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Ryan’s best friend Brad, and Sarah, his thirty-four-year old wife, had driven from LA for a short visit.  Sarah had become an extremely attractive woman.  She turned heads everywhere.  Not just men, but women frequently did a double-take. She was just smoking hot. Standing five foot seven inches in her bare feet, she had an athletic body, enticingly long shapely legs, a great, slightly pear-shaped ass and to top things off, superb breasts. Ryan guessed a good 34B. Not overly large, but firm and perky that easily let her wander about bra-less. She was simply stunning and she knew it!

Ryan moved to Sedona, Arizona after he quit working for a company that specialized in military computer technology. They saw each other infrequently. Ryan was currently doing consulting work for several computer companies around the globe and consequently traveled frequently.

Ryan first began to take notice of Sarah when she became engaged to Brad. Sarah had just turned nineteen and Brad brought her along to Sedona to bask in the Arizona sun.  In Ryan’s mind’s eye, he could still see Sarah lying by the pool, her legs slightly apart, her white bikini bottom stretched so tight against her crotch, that her vagina was clearly outlined in a magnificent camel-toe.

He felt almost guilty admitting it, but it had made him so horny that wicked thoughts raced through his mind. He would find myself trying to visualize pulling aside her bikini to fully expose her pussy and then slowly run his tongue up and down the entire length of her virgin slit. He often fantasized about this and each time became so horny he had to retreat to his bedroom and masturbate to get relief.

Ryan was not entirely sure that Sarah had picked up on the full impact she had on him, but long suspected that she enjoyed deliberately teasing him.  While visiting Ryan one summer shortly after her twentieth birthday, she paraded around the house wearing a provocatively short skirt.

“What do you think, Ryan?” she asked. “Is this too sexy for the public?”  She would come up to Ryan and rub herself against him.

Ryan did not know quite what to say, just shook his head and told her, “I would advise you not to venture to the mall like that.”

Later on, Sarah would settle herself in a lounge chair near the pool pretending to read a book.  She’d keep her long legs slightly apart, enough for Ryan to get a clear view of her panties and the unmistakable camel-toe outline of her vagina, a hint of her clit and the telltale sign of her lush bush of pubic hair.  Her panties were made from see-through material and he could clearly see her clit and the full outer lips of her pussy.

Of course, Ryan attended Brad and Sarah’s wedding three years later and was surprised to see that her antics had not given way, but rather increased in boldness.  The day of the wedding she had shown off her gown to him and when they were alone for a few minutes she lifted up the dress to show off her skimpy, lacy, crotch-less panties.

“Do you think this will get Brad hard tonight?” she smiled coyly.

“You are wicked,” Ryan replied, all red in the face as he instantly became hard.  He would have loved to perform oral sex on her to get her ready for the wedding night.  He was pretty sure she was no longer a virgin — having heard her fucking Brad on their last visit to Sedona.

On another visit, a year later, she wore extremely short cut-off jean shorts that showed off the cheeks of her fine ass.  When she bent over to pick up something she had dropped, it was obvious she wasn’t wearing panties. Ryan easily got a good look at her pussy lips and pubic hair.

Damn it, Sarah, Ryan thought to himself.  He was so hot he almost lost a load of cum in his shorts. Of course, Sarah pretended she did not see Ryan looking, or that she had noticed the effect it had on Ryan’s cock.

Ryan was positive that on several occasions she had stared at the outline of his erection after performing her peep show with her short skirt.  A seven-inch hard-on is hard to hide in his flimsy gym shorts.  A little while later, she pretended to innocently part her legs again, a little wider this time, making sure Ryan could get an even better look at the unmistakable wet spot on her white lace panties.

Ryan remembered another visit, shortly after Sarah’s twenty-fifth birthday.  A common bathroom separated his bedroom from hers and one morning he inadvertently walked in on her just as she was stepping out of the shower, dripping wet and glistening like a goddess. Embarrassed he said, “I’m sorry. I did not hear water running and thought the bathroom was empty.”

She answered, “Don’t be sorry. I’m done.”  She made no attempt to cover herself and for a few seconds, Ryan stood rooted to the floor looking at her with his mouth open.

“Do you like?” Tilting her head a little, she coyly asked. Ryan was stunned by her boldness and could only nod his head.

“Sarah that’s not fair — of course I like.  You’re gorgeous. I shouldn’t be seeing you like this.” It was all he could manage to say.

There was no doubt about it, she was enjoying showing off her nude body. She proudly stuck out her breasts, nipples wet, puckered, and erect, and shifted her stance slightly to open her legs a little, highlighting that sweet enticing triangle covered by a lush dark bush. A hint of her pink pussy lips and clit were protruding from her bush. She looked so sexy Ryan almost came in his pyjamas.

The show was over in a few seconds, but coming to his senses, he quickly retreated and the subject was never raised again.  Later, as Ryan showered, he replayed the encounter in his mind and became so horny thinking about it, he relieved himself with a quick hand-job.

The fantasy of kissing and seducing Sarah remained just that, a fantasy, even when her ‘come-on-and-fuck-me’ stunts became bolder as the years went by.  A few years later, when Sarah was in her late-twenties, Ryan and Sarah were sitting side by side on his couch looking at old family photo albums. Each time she stood up to fetch an album from the cabinet, go for a drink or visit the bathroom, she would rest her hand on Ryan’s upper thigh to give herself a push.  Each time her hand would slip up a little further towards his crotch.

The first time Ryan thought it was accidental, but each time her hand landed a little further up.  Ryan’s erection had gotten visibly bigger and was straining in his pants.  As she stood up the fourth time her fingertips lightly traced the outline of his very hard dick.

He looked at her in mock shock and said, “Sarah, behave yourself!”

She just smiled and said, “You’re spoiling all my fun.”  She left no doubt she was doing it on purpose. Ryan also noticed she had opened three more buttons on her blouse and had removed her bra during the last trip to the bathroom. Her nipples were clearly erect and pushed against the material of her blouse. When she leaned forward she afforded Ryan an unobstructed view at her magnificent breasts. She was trying to deliberately provoke him and he had a hell of a time restraining himself.

On reflection, he could kick himself for not taking advantage.  She was old enough, but it was a taboo he just could not overcome.  She was his best friend’s daughter.  There would have been hell to pay if Roy ever found out. Over time she dropped the uncle bit and he became just Ryan.  Putting her hand on his thigh she asked

“Ryan, I’ve had a crush on you since I got engaged to Brad. Don’t you like me?”

“Christ, Sarah, you drive me crazy, but we just can’t go there, Brad is my best friend,” he answered.  He wanted so badly to touch and ravage her.  He was breathing heavily and he had real difficulty keeping his emotions under control.  Years later he realized how dumb he had been.  He could easily have taken her and they would have fucked their brains out.

A few years later, Ryan had flown out to help celebrate Brad’s 40th birthday. Brad had invited a ton of friends — easily fifty-five to sixty people crowded into their house.  When it was time to unwrap the presents everyone crowded around but Ryan hung back in the corner of the living room at the perimeter of the crowd. Sarah soon managed to position herself right in front of him.

With everyone’s attention focused on the birthday boy, nobody noticed Sarah backing up to rub her ass into Ryan’s crotch, wiggling back and forth until she could feel Ryan getting aroused.  Slipping her hand behind her, she would run her fingers along the hardness in his pants, until he gently pushed her hand out of the way. She just turned around and smiled mischievously, with that ‘come-on don’t spoil my fun’ look on her face.

Whenever they did see each other, at family functions or every-other-year visits, she would greet Ryan by rubbing her body hard against his and she made it a point to really press her pubic area into his crotch. She had been doing that since she was eighteen and over the years this had gotten much more deliberate, especially after she had consumed a few drinks.

On this particular visit, they hadn’t seen each other in over two years and it, therefore, required a huge and more prolonged body-rubs and a much more pronounced rubbing of her pussy into Ryan’s crotch, while Brad was still busy unloading the car.

Ryan had been expecting her usual sexy greeting so his cock was already semi-erect when she came through the door. This instantly turned into a raging hard-on that she felt immediately, and she gave Ryan a mischievous smile and kissed him full on the lips.

“It’s so good to be here, Ryan,” she teased, “A hard man is good to find.” He never imagined that anything serious would actually ever happen between them beyond teasing, but the tantalizing thought nevertheless made him horny as hell and he fantasized about really ‘doing’ her.

A celebration was in order and that night they partied hard, going through three bottles of fine great California Merlot, a few beers, two potent joints, munched on grapes, smoked oysters and a variety of other delicacies. Ryan knew Sarah and Brad liked getting a little drunk, but he preferred getting stoned.

It was well past one in the morning when they finally decided to call it a night. All three of them were pretty hammered. Brad had gone to the bathroom when Ryan and Sarah said goodnight to each other with her sexy body hug/rub.

She told him how happy she was to see him. Ryan did not hold back this time, returned the hug, pressed his erection into her crotch and told her he was glad they had come by. She had her hands on his ass, pressing her body harder to his and holding the position for two or three seconds, his hard-on poking at the tummy.

“It feels so good!” she said and finally let go.  Ryan knew that he badly needed to get his rocks off and as soon as he hit the bed he began to stroke his massive erection while fantasizing about what he would like to do with her.  He fantasized about Sarah sitting on his face or his cock, doing sixty-nines and other erotic positions. After a few strokes, he blew his huge load of cum all over his stomach and chest.

Ryan woke up around three am feeling extremely thirsty. The red wine and marijuana definitely were still in his system. He slipped out of bed and quietly made his way out the bedroom, through the living room and down the hall, past the guest room to the kitchen. Two nightlights provided just enough illumination to see where he was going without bumping into furniture, so he did not bother turning on any lights. He also did not bother to put on his pyjama shorts, being used to padding around nude in his condo at night and he was sure that Sarah and Brad were fast asleep. The guest-room door was closed as he went by.

He was pretty sure that the sound of filling a glass with water would not wake them. He gingerly opened the cupboard and took out a glass.  The fridge had a water and ice dispenser on the outside door and just as he started filling his glass he heard the faint pitter-patter of naked feet on the wooden floor. Before he could grab a dishtowel to cover himself, Sarah was standing in the kitchen doorway, not two feet away.  Ryan managed to whisper, “Sorry, I did not think anyone would be up.”

She just smiled and whispered back, “I was about to look in on you to see how you were when I heard you at the fridge.”

Her short T-shirt barely covered her belly button and in the dim glow of the nightlight, he could see she was nude from there down.  He could not take his eyes off her.  Looking at her lush, full bush, he became instantly rock-hard. He saw she had her eyes fixed on his erection.

Dropping her right hand to her crotch Sarah began to masturbate, deliberate and slow.  The lust and pleasure on her face were plain to see. For a second Ryan thought the grass made him hallucinate.  His erection stood straight out.  It must have been quite a sight in the dim light.

“Oh wow”, she whispered, “it looks so good.” Ryan could not help it, his hand found his dick and he stroked himself.  Christ, this wasn’t happening, he said to himself. Fascinated, she watched him, still masturbating with her left hand, then looked him in the eyes. Slowly she scanned his entire body up and down and lightly running her tongue along the underside of her upper lip.  Even though Ryan was in his mid-fifties, he maintained the body of an athlete, well-muscled and sculpted. He was aware that he often received second looks at the pool.

Eventually, her eyes came back down to rest on Ryan’s erection that he continued to slowly stroke. He couldn’t stop now if he wanted to. She smiled mischievously and taking two steps towards him, reaching out with her right hand, and replaced his hand with hers.

He did not believe his erection could get any harder and bigger than it already was, but the electrifying touch of her warm hand made it seem it had grown another inch and become a whole lot thicker. She also must have felt this as she inhaled sharply.

Firmly holding on to his erection, Sarah slowly began to stroke it. She removed her left hand from her pussy and stuck her fingers, coated with her wetness, into Ryan’s mouth and let him lick it off.  Slowly withdrawing her fingers again she reached down to cup his balls while her other hand continued to gently pump his cock. Then she slowly leaned forward and whispered, “I’m so fucking horny,” and brought her face close to Ryan’s and kissed him.

He felt the blood rush to his head. Years of suppressed desire flooded through him. His hands automatically went up to cup her breasts. Having seen her in a bathing suit often enough he knew they were gorgeous, very firm with big perky nipples when she came out of the water. He had secretly lusted after them, wondering what they felt like, but never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that he was ever going to get his hand on her magnificent tits. He gently kneaded them for a minute or so and then sliding his hands down the sides of her arms to the bottom of her t-shirt, he lifted it up and over her head in one smooth motion.

Now that they were both nude, there was no stopping anymore.  She was even more gorgeous than he remembered walking in on her in the bathroom many years ago.  He could not believe this was really happening.  He bent down a little to explore her erect nipples with his lips using one hand to hold on to each breast as he went from left to right and back, while his other hand was exploring the wetness between her legs.

He gently sucklegently suckledd each nipple and she moaned softly.  Putting her left hand under his chin she brought his head back up.  She wanted to kiss him again. For the next five or six minutes, they feverishly explored each other’s lips and bodies with their hands and mouths.

Up until now, very little was whispered by either.  Embracing passionately they pressed and rubbed their bodies together. Sarah was nearly as tall as Ryan and he could feel his erection wedged in between her thighs. She widened her stance, enough for his erection to slip in between so it would rub against her wet and very hot pussy.  He could tell she was as horny as he was. Again, she put her hand between them, took hold of his erection and began to masturbate him.  He almost blew his load right then and there.  He whispered, “Easy — I don’t want to cum just yet”.

With his left hand massaging her firm ass, he kept his right hand between her legs to very gently play with her pussy.  She was sopping wet and it was his turn to inhale sharply. His fingers easily slid into her velvet opening. As his fingers found her engorged clit she moaned softly. He broke off the kiss and whispered that he wanted to taste her.

She was unbelievably wet; her juices freely running down her legs. She let out another soft moan and Ryan was worried about waking Brad.  He put his finger on her lips, but she put her lips to his ear and whispered that she fucked Brad after they went to bed and he was out like a log. She whispered. “My pussy has been hot for you since my teens.  Please take me.”

Ryan continued to use two fingers to massage her clit.  It was driving him over the edge.  It was so sexy.  His heart was pounding; it was insane.  His naughtiest dream was coming true — he was fucking his best friend’s wife.

“I’ve been wanting to devour you since you married Brad.” His thumb and forefinger worked her engorged clit two fingers were gently exploring her velvet love tunnel.  She twitched, shuddered and moaned at every touch.

He wanted to eat her so badly. He felt her knees begin to buckle.  She was about to orgasm.  He gently manoeuvred her backwards towards the kitchen counter until her ass rested against the cool marble.  She still had her hands around his cock and was stroking him.  His balls had become tight and he was ready to explode, as he whispered for her to sit on the counter.  Spreading her legs apart he dropped to his knees.  In the dim light, he could just see her pussy lips and engorged clit peeking out from her dense bush.

He eagerly went down on her.  It only took a minute or two before Sarah had a massive shuddering orgasm.  Ryan was amazed that she managed to keep quiet.

Grasping him by his shoulder she pulled Ryan up and closer to her. She reached between them and guided his throbbing erection towards her.  Rubbing the head of it against her wetness a few times she moaned and pulled him closer so she could insert his swollen cock into her hot opening.

Ryan’s cock must have been considerably bigger than Brad’s, because she was tight and it felt so hot he could no longer hold back. Pushing slowly into her up to his balls he savoured the feeling of her clamping down on him.

Knowing that Brad had just fucked her an hour earlier and left a load of cum in her, made it all the more exciting.  After a few strokes, he exploded like a volcano filling her with his hot cum. With two loads of cum in her pussy, It squirted out of her, all over his balls and he could feel the mixed juices running down his legs.  When she felt his hot load emptying in her she had another orgasm along with him.

After staying quiet in that position with his erection still buried deep in her, Sarah gently pushed him back until his cock, still hard as a rock, slid out of her. She slid off the counter and dropping to her knees in front of him, grabbed his cock and began kissing and licking it.  She took him deep in her mouth and using her right hand started to pump his cock at the same time.  Ryan had never been so horny and after a few minutes of feeling Sarah’s tongue around his knob, he came again.

His third load was almost as big as his first. It gushed out of her mouth and ran down over her breasts. He was amazed that she could make him come again that quickly and not just a small load either. She had swallowed what she could and then stood up and began to kiss him again, letting him taste his own cum mingled with her juices.

Ryan’s erection would not subside, so Sarah whispered to him she wanted him to take her from behind. She turned around and leaned over the countertop, her breasts flat on the cold marble and stuck her ass out waiting for Ryan to mount her. He did not hesitate and rammed his cock deep into her.  They fucked in that position for at least five more minutes and then both had a rehearsal. By now the kitchen clock read a little after four.

He took her by the hand and they quietly tiptoed to his bedroom.  Crawling onto the bed, they laid down side by side, her hand on his erection, his hand playing with her wet pussy and started to kiss passionately.  After a few minutes, she rolled him over on his back and straddled him.  Leaning forward so her tits hung in his face, she lowered herself on his cock and started to ride him.  It did not take very long before both had another wrenching orgasm.

Ryan did not believe that he could come that often.  After resting for a minute or so he whispered that she should turn around into a 69 position.  They again exploded in a shuddering orgasm.

They were both drunk with sex and insatiable. Who needed Viagra? His cock had been rock-hard for over two hours and is balls had produced at least three copious loads of hot cum.  Still, it was not enough.  Sarah dropped to her knees, put her head down on the pillow, and whispered, “Please fuck me doggie style.  I’m still so horny I want to feel you gently slide your hard cock into my pussy, real slow.”

Sarah’s pussy was so wet with cum and so slick it did not take long before he was ready to unload yet once more.  Just before he came he pulled out, gently nudged her to roll over and squirted his load all over her stomach, tits and neck.

Around five-thirty they finally called it a night.  After softly kissing him and cleaning cum off his face and cock, Sarah gave his cock one final caress and without saying a word went back to the kitchen to retrieve her t-shirt and made her way back to Brad in the guest room.

Ryan woke up at six-thirty for a trip to the bathroom and could hear the unmistakable noise of Sarah and Brad fucking in the guest room.  He couldn’t help but smile.  That little horny witch of a wife just couldn’t get enough cock.

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