Halloween night and becoming a lover part 2

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So after mom told me about it she said that I should go up and take a bath .I said ok I went to the bathroom room and ran tub and was getting undressed when mom came in an gave me a douche to use. Telling me that I needed to use it. WellIdidangotin thetub which mom added bubble bath to. Well she came in sat down beside me and said that she loved my hair like it was and that I should keep my nails on since it cost to get a full set of square tip finger nails done and painted and toes painted she said that it was going to take a few weeks for my eyebrows to get back way were before having them waxed thin and arched feminine. Well we talked more about different things and what happened last night. Then she asked me if I wanted to dress totally as a girl for 24/7 for a few more days. I said yes. Well she left an came back then I asked her why she said that well she admitted that the super glue was industrial strength and use my last year or more. I was surprised by it but nothing could do. Well we talked more an she washed my long hair. I laid back in the tub with my eyes closed she left again.
So she came back I almost fell asleep when she said keep my eyes closed and whispered in my ear asking me if I liked sucking him an get fucked. I said yes half asleep I told her that I loved it alot. She said ok. I got out of tub dried off an but on nighty she gave me and went to take a nap.
I was just waking up when my phone rang in my room it was Mike. Well we talked then he asked me if I regretted last night and I said no an I asked him if he did. He said nope but told his mom everything an I said I did to well we talked more about it all but I didn’t hesitate to ask if he wanted to do it more. He said that we should be lovers.I said sure. We talked more about it then I told him I would call back later.
I got up and went downstairs mom had coffee made Becky Mike’s mom there she had stuff to cut hair and had me sit down an cut and styled my hair very feminine. Then said in couple weeks need to get our nails filled. Then whispered in my ear telling me that Mike was crazy about me. I said I know but he doesn’t know that I am going to be girl for a while. It was like mom and her been planning this taught me to do my makeup and lipstick and ect. Mom said it was just mini dresses and mini skirts and blouses and heels stockings and ect for a while for me only. Well I said ok but what if I don’t ever want to go back as a guy. They said great if you don’t.
After a couple of hours I was completely Paula and dressed an called him back. He asked me what I was doing I said nothing. Then he asked me if I was going to ever get dressed again I said well I have to something to show and tell you. Then he said well where I said at the conner of the back road in 10 minutes. He said that he be there I told mom be back later and got my purse an left.
I got there and waited for him. He showed up and said dam you are so beautiful and sexy as a woman. I said Paula an told about that I was going to be Paula full time for a while he was excited about it. Then he said dam I could kiss you right here and now. I said ok do it so we kissed passionately. He asked me if we could walk around holding hands. I said yes so we did for a while even kissing. He asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I said yes. Well we walked around even talking to others we knew.
I asked him if he wanted to go to the camper again for a while. He said yes, an I can’t believe we came out that we are best friends and we are going together and we are gay. I said yes we are. So we went to the camper. We were kissing and making out an even gave each other hickeys. Then I said unlike a genetic girl I don’t have a period so we can have sex any time we want to. He said even now and I said yes an undid pants and pulled them off so I could taste his cock. Omg it even felt an tasted better this time of course I was sucking him tip to balls. He asked me if I was going to swallow again. I said yes I am hunny I am. Well I sucked him till he shot his hot creamy load in my throat and mouth I swallowed every single delicious drop and keeping his cock in my mouth till he was hard again.
This time I got down on my hand and knee and gave him the lubricant an told to fuck me doggy style. I had already took my thong off an pulled up my mini skirt for him. He got behind me a slowly started push his cock inside of me so I pushed back against him and took it all into me it felt wonderful I moaned in pleasure for a couple minutes he was going slow and easy. Then I told him to go faster and pound me. Well he was but not really hard or fast .I said please fuck me harder I wanna feel your balls slapping me. So he got faster and harder I was moaning loudly telling him how great it felt telling him that it was his gurly boi pussi. I told how much I love his big cock. He pounded me at least 45 minutes then came deep inside of me. I admit that I loved it alot. I was weak in my legs but after he pulled out I managed to get on the bed he did to I kissed him and said to him I love you he didn’t hesitate an said it back. Well we laid there kissing and cuddle for a while till we recovered and we got up and dressed .
Well we walked down the road an a man who knew us said something about us and I said he getting some what about you. The guy never replied at all we laughed about it holding hands went to my house. Our moms were there and said well here our couple now.

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