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Halloween night and becoming a lover


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For days my best friend an I had been planning to dress up for Halloween. So with my mom help I dressed as a hot sexy woman since I was hairless an small framed and I mean I went all out eyebrows done feminine and ears pierced and even fake silcone breast and high heels nails done and painted ect. Well my friend dressed as a hobo. Well when he first got to my house an saw me he said that I was very sexy and beautiful.
Well both of us being 15 we didn’t trick or treat just doing mischief stuff. Well he threw a egg at a car going over the bridge it was a cop. Well we took off and hid in old camper on my grandmother property. I sat down on the bed only light was a candle that I lite. He said something and I said don’t worry ain’t no one coming up here. We drank a beer he took from home. Then he said that there was something he’d been wanting to do all night and I said what.
With out any warning he pushed me over on my back and kissed me passionately honestly I didn’t even resist it. Well afterwards he said well how much he liked it and asked me how I liked it. I said I don’t know maybe we should do it again. But this time I put my arms around his neck an we kissed passionately. So we even made out . He loved rubbing my smooth stocking covered thighs . He dared me to take my dress off. Well I said ok. So I was only in corset and stockings and high heels.
He kissed me passionately again. I just reached down feeling the crotch of his pants. His cock was hard. I said do I turn you on. He said hell yes. .
So I got up and locked the door . I asked him if he wanted me to suck his cock. He said yes an stripped naked. So he laid back on the bed. I just started to lick it all over then opened my mouth and wrapped my lipstick lips around it and started to suck him. I was surprised by how amazing it felt an tasted in my mouth. I even was deep throating him without gagging. He kept saying how wonderful it felt an how hot I was. Well after about 15 minutes he tensed up and shot his hot creamy load in my throat and mouth I swallowed every single delicious drop of it. Well afterwards I washed it down with a drink of beer and he kissed me again. Well we talked afterwards and he said that he couldn’t believe that I did it an how awesome it was. Well I said that I was dressed like a girl so why not.
We laid there kissing and cuddle and talking about stuff . He said that he wished that we had something more to drink. I told him to sneak down to my grandmother house an she had soda. In refrigerator in barn and how to get in . He said ok but had to know why I didn’t hang out of the g-string and I showed him how I was super glued down to look like a woman’s virgia. So he took off an came back with a case of soda. He said that town was crawling with cops. We had a couple of sodas and he got naked again when he realized that I had taken my g-string off. Well he started rubbing my glued down boi virgia and gurly boi pussi hole. He didn’t say anything an got down between my legs licking my boi virgia and my gurly boi pussi God it felt wonderful. He did this for a while.
We kissed after he was done and I whispered in his ear asking him if he wanted else he wanted to do. He said idk .I reach down feeling his hard cock and I said do you want me to ride it. He said yes an asked me if I wanted to. I said yes. I checked the purse mom gave me and she had put lubricant in it so he laid down on the bed. I rubbed some of it on his cock an my gurly boi pussi hole and got over top of him an lined his cock up against my gurly boi pussi and slowly easing down on it there was some pressure as it stretched out my virgin hole. But the more I went the better it felt soon it was completely inside of me. I couldn’t believe how good it felt as I was working my hips and ass. I moaned in pleasure kissing him. Well I rode him slowly for a few minutes then I got on my back and put my legs up on his shoulders and he fucked me slowly till he came inside of me which made me cum and moan loudly in pleasure.
We fucked in different positions till we fell asleep. The next morning we woke up and got dressed an left but before we got out of the woods we kissed passionately for a couple of minutes then went home. Well my mom asked me what we did and I said just messed around and camped out. She said ok. An asked me if we saw the cops said yea so we just we camping. She said that they were looking for a guy took a little girl found him.


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