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Hot guy rapes

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I’m 6’3 have a great body And can get any bitch I want. I still rape these hoes.

My name is Kevin I’m originally from Puerto Rico but now live in LA pursuing my dream of becoming a Pro Boxer. I never in my life had trouble getting bitches. First time I got a blow job I was 10 and the girl was 6. I knew nothing about sex but I seen this porno my uncle left on and the girl was sucking on dudes dick and I wanted to try it so I got my neighbor Nena to suck me up. It felt amazing and since then I was hooked on sex. Later that week when my uncle would leave to work I would play his dvd collection. This motherfucker had at least 150 dvd’s. I would stroke my own shit all day every day. Even at school I’d ask to go to the bathroom so I can just touch ans look at my dick. Once I turned 15 I was fucking bitches left and right. Older bitches like 18-24 and young bitches 11-13. See out in PR bitches are whore as soon as they come out they mommas pussy. These little 11 year olds could ride dick better then they could spell it and these old bitches loved how fine I was. I had a baby face with a mama dick. I’m 9 inches and THICK. i loved fucking virgins. It felt so fucking good ripping their pussies apart. Virgins smell nice. Have a nice pretty pussy and taste sweet.

I’m 27 now and for the last 5 years I’ve been raping whores. First time I raped someone I was 22. My home boys picked me up and we went to some bitches kick back. There was a bunch of youngins there. Soon as we come in I see this fine ass little white bitch. The only white bitch in there actually. We locked eyes and I made my way to her. Shorty had on fishnets and a short red leather dress on. Her fat ass tities we’re ready to come out. Her ass was hanging out I just wanted to tap the head of my dick on that mf right there. She told me her name was Casey and she was 15.

At this point in my life and career people around knew who I was and every bitches wanted my dick down their throats. She definitely knew who I was. I wanted her and she knew it. I grabbed her by the arm and took her to the upstairs bathroom. I grabbed her by the throat and shoved my long tongue in her mouth. I felt her body stiff. I knew she didn’t want this rough shit. She thought I would make love to her like if she’s some kinda of special bitch.

I grabbed her by the hair and slammed her to the ground. She cried out in pain and i pushed a hand towel down her throat. She was cry like a little baby. I ripped her fishnets and thong and exposed her fat juicy pussy. Her pussy was so fucking beautiful. It was pink Fat and was wet. She kept trying to get out of my grab but what the fuck is a little 5’4 bitch gonna do? She quickly got tired. I was sitting on her back my face facing her legs. I spit on her asshole and start to finger it. I knew she never had anything up there. It was so hot. I started to eat her ass trying to stick my tongue as far in her as I could. I made my way down to her pussy and sucked on her fat clit. I fingered the fuck out of her and she already started to bleed. I then sat on her legs and got my cock out. I was hard as a rock. I spit on my dick and told her this was all that she was good for. I shoved my dick all the way in and she screamed so hard her eyes looked like they where about to pop out. She turned red as a tomato. Her entire body was shaking. She was in shock. I slammed my dick in her again and her body gave out. I was fucking her for 10 minutes before i nutted all over her ass. I grabbed her by the hair and told her to keep her mouth shut or i would kill her. When I took the towel out of her mouth she curled in a ball, laid there and cried like a baby. Her fat pussy was so good. Throughout the years my attacks have gotten worse. One time I also got caught.

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