Home From University – Part III

In seven days, my sister would return to university and things would never be the same ever again. By returning to university on this next occasion, she would effectively be leaving home for good. This summer would never be repeated and all I could think about was one thing: would I get the opportunity to fuck her?

Was she prepared to go that far? I say ‘that far’ when actually, we had come pretty fucking far over the summer! My cock ached at the thought of sliding into her warm wet vagina. Previously, fucking had never been on the agenda. We’d been content to do what we did. Mutual masturbation and eventually oral sex.


We had never talked about or discussed what we had got up to. This meant the option of me asking outright, if “we could fuck” wasn’t a realistic option but I had the feeling that should the opportunity arise and we should find ourselves in a conducive situation to a fuck (parents out, horny, naked), it would probably happen.

Then one afternoon, as I lay on my bed reading and listening to music, my sister popped her head around my door.

“Mum and Dad have gone out.”

I semi-acknowledged without grasping the significance.

“Mum and Dad are out and won’t be home until late, tonight” she repeated in a laboured way, trying to stress a point. The penny dropped. My eyes widened at what this meant. 

“I’m going to have a bath,” she said. “Would you like to watch me?”

I nodded, still wide-eyed.

This bathtime was going to be different. She disappeared to run the bath while I stayed on my bed like a spare part, not knowing what to do. She again appeared at my door, this time, dressed only in her bra and panties, holding a bath towel. 

“Come on then!” she said. I jumped off the bed and followed her to the tiny bathroom. I watched as she stood by the bath and undid her bra and placed it on the toilet and then matter of factly rolled her panties over her bottom and let them fall to the floor.

Now completely naked, she climbed into the bath. I could see tiny goosebumps on her thighs. The bathwater was crystal clear as she scooped it up and let it run over her shoulders and breasts. I sat on the edge of the bath as she continued, almost oblivious to my presence. She was having a normal, routine bath and I was with her, watching. 

I watched as she soaped her breasts, neck and shoulders and then rinsed the soap off. I watched as she got up onto her knees and soaped her vagina and anus and then rinsed again. While in this position I reached out and gently touched her left breast. She acted like I wasn’t there, as I circled her nipple with my finger.

“Can I lick it?” I asked. I don’t know why I asked permission, considering our summer history but asking made me feel really horny.

“If you want to,” she replied. As I licked and sucked, she said, “Don’t go too fast. We’ve a lot of time.”

On hearing this, I stood up and started to undress in front of her. I stood completely naked in front of my sister, my sixteen-year-old erection in hand, and very gently, slowly wanking my circumcised cock.

“Are you getting in?” she asked with an inviting tone. I stepped in and sat down in front of her. She threw me a washcloth and the soap and said, “Make sure you’re nice and clean.”

So, I quickly washed myself. I got up onto my knees to clean my backside, my erection pointing outwards and she gently stroked the underside with her fingertips. Once clean, she said, “Now come and sit behind me.”

I got out of the bath and in again, this time, behind her, my legs on either side of her and my arms underneath hers.

“Perfect,” she said and she laid her head back against my shoulder and turned her head to me to offer her tongue. We touched tongues and then gently kissed. She then found the soap and gave it to me. I didn’t need to be told what to do. I soaped my hands and then caressed her breasts, squeezing them and circling her nipples.

With her head laid back against my shoulder, I nuzzled her neck, my erect cock trapped between her lower back and my stomach. My left arm cradled her breasts while my right hand disappeared below and my fingers ran through her pubic hair which swayed in the bathwater. My middle finger found her lips and worked from side to side, to part them. My fingers lingered outside for a short while and then ventured further. 

My fingers found the familiar wetness and she breathed deeply as they advanced. I dared to put two fingers inside her and she affirmatively advanced her pelvis. My middle and third finger advanced deeper and I began an up and down motion, inside her. At the same time, the palm of my hand pushed down on her pubic mound.

Intuitively, I quickened this movement and my sisters head and neck stretched back while pushing the breasts that I was cradling, out further. After a short time, she placed her hand on mine to stop my movements, her thighs closed together and she rocked forward making little panting sounds.

“Stop,” she panted. Her breathing started to slow and she relaxed back into my arms and again, turned to kiss me. It felt good to hold a woman in my arms while she orgasmed.

“Let’s get out and dry.” She rose from the bath giving me a beautiful view of her arse, water dripping from it.

“Mmm,” I said and she responded by turning her head to look back at me, placing a hand on each buttock and gently pulling them apart. I couldn’t resist and without thinking, I got to my knees and tongued her between her legs. She obligingly stretched her cheeks even further for me. At first, my nose was on her anus, as I tried to lick her vagina but the allure of that tight anus was too much and my tongue lapped and circled it.

I could hear her breathing deeply as I licked her anus. I came up for air and she stepped out of the bath and began to dry herself. I watched her breasts hang and swing as she bent forward to dry her legs. Those breasts that I had spied on through the bathroom keyhole were now in my reach. I stepped out of the bath too and she began to use her towel on me.

After drying the front of my body, she wrapped the towel around my back and I embraced her. I pulled her warm, clean, bath-fresh-smelling body towards mine and we kissed. This time, my cock was trapped between our stomachs and while we kissed, I couldn’t help but make dry humping movements on her tummy. My sister got the message and amazingly dropped to her knees. 

She raised both hands to the base of my cock and began kissing and licking the tip. A string of pre-cum appeared from my cock to her bottom lip. She looked up at me and with both hands used her thumb and first two fingers to rub the bottom third of my shaft. She then opened her mouth, extended her tongue and took as much cock into her mouth as she could. This still wasn’t very much but I appreciated the effort.

This time, she remembered to rub my cock at the same time as sucking it and consequently, after a short while, I started to feel the first signs of my orgasm building. I pulled my cock out of her mouth, lent down and kissed her deeply and then said

“Can we fuck?” There was a slightly pathetic pleading in my voice but I knew this was the only chance we would have. She didn’t say anything but rose from her knees and took me by the hand into her bedroom. 

In her bedroom, she pushed me down onto the bed and kissed me again. 

“Get up there,” she said, pointing to the pillow. I scrambled back up the bed and lay with my head on the pillow. She turned to the linen basket and pulled out a pair of her panties and threw them at me.

“I know you like these,” she laughed. I examined them and saw a familiar discolouration which I knew would be a source of heady delight for me.

“Well, sniff them!” she demanded. I did as I was told and immediately smelt that wonderful combination of sweat and vagina which had been the source of so many intense masturbations for me. As I sniffed, she delved into her bag and pulled out a shiny, silver square: a condom.

I had no idea if my sister was already fucking or if she had only been preparing for this but I didn’t care. She opened the condom and placed it on my chest. She then straddled my body, her vagina at the level of my balls. She kissed me passionately, her breasts swinging and rubbing on my chest and then she kissed and sucked each of my nipples.

I could feel her pubic hair on my balls and at the base of my cock. This made my cock twitch and produce even more pre-cum which was soaking my belly. Finally, she took the condom and started to place it on my cock. 

Again, I don’t know if she’d done this before but it went on pretty easily and she rolled it down my cock. She then took my cock in her left hand, raised herself up and started rubbing my cock head on her vagina lips. As she did this, she smiled at me and then said again

“Sniff my panties,” she demanded.

I sniffed and this time licked the gusset, making sure my sister could see. After rubbing my cock on her lips, she lowered herself down on me. Slippery tightness, working its way down my shaft. I gave a little thrust and we both gave a breathless cry. I was now inside her.

She brought her elbows into her sides, squeezing and pushing her breasts out as she did and started to rock her hips. I reached up to her breasts and played with her nipples and

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