This is a short instructional about how I came to love anal sex. Sharing my own experiences, I hope to persuade and advise on “why” and “how” a person can give anal a second chance.



Twenty years of marriage and anal sex had been tried on multiple “drunk enough” occasions. Sore the next day, I would wonder why some people liked backdoor entry. Guys, I understand. It’s a tight, “no-no.” But women wanting it, I didn’t get. Oh, stories of anal sex or videos always made me pause. Each time I read or saw an invasion of a tight little hole, moisture would gather between my lips and my nipples would begin to ache. It just didn’t make sense.

In a culture where sex education consists primarily of birth control and the prevention of disease, much knowledge is lost. I’m here saying, the Greeks were right, sodomy is amazing. You know something is fun when laws are passed forbidding it.

How I came to love my ass:

One day much like any, I was standing at my stainless steel sink in my gray and white kitchen. Tanned muscular arms encircled me as my husband shoved his rigid cock into the small of my back. I’m five feet tall, petite, and have blonde haired. My trim, six foot tall, dark husband towered over me.

Wearing a pastel blue and yellow flowered sundress, I leaned back. The salty smell of my husband surrounded me as I basked in his warmth. Kissing the back of my neck, he begin planting kisses down my spine. Goosebumps broke out on me as I lightly moaned. David knew I loved having my back kissed and he frequently used it to his advantage.


Lowering himself to his knees, he grasped my more than ample ass. I’ve been told it’s not bad for a white girl and I love to have it massaged and praised. But, I never wanted anything near my backdoor. David’s tongue had flickered by it more than once but I always flinched. I didn’t understand why he would do that and why he would try when he knew I didn’t like it.

As I stood there trembling, he continued his journey. Now, his insistent fingers grasped my hot pink lace pantie and wiggled them down. No words left me as I slipped first one foot out and then the other as David continued to strip me. Now nude and bent over my gray granite counter, I waited and held my breath.

Without a word spoken, a deal had been made. David was in charge and I wasn’t going to resist the lure of submission. Shivers flew through me as my husband pulled my cheeks apart. Making sounds like a fat kid looking at cake, he began to tell me words that I found so intoxicating. Frozen in his compliments, I remained still as he continued.

Gentlemen, there is one thing to know. Most women do not believe that men find assholes attractive!! Unbelieving, I had really never listened. Words foreign to me were rejected. No way could I ever understand. Finally my husband used the right words. Ass Men, take note. This is a hard sale. You need to have your argument ready. Prepare as if going to trial, for the big playoff game, or military operation.

Horrified as I listened to him inhale, I started to protest. Then he whispered, “thank you.” Immediately, I closed my mouth as he continued. My ass was gorgeous. He’d wanted to love this part of me, too. Please let him. He loved everything about me. I asked, “Why?”

Inside I melted as I listened and finally heard his need. My pussy opened and a throbbing began that ran from clit to deep inside. Feeling like some kind of freak, I moaned loudly. The excitement running through me demanded I submit. Afraid of the primal force waking in me, I willed myself to be calm.


A gasp long and loud entered the small kitchen. David’s tongue leisurely and lightly touched my tightest of openings. A jolt hit me, I wanted this. I felt dirty and wrong, like some deviant I had read about. No thought crossed my mind about stopping him. Something just feels too good.

When I tensed, my husband would pause. Telling me again and again how beautiful I looked, how good I tasted to him. The compliments were never ending as he waited for me to relax again. Soothed by his praise and the true emotion I heard, I would relax.

Continuing on his quest, he grew bolder. Now his tongue was swirling around what he called a rosebud and his hands were roughly holding me open. As his tongue wiggled its way into my opening, I shuddered. Feelings of confusion filled me. Why did I want to push back? Why did I feel like whimpering? Why were we even doing this?

Whimpering did enter the room as he tongue fucked my ass. It felt good, really good. Nerves never touched were caressed. Arousal radiated through me as I tried not to move. Feeling dirty, I trembled. I welcomed his tongue there and it frightened me. Deviant was not a label that I wanted to hold.

God help me. I had no defenses against such pleasure. Pausing, he asked me not to move. “Please” added as he flew from the room. A dusty bottle of lube was in his hand as he returned. The look of hope in his deep blue eyes held me there, nude. Ass in the air and still bent over, I felt my stomach drop. The pain was not something I was looking forward to, it was his satisfaction that I desired.

Back on his knees and now also nude, David squeezed a little lube into his hand. The sound of it squirting was a reality check. Trying to take deep breathes, I felt myself tighten anyway. As I tried to calm my racing heart, I felt one finger slide into me. Gently, my husband began to finger fuck my ass. Warmth filled me and I began to relax.


Soon another finger joined the first one and the finger fucking continued. Feeling myself loosening, I whimpered. The shaking in my voice surprised me. Feeling vulnerable, I whispered “That feels good.” I felt his smile as he replied, “of course it does, Baby.”

Emotion sweet and sharp struck me at the honeyed sound of the word, Baby. He only called me that when he felt his most tender. Wanting to please him more than anything, I pushed back and sighed in resignation. To the best of my ability, I vowed to myself that I would take what he needed to give.

As my ass was gently fucked and stretched, David slipped one hand between my legs and found my clit. Rubbing in a tight circle, he added more sensations to the ones already coursing through me. Now I began to rock. As dirty as any whore, I rode his fingers with abandon.

As my impending orgasm approached, I forgot all else and relaxed. A third finger wedged its way in and joined the others and I squealed in delight. The animalistic feelings coming from deep within me joined the smell of sex and surrounded us. Two lovers transported to a more unfettered time.

I came loudly while withering, moaning, and grinding. My climax ran down my thighs and David leaned in and licked at my juices. He loves the way I taste, and for that, I’m forever grateful. Giving me seven orgasms was his personal record. He threatened to make me keep coming. Shuddering, part of me hoped he would make good on his threat.

Fingers removed, David stood towing over me. Feeling small and defenseless, I sighed. The thought of his domination over me made my nipples tighten and started the deep internal coiling again. Taking my neck in his hand, he bent me over again and told me he loved me. Throbbing and rock hard, he placed the head of his cock at my now lubed ass.


With a constrained thrust he popped me open. Head just inches in, he stopped. Whimpering again, I told him it hurt. Stroking the curvatures of my body, he soothed me. Assuring me he would not move without consent, he waited patiently. As the pain quickly subsided, I nodded. Only one more inch pushed forward. Pain came and then wafted away.

Inch-by-inch he slowly squeezed his large cock into my deepest recess. Balls deep, he again waited. Trembling himself, he continued to be patient. I could feel how bad he wanted to pound me. Only love was holding him back.

Filled more than I had ever been, I swallowed and whispered be gentle. Moving with care, he began to slide his cock in and out of me. Each thrust he took was a little deeper than the last. My most private spaces were being invaded. My body no longer felt like my own. Pinned and filled, my body had a new owner, David.

What was “unnatural” felt more natural as he continued? Words of love and praise cemented the moment as I gave my husband what had previously been nothing more than fantasy. Strong hand gripping the flesh of one hip and the other my shoulder, he began pulling back with each thrust.

Pain still existed but ecstasy obliterated it. Sensing my complete submission to him, my husband began to move more rapidly. Each stroke into my ass plunged him to the hilt. Moaning “it feels so good” over and over again, I began to push back. Each thrust I made, I felt dirtier and dirtier. Paradoxically, the dirtier I felt, the higher I flew.

Roaring sounds began pouring from my husband’s mouth. His rhythm now rapid and forceful had begun the approach of heaven. Sensing he had only moments left, I cried out. My voice sounded like an animal as I begged him to shoot his load deep into my ass.


As his joy began ripping from his body, I relished the feel of his hot seed shooting inside me. A few more small thrusts and David collapsed with a grunt. Kisses began immediately as love poured unfettered.

Shaking, I continued repeating in a voice full of tremors how wonderful that had felt. Ass throbbing and sore, I smiled as he continued. The words EVERY woman craves washed over and through me, “He was grateful. I was wonderful. I was beautiful. I had made is fantasies come true.” True contentment filled me.

Sliding back to his knees, David pressed his face into me and began to kiss his way between my legs. Telling me how beautiful my pussy was he began to lick my slit. From clit to ass, he licked. Leaning back on the counter, I stroked his dark brown hair as his tongue continued to search further.

Need started to rise within me. The sight of him feasting on me drove me towards the edge. Soon, his tongue slipped into the recess of my pussy as he drank the moisture growing between my legs. Looking up with blue eyes filled with love, he told me he worshipped my pussy and ass. His words drove my need deeper.

I pressed his head more firmly to me and I began to grind. The smell of sex filled the small space as I began to moan. Each flick of my clit brought a squeal with it. Now my blue painted nails moved to my breasts. Twisting and turning my pink engorged nipples, I relished the intense sensations that his mouth demanded.

My mind left as my body took charge. Without intellect, I began to cry out. Declaring David the best pussy eater ever, I ground harder and harder. The rising desire became need and I began to buck−with protestations of love, I came. David drank what he could, as I squirted. Suddenly too sensitive, I pushed him away.


Now wrapped in each other’s arms we marveled at what had occurred. The sex was even better than he imagined and I already wanted more. We agreed anal sex was our new favorite, nothing had ever made us feel as close. Ladies, I promise you will not worry about undone chores while your ass is being plowed.

So, to reiterate, gentlemen,

there are several steps to take while remembering that this is not a sprint, your quest for her ass is more of a marathon:

1. Compliments! You cannot over do it!

2.Kisses, lots of them and everywhere. My motto is, “if you want in . . . show a little love.” My hubby would have lost his case without the dirty kisses he lavished on me.

3.Share your fantasies about her ass. Bringing your desires into the light is the only way to make them come true.

4.Read anal based erotica (not videos) together. Reading certain genres have landed me in some strange positions.


5.Say, “please.” Your mother told you the importance of this word, use it.

6.Use lube as long as she wants. I don’t find it necessary anymore, but everyone is different.

7.Say, “thank you,” over and over again. Like compliments, this cannot be overdone.

8. Before you make your first move, stroke and compliment her ass without trying to get in there. There is always tomorrow.

And ladies:

1.It stops hurting−really it does.


2.Anal orgasms are stronger than vaginal or clitoral. Shocked after experiencing my own anal orgasm, I ran to Google. I wasn’t crazy. Anal only orgasms are real!!

3.Your hubby/boyfriend will be grateful and you will reap the rewards. A woman that enjoys it up the ass is “special” in the world of men.

4.Intimacy with your partner grows by leaps and bounds with this shared experience.

5.Open yourself completely to your partner and prepare to be wanted. and wanted often.

With word and touch, David communicated what he saw and I came to love my ass. It was his praise that had got him in and it was pleasure that kept me offering my backdoor. Now an “Ass slut” with an “ass pussy,” I am more loved than ever and fucked more often. Fairy tales can come true.

It’s worth it, ladies. Men, you don’t need convincing.



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