So this is your first time to deliver a spanking, and you need a little help.

First and foremost only use your hand for your first few times. If you get a little excited or enthusiastic using an implement (Paddle, tawse, belt, etc.) you might hurt your subject a lot more than you intend. Remember you are responsible for both your subject and yourself. From the time your session starts until it is over, you are the responsible party.


Ok now on to what you really want to know. By now you will have already decided if this spanking is going to be purely for discipline or a sensual spanking.

A sensual spanking combines a lot of tenderness with your discipline. You spend a lot of time rubbing the target area, and you very your swats between hard and soft. A discipline spanking has a lot less caressing and a lot more swats to it.


A discipline spanking starts with a good scolding. There should be no doubt in either your mind or in the mind of the one about to be spanked as to why they are receiving this spanking and why it will happen again if they break your rules. On a side note this is a punishment that most of us received as children and it still sits at our core. So during the scolding using words like naughty and phrases like you’ve been a bad boy/girl can drive the point home that they are not being punished like an adult. They are being treated as a child.

After planting firmly in their mind the reason they are being spanked you move on to draping them over your knee. Plant a dining room chair in an open space and sit down upon it. Grab either their elbow or an ear and drag them over your knee. Don’t grab a hand or merely tell them to get over your knee. You want your subject to know you they don’t really have a choice.

I suggest just draping your subject over one knee. It bends them more in the middle and gives you a better target area. It also gives you access to their thighs. Also if they start kicking you can use your free leg to lock them in place.

I’m starting with the idea that they are fully clothed. Run your hand over their bottom completely. This reminds them that you are in charge and allows you to feel where you should be aiming. Administer about 10 smacks over the outer layer of their clothing. Be careful not to hit the lower back area. It is possible to cause severe damage to someone’s back this way. I try to stay on the lower 2/3rds of the bottom. Now remove the first layer of clothing. Pull down their pants or pull up their skirt yourself. Now if they are wearing underwear run your hand over their bottom again and administer another ten smacks. Aim a little lower on the bottom than you did the first time. If they are not wearing underwear, at your discretion you may scold them for this or not. Depending on your situation. If you feel this warrants scolding tell them you have just added to the number of swats you were going to give.

Now pull down their underwear and once again run your hand over their bottom. Pay attention to any heat you may find. This area will be a little more sore than other area’s. I try to leave the clothing just above my subjects knees. It reinforces the humiliation of the position. And it keeps them form kicking to much. Now once again start administer your smacks. Evenly distribute the punishment between each cheek. It keeps the pain down a little and makes sitting that much harder later.

Don’t smack to hard you have all the time in the world to administer this spanking. I try to keep the power down and extend the spanking. It makes the subject feel like it lasted forever and allows them to take more smacks. If a wayward hand comes back in a rearguard action, grab it and hold it behind the back. Stop the punishment and use both hands if you have to.

For the last ten smacks you want to aim at the 2 inches right where the thighs meet the bottom. The Sweet Spot” This area is very sensitive so it’s really going to hurt. Lighten up the power if you have to.

Ok now when to end the spanking. Don’t stop just because your subject says sorry or I’ll never do it again. Make sure that you don’t teach them to beg out of it. I usually go until they shudder or kick. After that I apply the ten to the “Sweat Spot” If you want to use a predetermined number of smacks that’s ok too.

Now that your spanking is done lets finish the punishment. Either the subject sits on you for comfort (still bare bottomed) or you send them to a corner. DON’T DO BOTH. It tends to be very confusing to have a bad a good and a bad again.

Corner or sitting time should be around fifteen minutes, long enough to give them time to think about it and pull themselves together. It also keeps them from passing out because they locked their knees.

Ok now after this is over and you’ve allowed them to get dressed again, now you can snuggle. Try rally hard not to use words like I’m sorry about that or that will teach you. You don’t want them to feel that they can get away with it next time, or resent you for reminding them about their misdeed.

Very important, once the have been punished for this don’t ever bring it up unless they do it again. Once a punishment is over it’s over.

Ok a sensual spanking can be much more fun.

Have your subject strip themselves or do it for them. You can either strip as well or remain clothed. For this type of punishment use a couch or a bed. It lends support to your subject and if it gets really good fast you have a nice soft area for sex without going to far and ruining the mood. You may get your subject over your knee anyway you wish, voice command, gabbing some anatomy, or the good old fashioned struggle. Sensual spankings can be just as hard as disciplinary ones but without the scolding and much more rubbing. Spend a few minutes rubbing their bottom and softly pat the cheek you intend to start with. You may administer as many swats as you wish at whatever power level you desire. Just remember not to break your toy’s. During the spanking it’s very fun to finger your partner as well. It can really heat them up. If you have a man over your lap remember that if you get a finger (or whatever) in to deep you might hit the prostate which will immediately get you a wet lap. Can be fun ladies.

There should be no corner time when your done just good sex. Taking your partner from behind after a good spanking is not something to be missed.

In the words of Spock, “Spank well and prosper.”


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