Hotel Romp

A naughty, risky rendezvous. A fantasy fulfilled.

I stand at the end of the corridor pretending to look for my room key in my purse. I see you both walking from the elevator to your room. After you open the door, you allow your wife to enter before you. I don’t think she noticed me. Before you enter behind her, you place your hand behind your back with your thumb raised in the air. Our signal. I hear the click of the door as it closes behind you. Looking at the time, I know that in 3 minutes she will be in the shower.

My heart is racing. Even though we have talked this through so many times before, I am so scared that we will get caught. I slowly walk to your room. Your spare roomcard in my hand. Looking at the number on the door, I hesitate. Taking a deep breath, I gain the courage to move forward.

As the door slowly opens, I hear the shower. The coast is clear for my entry. I close the door gently, so as not to make any noise. I can feel wetness between my thighs as I walk towards you. The beat of my heart is thumping in my ears. You are just stepping out of your trousers. Seeing you bent over slightly, I just couldn’t help myself. I reach out and squeeze your backside. Being so quiet, you didn’t hear me approach you. You’re startled. You swing around almost expecting to see your wife. When you see that it is me a big grin comes over your face.

Knowing we don’t have long; I push you to the bed. You fall down onto your back. I hungrily look over your naked body as I lift my skirt and climb up on the bed. My knees either side of you. You place your hands along my jaw, lifting my face to you, making me move closer for a kiss.

After a deep, passionate, but very quick, tongue kiss I release from your grip. We both know that time is fast ticking away. We can hear your wife singing in the shower. A good sign. She can’t hear what is happening just outside the shower door.


My hand wanders over your body. My fingers tease your nipples as my hand travels over them. I hear you whimper, just softly. I kiss your lips. Stopping you from making too much noise. Gentle, soft kisses while my hand travels lower over your abdomen. I can feel your hips move. Just slightly. But enough to let me know you want my touch lower; and lower fast. I feel the tip of your cock as my hand moves lower still. As my hand lowers more, my fingers wrap around your cock. I begin to stroke your shaft. I continue to kiss your lips.

I feel your cock harden in my hand. It feels magnificent. I know that I am pleasuring you very much as I feel your moan come from deep in your throat. I raise my head and follow the pathway that my hand took with sweet kisses. I don’t stop. Just kiss after kiss. Until I reach my destination. I lick the tip of your cock with my wet tongue before licking all the way down your shaft to your balls.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” I hear you moan.

I lick all over your balls before returning to the tip of your hot cock via your hard, long shaft.

“Babe, you feel so good,” you whisper to me.

Knowing that time is of the essence here, I wrap my mouth around your cock.


“Mmmmmm, you taste divine,” I’m thinking to myself.

My head moves up and down, up and down, sucking your amazing cock. My hand reaches for your balls and I notice how tight they now feel. I know that you’re getting close to giving me my reward. I feel it. I want it. I’m ready for it. I suck your beautiful cock just a moment longer.

Still hearing your wife singing in the shower I move myself off you. You swing your legs off the bed. Standing up and turning to face me you whisper, 

“Give me your nectar while you take my seed.”

With that, I position myself on my hands and knees on the bed. You lift my skirt up and over my hips. Guiding your cock along my wet pussy lips. Feeling the need to hurry things along, so as not to get caught in the act, I push myself backwards. Making you enter me, fast. You understand my urgency. Both wanting our own climax before the shower is turned off.

Your hands grab my hips and we both move in sync with one another. Your cock fills my inner sanctuary, hitting my cervix with every thrust. I reach under to rub my clit. Faster and faster, rubbing and thrusting. We both feel our climax approaching. Our moans becoming more than whispers. My muscles grip your cock deep within me as my orgasm hits. Which, in turn, makes you hit your peak. I feel your hot seed fill me.


Our breathing rapid, hearts beating loudly, we know that time is fast running out. You pull out of me. Your seed deep within me, my nectar all over you. I lift myself up from the bed. You grab hold of me and lift me to the ground. We embrace, whispering our love message to each other. Then we hear that she has stopped singing. Our signal for me to leave. With one final kiss and a slap on the backside I hurriedly pull my skirt down, grab my purse and reach for the door handle.

The water is turned off.

Standing in the corridor, my hand still on the door handle, I hear your wife.

“I hope you’re ready for some Lovin’ Babe,” she says, as she leaves the bathroom and enters the room that I had just left.

As I walk down the corridor I smile with success.

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