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Harry shows Queen she’s been missing

The walk back from the village of Edge Landing started off silent. After the events in the tavern, Elena half expected Harry to grope her all the way back home, but instead the chubbier old man left her to her own thoughts, content to keep her on her toes and never know what to expect from him.

Inside her mind, however, was anything but quiet. Elena cursed old Harry Jones mentally, beyond disgusted at how the situation had unfolded with him and the perverted farmers. She also was annoyed with herself for being deceived into such a perverted encounter and not heeding both Harry and Walter’s warnings earlier in the day.

More than anything, though, the breathtaking 23 year old Queen felt both ashamed and mystified that she had gotten wet from being spanked, bare-bottomed, in front of three complete strangers.’What was I thinking? How … how is that even possible?’ she asked herself, frustrated that her body could betray her at the most humiliating moment of her life. An assortment of mixed emotions coursed through her, trying to rationalize how it could even happen, finally telling herself that it was her lack of sex-life combined with the sensitivity of her curvy body that were the main culprits. That, and the sudden unexpectedness of being touched so lewdly.

Elena shook her head, not feeling that the explanation sufficed, and feeling even more pent-up guilt at her embarrassing response. In many ways, she felt like she was somehow cheating on Erik, despite being forced into the situation, and that if only she hadn’t been wet then she could have dealt with her emotions on a much more even keel. She glanced over with a scowl at Harry as they walked, feeling that it was allhis fault in the first place.

“I’m sorry how things went down back there,” he said, finally breaking the silence, and the touch barrier by putting his hand over her shoulder. Elena was surprised to hear his apology, but it didn’t alter her mood at the moment.

“No, you’re not. And don’t touch me,” she said icily, brushing his hand off and taking a quicker step forward to walk in front of him, “you tricked me.”

“Tricked? I think ya mean I warned ya exactly what would happen, and ya blew me off Queeny.”

“I didn’t blow you off … I just didn’t believe you.”

“Rubbish. Ya acted like I didn’t have the first dang clue of what life was like in my own town,” he said. She frowned, knowing that much was true.

“Well, either way things could have been different from how they happened,” Elena continued, clearly unhappy with how he handled the situation.

“I’ll say! Could have gotten ugly. Ya should be thankin’ ol’ Harry,” he grinned, turning the conversation back at her.

“Thanking you? Thanking … YOU?” she scoffed, snapping her head towards him as her long, wavy black hair whipped around and over her far shoulder, baring the delightful bare skin over her clavicle.

“Darn tootin’! Whattaya think would have happened had Harry Jones – the one and only hero – not come to your rescue, eh?” he exclaimed, enjoying the banter. Elena turned her head away from him, and kept walking as they resumed the same pace together now.

“Honestly, what do ya think they would have tried to do?” his tone slightly softer now as he prodded her, wanting her to admit the truth.

She paused, but finally said, “Probably tried to rape me.”

“Not probably. WOULD have raped you,” he said, letting that sink in. “Lickity-split they would have stuff every pretty hole of yers and there’s not a cotton-pickin’ chance it woulda happened any other way.”

“Uggghh, you’re so vulgar. I don’t want to talk about it anymore,” Elena said, the tendons on her feminine slender neck flaring as the gorgeous brunette Queen was forced to relive the moment.

“Ya think Pete would have saved you? Those three are amongst his best customers. Boulderdash if you think differently.”

“Well, you didn’t have to spank me! You’re a foul lecher,” she blurted out, needing the insult to help make herself feel a little bit better, though certainly not feeling ‘regal’ and Queenly as she resorted to it.

“I never claimed to be a saint,” he chuckled as Elena gave him a disappointed look. “Well, at least someone thanked me,” he winked.

“Who? No one thanked you,” she said, her voice dripping with annoyance.

“Yer pussy did,” he said matter-of-factly.

Her eyes went wide, and she slapped his face suddenly, “Harry Jones! You’re talking to the Queen of Synia!” she said, as if he hadn’t already made her say much worse things back at the tavern.

“And I’m telling the Queen of Synia, that her tender little tight pussy gave my chubby finger a nice little wet kiss!” he said, ignoring the quick slap and laughing as his belly rolled. “Glad one of ya is romantic,” he added, laughing harder at his own joke.

Elena’s face had returned her bright red hue as the dirty old man brought up the one subject matter that embarrassed her the most. A tear formed in her eye. “You’re such a pig!” she exclaimed, but her voice dropped lower, along with her head, as she tried to explain, “Don’t make anything of it. That was … that was … I didn’t like it at all. I don’t know how that even happened” was all she could muster.

Rather than rub it in any more like she assumed he would, Harry instead gave her a sympathetic glance and shrugged, “Bah. Don’t ya worry about it, I just wanted to show those boys my finger to make Jenkins and that weird Josh whippersnapper cum so we could get the hell out of there. Every now and then I use the old bean to cook up some Cockamamie scheme that somehow works.”

Elena gave him a surprising look, relieved he wasn’t digging into her further, and giving a little snort at his word choice. “Yeah, he was weird,” was all she offered, still annoyed but at least pleased to change the direction of the conversation away from how her body had reacted.

“Probably was the first time the poor chap has seen a nipple,” he said playfully. “Surprised he lasted that long. Shoulda called him ‘Jizzing Josh,” he winked again.

Elena couldn’t help but roll her eyes and chuckle a little, though instantly regretting it. “Don’t make me laugh.”

“Why? Your face looks so pretty when ya do,” he said genuinely.

“Or give me nice compliments.”

“That kinda removes a lot of options to talk to ya, Yer Highness,” he said with a returned chuckle. Despite feeling a little more light-hearted with the most recent exchange, a dark look crossed back over Elena’s face.

“Well good, because you still want to rape me.”

“Blimey. Ya don’t have the foggiest, Yer Majesty,” he said, shaking his head as he scratched the back of his neck. “Last thing I want is to force ya.”

“So are you saying we won’t have sex?” she asked, her eyebrows raised as they walked, drawing a bit closer to his house.

“I didn’t say that. I said I don’t want to force ya. I do, however, hold people to their promises,” he said with a sly grin. Elena was about to respond when Harry cut her off, “But this was the only way I could be with ya. Heaven knows an old codger like me would never have a chance with a majestic creature like yerself. I swear you’re the most beautiful woman I’ll ever seen in all of tarnation.” His sweet words sounded so unusual coming from the mouth that could be so foul.

“I said no compliments,” she said, holding her ground though and not wanting to let the feeling of her beauty being appreciated take root in her brain. “So you admit you tricked me?” she questioned.

Harry shrugged again, “I gave ya a warning. I would have let ya stay cooped up in my house for a month and not forced myself on ya, but instead I gave ya a choice and let you decide your fate,” he said casually, though it was obvious it was a plan he had formulated for awhile. “Sure, it’s a little tawdry and I’m a bit of a soddy rascal for givin’ ya a choice of me or the farmers, but I ain’t regretting it.”

Elena sighed at the realization he wouldn’t let her out of the ‘deal,’ “Well at least we can agree you are a bastard,” she said truthfully.

“Bahaha, ya have no idea Your Highness. A bastard in more ways than one!”

She looked at him quizzically. Despite the horrible thought of having to have sex with him soon, she couldn’t help her curiosity, “What do you mean? From royal lineage?”

“Ayy, 2nd bastard child of King Lewis,” he said, referring to the old King of Prodere, 5th of the 6 Kingdoms, who passed away a decade earlier. If there was a rival Kingdom to Synia, it was Prodere. Elena cocked her head to the side as she thought for a second.

“And yet you moved and now live in Synia on the outskirts of our Kingdom?” she asked, pressing him for more. “Why here?”

“‘Outcast’ is probably a more accurate word than ‘moved,’ Your Highness,” he said solemnly, looking far off down the road as if envisioning the day that it happened. “Figured Synia was the last place they’d look for me. Elena rubbed her arm, wondering if Erik knew this information.

“So that is why Walter trusted you? You felt betrayed by your Kingdom? And by Lewis, your father?” she questioned, trying to put the pieces together. Harry snorted in disgust.

“Tis a shame that he died since I always swore I’d be the one to kill ’em; the pompous prick. Hell, I wasn’t even good enough to be the first bastard haha,” he laughed, his belly jiggling once more at the dark joke. “Though I only found out about my half brother a couple years ago,” he explained.

“We’ve heard such rumors of King Lewis’ … habits,” Elena said. The legend of ‘Lusty Lewis’ and his sexual conquests were not exactly Prodere’s best kept secrets. “Though it appears the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” she added with an incriminating look towards Harry.

“Guilty as charged, M’Lady!” he said with a crooked grin, “Though most whores tend to really like Ol’ Harry’s experience and my … trouser-snake,” he said with a twinkle in his eye, changing the subject and obviously not wanting to explain in further detail. “I’m sure you will too!”

“Ugghh, the male ego knows no bounds,” she grunted, her eyes looking sarcastically skyward at his comment, still astonished by his colorful commentary. “And are you implying I’m a whore?” she asked, trying not to let her mind form a visual of his ‘trouser-snake.’

“Poppycock! A whore has a set price that men pay to sample her goods, Yer Majesty. Ya couldn’t be a whore if you wanted! By the dickens there ain’t enough gold in Synia to make a fair price for ya. I reckon any man would sell everything he had for one chance to lay with yer pretty voluptuous self,” he smiled genuinely this time, the comment crude, but complimentary.

Elena couldn’t help but blush at his descriptive compliments, trying to remember the last time Erik had told her how beautiful she was … but she quickly scolded herself for even thinking about it. “You’re not really good at following rules Harry,” she said, not knowing how else to respond, and certainly not wanting to say ‘thank you,’ to the man that was manipulating her into adultery.

“Criminy. Right, right, the compliment thing? Would ya prefer I tell you how much you’ll like squirmin’ on this cock of mine?” he said, gripping his crotch as they arrived at the path in front of his house, reverting back to his lewd form.

“Sorry to burst your bubble Harry, but the more a whore acts like she’s enjoying something, the more money she gets in tips. It’s not real, and I’m sure you’ll be disappointed when you’re finally with someone who doesn’t want to be with you AND isn’t getting paid,” she said, talking like a mother might to a boy. Ironically, Elena felt a bit remorseful at telling him how little she’d enjoy sleeping with him.

“You speaking from experience M’Lady?” Harry said, with another twinkle in his eye. “Tell ya what, since yer so confident you won’t enjoy me, I’ll make yer pretty little royal self a deal.”

“No thanks, I’m done playing your stupid games,” the Queen rebutted, as they reached the door, Harry unlocking it, “I’ve learned my lesson once.”

Harry opened his palms and lifted his shoulders as if to say’Your loss,’ before telling her, “If I can’t make ya orgasm in this first week, we won’t have sex for the rest of the time that you’re here in Edge Landing,” he said, opening the door like a butler who was allowing an esteemed bride into a honeymoon suite. “Ya have nothing to lose,” he said with a toothy grin.

“Are you serious? What’s the catch?” she added in disbelief. Shortening the amount of time she’d have to stoop to his licentious level had certainly piqued her interest.

“No catch … other than if ya do orgasm, from then on ya have to try and let yerself go and just enjoy it. No more ice-cold miss prissy Queen,” he said, laying his trap. “And of course we keep having sex for as long as yer here, like we would be doing anyway.”

Elena raised one eyebrow as she noted that even his ‘catch’ was fairly tame. She had to sleep with him either way and she was about as certain as could be that a 70 year old lecher wouldn’t be able to turn her on in bed, let alone bring her to orgasm. There was just simply no chance she’d ever allow herself to cum from the sexual acts of a geezer like him, she told herself. It wasn’t exactly hard to believe either; on top of her lack of attraction to Harry, she almost never orgasmed with Erik – a man she loved anddid find attractive, so Elena figured this deal was truly a no-lose situation. She felt that she could stomach one week with the old man, and the prospect of having a light at the end of the tunnel was exhilarating. A month was such a long time, a week seemed so short in comparison.

“You’re on Harry,” she said, putting out her hand to shake it after she entered the home, “and I’m sorry but I’m not even attracted to you,” she said as he took her hand and shook it vigorously.

“Ya will be honey,” he responded, smiling as he closed the door. “Ya will be. Now go put on something sexy for yer old man and I’ll make some tea.”

Harry busied himself in the kitchen while Queen Elena disappeared into the bedroom. It was still light out outside, but Harry lit some candles anyway and began grinding a few exotic herbs as he lit a fire to boil water. He grinned as he added libido-enhancing root herbs he had picked up on his distant travels. He knew he didn’t need them for Elena, and only used them when he was about to sleep with unattractive whores, but he wanted to be sure to give her an extra special performance. She took quite a bit longer than he expected in the bedroom and by the time the bedroom door opened Harry Jones had two full cups of the enhanced tea.

“Holeeee-shit!” was all he could say, his eyes nearly popping out of his skull as he watched his curvy ‘wife’ come out of the bedroom.

Elena was dressed in nothing but a thin, semi-transparent, light blue negligee that showed off an incredibly healthy amount of flesh-filled cleavage, the tops of her breasts wobbling with each step. The nightie hug to her waist but expanded back out over her wide hips, though it was cut short enough that it only just barely covered her provocative ass. Beneath it bared her completely nude, long smooth legs, with only her favorite silver anklet on one ankle. She stood in the doorway, one hand on the doorframe as she leaned into it, looking provocative.

“Let’s get this over with,” she said, as unromantic as possible, her words completely contrasting with her attire. Elena’s goal was to get the old man to orgasm as soon as possible so she could get to bed and forget this twisted day ever happened. But she certainly didn’t have to ‘act’ enthused in order for that to happen. She figured with the way she was revealing her body that the dirty lecher wouldn’t last very long no matter what she said. And, in a way, she was being as ‘loyal’ as she could be to Erik by not being a verbally willing participant … at least that’s how Elena rationalized it in her mind.

“How romantic of ya to say so,” Harry chuckled, though despite her lack of enthusiasm he felt his cock lurch in his pants. He had already taken off his boots and socks, and walked up to her as his eyes studied every inch of her hourglass frame.

“I never promised romance,” she replied.

“Ya certainly didn’t! Most wenches don’t before the hanky-panky stuff happens with Ol’ Harry,” he said, standing in front of her now, just a few inches from her face. “After though, they get all lovey-dovey on me and can’t get enough of me thick snake,” he gave her a wink. “Course, I don’t expect amoral Queen like yerself to be like that Your Highness,” he said, choosing his words carefully, “Now give your loving ‘hubby’ a kiss.”

“You’re right Harry, I won’t get romantic with you,” she said, agreeing with his comments. Elena sighed and took a deep breath, forcing herself to lean forward so that she could get through with the ordeal. She placed her full, lively pink lips on the old mans, and lightly pressed them against his fat lips.

“Mmmm, that’s nice,” he said against her lips, reaching his hand up to clasp the back of her hair to control her head movement. His other hand slipped around her taut, incredible core and drew her in, feeling her curvy physique against his chubby body. “Tongue me,” he commanded.

Elena scrunched up her face at the command, but finally swallowed and parted her lips, feeling the old man’s strong hand on her black hair as he held her possessively. Harry had slid one leg between her thighs, and any semblance of personal space was gone as she felt her full, ripe breasts press into his chest, her tongue finding his fat slimy one, and allowing them to twist and tango together. Their lips moved together, saliva passing between their mouths as Harry kissed her passionately. Elena tried to think about other thoughts and not enjoy his kiss, but she had to admit he was a surprisingly good kisser.

‘Don’t get turned on, think of Erik,’ the Queen told herself. Harry, meanwhile, nibbled on her full, lower lip, pulling it towards himself lightly as the hand around her waist travelled down to her perfectly rounded rear, cupping it with his chubby fingers and giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Now bite on my lip, and suck on it,” he instructed, “Blimey, I know how hard this must be for ya Elena – not being at all aroused by me. ‘So I appreciate yer effort; yer actually quite talented with your lips and tongue,” he said, purposely telling her she wasn’t aroused to make her continually think about tryingnot to be turned on. The seeds of reverse psychology would be sewn over and over.

The beautiful 23 year old Queen put her lovely feminine teeth against his fat lower lip, biting gently and mimicking his earlier action as she pulled on it, tasting his old mouth. She lifted her head slightly to suck on it, feeling the soft manly lip between her own. Harry’s beefy tongue then snaked forward to invade her mouth, licking and sliding over her own.

Elena gave out a soft whimper, hating the sound that had suddenly slipped from her lips. Harry grinned at that, his hand on her neck had dropped down to join the other hand that was squeezing her meaty ass. Taking both delicious cheeks in his strong, tubby hands he pulled her even tighter to his body through her pronounced backside, his fingers enjoying the doughy curves as he fondled and groped her perfect rear while they made-out and kissed.

“By George, I swear ya have the sexiest, most lovely fuckin’ ass. I thought ol’ Jones was a titties man, but ya may have me changing my coordinates!” Harry chuckled at his joke. “I could squeeze this fat ass of yours all day. Tis a real shame a loyal, loving wife like you has no ability to enjoy a lil naughty business outside of yer marriage,” he said, goading her on some more.

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