How I explore My Mother Dirtiest Side

Sajna Fathima my mom she is 36 year old housewife. She married my father at the age of 18 when she was in her college and dropped her studies for family life. My father was 25 then at the time of marriage and he works as supervisor for a construction company. After the arrival of me and for a better life he went Dubai. Since my 5th grade i was with my mother and grand-parents and my father would visit twice in a year. And sometimes me and mom visit there, 2-3 times mom alone. As the days gone we built a new home and we shifted to the new home which is just some distance from my grandparent’s house.

(About Sajna Fathima)

Now she is 36 year old and she is very beautiful, homely and lovely mother. She is just in a perfect shape with the cute lovely shaped boobs and super curves, without any extra pounds she is just a sex bomb and i know that every one around here are crazy about her. I don’t know to describe her shapes so i will post some photos of actress. For me she is very caring and very strict, she is very much concerned about my studies, because i am worse at it. Now i am in 12th grade in a private school, i didn’t get admission in good school because my 10th grade’s marks were poor. “Oh sorry out of the track”. So as i said she got married in her younger age and dropped her studies, she is into this life which has greater amount of sacrifice and all. Somehow she completed her studies later and she is a graduate. Still she didn’t allowed to go to any work and continued as a home-maker. She Always looks after her god’s gifted beauty going beauty parlor and regular day walk. She always chooses the best dress, whether it is saree, salwar, burqa whatever it is she always wear it very decently and in a conservative way as in our community.

Wait…wait “what are you talking about she is perfect in all way”
No she is not that perfect she is mother but she is women who doesn’t get enough amount of sex. This story is about decoding the secrets of my beautiful mother “Sajna Fathima”.

Today is going to be a worse day in my life, parent’s meeting at school. I didn’t inform ‘ummi’ about my performance in the exams. The meeting starts at 10 in the morning. After a 1 hour of exclusive lecturing to parents my class teacher called me, As i expected she just gone mad and i was standing there helpless hearing all those good words, I just looked at my mom “Oh my God” she is so furious i can read it from her look. What will be the reaction of mother when you fail in 3/6 subjects. After 15 mins of rapid fire we got out of her cabin. Mom got very angry and she said “we will deal this at home” at looked away. I know the remaining section of firing will be served tonight.
“hello aunty”!! that is one of my best friend “Anoop”, he is 3 years elder than me and even worse than me in studies. Anoop offered my mom a lift to the bus stop, as bus stop is 2 kms away mom accepted the offer. I tried my maximum to convey that i don’t like but mom i so angry and she is not even looking at my face. Oh hell!! Anoop is very wicked guy and he always share his stories about fucking and trapping girls. He is very good at it with a born talent of speaking with girls and trapping them. He trapped 2 of our classmates and i know about his fucking stories with some aunty chicks. I was there at the situation which is already out of my control. Mom is going with him in his bike.. Oh please!!. She already fixed her mind going with him and i don’t know how to stop her. “From today no mobile phone and computer, I will show you”, that was the last words of my mom. Anoop started his bike and mom put her hands on Anoop’s shoulder for support and she sat sideways as she is wearing saree.
I just stand there watching my wicked and rascal friend going with my beautiful mother. Oh no one her boobs are brushing at his back!! Oh my god i was worried a lot that i know about Anoop very well he is such a rascal when comes to girls. But no he won’t try it with my mother after all i am his best friend. And i know about my mom very well she will never do anything wrong see her dressing today with that full sleeve blouse and carefully wrapped saree and veil. No even if he try my mom won’t let him.
Here i am in class and i am super tensed because it is 11 am and Anoop is not yet back. Oh my god !!! where is him? Is he not coming back? i checked no his bag is here. I am not in the mood listening to the class, I just siting like a dead body and thinking about them. “No way” ,”its impossible”. ……..


Around 1 pm Anoop is back at class. I just rushed to him “what happened ?, where you gone?” , “Oh there is no bus at that time around so i dropped her at your home and she served me lunch”. Yes!!! that is my mom she will never…. i thought to myself.

After the class and regular extra tutorials, I reached home. Mom was waiting to fire me and she already informed my Dad about my condition. She gave me a detailed class and yes computer, phone are not anymore permissible for continuous use. At the dinner i casually asked “Ummi did you got bus at morning”. “Yes Kichu” mom replied. I just shocked and didn’t said anything finished my dinner. What the fuck… Mom said she got back by bus.. and what about the story of Anoop!!. What was really happened!!
Why Mom and Anoop said entirely different stories? The question haunted me every day and i got a feeling that my Mom changed after that day. She limited the communication with me and but she always check my room and make sure that i am studying. The only words i can hear is that “go and study”, the one thing i noticed that she is chating frequently than she did earlier. Is she chating with my Dad?….. No because even after Dad’s regular call from Dubai she is stick with phone, i know i helped her out with creating Facebook account but she never really used that. This is definitely whatsapp and I will find out. Even i know the lock pattern of Ummi’s phone i didn’t got a chance to get a hand on it. She always keep phone with her. Anoop seems to be normal at school cracking jokes commenting on girls, we didn’t speak about that situation after that day.
After a few days i got a chance to pick up ummi’s phone, I ran to my room and logged in to my mom’s whatsapp from web and placed the phone back. I again made a run back to my room to check my mom’s whatsapp chat. OH MY GOD!!! that bastard !! , I opened the chat of my lovely Mom with my so called best friend Anoop. I just scrolled up to see the chat contents OMG!! he sends a lot of his nude photos to mom. “What a dick!”, this is my mom’s reply for one of his photo of lund. I scrolled all the way up to read the first chat and yes it’s that day parent’s meeting day.
Mom : Da why did you tell Kichu that you dropped me at home?
Anoop: Sorry aunty, i didn’t realize that you will tell another story
Mom : What all yo said [Image: wink.gif]
Anoop: I even said that i fucked your mom he…he..he [Image: smile.gif]

Mom : Rascal…. I will kill you… I know you won’t tell, Don’t tell anyone ok
Anoop: No aunty, I won’t i want that lovely pussy ….maaahh, Is Ajmal having any doubt?
Mom : No da…. he is under my strict commands he..he [Image: smile.gif]
Anoop: Oh poor kid! He didn’t even know that his Mom is under my commands and i am giving what she really needs…. he..he
Mom : da how about next sunday… i want your dick so badly
Anoop: Sunday! But Ajmal will be home na?
Mom : Don’t worry i will manage that
Anoop: Oh i am ever ready to fuck that sweet chut..maaah
Mom : I want to see you da… send me some pics
Anoop: What do you wanna see aunty me or my………
Mom : Both you rascal…
(Anoop’s Selfie and nudes)
Anoop: How is it aunty..
Mom : aaah..
Anoop: Oh i am waiting for the sunday, today i didn’t get enough time that was real quick [Image: wink.gif]
Mom : aaah..don’t speak about it… i just got wet by hearing that
Anoop: You are so cute aunty, Never thought you would allow me.. to…..mmmmaah
Mom : Stop calling me aunty… this is our world you can call me my name [Image: wink.gif] and don’t infront of Ajmal he..he
Anoop: yes ofcourse …sajna darling… you are such a bomb.. I want to fuck you now..
Mom : yes da..i am all yours
I can’t believe that my mom had sex with that pervert. Oh my god the chat was so erotic reading like a sex-story. I can’t control myself and reading those. HOW? How he made my mom into this, may be she is to weak to control her feeling, I know mom is still in her young age and yes she may have so much of heat down there. But how she ended up with her own son’s best friend. I never ever thought this would happen.

Today is Wednesday and there is another parents meeting at school to review the results of the first meeting. The meeting is at 3:30 pm and mom is looking stunning in her lemon yellow color salwar kameez and as always lot of eyes are fixed on her. But my eyes are on Anoop’s face, he is sitting there with his Father and act just as normal. Mom is with keen interest listening to the class. After the meeting Anoop rushed towards us “Hello aunty i can drop you home”, “Thank you Anoop” Mom replied. I am having extra tutorial class at evening and Mom never allow me to skip those. Bastard he is taking his chance to get my mom. “Mom can i skip..” …. “ NO WAY..go and study”.
Last scene was she mounting Anoop’s bike and siting cross legged this time… Oh my god!! she just sit too close to him that lovely boobs got jammed by his back. There again i stand helpless and “see you tomorrow” he waved at me and went. I know what is going to happen there is enough time for a quickie. With a lot of thoughts i walked to the tutorial class.
As i walked to the tutorial class, i thought about my mom and Anoop. Yes they are going to have sex OMG!. “hey buddy” , “hi Akhil” i replied. Akhil is the common of me and Anoop who is elder than both of us and he runs a mobile shop near our school.
Akhil: Oh that Anoop he is such a lucky fellow!
Me : Why… bro
Akhil: He trapped a super item man… she is such a sexy maal
Oh fuck this guy is talking about my mom!!
Me : It could be some of his relative aunt or something
Akhil: No man she is a ***** and she looks like a 30-33 year old, might be a horny housewife
Me :!!
Akhil: I bought him condoms man!! hope i will get some of her good photos he..he [Image: smile.gif]
Anoop is well planned he even bought condoms, that means he was waiting for today’s meeting and i was relived that he didn’t said Akhil that he is going to fuck my mom. My home is some 10 kms from school and this guy don’t know about my family, i waved him bye and i walked to the class. NO! My mind stopped me.. I want to see that… I want to see what is going at my home… I rushed to the home.
I reached my home after 30 mins of journey, there as i expected i saw the bike of Anoop infront of my home. I carefully opened the gate and closed it without making any sounds. I didn’t attempt to try the door as i know that were locked from the inside, I walked to the side of my mom’s bedroom, i approached to the window slowly like an expert thief. Oh fuck! Even the window glasses are see through i can’t see the action due to the window curtain. I just concentrated my ears to hear the sounds. Yes i can hear the moans of my mom and the grunts of Anoop. I think Mom is moaning so loudly otherwise i can’t hear it. The moans are becoming even louder i think mom is reaching her peak and i cant hear the sound of body meeting with another body.. my mom’s flesh beating with Anoop’s flesh that fucking sound made my dick so hard. Now Anoop is fucking so hard and in super pace, because now mom is moaning non stop and so loud. 30 seconds of silence i think they reached the climax. I got a feeling that someone from inside is approaching window, so i hide close to the wall the window opened slightly and it was Anoop and he throw the used condom outside and he didn’t bolted the window. I didn’t made any attempt to take a look because still there is the window curtain which blocked my view.
Anoop: How was the fuck Sajna..?
Mom : Oh Anoop… you are really a true lover no one fucked me like this
Anoop: Oh my god! You little bitch, who is your other lover?

I am shocked hearing that, I thought mom accidentally ended-up with this guy but now she is saying that she got more lover or lovers. How come in the world i didn’t pick this part of my lovely mom.

Mom : I won’t tell you… rascal
Anoop: Come on honey, i love to hear that
Mom : Then i will tell that in chat.. [Image: wink.gif]
Anoop: Ok Aunty…..Now i want to fuck your Ass, baby
Mom : No Anoop, I don’t like that..
Anoop: Hmm ok my aunty.. now i want to fuck you in hall that is one of my fantasy ever since i saw you
Mom : Oh .. what all are your fantasy
Anoop: I want to fuck you infront of Ajmal he..he
Mom : I will kill you rascal..
Anoop: he..he it will be fun fucking you infront of him, he could see his mom as a sexy bitch
Mom : Shut up Anoop and come lick my pussy…
Anoop: let’s go to the hall sweetheart
Mom: Ok Anoop


Oh now they are going to fuck in the hall, i moved to that direction from outside and checked for any possibility of seeing it live and yes there it is i can see the sofa through the curtain gap. And there she is coming oh my god, there i see my mom without any dress, my dick stand in the respect she is just looks like a super hot porn star right infront of my eyes. Her smooth milky white skin those rossy nipples and juicy red lips… oh wait..wait. That is the place and i come to this world. Anoop is holding her from back and pushed her into the sofa and mom erotically asked Anoop to taste her pussy by widening her legs. Anoop without wasting any time buried his face in her pussy and he started to lick his pussy slowly. I focused on mom’s face oh that is very hot expression she is enjoying the licking and biting her lips in that excitement. She helped Anoop by opening up her lovely pussy with her fingers and Anoop is licking, sucking it very nicely. After sometimes Anoop showed his dick in mom’s mouth and she is sitting in sofa and Anoop is standing there. Mom started to lick his balls and slowly started to take his big dick into her mouth. WOW that scene is so erotic Mom is sucking like a pro. After a few mins of sucking they positioned for fucking and mom happily spread her legs for Anoop. He started to ride my mom slowly, i saw his dick slowly entering my mom’s lovely pussy by splitting those pinkish pussy lips. I saw the dancing of those cute boobies and Anoop caught it with his hand and squeezing it, he sucks it like a baby and thrusting his dick deeper into my mom’s pussy. After a few mins he increased the speed of thrusting and started to fuck in super high speed and mom is enjoying Anoop’s dick like anything. Oh I can see they are getting the climax of this second Fucking session. There i saw Anoop shot it but there is condom and mom looks so tired after this session. They kissed passionately like lovers and they got up and left to Mom’s room. I stayed there and the time is 5:30 i usually returned at 6 so there is no time for another session. After sometimes i saw them Anoop is in our uniform and Mom is wearing a nightie. Anoop again gave a long passionate kiss and he is squeezing my mom’s ass very hardly and hiked the nightie, Oh fuck Mom is not wearing any innerwears. He again pressed her bare ass and enjoying the fleshy ass. Mom said something may be about time… i heard the opening of front door and he left with his bike.
After some times i knocked the door and mom opened the door, she is in same nightie and seems like just bathed. She asked about today’s class and i just pretend as normal. Somehow i ended up that conversation. All my thoughts are about stealing mom’s phone and to eavesdrop their chat. I want to know who are those lucky fellows that got a chance to taste my mom. Is that only one guy or 2 or 3 I don’t know at this moment but i will find out. Mom didn’t showed up for an hour and she came to my room to check on me and i pretend as writing. I followed her and when she enters the kitchen i ran and pickup her phone. Yes i made it!! After the dinner i am waiting infront of my computer with whatsapp web of mom’s. Around 10:30 their chat get started
Anoop: Sajna darling ….ummmaaaah
Mom : yes dear…
Anoop: Where you have been?
Mom : your friend take a lot of time to eat and husband’s phone call
Anoop: Oh is he slept?
Mom : mm.. yes
Anoop: Then i can fuck his mom he..he
Mom : Idiot..! don’t laugh
Anoop: Tell me what are you wearing?
Mom : I am in that nightie dear…
Anoop: Oh you look damn sexy in that..then did you have anything under nightie or nothing like when i left
Mom : Just only the nightie and i am going to throw it away right now.
Anoop: holly shit!! Did Ajmal saw you only in that nightie??
Mom : No da.. after bath i put the inns
Anoop: He..he that’s great otherwise poor guy will get a hadron he..he [Image: smile.gif]
Mom : Shut up rascal.. he is my little son.
Anoop: he..he [Image: smile.gif] poor kid …
Mom : What are you doing?
Anoop: I am here in my room and waiting for my sajna darling [Image: wink.gif]
Mom : mmmm….
Anoop: Aunty who is your lover that you said..
Mom : Oh leave it da
Anoop: Please darling, I like hearing that story please explain and i want to masturbate hearing that
Mom : Ok i will tell you the story…

It was two years back there my husband is lucky enough to win a business class ticket in his office, which they give away every year. He told me to come to dubai alone and i was happy that i will get some real meat over here. That time we are staying with kichu’s grandparent’s and kichu won’t be alone. I packed the bags and some some made items, i choose some of my sexy night dresses, panties and bras, i know i am going to have a very good time with my husband after a 6 month gap.

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