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How I lost my virginity at 12


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Yup, last story was how i got my first flavor of cock and after that i wanted more

Again this happened a few months ago before i turned 13 obviously lol but i remember it prety clearly. After i barely sucked my brother and his 2 friends dicks and tasted fresh cum for the first time i wanted to lose my virginity and actually lose it in a funner way than having a nervous teen stick his cock in my mouth blindfolded lol

So on t how i actually lost my virginity. About week after the last post happned my friend wanted to have a sleepover and she had a older brother who is about 1 i think. Yeh you can see where this going lol. Anyway cut forward a week and me and my friend are having some fun for a while at her house before its time to go to bed, or atleast for my friend cause she got tired. Anyway before we went to bed and after we had gotten all ready, brush teeth and getting some PJ, she had a cute nightgown but for me I was wearing a short tshirt and just panties. So i convinced her to say goodnight to her brother and try to annoy him before sleep. So after that we barged into his room where he was on a bean bag on his phone

My friend just started loudly saying godnight and stuff ut i took it a step farther. I could see his eyes looking at me with my pants off and i decided i really wanted to fuck him and finally los my virginity that night. So to try and seduce him i climbed on top of him while he was sitting down and he acted all surprised and stuff which is expected lol. Anyway i sat on his lap with my pantless self and bounced on his crotch, i could feel him getting hard under his sweatpants as i asked him stupid questions but was making sure i bounced and grinded my pussy all on his crotch lol, he was super hard when my friend started to leave giggling for bed. So i got off him and ran after my friend.

About 30 mins later she was deep asleep and i decided i would try my hardest to get her brothers dick inside f me. So icrept out of her room and went to her brothers room and knocked. He opened p and i whispered i had a few questions and wondered if i could come into his room, he agreed so i walked in after him and closed his door quietly. The first thing i asked hm was if his penis got hard when i was on him and he was all shocked i had even asked that lol. So i stepped to him and grabbed his penis saying something like did your penis get hard again. He was all like what are you doing, so i just said squeezing your penis it gets hard when this happenes right? He just kinda watched me squeeze his dick which was getting hard lol.

Then i asked if i could see it and he just kinda mumbled sure, so i pulled his pants down while he watched me. After i pulled dow his underpants his cock kinda sprang up and bobbed in the air it was cool to finally see in person i was getting kinda nervous at that point but i pulled through. I got on my kness and stroked his cock for few seconds while he watched before i licked his tip. His penis was about 6 inches maybe less so i figured i could swallow most of it and went straight at it after a few licks. I hyped myself up and then jammed myself on his dick and ended up with almost all of it down my throat. I may have gagged a little lol.

After that i asked him if he wanted to have sex and he was all for it at that point i coud tell he was a desperate virgin just like me lol. So i took off my shirt and panties and he took his shirt off before i crawled onto his bed and sat doggy style like that one meme you know the one lol. He got behind me and said he was gunna put it in and i cant lie i was super nervous. I hadnt put anything in my pussy bwefore that beside my fingers cause i wanted the first thing in me to be a real penis and i knew it was gonna hurt but i sucked in and prepared.

Soon enough he started to stick his dick in me and it kinda hurt but also felt pretty funny and good getting stretched out and stuff. Then he kinda thrust and broke my hymed and that was what hurt the most i shed a few tears but told him to keep going. So he thrust into me pretty slowly for a few minutes, soon enough his dick stretching me out started to feel really good if a little uncomfortable still. It was super good by theend i loved it especially when he pulled out and came ALOT on my back. Im pretty sure he was jerking off before i came in cause how big hus load was and he kinda had a chub when i groped him lol

Anyway after that he said sorry for making a mess and thank you for the fun i said thanks also. He snuck out and got me some tissues to clean me off then i went to bed, he was super nice. The next morning we pretended nothing happened then i went home

Thats that, overall id say i really joyed my first time he was gentl and stuff. Like i said on my last post i got up to a lot more sex over these last few months in fact i cant wait to tell a probably super illegal (beyond pedohilia lol) story that happened in earlier this month during the fourth of july it was super fun though, but its gonna wait till i list some more fun things that happened before. Anyway my email was on my last post go check it out, i enjoyed talking to some of you just send first if u want to trade nudes and no i wont give u my snap or kik or anything else


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