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Helping out an old couple


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Like many other guys, when I was a teenager I would mow lawns and pick up odd jobs around the neighborhood. When I was 16, I hit the jackpot.

Many years ago when I was 16 we got new neighbors down the block who moved into a place that was kinda run down. I had seen the lady several times when she was out walking in the evening but had never seen the guy. She looked firm and fit in her exercise outfits, hard to tell how old she was though.

On afternoon I was riding my skateboard by their place and the two of them were out front sticking up flags along the sidewalk for Memorial Day. I stopped and said hello and we chatted for a minute. They were Don and Laurie, Don told me to excuse him because he was out of breath and went to sit on the porch. Laurie was bending over sticking flags in the ground and showing a lot of cleavage. After noticing that, I hung around and asked her if she’d like some help . She said ” Yes, that’s mighty sweet of you.

When we were finished, she asked me to come sit on the porch and have a coke. It seems that Don was a 60 year old decorated disabled vet from the Viet Nam era. He had caught shrapnel in the chest and lost a lung. He said he couldn’t get around too good anymore, ” So I let Laurie do all the hard work so she don’t get fat” he laughed.

Laurie was definitely not fat, she was 53, short, trim and busty. The story was that they met in a hospital where Don was being treated and they had gotten married after his release. Then they asked me if I’d like to make a few bucks helping to get the place squared away and I told them “Absolutely, just let me know when you need me”.

The following Friday evening, I was sitting out front waiting on my ride and I saw her coming by on her walk. I waved and she came up to the house and said they had bought a bunch of plants and mulch and stuff for the yard and could I come by in the morning and give her a hand. No problem I said and she told me to come over about 8:00 in the morning. She was wearing spandex shorts and a matching top and when she walked away I noticed how the shorts showed off her tight little ass.

The next morning when I showed up, she was already outside and had laid out some tools. She asked me to take a shovel and dig holes every three feet or so along a string she had stretched out.
While I did that she started unloading the plants and stuff from the van. She was wearing cut off jean shorts and a tight tee shirt without a bra. Each time she came around the corner pushing a wheel barrel of plants her breasts would jiggle when she hit little bumps in the yard, much to my delight !

After about a hour or so, were finishing up and she gave me a water hose and I watered the plants while she picked up stuff that was laying around. I couldn’t get the nozzle on the hose to work right and she came over to try to open it and the nozzle fell off ,drenching both of us before I could throw it down. We both just stood there laughing and she looked down and her wet shirt was stuck to her as if it was painted on and her nipples were big and hard. She grinned and said ” It’s been years since I was in a wet T shirt contest” and I laughed even more and said ” I bet you were the winner too”.

She said ” Don’t laugh, look at yourself”, pointing to my waist. I had already taken off my shirt when I was doing all the shovel work and as I looked down, my gym shorts were soaked and my hardening cock was clearly outlined. “Let’s go around back and dry off ” she said. We went up on the back porch and went into a kinda utility room. She pulled her shirt off as she turned away slightly, her boobs were fully exposed from the side and they were great. Her big nipples were as thick as the end of my finger. She dug thru the basket and found a shirt and a towel. She tossed my the towel and as she stepped closer she put the shirt on.

“Now that takes care of me” she said and started to dry my chest with the towel. She worked her way down below my waist and then slipped my gym shorts down as my hard teenage cock popped out sticking straight up. She took my cock into her hands and started to stroke it. ” What about Don”, I asked. She whispered not to worry, Don would not be a problem. With that she got on her knees and slowly started sucking my cock as my knees trembled a little.

After a while she paused and held my cock and wiggled it around a little saying ” Oh my God, It’s been a long time since I saw a young cock like this”. She went back to sucking my cock slowly taking all 6.5 inches until I cried out “I’m gonna cum” and she didn’t slow down. Suddenly I shook real hard and blew a huge load of cum in her mouth. She gagged a little and then said ” I told you it had been a long time” as she wiped cum from her chin.

Later she explained to me that although she loved Don deeply and they had been thru a lot together, he could no longer get it up and knew she needed a nice hard cock once in a while and he was cool with it. When I left she gave me $30.00 and told me she’d be needing some more help. I told her just to let me know and I’d be glad to help them out….


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