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Hide and Spank

Trigger Warning: These are kids, still figuring things out. One of them even has a brother she’s NOT fucking and having incest babies with.

Lucinda called me, and asked if she could bring her boyfriend over to play.


“SH!” She was watching her stories, and leaned way over on the couch. Also, they had on the suspenseful music to tell you it was getting to a juicy part, so I took the receiver back in the kitchen.

‘okay,’ I covered up my mouth ‘but mom’s watching her shows, so you can’t come in.’

This was so long ago that phones were still hard wired into the wall. Pagers had been invented, but we’re middle class, and suburban. So nobody I knew had actually seen a real one before. That was something for doctors, and drug dealers, not like normal people to have.

Porn was something your father hid under his mattress, if you’re lucky. My dad didn’t, or hid them better than Lucinda’s. So, I hadn’t been able to find them, but one day I was over at her house when she showed me her father’s stash. Then, she invited her boyfriend over, and we started acting out one of our favorite stories, but we didn’t really understand it.

It was just a game, I called “Hide and Peep.” That’s part 1 if you want to read it, but we didn’t stop there. Instead, I opened up the hall closet, careful not to let it swing, and clap against the door. Then, I pulled the paddle off of the string, dad tied through a hole in the handle so he could hang it up on the doorknob.

I stuck it up under my dress, and took it out to the back yard. Waiting by the gate to let them in, I pulled it out, and gave it to Lucinda. “Yearh!” I stretched, and pretended to yawn. “I’m tired, so I’m gonna go get ready for bed.” They closed the gate quietly, and snuck around to the back yard, but I went down to the guest bedroom, in the basement.

There, we had 2 beds, and a dresser between them for my cousins to share, when they spent the night. Also, a little window over one of them, so I had to get up, and open for me to hear. Finally, I got down, and turned on the light.

Pretending to get ready for bed, I didn’t have a hairbrush, or even a mirror to brush it in front of. The dresser was empty, so I didn’t have any night clothes to put on, but my dress had buttons on my shoulders. Like overalls, only big yellow buttons instead of shiny gold or silver buckles.

Klink! I heard his belt buckle, and resisted the urge to look. I’m not supposed to know that he’s watching, but that’s part of the game, and my ears burned. Just knowing that he’s out there, with his pants open, and his dick getting hard, watching me take off my clothes.

“Huh!” I dropped my dress, but I was already getting hot under the collar, too. So, I unbuttoned my blouse, and turned around. My head down, as if I was paying attention to my buttons, but I looked up. My chest was really red too, and when my training bra started to show.

I looked up, but I kept my head down, so I could peek out from under my bangs. “Huh!” He stopped, and squeezed it, so he didn’t blow it too soon, but it stayed hard. Then, Lucinda’s legs walked up in her high heeled shoes, and pantie hose, or stockings. I couldn’t tell which, but then she grabbed his ear, and pulled him up.

“What do you think you’re doing out here, you sick pervert?”

“Nothing,” he tried to pull his pants up, so she gave him a swat. “UH!” He jumped, and his boner bounced, so I pulled my blouse off quick. So I didn’t miss too much of the action, but I was already getting too hot for my clothes.

“Don’t give me that, you’re peeping in on a little girl.”

I almost yelled HEY! I’m not a little girl, and she knows it. We’ve been fooling around since last summer, and we both started getting our periods. Sprouting pubic hairs, but I don’t know how many Lucinda had, because she started shaving them all off this summer. I wanted to try it, because it was getting hot, but I always chickened out when I got done with my legs.

She’s still a little flatter in the chest department, which is weird, because she’s almost a whole year ahead of me in 7th grade, and oh yeah. Going out with an 8th grader, but he’s going to start high school this year, she got held back, and I’m starting middle school, so we’re going to be in the same grade!

“Uh!” She just got down on her knees, so she could hold his dick, and slap him with the paddle when he stuck his butt out, but it’s not really like a spanking. I mean, we don’t hit each other that hard, and I was wrong. A hair brush hurt way worse than the paddle, but I don’t really like it. Even though it didn’t hurt, when they spanked me, I guess it’s because I don’t like feeling bad.

Or maybe, I don’t like the idea of getting caught? I don’t know, we’re still figuring a lot of stuff out, but I don’t have to get it. Why some women like their husbands spanking them with a hair brush in bed, while other boys like to get spanked by their girlfriends, with a belt. They hadn’t tried the paddle yet, but I’ll have to wait for them to get finished before I ask them which they like better.

“What the hell?” Then mom came out, and started yelling at them from the porch. “What are you doing back here Lucy, and who’s that boy?”

I had to pull my dress back on, at least. I ran up the stairs, and across the kitchen. “Mom, MOM!” She was down there, shaking her finger at them, but Jeremy had his pants up. “It’s okay, I invited them, we’re just playing a game.” I looked back in the living room. “The commercial’s over, so you can go back to watching your shows.”

“It’s recording.” I know, but what’s the point of setting the VCR in the first place, if you’re just going to watch it live at the same time? “Now, what kind of sick sex games has he got you to;”

“It’s not his idea, mom.” I rolled my eyes, “It’s mine, and that’s why I invited them over in the first place. Cindy, give her the paddle back, it looks like you’re not going to need it any more, and you want to keep yelling in the back yard, or should we go inside, and talk about this like adults?”

She had it behind her back, as if Mom didn’t see it when she came out, and caught her spank/yanking him in front of the basement window.

“So,” I asked him when he got up to the kitchen, “How’d you like the paddle?”

“Not bad,” he shrugged, “She can really get both cheeks with it.” Big grin, and a laugh, then he jumped when she gave him a swat, bare handed through his pants, and rubbed it in.

“Huh!” Mom came back from hanging it in the hall closet, and shook her head. “Well, I. I suppose you’re old enough to know the truth, so you better come in and sit down.” We closed the kitchen door, so it didn’t let all the air conditioning out, and she stopped the tape.

Oh, it was just Guiding Light anyway. So, she already finished The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, and One Life to Live. She doesn’t really care about Guiding Light, but sometimes she switches over to General Hospital. She just listens to it, while she gets started on the housework, when she isn’t interrupted by hearing Lucinda beating her boyfriend in the back yard.

She sighed, and pulled the drawer out on the entertainment center. All the way out, so she could set it on top of the TV, and reach in the cubbyhole. It turns out that I never found my father’s stash, because my mother hid tapes in the VCR, but we sat down and watched Two Moon Junction with her.

While she tried to explain to us what we’re watching, as if we’re in Kindergarten, and had no idea that boys peed standing up, or why they had zipper flies in the front, in spite of there being a 13 year old boy sitting right there with Lucinda. It had that midget from Fantasy Island in it, and did you know that Milla Jovovich did a porno in 1988?

Well, R rated, but anyway. She was really young, I didn’t even recognize her when I saw her again in The 5th Element. Jerry just sat there, with his legs crossed tight to hide his hardon, but Lucy cuddled with him in the sofa. I took the easy chair with dad at work, and mom just paced.

Looking over at the TV, and nervously stuttering. Trying to explain what was going on, but I guess she was a fairly normal mom, when it came to talking about sex at the end of the 80s, going into the 90s. That’s why I had so much trouble when we first started fooling around, but I just nodded my head. “Uh huh?” Shook it “No, mom.”

While she beat around the bush, and paused to think of a nice way of saying it. Fucking, mom. It’s called fucking, he puts his dick in her pussy, fucks her until he blows his wad, and then she gets pregnant… She knows all this stuff, of course. She’s married, and a mother, so of course she had sex. Not that you could get her to admit that. She and dad slept together. They didn’t even make love, if you asked her. She certainly wouldn’t even think about cheating on him, right?

Right, that’s why she watched hours, and hours of who’s cheating on whom, and then gossiped with the neighborhood moms about what they do in bed to spice up their love lives on the speaker phone in the kitchen. I’m not supposed to be listening, but come on. She doesn’t bang the pots, and pans together that loud, and she stops occasionally to gasp. “No!” When one of them confesses to a particularly juicy little secret.

One of those moms, but after almost a year of having sex with Lucinda and her boyfriend. Well, trying to have sex, playing sex games like while the husband is away, the wife will stray, and honeymoon where I got to play the stripper.

She tried to cover birth control, and asked Lucinda if she was on any, but she said “No.” Patting her boyfriend’s lap, “Tom is still too little to keep a rubber on.”

“Well,” she blushed, and stammered a little. “Then…” She talked about which times of the month are safe, and which you had to avoid, getting fluids in there. Pulling out, and doing something else for the finish, but not mentioning what that something else might be, and I didn’t have the heart to tell her I’d already sucked him off, while she spanked him to make him shove it back in my mouth. Every time he pulled out, that stuck his butt out for her to slap it back in with her hands, or maybe a belt once.

I tried to swallow every drop, but sometimes a little drooled out. I’m getting better at it, but he’s not a bad boy. Not at all, he’s really good, he never gets in trouble, and his parents never even spanked him. Can you believe that? He must be really good at heart, if they never even had to spank him once for him to behave himself.

I’m not even going to talk about Lucy’s brother. They beat the hell out of him, and it still didn’t help. He’s such a jerk, he stopped eating me out just to yell at her, or her boyfriend when he showed up, but that’s a whole nother story. I guess he was just a bad egg, or a bad apple? Yeah, the kind of boy you just leave alone, so you don’t turn out rotten, but Lucinda seems to be handling it all right.

Now that she’s got a boyfriend to take it out on…


Lucinda (GGm Femdom)

When we finally got out, I couldn’t hold it in any more. I just had to laugh, “Wow, I had no idea how cool your mom would be about that.”

“What are you kidding? She can’t even spell S.E.X. Let alone say fuck out loud. That isn’t cool.”

“Yeah,” Jerry pointed out, “But my mom won’t even let me watch PG-13 movies, unless she watches it first.”

“Why not?” I didn’t even know that.

“To check, and make sure it doesn’t have any boobs in it.”

“Uh! I can’t believe how parents act like we’re so stupid that we still don’t know what sex is all about, and a boy’ll turn into a psycho killer if he ever sees a woman in her bra.”

“Yeahbut your mom showed us a whole R rated movie with sex, and everything.”

“Yeah, just to talk over it the whole time.” She sighed, “She didn’t even really say anything, let alone tell us what we already know.” Well, she did give us some tips to help me not get pregnant, so we have to get married before we even start high school. Of course she’s already invited to the wedding, and the funeral. I don’t know why more people don’t start with a mistress before they even get married? That would save a lot of fights later on.

“Guys,” Jerry squirmed and had to adjust his pants. “My balls are about to explode here, so can we go get off, and talk about this later?”

“Oh,” I patted his cheek, on the face for once, “You’ve been such a good boy today, too.”

“Come on, I know a shortcut.” Of course, we knew the way too, but he must really have the blueballs now.

So, we stopped as soon as we got far enough down the trail for me to get it out, and beat him off rubbing his hot ass cheeks, but no spanking. “Uh UH!”

“Guys!” She ran back, “Guys, you couldn’t even wait for me?”

“Uh!” He humped when I squeezed it, and milked the last drop out, so the sensitive tip slipped through my fingers. “Huh!” I patted his balls, and pulled his underpants up.

“Sorry, he really had to go, but here.” I held my hand up. “You can have desert this time.” She slurped most of it up out of my hand, and licked the rest, but I still had enough expecially around my thumb to lick up, and get the taste in my mouth.

The best part is, it doesn’t take much to get the aftertaste, and I rubbed it on the roof of my mouth. “Huh, now what are we going to do?”

“Well, I guess he’ll just have to watch us until he gets it up again.”

“Okay deal,” she ran off, “Come ON! I’m so horny it’s driving me nuts.”

That must have made the difference, because she barely got her panties down, and bent over. She was already wet before I even got my tongue in there, but then she started acting it up. “Uh uh uh uh!” Humping, and bumping my nose with her pubes, and then she just stopped. “Uh?” I blinked, and she shook her head, but then her tummy tightened, and rippled with twitches. “HhuhHhuh!”

“She’s cumming.” Thanks for that genius. I didn’t bother slipping my tongue out, when she started kissing me back with her pussy.

“Huh!” She just fell over, and panted on her hands and knees. “Huh, Jesus fucking Mary!” She started getting blasphemous, but I guess it’s no surprise that we came from churchy type homes. Not really a good Christian home, if I’m anyone to judge. I’m not particularly good at it either, but they didn’t actually say anything about that in the bible. At least we never found where they said anything about women masturbating, or laying together as they would with men, not that we looked all that hard.

“Huh, why didn’t you tell me it was this fantastic?” she finally rolled over, and lay back. With her hand up under her dress to rub her tummy, satisfied.

“Well, for one thing, I had no idea you weren’t actually cumming yet.”

“Well, I wasn’t just faking it, you know. That was just part of the game.”

I nodded, “And for another, how would you describe the way you feel right now?”

“I don’t know.” She smiled, and rubbed her tummy again. “Hm, it feels nice.”

“Exactly, that’s why all the stories fail to come up with anything better than that.” Oh yeah, I guess I should say that my boyfriend. Jeremy started fishing his mom’s trashy romance novels out of the trash when she got done with them, but when I say romance, what I really mean is hardcore raunchy shit.

It just looks like romance on the cover, but you only have to read a couple of pages before they get really nasty. I mean, a lot worse than that Two Moon Junction movie. More like 10 Little Maidens if you’ve ever watched that? Okay, the cook, and a maid ended up fucking a chicken, and serving it to the guests at the party, just for an example. Not to spoil the ending any but of course there was a big orgy right after that. Those kinds of stories.

“Huh, well I’ve got a boner again, that was so sexy. So who wants it?”

“Well, I’m the only one that hasn’t gotten one yet, so get down on the ground.”

“Okay!” I slapped him, “Wipe that stupid grin off your face.”

“Uh, when do you get on your period again?”

“Sick fuck!”

“Uhn!” I backhanded him. “Huh, you can hit me harder, but when do you start bleeding.”

“Huh, you’d like that huh?”

“Yeah. Uh, harder!”

“You want to suck the blood out of my cunt?”

“Uh yeah!”

I slipped off the back, and he shook his head. “Huh!” He grinned, because he’s used to that. I swear, I never even heard of another boy that could hold it for hours, keep it up, and like it, but I couldn’t tease myself any longer. I just had to hold it up, and scoot forward on my knees.

“Hihihn!” She got down to hold both hands over his mouth, but I had to close my eyes. Aim carefully, take a deep breath and brace myself.

“MH!” His eyes flew open, and he sniffed loud, but that told me that he felt it pop too.

“Ohmygod, areyouokay?” She let go of his mouth, and I winced, when he dragged out, with the fresh wound wrapped around it.

“Uh!” I hugged her back. “Yeah, fine?” I shook my head, and pushed her back. “Get off of him, get out of the way. Is this what you wanted?”

When he looked up, his eyes were so full of love, it almost made all the pain go away.

“Huh, yeah.” He looked down, so I took his head, and held it, for him to kiss the blood out of my cunt.

“Huh, let me suck him off.”

“Uh okay, just try to keep quiet.” For once, with him kissing me, and making it all better, I didn’t want to even think about her being there. I mean, I like her, she’s my best friend and more, but I really should have waited to do this with him, when we’re alone.

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