described for the coeds in your college.”

Looking at everyone’s face one more time, I added, “So you see, May. You’ve already tasted the best.”


Ralph was smirking at me, and when I looked at Crystal was smirking at May. May just seemed to be sinking into her chair, looking at me a little sickly.

I just leaned back a bit on my hassock, then took a long drink of my tonic. Pretty bitter, but that’s what my mouth tasted like anyway. Then I just sat and let the silence build. Ralph was still looking very satisfied with himself, but it looked to me like Crystal wanted to say something. I just kept quiet and let the tension build some more.

“Gary,” Crystal finally started, “it’s a pretty good deal. And all we do is add a bit of spice to the marriage. After all, we all get stale and tired of one another after awhile. All we do is add some spice, and keep the love in the marriage going. Ask lover man here, he hasn’t lost any of me he wants and I think we’ve added some real nice variations to our lives this way. Isn’t that right Ralph?”

Ralph just grinned his stupid grin.

She went on, “Anyway, we just thought to show you two that loosening up a bit wouldn’t break you up. Just the contrary, it will give you each a boost and actually I’m pretty sure it will make you closer. Your friendship wouldn’t be touched and I know each of you can use a few new ideas to use in the old bedroom. No pressures on you folks, just think about it. We’ll both be here when you make up your minds.”

This was the introduction, and in a way the confession I had been hoping for.


Keeping my voice as quiet and even as I could I answered, “Well, Crystal, I appreciate your patience with me. I haven’t talked this over with May, and I doubt I will do so. I’m not really interested in swapping, or as I was telling May this evening, in another partner for sex. But no matter at this point. I have something I’d like to show the three of you.”

I turned to May, “May, please, this is going to be embarrassing to you and for that I apologize. But I’m just going to point out some things that happened last night. Some things that will probably be forgotten soon, as such things almost always are. We tend to remember the good, not the bad. But if our marriage is to last, and I’m only hoping it can at this point, it’s important that everyone here see and remember the full picture. Not just the high spots. Certainly more than the good things. Is that OK?”

When she took a big breath and then nodded, I moved my hassock out from in front of the TV. Then I grabbed the VCR remote and a yard stick to use as a pointer.

Turning on the VCR, in just a moment it came up showing May slurping on Ralph’s huge pecker. I heard Crystal murmur, “Ooh, that looks so-o-o good.” I waited a moment until my wife deep throated him, and then stopped the picture. After pointing to Ralph’s cock head showing in her throat, I asked May in as neutral a voice as possible if her throat was sore today and she sheepishly nodded yes. Then I restarted the VCR in slow motion. We sat and watched the hot action, watched Ralph’s hands come down and grab my wife’s head in what was obviously a vice grip, easily seen in slow motion.

We watched as he started blasting his cum down her throat, and when her face began to turn a little blue I stopped the tape again. “Do you remember this, May?” I asked, looking at her. She looked back at me, with tears in her eyes and nodded her head yes.

“Tell me, is the way Ralph is forcing your head down on his prick and cutting off your breathing what made this exciting for you?” I asked.


“No Gary, and I didn’t like it at all, it scared me to death,” was her answer.

I just rolled the tape at normal speed until we saw her pull away from the cock, and watched her clearly mouth, ‘so good’ as she licked her lips. I stopped the tape again and just sat for a moment looking at her.

May started to squirm, then burst out, “I didn’t like it Gary! What was I to say then, I hated it? We hadn’t even started to make love yet, and I didn’t want to hurt him!”

I murmured, “I know, you only wanted to encourage him. I know. And you wanted to ‘make love’ too.”

I fast-forwarded the tape to where Ralph was chewing on a whole tit, then slowed it again. “People, notice May’s face. See how she is biting her lip, and grimacing. May, were you doing that because it felt so good?” I asked continuing to keep my voice and demeanor unemotional.

“No, it hurt like hell, but what could I do. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings,” was her reply.


“You know everybody. This morning and evening were one of the few times May hasn’t dressed in front of me. She usually likes to show me her body. Today she turned her back to me when she put on or took off her bra. As a matter of fact, I never saw any of her front naked. I wonder what could be different in those succulent mounds today that has never, ever been true before? And what about the rest of her? Come to think of it she dressed entirely in the bathroom. She’s never done that before. She has always enjoyed showing herself off to me.”

“You bastard, they hurt! You see the video. I’ve got some nasty bruises and even a little cut on my left breast.” With that May started sobbing, and Crystal was looking at her with a startled expression. Ralph just looked stunned. At least the grin was gone.

I continued the tape, and we watched Ralph yank off her panties and toss them in a corner. I stopped the tape, pulled a package out from behind the TV and pulled out the panties. They were clearly torn, and useless. “This is part of a matched set, you’ve been looking at it this evening, that I bought for my wife last Valentines Day. This tape, by the way is really the first and only time I’ve seen them being worn.”

With that I walked over to the wastebasket beside the couch and tossed them in. There was not a sound as I walked back to my hassock and restarted the tape.

We watched as Ralph picked May up by the waist and tossed her casually on the bed. Before she had really stopped bouncing, we watched him grab both ankles and yank her legs apart. When he buried his face in her twat, I just used the yardstick to indicate the grimace on May’s face. We watched as Ralph munched on her sex, with some odd expressions on my wife’s face. After just a little over 5 minutes, we watched Ralph pull away from May’s cunt and pull himself up her body, position himself quickly over her body and drive his entire length into her cunt. I stopped the tape at the apex of her obvious pain grimace when his cock pushed through beyond her cervix.

“I’m guessing this face was made when Ralph pushed on into and past the cervix. My own more modest length has been there before, but with a gentler approach I never recall this kind of pain response. May, was that real pain, or am I mistaking pleasure for pain? And also, would you prefer the harder, more ‘masterful’ treatment Ralph is giving you here?”


And I looked at my wife.

May just looked back at me for a moment, glanced at Ralph and then back at me. “No Gary, that was pain. And no, I don’t like pain. You know I don’t like to be hurt. Sometimes too much sensation is painful, but with sex it can turn to pleasure. Real pain does not become pleasurable to any but masochists. I am not a masochist.”

She looked down at her hands for a moment, and just as I was turning back to restart the tape she added, “Honey, I crave your loving. It is the only kind I want. I can only keep telling you, this was not something I went looking for. It was not something I felt was missing from my life. It is not what I have been wanting.”

I paused for a moment, then responded, “But you didn’t really try to stay out of this thing very much, did you?” Then I restarted the tape.

May sat for a moment, watching herself rutting with Ralph, then she stood up and yanked the TV power cord out of the wall.

“Everyone, shut up! All right, I did an evil thing to you, Gary. No, let me talk Gary!” she screamed when I started to speak.


She continued, “I don’t know why I let myself get talked into this, maybe it was curiosity, I don’t know. It certainly was not because I needed a different and positively not a better lover than my husband.”

Standing tall she said, “OK, some truths. Number one and you guys may not be aware of it, but all of us women are told from almost the cradle not to hurt you guy’s little egos. So among other things, we fake orgasms, and tell you how good it feels when it doesn’t and unless it’s pretty bad we keep quiet when you hurt us when you think you are giving us pleasure. So I’ll stop doing that, at least tonight. And Gary, before you ask, I have never had to do that for you because you are always, always so concerned about my welfare.”

“No,” she said to Ralph, “let me finish. Let us get away from the pain you are so carefully pointing out, Gary. And other women tell me it often comes with the loving. It probably comes with ours too, Gary, but in only small amounts that I can’t remember beyond the orgasms you give me. Yes I remember all those you have pointed out, and some that would show up later in the tape.”

“No, all of you! Let me finish,” she demanded as Crystal started to say something. “Let’s talk orgasms. And I find this very embarrassing and humiliating. Before you comment, Gary, you always give me many climaxes. There have been times you force them on me, and I know you have not had one yourself. When you eat me, you never stop until I have cum at least twice, and usually three or more. You love giving them to me, and can make me cum sometimes when I don’t even want to. Since we learned to love one another Gary, I doubt if you and I made love when I had less than two of them, and usually more than I can count. Before you point it out in your inimitable way, I had none last night. Nada, zilch, none, zero, I had no orgasm.”

“I’m sorry, Ralph. That is the truth,” she directed at Ralph who was staring at her in utter disbelief. “If you disbelieve me, we can watch the rest of that God Damned Tape! And before we go to bed tonight, Gary, I want that tape burned. Do you understand me? I have never felt worse or been so humiliated in my life. And the only one I can blame is,” here she paused while looking me right in the eye, “myself,” she finished in a whisper.

I stood up and held one arm out to May and she almost leaped across the floor to plaster herself against me.


“Well, folks. I guess that pretty much does it. A couple of last thoughts. No Crystal. I am not interested in joining your club. My wife and I are intelligent, well-read and imaginative people. We do not need to dip wicks, and pull trains to improve our sex life. I think we will enjoy that life together for many more years, God be willing.”

“The last thing I feel I have to say bothers me a lot because it sounds like I am punishing May. That’s not it at all. But May, as you have said several times today, Ralph doesn’t participate in safe sex. I have no idea the medical condition of all of his many sex partners, nor does he really. What I do know is you are now carrying our child. You are going to have to visit your doctor and give him some kind of story to cover why you feel you need to be checked for STD’s. And this is going to hurt both of us, we can’t have sex together until we have you checked and prove negative. We can’t pass something back and forth between us. Do you understand, honey?”

Looking over at our erstwhile best friends, I continued, “I feel betrayed by both of you. I am not sure which of you I feel more angry toward. In any case we will have to put a kibosh on getting together for the foreseeable future. Maybe some time later we can be friends again, but I certainly can’t forgive you for what was done. Now it’s getting late, and we all have to get up in the morning. I’m sorry for this night, more than you may realize, but good night.”

I turned the TV off, and popping the tape from the VCR I gave it to May. She grabbed today’s newspaper sitting unopened on an end table, wadded up a number of sheets, placed them in the fireplace and lit a match to them after adding the tape to the pile. She and I stood and watched the fire melt and then burn that thing, with May feeding more paper to the fire until only burned black ash remained where the video tape had been. I promised myself I would do the same to the two remaining tapes I had made today. But it would be tomorrow, after May had gone to work. She need not know about the copies.

When we turned around, we found ourselves alone. Our former friends had left while we performed our ceremonial burn. May stood in the living room while I locked up and turned out the lights. As I walked back through the living room she took my hand and followed me down the hall. Once in our room we stripped down to go to bed, and May made no attempt to hide her body from me.

She had huge purple marks all over her breasts and a small but nasty cut on the bottom of her breast as she had told us. I had expected those, but not the other bruises coming out on her body. Her inner legs where they met at her sex seemed to be a mass of bruises where Ralph had pounded into her. It must have hurt like hell, and it was no wonder she kept giving the little screams, which I at first mistook for pleasure.


I was very glad I had not seen them while Ralph was around, or he would not have walked back out to his car. Where before I was despairing, I now felt hope again. But with the bruises I felt hatred. It would be quite some time before I could trust myself to be near Ralph.

Taking a deep breath, May began talking. “A couple things you need to know Gary. You’re right, I did some things for Ralph that I’ve been reluctant to do for you, and some I have never done for anyone before. Some as you saw he forced on me.”

“As of this moment, I will do anything you ask of me. Anything. I am trusting you to be fair and gentle with me, not to hurt me. But you always have, and I believe you always will.”

She took a deep breath, “About the anal sex, Gary. That was straight rape! I had already refused him more sex. I wish I had waited a little longer to wake him up, maybe if it had been 10:30 he wouldn’t have felt he had time to do me again. After he began raping my ass, the only thing I could think of was to get it over. It hurt so much! I did everything in my power to get him to finish.”

“If you want anal sex, it is your right, but please be gentle. I am so sore today, and I have been careful every time I’m in the bathroom to see if I had rectal bleeding. I think and hope I’m OK, but I’ll have to have Dr. O’Lansky check that, too.”

“May,” I began tentatively, “I’ve got to say one more thing, and I feel kind of funny doing it.”


“What is that, Gary. It sounds to me like we may have found a good thing out of the mess I’ve made of myself this week.”

“Honey, I… well I guess we’ve kind of come down hard on Ralph. Not that he doesn’t deserve it. And pretty much tossed out their ridiculous key club, but there is another aspect here that I hate to mention. But think I have to. I love you too much to leave anything to chance.”

I kind of stumbled and fumbled for a minute. “You know I made it sound like I’m the greatest lover in the world, and I’m not. I think I am for you, but you are the only one to judge that.”

“May, Ralph was and is a very selfish, rough lover. Not all men doing the things he does are like that. I love you and want to…”

My wife interrupted me here, “Stop right there, buster! I am aware there are others out there who are patient and tender and care for their partners. But there is only one you. I am not looking for someone better. For me, I don’t think there can be any one better. Gary, I love you, and I know that love and the caring for one another is probably half of the joy I get out of our sex. You won’t lose me looking for the greatest orgasm possible. Counting all we’ve had, and the other things we have I already have the greatest orgasm possible, for me. Let’s leave it there, and get on with our life together, OK?”

And we did.


Several unexpected things occurred over the rest of that week. Number one, both May and I took the rest of the week off. We were both so emotionally burned we didn’t think we could face the rest of the world so we didn’t. I didn’t get to burn the remaining tapes until the next Monday.

May had herself tested the next day, and she was fine, but we didn’t get the report back until the following Wednesday.

Which turned out pretty good too, actually.

The next day we spent talking, and getting to know the people we had become since our marriage. We had both grown over the past few years, and each in some ways differently than the other had understood until our long discussions. I had loved her before, and now I adored her.

The next evening, Thursday, I sat down and wrote a little joke contract from me to her. I contracted to give her a minimum of 3 orgasms for each orgasm she gave me. Giggling, we both signed it.

Friday, just after lunch I was lounging in the living room in my good recliner, as opposed to the one in the garage, and wearing just a set of warm ups. I was grousing about how long it was going to take to get May’s STD test results back, when the lady in question put down her magazine, stood up and slunk across the living room at me.


Man was she sexy. And I was so damned hungry for her, now that we had worked everything out. When she got in front of me, she dropped to her knees pushed my knees apart and knee walked between them. My wife reached up and grabbed the waistband of my warm up pants and with one mighty yank pulled them down below my crotch. I don’t know how they came out from under my butt, I just know where they ended.

I was wearing jockey shorts, and she did the damndest thing there, too. She reached in the cock flap with both hands, and took hold of each side of the opening in the jockeys with her hands. As I watched open mouthed, she took a deep breath, tensed for a moment and then yanked apart my jockey shorts. They ended in two pieces, and the elastic waistband, which was still around my waist.

May gave me the most triumphant smile before pulling my cock up and swallowing it into her mouth, while she kept her eyes locked on mine. For some reason that is one of the most erotic sights, to have a woman suck you while looking up adoringly into your eyes.

I soon realized I had never before known what a real blowjob was. It seemed I went from just relaxed to swollen and diamond rock hard in an instant. And then she went to work. Sucking, licking, teasing me, she even gently sucked both my balls into her mouth. She kept bringing me close to the point of ejaculation, and then easing off enough that I would fade just a bit from the peak. Then she would do it all over again. I have no idea how long she pleasured me, for she wouldn’t allow me to even fondle her breasts. But I do know when I blasted off into her mouth she couldn’t swallow fast enough.

When I had finished and tried to stand to clean the mess that still remained she pushed me back onto the chair. She then proceeded to lick and suck every drop of sperm from my body. The woman who didn’t want to give me oral sex, took such pleasure in pleasing me I swear she orgasmed herself. When I was clean of all but her saliva she pushed the chair back and climbed up into it with me.

Open mouthed, gasping and post-orgasmic, I asked her where she had learned to do that. She pointed to the magazine she had been reading. One of the women’s magazines, I can’t remember which, but I pulled out a subscription card that afternoon and sent it off with her name on it the next day.


We both napped there until after 4:30 and I have no idea how long it was that we slept. Later I realized her oral sex wasn’t really safe sex, but at that point who cared. And by mutual consent, we ignored the proscription against May giving me oral sex from then on. I guess I could never pout to myself that she never initiated a blowjob with me again.

That evening May had me sign an IOU, admitting to owing her 3 free orgasms, because of the blowjob she had given me and as I had contracted earlier in the week.

Over the next several days we learned how to pleasure one another without swapping bodily fluids. And I kept falling behind in my orgasm indebtedness. I’m not sure those weren’t the sexiest, most sensuous few days in my entire life. I was looking forward to paying my orgasmic debt off in the near future.

So the outcome of Crystal and Ralph’s planned seduction of May ended far differently than they had planned. It did not lead to my seduction and our joining their deluded little swap group. Instead we learned how deep our love really went. We learned how to physically love one another without use of the traditional means, and most importantly we both had drilled into us how to expand our intimate life.

In many ways I feel sorry for others, like the swap group, who haven’t really learned the greatest and most pleasurable sex organ is the human mind. And who never learned the true worth and glory of having one true friend to share it with.

Incidentally, I have gifted May several lingerie sets since then. I am glad to say they have all been worn to a frazzle, and I was there to make it happen.

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