Grandmother’s House

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Andy and Erin grew up with their grandma, which is why she dresses like a little old lady, but you know the Comedienne Jo Firestone?

Their parents went to jail for some tax stuff related to their family business, embezzlement, and Insider Trading. Martha Stewart stuff, so at least they’re in nice white collar prisons, where they can visit. Their mom’s even has a pool, tennis courts, and basketball courts too, but I never even heard of a Prison with a pool, hot tub, and sauna before.

So anyway, they went to live with there grandma, and Erin was sorta like the coolest girl to me. Because she spoke Old Lady, so she could talk to the teachers, and principal. She even got us out of trouble in school. On summer, their house was practically chilly, because there grandma kept the air conditioner cranked all the way up, and we had tea.


Not tea parties, real tea and cookies as a snack every day. With a real China teapot, matching cups, saucers, sugar bowl, and creamer (If you like tea with milk, but I don’t.) So, I spent the night on top of the quilt because it was too hot, and didn’t make fun of Erin’s granny panties. I even borrowed them sometimes, and you know what? They’re incredibly comfortable, they just look like the boringest underwear ever.

Grandma also kept the TV cranked way up, so she didn’t have to put in her hearing aids, and sat real close with her glasses down around her nose. Usually with a needlepoint stretched out like a drum in her lap, which ment very little Adult Supervision.

So then, one morning I woke up alone in bed, and got up. Erin was in the shower, so I had to wait for her to let me in. I peed, and by the time I finished my shower, she was already dressed. “Shut the door,” I held the shower curtain up, then pulled it back to dry off when she handed me the towel.

She put her hair up, no glasses, let alone a beaded half necklace to hold them up on her chest, but still. She had a mouthful of hairpins to tuck away the ends, after she dried it, and twisted it up the back, to keep it off her neck. “Uh, can you do my hair like that when I get it dry?”

“Sure,” I was really getting used to wearing it in a bun, but then she stuck the hairpins back in her mouth, and I turned on the hairdryer. So, I didn’t hear Andy beating on the door, until she tapped my shoulder, and cut her throat for me to turn it off.

“Just a minute!”


“I really have to take a dump.”

“Ewoohuhahehihn!” I put the hair dryer down, and put a towel on, to go back to her room, but he rushed in, and dropped his drawers to sit down, as soon as she opened the door.

“Uh!” He grunted, and I stayed behind. Listening to him grunt, and push. Then, there was a plop, and a tight whistle of a poot. I blinked, and shook my head. Finding myself out in the hall, alone, listening to a boy grunt, moan, and poot in the bathroom.

Up until then, he was always just kinda there. Yeah, a boy, but nothing in common with us girls. He took his tea in his room with a coffee cup, but they never had coffee in their house.
Usually with a handful of Oreos, or whatever granny had with her tea.

Then, I felt soft? I never really payed attention to my butthole, before. Unless I was trying to squeeze out a fart, silent, but deadly, and deny it, because girls don’t fart donchaknow? Now it felt loose, and soft underneath the towel. I was practically naked underneath, and dry, but also warming up.

I expected him to kick off his briefs (That was all he was wearing,) and I looked away when he dropped them, so I didn’t even get a glimpse of his pubes. His junk, let alone check to see if he had a boner, but then he opened the door, and swung it back and forth.


I backed up before he saw me, but I was already holding my breath. In both hands, so I didn’t get the crap smell he was fanning out with the door. Then he flushed, and washed his hands, with the door cracked. So, I could peek in and see him drying his hands on a hand towel. In his underwear, they just hung loose. So there was barely a hint of anything bulging underneath, let alone what his butt looks like in the seat, but not for lack of trying to see it.

“Huh, you just going to stand out in the hall, peeking in doors like a stalker?”

“I’m not a stalker.”

“I know, that’s why I said Like a stalker, but did you forget something in there?” He stepped out, and looked down. I looked up from the front of his underwear, and just pulled the hem of my towel.

“Yeah,” the corner I’d tucked in between my boobs pulled out, so I held it up. “I forgot to hang up the towel.” I brushed past him, and he even hit my boob with his arm, but he ran off to his door. Covering his stiffy, and looking back, but that pulled the briefs tight over his buns, and I just hesitated there.

Naked in the hallway, checking out his rump, until he went in his room, and shut the door. “Hihihn!” Erin ran in, and giggled. “What was that all about?”


“I don’t know, you think he’s sexy?”

“Andy?” she shook her head, “Why, do you think he’s sexy?”

“I don’t know, but.” I bit my lip, and nodded. “Pah, I never noticed before, but when he dropped his underwear right behind us.”

She sputtered, “Piffle, you’ve seen him take a wizz before. Lots of times.”

“Of course, but that was back when we’re little kids, and now, I can’t help noticing he’s not a little boy any more.”

“Hand me the pins?” I held the card up over my shoulder, so she could tuck them in her mouth, and hold them. While tucking in the ends from my hair bun, and pinning them under the hair tie she wrapped around it first.


“Girls,” Granny padded down the hall in her slippers, and nighty. “You better get decent before her brother gets up.”

“Yes, maam.” We giggled when she padded down the hall to go put the kettle on. She’s not British, yeah she’s from an English/French family, but she’s not actually English. She just drinks tea, and she’s got a China (Made in China) porcelain tea set, she likes to drink it out of. Even for breakfast, I don’t know what the saucer next to the trashcan is all about. I’m afraid to ask, and if she doesn’t want to answer a question, she just ignores you, and pretends not to hear it. Andy, and Erin have no idea why she stops halfway to put the tea on a saucer, and then dumps it in the trash bin.

So, I borrowed some granny panties, and put on some clothes, but we joked about Andy already being up. Probably spanking it in his room to make it go back down again, but as far as permission to put the moves on him. She had plenty of chances to tell me that would be weird, so I shouldn’t. Instead, she just made jokes about it, but he sure acted nervous on breakfast.


Polly (mf Anal)

It turns out that he was just waiting for the chance to put the moves on me, but the subject of going home just never came up? I mean, even my mom, and dad were happy to have me out of the house, so staying the night just turned into staying another, and another until somebody brought it up.


So then, Edna’s check came in. At the beginning of the month, she got dressed to go out shopping, and she’s the kind of little old lady that has an outfit specifically for that. So, you don’t have to ask her if she’s going shopping, and she doesn’t have to turn her ears up.

“Can I go with you to help?” Erin grabbed her pocketbook, and put shoes on. In pantie hose (Granny Panties) a skirt, and blouse. Which were basically a copy of Edna’s outfits without the hat/pins, because guess who did the clothes shopping in the house, too?

“So,” Andy was sitting on the couch when I came in, “If you don’t mind me asking you a personal question?” I just stood there, and held my hands in front of my crotch, already feeling loose, and juicy at the thought of being alone with him all day. (The monthly shop is all day, stopping at several stores, and filling up the whole back of the station wagon, for the whole month.)

“Look, I’m sorry about what happened the other day, I was just really constipated.”

“SHE DOESN’T LIKE SURPRISES!” I jumped, and looked back at the TV, when he muted it.

[Thanks Captain Obvious.] The subtitles were always on, and blown up to the largest size, since Edna is nearly deaf.


“Huh, sorry. Polly?” I looked back, but her turned away. “You mind if I ask you a personal question?”

“Shoot.” I nodded.

“Well, have you ever tried Kegels?” I shook my head, but he looked back. Through the corner of his eye.

“No, what are those?”

“Well,” he got the computer off the side table, and unplugged it from the charger. “It’s a kind of pelvic floor exercise.” He got the video out of a Downloads folder. They got wi-fi from the neighbors, because Edna had cable. Premium, HBO, Cinemax, Stars, and Encore, but no wireless. She had an old beige computer in the kitchen to look up recipes on, but she had to unplug the phone on the wall to dial up to the internet. She had a little box next to it full of floppy disks with recipes saved on them.

That ment either buffering videos, for longer than the video ran, or turning the quality down to 240p. I had a phone too, but I didn’t go back to get it. (That picked up 3G here, which was better than dialup) Instead, I pulled the dress, and slip out to sit next to him, and cross my legs. I guess another reason why my parents let me stay practically all summer over here is I learned poise, posture, and all the other ladylike stuff from Edna, and Erin.


She had it down pat, since she grew up that way, she didn’t even have to think about sitting up straight. Crossing her legs, and making sure her dresses covered her knees. Wouldn’t want anyone to see your granny panties, which were really getting warm, and moist.

So, he brought up a video from Downloads, in HD. Kegels, it was an exercise video, for a muscle I didn’t even know I had. Since the PCM stretches from your pubic bone all the way back to your coccyx, there’s no other way for the nurse to demonstrate than to lay back in a hospital gown, put her feet up in the OB/GYN stirrups, and clench her taint.

“One, two, three, four, five, and relax.” So, it was this weird combination of an exercise video, and medical fetish porn.

“Huh, how does she do that?”

“It’s easy,” he got up, with a boner, and undid his pants. Then, he got up on the coffee table, bend over with both hands holding his butt crack open so he could show me, and I could see his pucker relax.

Tighten, and relax, wink at me 5 times. “And relax.” I shook my head, and looked over at the video. Tapped the touchpad to stop it, and look back, but the coffee table scraped on the tiles. (Eddie can’t have carpets, or rugs. She could trip, fall, and break her hip, so she just wears slippers all day unless she’s going out.)


“Now you try it,” he turned around, and sat down. So, I could scoot out, slip the granny panties off under the slip, and put my feet up. On his shoulders, the dress bunched up at the bottom of my legs, but the slip stayed up, so I could try pushing.

“Uh!” But I couldn’t see what I was doing.

“No, try squeezing it like you’re pinching off a turd.”


“One. Two. Three, four five, and relax.”

“Huh, it feels like, well. Not really like an orgasm, but.”


“When you have an orgasm, it twitches like that.” He nodded.

“Yeah, how’d you know that?”

“Huh,” he put my feet down, but he didn’t pull his pants up. I couldn’t see whether he had a boner, and he kept it clamped between his legs, or it went soft, and he kept it clamped between his legs. Either way, I could see his pubic hairs, and his flat tummy. His pale ribs, and nipples. Only a little darker than the rest of his untanned chest.

“Well, after I got to go to the bathroom, the other day. Like I said I was constipated from holding it, while you guys finished your showers.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, we honestly thought you’re sleeping in.”

“Huh yeah, but thanks. Actually, if I didn’t have so much trouble to start, then it wouldn’t have felt so good when I finished.”


“Wait,” I giggled, “You didn’t get off, taking a dump.”

“No, but I did feel a drop. 1 drop, that I thought was pee at the time, and then I did a little research. So, I guess I was a little late in the sex education department, but then you flashed me in the hall, and then I went in to beat off, and then I noticed my Pubococcygeus muscle twitching. So, I went and looked that up, which is how I found that video on Kegels.”

“Oh.” So then, we started doing them together to loosen up, finger each other, milking his prostate, and masturbating while he sodomized me. He found my Gräfenberg, (That’s the G in “Gspot.”) so I could feel something like that, and we basically spent all summer finding all the wonderful ways we could masturbate each other, and have sex without any possibility of getting pregnant.

Also, me and Erin, but she didn’t do anything incestuous with her brother. Since she was the oldest, we had to wait a couple years before she was 18. So, we could move out, get a 2 bedroom apartment together (Andy, and I got the master bedroom) and buy stuff like buttplugs. A strapon so we could take turns being the man, while Andy was away at work.

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