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Guy watching beautiful wife fuck another man

this incident happened three weeks back, when I and my wife, Rashmi went to attend a reception of my cousin who stays around 40kms from our place. I was avoiding to go to the reception as it was quite far. Going by bike at night with wife was also not good but my wife was so eager to go.

At last, I decided to go as my wife got emotional and keep on reminding how my cousin keep on telling to come at the reception. In order to avoid any untoward incident I kept my revolver. I told my wife to wear simple saree to avoid any attraction on the road. To my surprise, she came out wearing the transparent saree with very low cut sleeveless blouse which I gave her for our wedding anniversary.

She was looking like sex goddess with the blouse revealing half of her 36 size whitish boobs and her fair plumpy belly with deep navel was easily visible through her transparent saree. The pink coloured blouse was almost transparent and have small strap that hardly cover her fair back. She was wearing a black bra and it was clearly visible through her almost transparent blouse.

I ask her why she has worn that saree, she told me that she want to look beautiful. It reminds of that night when she wore it for the first and last time and I told her that she look very beautiful in that saree. I was little hesitating but I told her, it’s ok as she wish to. Then to tease her, I ask whether she wear thong that she wore that night. To my surprise, she said yes.

I suspect whether she was in mood of something else. She once in jest told she had a crush on one of my uncle who is in army. She knew that he was also coming to reception. His name is Sundar Thakur and he had no child. He was posted in Punjab for 10 years and now he had resigned and stays at home. His home is very much near to my cousin’s place.

He is tall man and muscular with hairy chest. Many ladies in our locality also have crush on him for his look. He seldom comes to our house and whenever he come our neighborhood ladies would also come inside our house without any reason but to just have a glimpse of him. As it was already 5pm, we were ready to go. Rashmi sat on the back seat and we drove.

Since it was not dark enough, my wife was sitting at my back exposing her full beauty for onlookers. As we drove passing through a small market near our house, some youths were looking at my wife’s back like as if they are looking at a cheap girl. After sometime, I noticed that a man on bike was driving very near to us on the left.

My wife told me he is staring at her, I told her let him enjoy the show. She pinched on my abdomen and said, do you like other man staring your wife? I said when you are so beautiful and have big boobs, everyman would love to stare and who knows he may even want to fuck you. On hearing that she says “are you sure, Vicky? would you let someone to fuck me ? I can’t believe you”.

I asked whether she have anyone in her mind. She laughed and said “no”, I want only you, dear. Jokingly, I asked “what about Sundar uncle?”. She said in low voice, given a chance, I would like to. I said “really”. She said ‘why would I lie to you?’. I said ‘are you really sure that you want to be get fucked by someone other than your husband?’.

She said ‘Ravi, since you asked I said otherwise I have no intention’. At that moment, I understand why she was wearing that saree. As the conversation go on, we forgot that someone is listening and following us. I suddenly looked at him, he was staring at Rashmi.

He must be in 30s and seems tall and strong with muscular arms. In low voice, I asked Rashmi ‘what do you find this man who is following us?’. She pinched and said she felt ashamed at the way he was looking at her. I asked again “is he handsome?’ She said ‘not that much but seems to be muscular”. I asked her whether he will be good in bed or Sundar Uncle? She said ‘how will I know?’.

I was really surprised at the way she was answering that day. She was very simple and never used to talk such things. I never think or expect that she would think or behave the way she was behaving that day. May be the effect of the dress and attention she was getting from onlookers. After almost one hour, we reached my cousin’s place. There were songs and noise all around.

We parked the bike and I checked the person who was following us. I saw him under a tree which was around 20-30 metres away. We went inside. I knew it will be a really treat to all my male relatives, friends and youths who came for the reception. I have never seen her revealing so much in public and this thinking in mind that everyone will see her in this condition gave some naughty yet proud feeling.

Everyone doesn’t have the change to fuck such a curvy wife whom I enjoy every day. Everyone was staring at my wife and passing comments. One young man was saying to his friend that she must be a good sucker, other said she must be a good rider. Some of my friends who have also came for the reception told Rashmi while staring at her deep cleavage and belly that she was looking sexy and hot in that dress.

While exposing and giving more view by removing the saree over her belly, she smile and said looking at me that the saree was anniversary gift from my husband. Rajesh, my friend thanked me for giving the saree to Rashmi. I knew what he meant. Some men at the back were staring at Rashmi’s back. I knew what they have in their mind.

Suddenly Sundar Uncle called me among the crowd and signed me to at the veranda. I looked at Rashmi and she was very excited to see Sundar Uncle. We went to the veranda and he enquires about our journey. He said Namaste to Rashmi. To my surprise, whether it was intentional or not, Rashmi suddenly bend to pick up her handkerchief which was lying on the floor.

I thought she must have intentional dropped it. While bending, her pallu felt off completely exposing her half naked boobs infront of Uncle. She was now in only blouse with back almost without any cloth except for that small strap. When she bent up, her upper front was infront of uncle with exposed deep cleavage and her curvy belly.

She was talking to him enquiring about day to day lives and many things. She forgets to pick up the pallu and Sundar uncle’s eyes were fixed to her oversized boobs. As I was feeling awkward to stand beside them when they were chatting, I stay aside to have a cup of tea.

Looking at her pity condition ie eagerness to be fucked by sundar uncle, I even thought of requesting uncle to come and stay at our place that night where they can enjoy each other’s impatient bodies. After chatting with uncle for almost one hour, she came and told let’s go back. I didn’t knew what happened and we headed towards our bike.

I saw the man who was following us still behind that tree. I started our journey back. On the way, I asked why she suddenly decided to go back and that also after chatting almost one hour. She said ‘nothing, he looked like an old boring man’. I laughed and said ‘now, you want energetic young man’. I teased for exposing her beautiful young body for such an old man.

She felt angry and told me ‘oneday I will let someone to fuck me infront of you’. I again teased her ‘who will fuck you, the one who after showing her 36 size boobs couldn’t persuade a man’. After traveling for 10-15 minutes, I saw the bike man following us. We were passing through a small forest patch when he suddenly overtake us and told us to stop.

I suddenly applied brake and stopped the bike. He came and threatened to move down from the bike. I saw him holding a small knife in his hand and told us to park the bike in the forest. We followed whatever he was saying. He told my wife to remove her saree. She frightened and looked at me. I told her to do what he is saying.

She removed her saree and was standing in her petticoat with blouse that hardly covers her busty boobs. Her fair body was shining in the moonlight and she was sexier than ever before. The man told me to come near a bush. He was holding the knife and told me to stay there for half and hour. He threatened me that he will kill me if don’t allow him to have sex with my wife.

He got stunned when I said I will glad if you fuck and satisfy her and pulled out my revolver and placed it on his head. I told him to throw the knife and do what I will instruct him to do. I narrate him everything what to do and if didn’t follow, I told him that I will kill him. He went towards my wife while I stay behind the bush watching him from close distance.

He told her she will kill me if doesn’t do whatever he said. She was in tears and got frighten hearing that. I shouted from behind the bush ‘darling, do whatever he says’. He told her to lift her arms. She lifted her arms exposing her cleaned shaven white armpits and her boobs were protruding front like two big ripe melons. She closed her eyes as told.

He put a cloth over her eyes and binds it. He then instructs her to remove her blouse. With shivering hands, she removed every hooks of her blouse one by one. She was now in her black bra. She was looking stunning and her boobs were looking soft and bigger than before. He get hold of them and dipped his face in between her cleavage.

I feel like kicking that bastard but thinking that she will enjoy a young man’s heat after missing her chance to get fucked by a old man, I thought he will satisfy her desire. He shouted from behind the bush, don’t worry dear, do whatever he says. I think that gives more courage thinking that I am out of sight behind the bush and couldn’t see what’s going on there.

She suddenly her hands on his head and crushed his face against her soft boobs. She was really enjoying it. He grapped her boobs above her bra and suddenly tore apart the bra. Her big yet tight boobs are now completely exposed to this stranger, who will always remember this golden chance. Even in dreams also, he couldn’t examine of getting this chance to fuck such a beauty.

My wife was now breathing heavily and her boobs were moving up and down. Her nipples were fully erect and ready to be sucked. He bends down and sucks them one by one and she was enjoying by biting her lips. She didn’t know her husband was only few meters away standing infront of her at that time. He asked her whether she liked her nipples being sucked.

She said in low voice think it will hear me, ‘yes, suck them’. I though at moment how much is she eager to have sex other than me. He then goes down and start licking her belly and navel. By then, she was not able to control and she was shivering in excitement. He holds the nod of her petticoat and pulls it.

Her petticoat was now on the floor exposing her tiny thong which hardly covers her cleaned shaven pussy. Her whitish thighs, tiny black transparent thong and view of her pussy must have excited him like thunderballs. He started licking her thigh and pussy over the thong. She push her hips forward to give him more to lick her hungry slutty pussy lips.

He adjusts the front portion of the thong on the side and licked her clit. Her hibs was like dancing against his tongue. I signed him to lay her down over the saree on the floor and lick her after spread her legs. He told her to laid down and stretch her legs which she obeyed obediently. He removed her thong and she lay completely naked. I instruct him to put off all his clothes.

I took off his clothes and looked at me if he is seeking permission. He got a big long black cock which may be around 9 inches long. It was erect and pulsating after seeing my beautiful wife’s body. Rashmi was laying there waiting for further action of her new lover. He lay down on side of her and start sucking her boobs.

Rashmi starting making noises and grap his arms and pulled him over her. She parted her legs wide open and adjusted her pussy to lie just beneath his cock. She was moving her pussy over his cock side-ways and front-back as if she was measuring the size of his giant cock. She grapped his head and pulled his lips against her and start kissing.

The man was excited to see the desperate act of my wife. I felt embarrassed at the way my wife was reacting. I never knew that she is so desperate of sex and never expect that she will behave like this for other man. Instead of fuck, she is taking it as opportunity to satisfy her desire; she once had for Sundar uncle.

While kissing, he started playing with her big boobs and was pinching her erect nipples. Raising her head, she whispered in his left ear ‘your cock is so long, don’t you want to measure the depth of my pussy’. She hold his cock and move it up and down against her wet pussy and guided it inside. Almost half of his erect cock went inside and his big balls were hanging.

With one strong hard, his entire cock disappeared in Rashmi slippery cunt. She raised her chest and lifted her arms straight as if some electric current passed through her body. She then hold his hibs with both her hands and wrapped his waist with her legs and pull him against her. He started moving her hibs slowly against rhythm of her hands pulling against her.

As she started making noises, he started raising the speed of his movement to and fro. After sometime, he was fucking Rashmi in full speed and she was gripping to him like a baby of monkey gripping to his mother. She wrapped his muscular broad back with her hands and started scratching with her long fingers.

The view of two lovers in moonlight enjoying and exploring their bodies was like two divine souls trying to attain extreme height of lust and satisfaction. After fucking for almost 5 minutes in that position, she suddenly overpowered the tired lover and roll over making herself over him. Her fair legs were on either side of his hibs.

She placed her hands on his broad and muscular chest and was moving up and down. She started wriggling her hibs. It seems she is discovering the thickness and length of his big cock. She then speed up her movement and she was behaving like a women bull fighter trying to tame a wild strong bull. She hold his hands and placed them on her boobs.

He folded hard and was enjoying the softness and size of her boobs. She rode him for almost 5 minutes and attain her first orgasm. She felt tired and rest her face on his chest. He rolled her over and removed his cock from her cunt. I signed him to fuck her in doggy style. He guided her in your legs and made her in doggy position. I removed a condom from my pocket and give it to him.

He know what I meant him to do. He wore it and aimed his long cock again against my wife’s pussy. As the cunt was already slippery his giant cock went inside easily. He hold her by her waist and started fucking her. He then hold her long hair in both his hands and start ramping her like piston. She opened her mouth to grasp air to breathe. I think she will forever remember this incident.

I felt happy that she finally got someone muscular whom she dreamt of and which she couldn’t get in Sundar uncle but at the same time, I was worried that she may have sex with someone in my absence. I love her and want to make her happy. He was fucking her hard and started slapping on her ass checks making them red. I signed him not to do as it may hurt her.

As he speed up, he raise his head suddenly. It seems he cummed. He removed his dick from her pussy. She now lay down on her back and sighed relief from his violent session. I signed him to come behind the bush after making her dressed up. I hide myself behind the bush and was inspecting their act. He removed the clothes from her eyes.

She opened her eyes slowly and seems very pleased to see him especially his broad chest and giant cock. She hugged and kissed him. It was like two teenagers having sex for the first time. She hold his cock and stroke it making it hard again. She bend down and suck it rigorously. He looked at me and was worried about the sudden change in plan.

He stopped her and gave her clothes. She felt ashamed and started wearing her clothes. He had also put on his clothes and left her behind and came towards the bush. I told him to leave from the place immediately other I would kill him. I could see fear in his eyes but I felt that he was pleased by my act of having my wife satisfying her sex drive and his desire also.

Before leaving, he thanked me and praised the beauty of my wife. he left and I noticed Rashmi coming towards the bush. She was very happy to see me and I hugged her and said “he left me unhurt, are you ok? What did he do with you?”. Looking tired, she said ‘he is a nice young boy who is doing a course in fashion designing and he like my dress’.

I thought she is a shameless woman who is behaving like nothing happened and making all these useless stories. She again said ‘he is going to open a fashion shop and want to have the same design of my dress’. I asked ‘then why he threaten with knife and tight me up behind the bush’. She said ‘actually, he felt ashamed to ask those questions infront of you’.

As it was quite late, we drove back home. Once at home, she removed her dress and I could see her ass cheeks red in colour. I asked ‘where is your thong which you wear before leaving?’. She got frightened and said ‘I gave to that boy’. I asked ‘why?’. She said ‘I gave it as sample as I have already told him that saree looked nice when worn with a thong’

She added on ‘he didn’t how thong looks like, so I gave him as a sample’. I asked ‘how was today’s reception?’. She said ‘it was my life’s best reception and I am very happy today’. ‘I felt myself very beautiful in that blouse and saree, and I loved being stared’, she added. I hugged her and said ‘I also like you being stared and exposed infront of others’.

She said ‘really’ and planted a kiss on my cheek. I said ‘yes, dear. You are beautiful and you have big boobs and sexy ass which everyman would dream of’. She said ‘if someone got overexcited after seeing my beauty’. I said ‘I don’t mind until you like that man’. She was happy hearing that. She said, ‘if that man had sex with me, what you will do’. I said ‘do you have someone in your mind’.

She said ‘no, but it seems you allow some man to have sex with if they ask you’. I teased her ‘what about that boy?. She got excited and said ‘he is not a boy but a mature muscular man’. I said ‘you said, he is a boy?’. She said ‘would you like me to have sex with him?’. I said ‘yes, if you like so’… (to be continued)

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