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Hide and Peep

A long time ago, back before the internet, you couldn’t just look up porn on your phones. It was a more innocent time, I suppose…

We’re playing Hide and Seek over at Lucy’s house, and I was hiding under the bathroom sink cabinet, when her brother came in to take a leak. I barely got a good look when I jumped out, because he stopped, and stuck it back in his pants.

“What’re you doing in there?” He turned around, but I giggled, and felt around front from behind, before he zipped up his fly. “Stop touching my junk!” He finally pulled my fingers out of there, and zipped up, but then Lucy showed up.

“What going on in here?”

“Your little nympho friend tried to touch my junk.” He pushed me.

“Hey, don’t push me!” I tried to push him back, but he was so much bigger that it didn’t work.

“Come on,” she pulled me out, and giggled. On the way down the hall, she whispered. ‘just stick around a little while,’ but I could hear him washing his hands in the sink. Then, the cabinet door shut, but I hid out in their yard until Lucy stuck her head out the door.

It was so dirty that we forgot all about playing hide and seek. Besides, it’s just not as fun when there’s only 2 of us, but we came up with another game we could play with her brother.

‘come quick’ she whispered, and waved me back up the porch, but she ‘shush’ed me, and put her arm around me to whisper in my ear. ‘be quiet, he’s spanking it back there.’ She pointed down the hall, at their mom, and dad’s room. Then, she let me go, and leaned over to listen at the door.

“Uh uh!” He grunted, but I didn’t hear any spanking. I just barely got a glimpse at his pisser, and that was the first time I was one, but I’m not completely oblivious. I heard mom talking to one of her friends on the phone, and I guess her husband spanked her with a hairbrush in bed.

I rubbed my bottom, which was starting to warm up, because I knew if she had any idea we’re doing something so naughty. He could call her, and tell on me for touching his junk. Well, he said I tried to, and I can’t really be sure what I felt through his underwear before he pulled my fingers out, but I had to wonder about mom’s weird friend. The one that liked getting spanked with a hairbrush in bed, when that’s supposed to be a punishment for being bad.

Also, I never got spanked with a hairbrush, but you’d think that would hurt even worse then bare handed, maybe even as bad as a paddle. Then he started grunting really fast, and he groaned. “Oh, huh!” Then, he was breathing really hard, like he just run a mile.

“Come on,” she took my hand, and we went back to her room. “Help me take off my clothes.” She looked out the open door, but he wasn’t there yet.

“Okay,” I hugged her, and unbuttoned her dress in the back. Then, she said “Kiss me,” and pulled her arms out the sleeves. I kissed her on the lips, but she was looking over at the door, and he shrank back when I looked. “Huh, now kiss me here.” She got her dress down low enough for me to see her nipples, and stopped to rub one with her fingers.

I nodded, and kissed that, so she turned, and I kissed the other one too. Then, she shimmied the rest of the way out of her dress, and I knew we’re putting on some kind of sex show for him, but I didn’t know what kind until a little later.

“Now,” she ran her fingers down her tummy, and pulled her undies down. “Kiss me down here.” So, I started kissing down the middle, and I stopped at her belly button. Even though she didn’t say to kiss that too, but I wiggled my tongue in, so she giggled.

“That tickles,” but she stopped to get up on her bed, and said her brother’s name. “You don’t have to stand out there, and watch, you can come in.”

“Cindy,” he tried to sound older, like a scolding father. “You haven’t been getting into dad’s stash.”

“Yeah, like you?”

“Yeah, but that’s different.”

“Why, because you’re a boy? Girls do it too, you know.” Just to punctuate that point, she rubbed between her legs. Spread wide open, but honestly, I was drawing a blank on what to do next.

“No, because I’m a boy.”

“What’s dad’s stash?”

“Huh, why don’t you show her?” Lucy got up, and I followed her brother back to their parent’s room. Where they had a big bed, and magazines under the mattress, of course. Lucy got up on the bed again, while her brother showed me pictures, that sure explained a lot.

In them, A wife got bored at home, while her husband was away at work. She must have finished her housework, because everything was neat, and clean, the kids were at school, and she was horny. So, she called a friend to come over, and they did the exact same thing Lucy talked me through, in her room.

First they kissed, but they had their mouths wide open, so you could see their tongues. “Ew gross.” I guess I forgot all about sticking my tongue in her belly button a moment ago.

“Look, it gets worse,” he turned the page, and sure enough, her friend helped her unbutton her blouse in front. Then, she was topless (In the very next picture, they skipped a lot of boring steps) and her friend was licking a nipple, but she didn’t kiss it. Really close up too, so all you could see was the breast, and the woman’s face. She had her eyes closed, and this happy grin on her mouth, even with her tongue sticking out, and just touching her nipple.

“Huh, you getting hard again? Show her, show her what happens when your dick gets hard.”

“What’s a dick?” Okay, I wasn’t COMPLETELY oblivious, but I’d heard a lot of wordy dirds that nobody would explain to me, because I was too young. But sure enough, he lay back, and when he got his pants open, it was hard.

I looked back, at the other page, where the husband got home, and caught his wife in bed with the other woman. He had a boner he hadn’t gotten out yet, but it looked a lot bigger in his pants. I’ll tell you that. Also, his wife was lay back, with her legs spread, and holding her friend’s head by the hair, but I couldn’t see anything more than her panties peeking out from underneath her dress.

It was a short dress, and bright red panties, with lacy parts, and gaps in between them. So you could see patches of her creamy colored skin through them in the close-up, but I finally clued in “Uh, is she kissing her privates?” A little late. Considering how she made me kiss down her body, and if I’d connected the dots, it should have been obvious what the next one was.

“Yeah, because she doesn’t have a dick to suck.” He felt my arm, and pulled my over. “Go ahead,” he let go of it, and patted my head, when he could reach it. So, I slapped it. “Ow! What you do that for?”

“I thought you’re supposed to spank it. Lucy said.”

She laughed, “When I said he was spanking it, I didn’t mean that he was really hitting it!”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Well, it didn’t hurt too bad, but why don’t you kiss it, and make it feel better?”

“Huh!” Lucy rolled over in bed. “I’m horny,” she picked up the phone, “So, I’m gonna call my boyfriend.”

“Cindy, since when do you have a boyfriend?”

“None of your business. You’ve got a little nympho right there, and I’m not sucking your dick, so I’m gonna call Jeremy, so he’ll bring me his dick.”

“Uh,” that whole brother-sister thing was such a distraction, but when he said kiss it, I thought he ment kiss it. Now, they were talking about sucking it, and I really wish that people would just come right out, and say what they mean. Instead of saying “Beat off,” and elbow each other, “You know what I mean?”

“Oh, huh! Oh god.” He rubbed my hair.

“That your first blow job?”


I spit it out, “How come it’s called a blowjob, when you’re supposed to suck it, instead of blow it?” Actually, when she said blowjob, I tried that. Sucking, then blowing, but that just made me spit it out.

“I don’t know, just suck it.” So, I shrugged, and popped it back in my mouth.

“It’s gonna take a while since he just whacked. Oh.” She held the phone up. “Mrs. Singer, can Jeremy come over and play?” She nodded. “Yeah, he’s in the shower,” she lied, “But he’ll be out, and dressed by the time you drop him off.”

“Jeremy Singer?”

“Yeah, so?” She hung up, and then he pushed me off. “Stop, stop.”

I wiped my mouth, “Mwhat did I do wrong?”

“Nothing baby, that was great, but I don’t want to blow it too soon, so why don’t you get naked for me?”

“Okay, but why don’t you help me take my clothes off?” I looked over at Lucy, and she grinned. Rolling back over to spread her legs, and her her hands dirty again, but it was just like the woman in the magazine. I couldn’t really see what they were doing with her friend’s head in the way. “Kiss me.” I touched my lips, then moved my fingers down when he stuck his tongue in my mouth. Then, I turned away, when my dress was down low enough to rub my nipple. “Now here.” I pushed his head over when he licked my nipple, “And here…”

You can see where this is headed, but by the time Mrs. Singer dropped Jeremy off, Lucy got bored, and put some clothes on to go out, and wait for him. So I could lay back on the bed, and he could pick up my butt to slide my underwear off. Kiss down to between my legs, and start kissing me, deeply in my privates.

“Oh!” I just kissed her on the lips, like. Mwah, a goodnight kiss. I just kissed her nipples, because I hadn’t seen the picture of the nipple licking yet, and I don’t know why I stuck my tongue in her belly button. “Oh, god! Deeper, huh!” His tongue wiggled in deeper, and swirled around in what I thought was my pee hole.

I had no idea that I had another hole in there, because before that, I just barely touched myself enough to wipe it after peeing, or wash it with a washcloth. “Oh, uh!” Then, he touched me, and licked up. “HUH!” I could barely breathe, but he found something in the top. I hadn’t even heard of a clitoris, but when he found it, I started humping his face too fast for his tongue to keep up. For his finger to find the fuckhole until Jeremy came in with Lucy.

“Ahem.” He cleared his throat. “You two want to be alone?”

“Jeremy!” He got mad again, “What’s the deal with you fooling arOW!” He got up, and tried to push him, but Jeremy just cocked his elbow back, and socked him.

“Don’t touch me naked, you gay ass fairy, or at least tuck your dick back before you get up. Jesus!”

“Ow!” he sat on the bed, and felt his jaw. “You didn’t have to hit me so hard.”

“Well, you don’t need to yell!” Lucy got pissed, and started yelling even louder. “God, you’re such a hypocrite, and you don’t seem to mind fooling around with my friends, so what’s your problem with me fooling around with my boyfriend?”

“You’re only eleven!”

“So what!” I joined in, “I’m only ten, and that didn’t stop you, but do you want to have sex or not? God, I can’t even tell if you really like me, or you care more about making sure your sister is miserable for the rest of her life, because you can’t stand for her to be happy.” I grabbed my clothes.

“I’m sorry, don’t go.”

“NO!” I pushed his hand off my shoulder. “No mean no, and if you touch me again, I’ll scream.”

“Don’t do that.” He let go, and put his hands up.

I put my dress back on. “I’m starting to think that you don’t deserve it, since you’re such a jerk, and a bully. So, why don’t you stay here, and play with yourself, watching a man who’s cool enough to actually get a wife beat off in the hall. I’m leaving.” I slammed the door, and I stomped off down the hall, but I stopped by Lucinda’s door to listen to her laughter.

She’s lucky she found a boy to play sex games with, especially with such a meany for a brother, but they weren’t playing slap and tickle in there after all. “Wow, she really told him off!”

“Yeah, well somebody probably should have told him that a long time ago.”

I knocked on the door. “Lucy?”


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“I’m still horny, so you want to come with me?”


“Bring your boyfriend, and his dick with him.” That’s how you play Hide and Peep. First, I’ll have her take my clothes off, and kiss me. All the way down to my privates, but then, who knows?

I didn’t get to the part where her husband came in to join them.

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