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Hurry, guests are coming!

The guests are about to arrive and we are horny…

My husband recently got a new job and one day, talking with his boss, he had the great idea of telling him how great a cook I am. Really? Couldn’t he just keep his mouth shut? Then, of course, his boss kind of invited himself and his wife to dinner at our house. And apparently, his boss’s wife is incredibly hot.

So, last night, not only I had to make a great dinner, not too heavy, not too light, to impress my husband’s new boss, but I also had to be at my best to live up to his wife’s beauty. But, hey, no pressure.

When I’m cooking, I usually wear spare clothes so that, if they get dirty, I don’t have to worry. Yesterday, it was the same, but I had some final steps that had to be done no more than ten minutes before guests arrived. Of course, for those steps, I was already wearing my outfit for the evening.

I was garnishing the tarts and I felt my husband’s eyes on my butt. Jeez, he loves my butt, and I always try to wear something that emphasizes my butt because feeling his eyes on me is very arousing. Last night I wore a strapless blue dress that emphasized my hourglass body, big breasts, and wide hips.   

“Stop staring at my ass and help me here.”

“How do you know I’m watching your ass?”

“I feel it. Are you helping or not?”

I heard his steps but instead of helping me, he hugged me from behind pressing his hard cock against my ass.

“It’s your fault, when I see you swaying this butt, I can’t resist,” he said, pulling up my dress over my hips to unveil a blue lace thong.

“Stop it Sean. Our guests will be here any minute,” I said, trying to pull down the dress, without success, and without much effort. Honestly, I was as aroused as he was.

“So, we better be quick.”

He moved his hands on the front and slid one hand inside my panties, going straight to my entrance. He knew how much I love a fingerfuck.

“You slutty wife, you’re dripping wet.”

“You get aroused looking at my butt, I get aroused with you looking at my butt. It’s a win-win.”

“Open your legs,” he said.


“Stop questioning me and do it. Or do you prefer to wait and have our guests watching? Would you like it?”

“Would you?” I asked, gasping feeling two fingers fucking my pussy. I wasn’t really thinking about what I said.

“Maybe I do. Maybe I could suggest it. But for now, I’m the one fucking my wife. Tell me you like it.”

“Oh, Sean, I love it. You know that. I love when you fingerfuck my pussy.”

“Lean on me, Sarah, and pinch those nipples. I want them big and stiff for when Jason arrives.”

The only thought of him wanting to show me off with his boss was sending me to the moon.

“C’mon my little slut, I know you are ready to cum. You better hurry or they’ll see you all hot and blushed. It doesn’t take a genius to know what happened here.”

I came hard, imagining his boss and his wife watching us.

“Good girl,” Sean said, kissing my neck, his fingers still inside my pussy, “Now, my little slut, I don’t think it’s nice for you to be all happy and satisfied, while your husband has a steel-hard cock in his pants. So, bend down on the table. And you better be quick and not waste any time.”

I knew better than to questioning his requests. Our guests were about to arrive.

I bent down with my breasts mashed on the table already set for our dinner, my dress still up over my hips. Sean stroked my butt cheeks, digging his fingers in my meat. I got ready for what was about to come.

Spank. Spank. 

I love when he spanks me.

He moved my thong aside and, holding his cock with his hand, rubbed the big head along my slit, spreading my juice all over.

“Sean, hurry.”

“Shh, I take the time I need. Remember, I’m the master here. Open your legs wider, slut.”

I know, I shouldn’t allow him to talk to me that way, but dirty talk makes me wild.

With a firm and deep thrust, his cock entered my pussy, making me wince. Oh, I love when we take our time to fuck, but our quickies are exquisite.

He began thrusting like an animal and at that moment I saw our guests parking on the road in front of our house. I knew Sean saw them as well. And I knew that, if they got to the door, they would see us fucking like animals.

“You better cum little slut, or they’ll see us fucking.”

I moved a hand to my pussy, and I began stroking my clit furiously.

I came hard, trying to not cry out too loud. Sean came immediately after, filling my pussy with a warm load of cum.

We saw our guests walking up the driveway and I started laughing.

“You’re such an exhibitionist slut,” he said, grabbing a napkin from the table, “You better wipe your pussy, unless you want to make a show with our cum dripping down your legs.”

I straightened up, wiped what I could with the napkin, pulled down my dress, and at that moment the doorbell rang.

“You’re the fucking best, baby,” Sean said while opening the door.

I quickly reset up the table and left the napkin on the side with the intention to change it with a clean one.

We greeted our guests and exchanged pleasantries.

When it was time to sit at the table for dinner, the napkin was still there, to remind me what happened a few minutes ago.

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