Hot Box Lunch

I stopped by, completely unannounced, to visit my lover at his office today. He seemed to be very surprised and happy to see me. His eyes traveled down my sheer blouse, short skirt, bare legs, and tall heels and his gaze turned from one of appreciation to one of lust as I closed the door behind me and walked behind his desk to straddle him on his chair.

Licking my lips and pushing my hot breasts against his hard chest, I leaned in to kiss him. His hands instinctively grabbed my ass and pulled me closer to him as we tongued each other’s mouths, and I ground my tingling pussy against the growing bulge that I sat upon. It was high-noon and clear to my lover that I stopped by for an erotic lunch break.


He stood up with my legs still wrapped tightly around him and set my ass on the edge of his desk. I moved back and set my heels on his desk with my legs wide open, giving him a full view of my naked pussy when he stood back to admire my body.

“I brought you a hot lunch, baby,” I teased.

With a hungry moan, he bent his head down to my newly waxed pussy to taste and savor my feminine dew that gathered there. He licked my pussy slowly, lapping up the delicious juices he helped to create. Now it was me who moaned as his tongue started to push in and out of my dripping pussy. His devilish tongue slithered along my slit and played upon my swollen clit, licking and flicking it with one purpose in mind: to make me cum. He drove me wild with passion and a pussy that throbbed its way into a violent orgasm that had me screaming and squirting my juices all over his happy face.

I was hungry too, and now that I fed him, I pushed him back into his chair and sank to my knees under his desk and unzipped his pants to free his gorgeous, pulsing cock. As many times as I’ve seen it, I found myself once again in awe of his beautifully sculptured phallus before I opened my mouth to tease it with my tongue. I licked all around his bulbous cockhead, swiped a drop of precum from his meatus, and greased his shaft with my saliva as I licked all eight inches of it from its base to the very tip. His breath was coming in short gasps as I teased him this way until he started pushing down on my head to take him into my mouth.

“Baby, stop,” I said as I pushed his hand away. “I’m not finished teasing you yet.”

I continued to lick the underside of his smooth shaft – up, down, and all around. I also took pleasure in bathing his balls with my drooling tongue. I sensed he was on the edge, and I looked up to see the pleading in his eyes, and then I licked the drool from my lips as I rose on my knees and took his cock into my mouth. His hands went to the back of my head again and coaxed me to take his entire length down my throat.

I struggled not to choke to satisfy his desire, and then I took charge of my blowjob. He was soon moaning uncontrollably as I kept sucking and bobbing my head up and down on his shaft. He was about ready to explode, but he didn’t want me to finish him just yet. He pulled me to my feet and turned me around so that I was completely bent over his desk, exposing my firm, round ass and naked pussy to his gaze and his waiting cock.

He teased me with his cockhead, rubbing it along my slit and pushing just enough into me to make me moan. I was going crazy, desperate to have all of him inside me. I couldn’t take another minute of his torture. Wicked lust filled my brain, and I bucked my ass against him, wanting more.

He willingly obliged, and with a deep, powerful stroke, he split me open and filled my seething cunt with his hard, throbbing cock. I gasped loudly as he filled me with every inch of his rock-hard cock. He began to fuck me slowly at first, giving it to me with smooth and gentle strokes. My pussy wanted more cock, more friction, and I arched my back and grabbed the desk signaling for my lover to fuck me harder and faster.

Compliant to my wishes, he began thrusting in and out of me, hard and fast. I felt and heard the sound of his thighs smacking my ass as he drove his throbbing cock deeper and harder into my hot, tight, sloshy cunt. He reached around to pinch and pull my nipples and then to swirl his finger around my clit as he fucked me. He had me wanting this incredible, overwhelming sensation to go on and on and never end. But in minutes, we were both exploding into shattering orgasms that left us both sweating, panting, breathless, and very satisfied.

I straightened up, adjusted my sleazy attire, and with a quick kiss, I thanked my lover for a lovely interlude and left him to finish his work, and I went home with a satisfied reminder of his cum – still wet and sticky between my legs.

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