Great tenderness


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It wasn’t supposed to happen. As I write this I feel so muck tenderness and love. Being soaked in such and emotion.

Ever since I was young, I knew I was a bit horny and into sex.

But no matter what I would control myself, for I felt that fucking around randomly was no different from being a beast. However it happened.


I had broken up with my girlfriend for the second time (friends normally) already so me and my friends hanged at our house to talk it out and fix ourselves. We were a group of best friends and wanted no fracture.

But it happened.. Not the fracture, the sex.

Anyway, I, being me took a nap on my friends bed after a hat.
In my group there was including me, 2 guys and 3 girls.

Tbh I had no emotional feelings about my gf, but stuff happened and we went out, yet I had a crush on my gfs best friend also my best friend, yet I Kew it was wrong so I restrained myself. Anyway you may have guessed it.

I woke up with her by my side, let’s name her Annie (guess she had a headache). I looked around and found it dim (it was 5 or 6 am fuck my nap) ah I lyed down in frustration for a sec and she rolled over. I flinched with her over me, guess that was it. Eyes open in a daze. I could tell she she wasn’t in the right mind.

(I dislike describing my object of love but just this time)


Anyway bam a kiss and a suck. I froze to her moaning,, when I had come to my senses we were naked and hugging each other without a gap (she is usually quite calm so fuck am I shocked)

Came to my senses and felt her body rubbing about, breast tightly rubbing my chest, I lost my humanity that instant. As for whether it was wrong (fucker I am single at this moment) I wasn’t in the mind to think (didn’t cross my mind)

I guess she woke up a little when I mounted her as she (regained clarity) put a hand to cover her moans. That tightness I felt like my brother down there would be sucked to oblivion ( don’t get me wrong, I am guite large for the average big guys), was straight up lost in her. It was evening when we got up ( the rest were drunk around, conveniently out of sight out of mind).

It took me a second or so to figure out I cummed 4 times inside the body of the blonde in my arms (ehem, endurance), eh let’s fondle her was my thought before she ramped my chin in her gasp (the mental struggle of fucking my friend and crush hadn’t hit me yet) . Fuck,. Did I mention she keeps her chastity for her future husband. I lucked out. ( legit. This is real)

Stuff happened we argued but all in all, been a decade. Im her only fucker till now but boy, I being me afraid of marriage, her being her still single in a daze, I still fuck her with great tenderness (I think she’s slowly falling for me, danm hell level).
To sum it up I got her, so got. What were those crazy girls called you know those who kill for their love, I forgot but It feels like she’s moving towards that. She doesn’t smile when I’m with girls much (especially my ex among ex). I think she can’t figure out if she should love me or hate me ( this is what I meant by a daze).

Ah. I used to be a good an honest boy, upright. Now I’m one perverted motherfucker with a distorted morality ( it’s true I did it).



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