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Hot Sex stories : Hot Wife And Husband

Hello ISS readers, this is Selena here. This is the continuation from the fourth part of the Hot Sex stories . I really want to thank the ISS community for the overwhelming response to my stories. Since things have started opening up, I got a little busy, so I couldn’t update this series further.

So I will continue from where I had left off. By now, I was fucked by Mahesh and Shekhar, groped by the Swiggy guy, Moin, and top of it, Vikram had made recordings of it. Daniel and I are now on the complete mercy of these people.

As Ismail ordered, I went inside the bathroom and got myself cleaned and took a hot shower. I was fresh again and came outside and found that no one was in the bedroom. To my surprise, there was a cover on the bed with a note on it.

“Dear Slutty Selena, I want you to be ready in the dress kept inside the packet. Only the stuff inside should be worn by you. Love Vikram.”

I took the packet and opened it, and took out its contents. It was party wear. It was just a black bodycon dress, off shoulder up to my knee, with cuts at all appropriate places. That’s it – no inner garments. So I wore it and matched it with a black pencil-heel sandal.

I walked out of my bedroom to find no one except Daniel in the house. I was surprised as these guys left early, but it was only shortlived. Hot Sex stories They had ordered Daniel to send me to the 5-star hotel where they had booked a suite for me for the whole weekend.

He handed me a bag and said, “These are your clothes for the weekend. They have asked you to come to this hotel.” So I had to leave fast. I asked, “Daniel, how will I go in this set of clothing?” To which he said, “A cab is already downstairs, waiting for you.”

Wow, now I would be entirely under their mercy in a hotel room. So I left my house and got downstairs from my apartment in a stealth mode so that no sees me like this. As I got down, a white car was waiting. The driver got out of it and opened the back door for me to sit inside.

While I was getting seated, the driver had the full view of my curves. He said in a low tone to himself, “What a slut.” I was taken aback by what he said but just sat inside. It was about 20 minutes drive in which he gave me infinite glances. But at last, we reached the hotel.

I was given a note from the driver saying, “Come straight to room 609.” So I got down from the car and went towards the elevator to go to the room. There were people in the lobby and must have thought that I was an escort. But I rushed and reached the elevator and pressed the 6th floor.

Once I reached, I searched for the room and at last found it. I pressed the bell and I was waiting. Vikram opened the door and kissed me in the hallway, I felt ashamed and rushed inside the room. But he got hold of me and squeezed my breasts. I pushed him back and ran into the room.

He closed the door and came. There was Ismail, taking drinks at the table. So this round, I was to be fucked by Ismail and Vikram. Vikram didn’t waste any time. He took me to the suite’s bedroom, ripped my dress. He made me naked in my heels and threw me onto the bed.

He, too, got naked and just started fucking me and kissing me hard on my lips and nipples. He was very hard and rough. He put his dick into my pussy dry and started fucking me very hard. His dick was roughing my pussy up. He was fucking me non stop for more than 15 minutes.

After that, he took his dick out, and I thought he’s done, but not. He turned me around. He took hold of my ass, put some spit on my ass crack, and inserted his dick into my virgin ass. Hot Sex stories I yelled in pain to which both of them laughed, but continued roughing me up.

He rimmed my ass for another 15 minutes, and after about half an hour of rough fucking he finally came on top of my ass. So by now, I was done fucking 3 out 4. Now only Ismail was left. The cunning fellow of them all. I went to the bathroom, cleaned up myself, and came out.

There was a waiter serving them on the table. Ismail gestured me to come and sit in his lap. I obeyed him and went and sat there. His dick was pricking me from below. Hot Sex stories He put both his hands inside my towel and was playing with my boobs. The waiter clearly noticed that and was adjusting his pant.

“Poor thing,” Ismail said, looking at the waiter. “Selena go and wear your clothes left on the bed and come.” I obliged and came in front of the waiter just in my bra, panty, and heels. Ismail said to the waiter, “You have got 120 seconds, do what you want to her, but without removing any clothes.”

The waiter came and hugged me and started kissing me all over my body. He pressed hard everywhere he could and kissed every inch of my body from head to toe. And this made him cum. He left happily. Then Ismail told me to come and eat some food. We finished our meal. And now it was Ismail’s turn.

“You go to the room, get fully naked for me and wait for me,” Ismail told me. I obeyed him and went inside. Hot Sex stories I got completely naked and waited for him to come and fuck me so we can finish my ordeal. I was truly feeling like an escort waiting for my customer.

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