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Happy birthday princess

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Daughters birthday, felt like my birthday.

I’ve been reading stories on here for years, many times have i tugged away while reading.
Yes I’d fantasised about my daughter and things I’d like to do, but apart from the secret pantie sniff/taste from the wash basket and the odd glimps when changing, but that was as much as I’d had the bottle for as she is a small girl and with the wife around it would and could never happen, so i just kept them as my dirty fantasy, untill that fateful night.

It was the day before Sarah’s birthday when the wife got a call, telling us she’s going to stay with her sister for a couple of days as she’s found out her husband had been cheating and left him. Caused no end of drama, I dont like her sister one bit never have and poor Sarah was so upset that her mum was choosing her sister and was going to miss her birthday, she didn’t speak to her mum for the rest of the day and didn’t even say anything as she left.
Sarah came and cuddled in to me on the sofa I put my arm round her stroked and patted her little bum and said don’t worry princess we will have a good day tomorrow and kissed her on the head.

The morning of her birthday came I put banners 10 TODAY all over the front room walls for her and on the sofa a big pile of gifts.
After opening them all and her extremely happy with her presents we got dressed and went food shopping.
Down the alcohol Isle I turn to Sarah saying as ya mum’s away I’m gonna det drunk tonight. She asked if she can get drunk with me as it’s her birthday and mum isn’t here to tell us off.
My brain jumped to one of the stories I’d wanked to lastnight, some guy talking about knocking his daughter out with drink and having sex with her.
I said as its your birthday and mum isn’t here you can have a little one but no telling, she smiled ear to ear.
I loaded into the trolly a bottle of vodka, a big bottle of some blue sweet alcohol drink for her as well as beers and some shots.
The day was as nice as I could make it for her, favorite dinner. She asked if we cold play monopoly it was 7pm so I told her to get bathed and in her pj’s ill set the game and our drinks up.
I grabbed her bottle of blue stuff emptied about a quarter and topped up with the vodka, my heart beating so fast and hard knowing why I was doing it.
She sits at the table opposite me after her shower looking all fresh and smelling amazing and I explain its grown up monopoly, everytime you have to pay money out you have to do a shot.
She takes a sip of her drink says its really nice and takes a big mouthful, I just smile to my self.
After a few trips round the board she was already lightly drunk, didn’t realise how little amount she would need.
She gets up saying she needs a wee and nearly falls over on the sofa laughing so hard.
I pick her up and say ill take you to the toilet make sure you don’t hurt yourself. With the alcohol taking away Any inhibitions she let me sit on the edge of the bath while she peed.
Back at the game it wasn’t long before it was unplayable she was moving the wrong pieces the wrong way, knocking things over. I line up us both a glass of that blue shit a shot of the stuff I brought and a shot of vodka and say first one to down them all wins the game. Before I finnished talking she downed them all.
You win I said and she cheered stood up and fell slumped on the sofa.
I sit next to her and hear from her breathing she has gone, I gently stroke her tummy lifting her top to expose her bare tummy and her breathing doesn’t change and she feels smooth as silk. I pull my cock out of my bottoms and it’s harder them its been in years, I grab her hand and wrapping her fingers round my cock, and move her hand up and down, my hard cock being wanked by that tiny hand had it plusing and taking all my power not to cum there and then. I leave her hand wrapped round my cock as I lift her top to under her neck, no boobs just little button nipples, I lean over listening carefully as I lick them, breathing doesn’t change so I suck gently till both nipples are wet and sticking out.
Next I slid my hand down her tummy under her pj shorts and under her panties, that little mound felt so smooth tight and warm, as my finger went between her lips my cock twitched in her hand and that was it I couldn’t hold back anymore.
I carried her to her room laid her on the edge of her bed and took all her cloths off. This naked body sprawled back legs hanging off the edge looked amazing. I knelt down putting her legs over my shoulders my face an inch from the most perfect pussy I’d ever seen, I breathed deeply and I’ve never smelt a more delicious pussy in my life, then went to licking her clit, lips and pushing into her unopened hole, it tasted like coconut I didn’t want to stop. I eventually stopped licking pulled away and opened her lips and there it was the tightest little hole sealed by her virginity.
Standing legs over my shoulders as she lay there naked I sandwich my cock between her pussy lips rubbing back and forth, it looked like a over sized hot dog in a tiny bun. I dribbled some spit down rubbing it in to her hole with my tip gently pushing. I felt the head of my penis pop and dissappear as the head goes in then felt a resistant as I tried pushing further, knowing it was her virginity my cock got harder then it has ever been and I just pushed, I felt a tear and my whole cock disappeared inside her, I held still fully inside her feeling my cock twitch like mad and her insides squeezing away involuntary.
I love to say I lasted all night pounding away but reality wasn’t long at all before I knew it I was balls deep feeling my tip pushed against her cervix as I came harder then ever before. Guilt hit me like a train and I put her to the right end of the bed coverd her up with her duvet and went to sink a shot and another beer thinking what have I done.

About a hour passed and I think if she wakes up naked or she still naked when the wife gets home it’s going to look wierd so I go to dress her. As I go I she is on her side in a deep sleep, I pull the covers back and her little body laying there looks so sexy, I look at her from the other side and notice her butt and the tops between her legs are all wet from my cum leaking out of her. I couldn’t help myself and get naked and spoon into her little body, I feel the cold wetness on my cock so after some maneuvering my hard cock just gets swallowed into her, no forcing this time just swallowed straight in all the way, I lasted a bit longer but again not as long as people make out on some stories, I cum hard yet again feeling ever spurt shooting out of me in to her.
I take one last look at her naked body, I worry a little as that pussy looked so good earlier, pale fresh and new, now it was red swollen, leaking cum, kind of wreaked it.
I head to bed empty satisfied and fall asleep.

The next morning she comes staggering to the from room looking like death, hangover I say laughing. The plonks onto the sofa saying I don’t remember going to bed or changing looking at the pj’s I put on her. I told her she was sick over herself so had to change her.
Shes says she thinks she had an accidemt aswell as her Bed was wet as well as her panties. I tell her its fine it happens, I tell her to pile her bedding and anything she wants washed and ill sort it, as I put the sheet in yeah there was a noticeable wet patch, to small for pee so knew what it was, then as I picked her panties up there were soaking and I could tell straight away it wasn’t pee it was were all my cum was leaking out of her while she slept.
Other then the stomach and hangover the day went ok, wife came home the following day.
Been 3 weeks now no one suspected anything but I want to do it again so badly so planning my next time.

There will be mistakes as I typed this out on my phone, and I’m not a writer.

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