How I got a neighborhood fuck-buddy

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I got my brother and his friends cocks on standby but I laso have someone else who im fucking

This someone else is a 17 year old who lives on my enighborhood and hse is a transgender woman. She been trans for a few years and her hormone treatments and stuff have been pretty good she gota big dick to lol. I would say my biggest kink besides cum is girls with dicks

Now lets just call her R for short. R and i kinda of had a mutual seduction thing going on for about a week before we made things official. By official i of course mean sex lol. We live in the same street and she is 2 houses down from mine so its really easy to sneak into her backyard just have to hop a few fencss. But ofcourse we know eachother before and everyone on the street knew she was trans and thats where my interest kinda came from, im lucky she was just a big enough perv to return my lust lol

It started a day i think before i went to a early summer camp (which is its own story i will tell soon) the street was having a barbecue on our roundabout and she was just chilling on her hpone after a hour or 2 i dont remember had already gone by at the bbq. And if you cant tell already im a very forward person lol i like being direct. I went up to her and asked her what it was like being trans and stuff like an innocent kid and i wanted to keep that up lol so i asked her if she still had a penis or not. She got all nervous obviously cause a kid just asked if she had a penis still lol. She said yes so i asked her if i could see it

She was skirting around it obv but i was watching her crotch pretty obviously and i def remember seeing it twitch under her jeans lol. I dont think she got hard just maybe a chub but still i remember it and count it asa success especially then lol. She sorta whispered that i could come over the week at night on a specific day i think it was tuesday and i could come look at it, she was super horny lol wouldnt be surprised if she were a virgin before me but idk

I said she better promised after the week because of the camp (which i will tell u about soon it was crazy lol for like a night atleast) and she agreed so i got her to give me her number then said thanks. Before i left her though i made sure no on was around and then leaned over to R and licked her cheek lol. Idk if she thought i wsajust being gross or found t hot but whatever, i did what i think was sexy lol. So i skipped away, enjoyed my week at summer camp, then eventually came back home. As soon as i had my phone again i texted her and made sure she remembered her promis that i could see her penis. She did and said her parents were gone on wednesday so i could sneak over.

When it got to wednesday i went over to her house by hopping some fences at around midnight i think. She let me in form the backyard then we went to her room. That night i made sure to dress skimpy, i had a big baggy sweatshirt on but underneath i only had panties and no shirt lol. So she shut her door and turned around which is when i took off my sweatshirt and said i was hot. So there was this 17 year old girl looking at this basically nakd 13 year old lol, she was staring hard. I even have bigger boobs than her lol. I reminded her of whats going on and she was all embarrassed put still went through with it. She pulled out her penis was already hard, i guess the thought of exposing herself to my almost naked self was super hot to her lol. She got a big dick to, its like 7 inches i was surpised it is the biggest penis i have seen in person. Which is funny cause its on a girl lol

I looked at it for a few seconds before i asked if i could touch it of course lol. She didnt really say anything just kinda mumbled i dont know, so i just went straight in . i came closer to her and grabbed it and started to stroke it off. The thing about R is that she is super cute and timid but also a total top lol she orders me around like im a week behind schedule lol. She got into my handjob pretty fast and even thrust into my hands a few times lol but i stopped before she could cum on my hands and instad started to give her a blowjob. She wasnt expecting it and got all shocked lol she even asked me if this was ok. Like cmon R, your the old one im only 13 here lol, but she was just to horny to stop heself i guess. So i said around her penis head something like “i really want to do it so yeah its ok” something like that lol then went straight back to sucking.

She came pretty soon and then it was really awkward so i just kinda left after a few minutes lol but texted her i really wanted to do some more i dont think she was expecting that lol. But her parents work halfway through the week like wed-fri and stuff, so i went back the next day while they were gone and we had sex for the first time on her bed. She held me down on my stomach then went to town behind me after giving me some oral it felt so good getting filled by such a long cock i enjoyed it even if it was uncomfortable for a while.

And basically since then we have been having sex about 1 to 3 days a week its been great. This summer my routine is usually wake up, eat some food, play some videogames then either give and get some oral from my bro or just have sex before i either do whatever the rest of the day or go to R and have a good fucking lol. Weve experiemnted a lot, my bro took my anal virginity but ive been training mostly with her cock its going good. We also got a few sex toys like bondage rope and a vibrator and dildo she keeps and uses on me a lot over there. I got a good suggestion from my hangout group on gmail for some choking and i already texted her about it shes good to try it lol i cant wait.

Thats that. I have like 1 more story to post, about the summer camp (fair warning its pretty dark. Like i totally helped rape some innocent girls my age deal with it lol) but i think might stop posting after that unless anyone really wants me to write on some more details about the stuff i already posted?? Maybe ill do some more a few weeks from now. You know that friend i had a sleepover with from my losing virginity post? I think i want to seduce her and introduce her and myself to the wonderful world of lesbian sex lol. Ill try atleast she a total cutie (my tastes in girl atleast). Anyway see ya laters

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