Hitchhiker's surprise

“I am stopping here for a quick pee,” I told the hitchhiker I picked up some hundred kilometres earlier.

The forest parking had one other vehicle, with the occupants nowhere to be seen. I locked the car and followed the logging road into the woods. I assumed that my hitchhiker also needed to pee since she followed me right up to the selected tree.


‘So she wants to watch,’ I thought to myself and begun to fiddle with the zip. Out of the blue, she placed her hand over mine. Our eyes locked, and I could see a blend of nervousness and boldness in her eyes. We were locked in a stalemate for several seconds before she moved my hand off my zipper.

After a quick scan of the environment, her hand snaked its way through the trouser opening. She had a surprised look on her face to find that I was wearing boxer shorts: uncommon for this part of the world. I started to get hard as she got it out into the open. Her face registered surprise as she took a look at my ever hardening penis.

She stroked my exposed glans with her fingernail. I got even more aroused by her curious touches as she circled my coronal ridge. I grinned as I managed to fool a woman into believing that I was circumcised: I say ‘fooled’ as I was uncut and found it more convenient to keep the foreskin pulled back at all times. I understood that my new home country didn’t circumcise, so took advantage of her fascination.

I checked for the lack of other people, prior to inviting her to guide the pee stream. I saw her arousal rise as she gawked at my exposed meatus firing off a golden liquid. Once done, I got her to wipe the meatus with her finger. She kept me exposed for longer than I felt comfortable. She had a firm grip on my penis with one hand, while the other tried to hike up her own dress.

With no other people around, so I placed my hands on her hips, feeling her up. I asked her to relax as I raised her dress to expose her panties. I prevented her from removing them: I wanted to do that myself. I then changed my mind and moved the crotch to one side.

I gently pushed my finger into her vagina, and I got a positive response from her. She touched the glans again and I couldn’t hide the first signs of precum. She proceeded to taste this fluid. Our eyes locked, and no words were necessary to figure out what was coming next.

My hitchhiker scanned the area for other people and bent over. There was no time for any form of teasing hence proceeded to penetrate her vagina. She was barely lubricated, but it was good enough for that circumstance. She squeezed me and I started to deliver slow shallow thrusts.

My thrusts were awkward, due to my lack of experience in this position. My hands kept fiddling with her clitoris as well as my own penis. She felt I wasn’t doing a good job, so I agreed to switch positions. I stood with my back against the tree. She faced me and we got into a vertical missionary position.

This new configuration worked like a treat. She knew what she was doing: I could relax and enjoy the ride. I found that massaging her upper back kept my mind from drifting away and kept the arousal. Her long flowing hair also got some love. The loss of control felt both strange and exciting; the excitement kept me aroused and I felt the ejaculation coming.

I tried to resist as long as I could. Eventually, I verbalised a warning of my impending explosion but was ignored. She rode me beyond the edge and I ejaculated into her vagina. I grabbed onto her shoulders, pushing her down onto my penis, preventing her from continuing to ride me. She gave me about thirty seconds to calm down before climbing off me.

She squatted, allowing my sperm to seep out. She tried to lick me clean but I gently pushed her away. I pulled out a crinkled up tissue from my pocket, which she playfully snatched from me. She quickly cleaned me and my foreskin got revealed. She looked at me all confused like a child seeing a magic trick for the first time.

She heard people approaching. We rushed to make ourselves decent. There was no time to ask the burning question. I stumbled on post-orgasmic legs over the uneven terrain. This drew the attention of the passers-by.

“Sir, you are not supposed to walk there,” she scolded me as she grabbed my hand and offered me stability. “Come on, let me help you,” she switched to an encouraging voice.

Her role-play worked as the people thought that I was a naughty patient foraging for mushrooms and that my sexy nurse was coaxing me back to the road.

Her emotions boiled over in the car as she felt betrayed by my little penile deception. I got my say and it took a good ten minutes of silence to calm her down. She simmered in silence for the remainder of the trip.

At her drop off point, she calmed down and suggested we exchanged contact details. My favourite hitchhiker had one more surprise for me: a wet kiss on the lips.

She was with me during the proper circumcision operation. 

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