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Heavenly Bods

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The moon was nearly full, but before it rose, I crossed Messier 6, and 7 off my list. It was right after 10PM when the trucks started pulling up.

Well, the headlights didn’t really add much more light pollution, but I was already digging out the lenscaps, and I didn’t worry about turning on my redlight. To preserve my night vision, but when I looked up. It looked like a bunch of rednecks getting out, I assumed to make some sort of bonfire, until I noticed the odd configuration of their parking.

1 truck, with the other three pointing their headlights at it, and a woman pulled out. “What the?” I pulled off the lenscaps, and squinted in the binoculars. With 63mm aperture, and 7mm exit pupils, they’re just about perfect for light gathering. Which made them too bright for 6 headlights, even pointed away.

Roughy picking up the woman, who’s tied up, with a rag around her mouth, and struggling. It looked like, until she got her feet on the tailgate, and stopped kicking. Screaming? IDK, because they’re down at the bottom of the hill. It would have been muffled if she had, but then she stood up.

Waiting patiently while 2 of the guys climbed in over the wheel wells, and started helping her lay down.

“Huh!” If it was a kidnapping, and let’s face it torture/gangrape, she sure was cooperating. Can’t see if she’s smiling, but I have to pack up the Orions (Mini Giant 9×63 Astronomical [email protected]) to sling them over my shoulders, and climb down. It’s not really a climb, more like a hike, there’s a trail, it’s not that steep, and I’ve got more light than usual on a night like this.

Clear, mostly stable, perfect for going through the catalog of nebulae and close galaxies until the nearly full moon came up. I didn’t need my red LED flashlight.

SCREEKUNG! I stopped, and looked up to see her legs in the air. The 2 guys pulling pins, so they swung out in a Y, but the rest of her was too low to really see. Behind the cab of the middle pickup, I’m almost to there level, but I have to climb down the Arroyo then back up. Behind the truck.

“NWH!” She shook her head, when I ducked down at the top of the slope. Where I could just barely see a pair of jeans stretched between a dude’s ankles, and her hair swinging between her legs. If I had to guess, that rack they strapped her in hung her head down, right about crotch level.

So, I climbed up, bent low, so I had to hold my binoculars case in both hands. So, it didn’t swing, and knock against my knees, but then the guy stepped aside, and and other one moved over. His belt clinking, and yanking her hair.

“AWGhl! Gug guk!” I pulled the strap down off my shoulders, and set it down, to get my phone out. Looking through the back window of the pickup truck, I switched to video, and covered my face on the screen. Hit record, then flipped it over to hold it up over the roof.

The 2 guys standing up in the truck bed had their pants down, on either sides of her hips, and the corset? No wait, I think that’s like a cheerleader outfit, with a tight belt around her, to hold her hips, strapped to the _Y_ shaped rack. Crucified, up side down, with her legs spread, and the man pulling out.

“Kah huh!” Stepping aside, for another one to move over, and hump her face. “ALGH! WRLGH!”

“All Right Guys!” I held the phone up, sideways, and tilted so i could look up. Turn it slightly back and forth to get all 10 of them? Thereabouts, I didn’t count, but 9, 10, or 11. “Smile for the camera, and get your dick out of her face.”

“Hey,” the ones that had to pulled up, and fix their pants.

“One step forward, and this is going straight to the police. I can call 9-11 at the press of a button, before you come around to get me. Now, I’ve got all 4 License Plates, too.” i lied, because I just thought of it, and there’s no way i could get the one with the tailgate down, and the girl’s head hanging off of it.

“All right, okay.” They put their hands up.

“Just don’t do that.”

“And let us explain.”

“Let her tell me. Are you all right, miss?”

“Yeah, I’m. Fuck, I’m horny, I want this. I need it, will somebody please just stick a dick in me?”

“All right.” I flipped my phone over, and canceled the recording. “I just had to make sure.” I stepped up on the side, remembering I left my Binos in the middle truck, and hopped down.

“Hey,” some guys came around, “Are you a lesbian?”

“LOL! No.” My ponytail swished when I shook my head. “I’m just running around the desert, at night, so boots, and overalls are a better plan than that.” I tried to turn my head, “Anarchy cheerleader?” It’s hard to tell in the dark, and the lights.

“Yeah, you know that Smells like Teen Spirit video from the 90s?”

I shook my head, and looked around. “How old are you guys, anyways?”

“Well, how old are you?”

“I asked you first, let me guess. College guys?”

“Most of us are out of college, or skipped college, but yeah. Late 20s. Now you.”

“Huh! Old enough to consent to sex, not old enough to drink yet.” That put me somewhere between 16, and 21. Within 5 years is polite enough, in mixed company. Even if we’re talking about. “Huh, there’s no way she can satisfy all 10 of you guys herself.” I took one by the hand. The closest one, turning back and forth between me, and the action, but I’m missing most of it, with all them crowded around in the way.

“Well, if we take all night.” he looked back, and grinned down at me.

“Huh!” I pulled his arm over, and around my neck, stepping under it. “So, you can go all night?”

“ARGLH! Kah! Sptooh, no. Fuck me, please fuck me, I need it so bad now. AHahn! Awrlg gugh guck!”

“Well,” he hugged my shoulder. “What one less?” He looked down, and winked, with a sneer that turned into a charming smile.

“So, they all gonna just make her beg for it, or.” I looked up, “Huh!” When one of the guys up in the truck bed unsnapped the gusset, under the skirt of the black cheerleader uniform, with a red (A) on the breast. I blinked. “She’s, a man?”

“Not tonight, she’s the bitch. Normally, we take turns being the bitch, but.” I pushed ahead, to get a better look, and pulled the guy out by his back pockets.

“Kah huh!” Even with her head hanging, up side down, now I could see the Adam’s apple, her big nose, and the suspiciously located lumps in the chest. I reached up, to unhook my shoulder straps. “Huh! I don’t know, now I’m starting to feel a little gay.” I had to unbutton at least 2 side buttons to push them down over my hips, then I pulled my boxers (Again, not a Lesbian, just dressed for storming through the desert in the dark.) “You eat pussy, faggot?”


I grabbed her pigtails. “You’ll learn.”

“Auwmph! Phph!”

“This isn’t a blowjob, you crossdressing tanny. LICK IT! If you bite me, I’ll hurt you worse. Much worse.”

“Ulm lumn!” Now he was shaking, so I looked up, to see his boner, bouncing in a strap, with snaps, and another one around his balls. Holding them up, so they swung comically, while another guy held onto his legs. In fishnets, and high heels. It was weirdly gay, or bisexual, and lesbian, and not all at the same time, so I let go of her braids.

“Bitch, can’t even do that right. Will somebody stick a dick in her to shut her up?”

“Yeah. Huh wow, you’re awesome, yeah. Fuck my face ahH! Wrghle!” His cheeks puffed in and out, I swear I could almost see his dam’s apple get fucked up and down in his neck. “Alghglagh!”

“Huh, god. You guys got rubbers? Somebody put on a fucking rubber, and fuck me. Jesus, I’m dripping?” I’ve never literally been dripping wet before, but then again. He had slobber running down his face from having it fucked out of his throat. “Ahah!” At least 2 of them picked me up, and practically threw me over the tailgate. “Uhn no. You don’t have to twist my arm.” I put it over my back. “Not too hard ahn! Neah! Ihn fuck! Fuck me faggot! That, UH! All Ngh! You, Fuck, ing. GOT? Fuck me like a man, nh! Fugh! FUGH! Rough augh!” I shook my head when he pulled out, but then another stepped up to sink in. “Ngh, you call that aghn! Ngh dick? Ngh ngh ngh!”

Just to prove, I don’t know, something? I’m not gay, they’re not gay, I can take it, I never really ever wanted to get rough sex. Like tie me up and hurt me, kidnap, and play rape me, but whoever built that thing. Maybe they all did, but at some point. Early on actually, I couldn’t breathe well enough to egg them on. Make fun of their dicks, their sexuality to make them pound me harder, but I guess their secret is they never fuck a hole long enough to get off.

That’s how they went all night, that and a willingness to suck dick as needed to get it up again. They got off on me, the bitch, and sucked each other hard again. And again. I tried every position besides upside down strapped the the padded box-beams of that tilt rack on rails. I never really enjoyed giving oral sex before, but since that was the only practical way to have 3 dicks inside me at once.

“Uh, huhn. Fuck?” I wound up hanging out of the seat of one of the trucks. After being fucked over the side, the roof, the tailgate, and the hood of maybe all 4 of the trucks, it’s hard to keep count. It was starting to get light, and I blinked at the deep blue starting to appear when I crawled in, rolled over, and realized. It must be getting near quarter of 7 AM, and it couldn’t have even been 11 last night when I got involved?

“Huh, fuck I’m exhausted.” At least 8 hours of solid dicking, in every hole, and all 3 at once? I’m having trouble believing I even survived it, let alone how quickly it flew bye.

“Huh, yeah.” Somebody looked back, buckling up his belt, and my bare foot kicked a used rubber out the door. “Can somebody get her clothes?” He turned back, “You need a ride somewhere?”

“No, okay.” I yawned, “Yeah.” I lived right over the hill, but that’s down the arroyo, back up the hill, then down the other side to my subdivision. “Better yet, I’m too worn out.”

Honestly? I’m a nerd, an astronerd, and it was hard to even get taken seriously by the boy’s clubs of the nerds in high school. I didn’t date much, and most of those guys were nerds, I hadn’t seriously thought that I’d turn party girl, and get gangbanged drunk by frat boys at keggers when I got to college, but.

“Huh, so. You guys do this kinda thing, all the time?” I checked my phone, [7:17] when I got my overalls back. “Oh, can somebody get my binoculars out of the back of that pickup, before they leave?” It took a while for them to pick up the rubbers. IDK how many they brought, but then never ran out. They threw them in a 5 gallon bucket, so I’m guessing a lot. I giggled at the thought of a literal bucket of cum.

Of course, I’d seen movies, so I knew that these sorts of things actually happen, but you never actually expect them to happen to you.

“What’re these for, you a peeping tomboy?”

I had to laugh, “No. Honestly, I’m a stargazer.”

“Oh yeah?”

“I know it’s nerdy, but yeah. We moved out here for better seeing, and less light pollution from the city.”

“So, you live in the neighborhood, around the block?”

“Well,” it’s not a block. “Yeah, you can just drop me off at the gate.”

“You want our address?”

“You all live together in a frathouse?”

“Oh, no. Let me see your phone, we’ve got a forum online.” He typed in. “You might want to pick a username with 18 on the end.” He grinned, and winked.

“Yeah, I think I’ll do that. Um, that doesn’t mean I want to take a turn, being the bitch.”

“Oh, that’s okay.” He tapped back, and showed me. “Just don’t sign up in this thread.” Scrolled up to the top of the forum.

Pinned: “Smear the Queer” Raffle.

“Oh, okay.” I nodded. “Got it, thanks.”

“Here we are.” The driver kicked it in neutral, but it turns out, they had all kids of fun activities, all the time. Parties, sex parties, and I don’t mind lying about my age, for a couple more years.

Who knows, maybe I might try giving another young lady oral. Just to make sure. Especially if she has a strapon, so she can join in the gangbang, but gangbangs?

Oh yeah, I definitely like that!

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